Feb 9, 2007

THEY CALL US LEFTISTs': However We Are On God's RIGHT!

I call them Bushtanistas (For they have not only overthrown the Iraqi (Bathist Government) they are attempting to overthrow America’s form of governance, and every other system of governance in the world that does not go along with their world-view and their vision for the world)!

1). When growing up, each of us, at one time or another experienced a kid or group of kids (bully or bullies) who would manipulate, belittle, intimidate, threaten or beat you up if you failed to go along and give in to whatever they wanted at the time.

And for a myriad of reasons, not wanting to be left out, a need for connection, not having the power or numbers to resist, for convenience’s sake or out of fear, some kids would simply give in to the overwhelming power (perceived or real ) of the bully, bully gang or mob.

2). The bully, the bullying child and his gang that has been terrorizing American citizens, America;s allies and the rest of the world for the past 7 or 8 years, are groups that comprise the Republican Party; and they have been and are still being led by none other than the nascent child-President of the United States of America (Spanky). For the past 7 or 8 years, even before assuming the office of President, George Bush and his group have employed all of the uncivilized tactics of childhood bully and bully gangs in order to steamroll the opposition in America and abroad.

3). During this renewed period of McCarthyism, George Bush and his mob have insisted over and over that every American and America’s allies must go along with the inane and insane schemes that they often come up with, otherwise they will be humiliated, ostracized, singled out or subjected to character assassination. America and many of America’s allies who have failed to get on board, like those who have experienced a bully or bullies during their childhood experience, have been threatened, subjected to name calling and manipulation, excised from the group, made to feel less than an American or a friend of America; and in short treated just like America’s so-called enemies, the terrorists, Iraq, Iran and DPRK!

Opposing opinions simply do not matter to the Bushtanistas, and whether you agree or disagree, or find what they are saying or doing as unconscionable or uncivilized, your ideas, feelings and conclusions simply do not matter to the Bushtanistas.

4). As far as they are concerned you should divorce yourself from principled thought, reason, spirituality or conscience, and simply go along and join the mob. We all have been taught that at the heart of the bully lies a heart of fear!

5). These people, Bush and the Bushtanistas, need to get in touch with their own inner child; for it is driving them, and in turn destroying our nation and the world! Who would put their households in charge of children and expect a different outcome. Hopefully someday the Bushtanistas will grow up and emerge from pre-pubescence, and come to understand their unconscious drives and motivations, apparently fear, narcissism and the fear of the loss of control (I am not safe unless I can control ‘my’ environment-the world)!

6). The rest of us are neither leftists, liberals, anti-war, nor cowards as it has been intimated, by our bullying lynch mob counterparts. And we will not be manipulated into making unwise choices or going along with the war crowd, in spite of their attempts to punish us if we do not. It is time to bring an end to Mob-Rule in America, and to put down the Bush-led Bustanista uprising, or even when Iraq is over they will still be here causing trouble.

7). Are we anti-war? No, but we are anti-lynch mob! And what Bush and his mob have been doing in this country and the world for 7 or 8 years, and in Iraq for the past 4 years are simply acting out in the manner of a childhood bully-lynch-mob-gang of raiders!

8). For bullies gain their strength through intimidation and the use of overwhelming force or power. That is by and large what is going on in Iraq; the USA bullies are destroying a once sovereign nation by employing overwhelming and unrelenting force. The only ‘just war’ to be fought in Iraq, would be for the Iraqis to fight back against a childish bully nation, led by George Bush, that has invaded their land with such force. And it is for the rest of Americans, to stop Bush and the dupes and the troops, from furthering this bullying crusade. The scriptures teach us, THAT THE STRONG OUGHT TO BEAR THE INFIRMITIES OF THE WEAK!

And isn’t it ironic, and as is often customary (after all of the intimidation and degradation of Iraq over the past 4 years), the bully is still not winning!

In conclusion: There are a group of Americans who call themselves, The Right. Unless they are tracing their origins back to France, or in particular to the fascist Right in the British Parliament of the past century, they are deluded. They have been wrong for the past 7-years with regard to the fiasco and genocide in Iraq and the rights of all Americans, our allies and the world. Let us pray for our nation and many of our religious leaders, for many of them are not a part of the resistance that is standing up for right - they are part of the problem and wreaking havoc, outside of the word of God, on the whole world!

Peace & Grace
The anti-unjust war Reverend C. Solomon

Feb 2, 2007

Bush, The Troops and the Press

If it wasn't for the Press, Americans would never have known the truth about what was going on in Iraq and how the troops were being misused, given the Bush cover-up (which Bush has only of late admitted to).

1). One should never cast aside writers, poets, artisans, historians and the dialectic with regard to wars and revolutions. Go back and check your history, and read about their inestimable and infinitesimal contributions, given the role that they play during times of war and revolution.

2). Is it any wonder that the framers protected the right of the Press and free speech in Article I, Amendment to the Constitution?

3). Even in the current conflict in Iraq, the consensus in the world is that a political solution will be required in order to resolve this matter, and not a military one. The world knows that the problem would have never existed at all, if Bush had not rushed the United Nations inspectors out, and the American military in. And world is speaking out, even America's allies!

Have you noticed that the majority of the so-called 'Coalition of the Willing' have pulled out of Iraq? Great Britain will soon be following suit. George Bush even destroyed what have been Tony Blair's positive legacy in Great Britain.

4). Bush has been a one-man, with the aid of the Republican Party, wrecking ball. Many in the Republican Party have been running away from him (Buckley, Will, Coulter, Pearle, Powell, Hagel, Warner...), shall I go on.

The poor soldiers (trapped-have no choice) are the last one's standing to fight for a fabricated, evily conceived and false policy; the President should be impeached for that alone.

All the troops have is what is left of Congress, the Press and the American people to stand up for them and get them out of the midst of a debacle that served a few men and their political Party!

5). Besides, the President loves to use the Press, that is, when he and his office can use it to his advantage and leak information in order to sway, confuse or further divide the American people and the troops, and to out CIA agents. The Vice President cynically bragged about his ownership of the Press, particularly, the Meet the Press show!

6). America is in the midst of a 'cultural revolution', thanks to George Bush and the Republican Party. It is the 'killer-conservatives' v. American civility and those who support civility and the rule of Law!

Part II

What was the Bush strategy in the 2003? Bush reasoned that all he had to do was throw the troops into a fray as quickly as possible (in spite of all of his fabrications), and the American people would have no choice but to get on board and support his furtive and inane policies, given that he had the troops in harm's way.

Clearly Mr. Bush did not have a lot of respect for the troops or the American people; he apparently saw the 'troops' as 'dupes'. But the American people who were initially duped, did not stay that way, they eventually saw the light and joined the rest of (Liberal) America!

If the troops should be upset with anyone, they ought to be upset with the person who used them to pursue his political ends, without regard for their safety. Now that all of the evidence is in, there is no doubt that Bush threw the troops, unjustifiably, into harm's way! Impeachable offence?

The American people are not 'dopes', and we chose not to be duped. We are going to bring Bush and the resistance (killer-cons) under control, and eventually get the courageous troops (who have been used as dupes) out of harm's way; just as every other right-thinking nations have done and are in the process of doing; Great Britain's troops are pulling out of Iraq!

Peace & Grace
The Rev


Germany has issued arrest warrants for American CIA agents, because America won't even respect the borders and sovereignty of its allies. And some Christian Americans still believe that God has something to with the carnal American fiasco in Iraq.

Does God believe in espionage? I remind you that albeit the Children of Israel sent men to view the new land that was promised to them, they brought back a bad report. We are receiving a very bad report about America from around the world today!