Dec 27, 2010

Wanted: A President and a Congress That Walks on Two Legs Instead of One (Not the 111th) Part 2

A President and a Congress that work together ... continued

The wealthy, until G.B. and now Obama came along, have remained in higher tax brackets as a result of their superciliously high incomes, stock options ... And as a result, their particular minority group does everything that it can, along with the help of politicians, corporate lobbyists, shelters ..., to avoid paying their fair share of tax given their exorbitant wealth, income, bonuses, dividends ...

Now they will rightly argue, on the other hand, that they pay more taxes, incrementally, than the majority of taxpayers put together. And what they are saying is true, however, their share of the pie is exponentially higher, percentage wise than the vast majority of American taxpayers.

Here is a thought for the wealthy, why not just take in less and permit others who need more in order to survive, to earn more? And, as a result you will be taxed for a lesser amount, and you will still have gargantuan income, dividends, royalties, bonuses, wealth, houses, cars, airplanes ...? Hee hee hee!!!

Nah, that wouldn't work, you might have to give up a million dollar yacht that you seldom see anyway (I see them parked at Marinas in the Bay Area), or an estate or two that you rarely visit anyway. Sadly, at the same time many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and they are working 2 or 3 jobs in order to make it.

Now for the paupers who make, let's say $60K a year or less and can hardly make ends meet, imagine if as a result of the efforts of corporate lobbyists, your company or you personally came into a windfall or other nefarious and ill-gotten gain? What might you be doing if you knew that the tax man was on his way to take away let's say 30 or 40% of what you are about to or have just taken in? I guarantee that most of you would join the Republican Party and Uncle Mitch and Cousin John Boehner!

Most Americans do not earn 6-figures and therefore they do not have the same sense of urgency to avoid the tax man or skirt the tax laws (as they do), even though the ones at the bottom of the rung need (tax) breaks that could offset their tax burden even more than the wealthy who are at the top along with top wage earners.

Why? Because, they make less, are barely getting by while the cost of living continues to rise, wages are slipping and unemployment insurance checks won't cover the mortgage. I can still recall years ago when one of my expected paychecks was to be $15K for that 2-week pay period; I couldn't wait to, as the kids say in the hood, 'to get paid'.

Conversely, I almost fainted when I saw the take home amount. Folks, I took home just over $7K. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't join the party of John Wilkes Booth, the Republican Party. Eek!!!

Here is something else to ponder before you join the other side, many of these wealthy moguls pay more in taxes than the average middle-class American will earn in a year, or intergenerationaly, in 10 lifetimes,
If you still don't get it, let me put it another way, they will earn and pay more in taxes than all of your descendants put together will earn in 5 or 6 generations after you are gone.

It is as Hegel once explained when referring to man’s inhumanity to man. He said that it was 'based upon ‘the ownership of property and the pursuit of power through class struggle! We can see what he referred to at work in America on a daily basis.

A hard-working American who earns a decent wage will still earn less than 2M in a lifetime.
Many of the richest Americans earn that much in one day, some in a week, others in a month and a few every hour.
How do they do it, did you ask? The fact of the matter is that they either make up the rules or control the individuals who do.

It's nothing new, and that is why they, by any means necessary, fought hard to take back control of the government from the Democrats, if just the House and the democratic President for now. On the other hand, while the average American man or woman works hard to earn their money, the ones who still can, the other side pays those in power, hires political lobbyists or garners political power themselves in order to inveigle the rules that will result in either them or their friendly accomplices keeping or acquiring an even larger share of the American pie.

Republicans, and too many Americans remind me of a man who lies to a woman in order to get what he wants, and after he gets it, she will still give him more of what he wanted even after she recognizes how he got it in the first place. And too many Americans, like the Republican's paramour, give the playboy Republican Party a pat on the back or butt cheeks for their witty seduction - in this instance, the democratic President!

In the latest version of the Obama-Reagan New Deal, America’s middle-class and former heart and soul workforce, will receive a one to three-hundred dollar a week unemployment insurance payoff check (for a year apparently). And the wealthy who claimed that they wanted to shrink the deficit, will continue to receive what they have been getting and promised during the Bush years, an extension.

They could care less about the consequential expansion, according to the GAO, of the deficit thereafter.
It begs the question: Where do Republicans and naive Democrats live at anyway, in Shangri-la, la-la-land or both at the same time?
The former appears to be true when it comes to voting, selecting or electing leaders. So where does that leave the rest of America? In my opinion, and to borrow a phrase from Dr. Collins of Human Genome Project fame, when he invoked the phrase “A Thinking Man': What action or inaction should a thinking man take or not take under the circumstances? And, what should he or she, for that matter, be thinking about?

I’ve been thinking, all the way back to 1980 if not before, that it was time for a new thinking man or woman to emerge and take front and center on the American political stage. For similar to what author Derrick Bell wrote about in his book entitled, ‘Faces At The Bottom Of The Well', that “if we keep doing what we have been doing, we are going to keep getting what we have been getting” with male leadership, in other words the same ‘old deal'.

I have got to 'give it up' to the Republicans myself, for they won the House back by using their same old tired yet tried and true tactics. And with a minority group of voters and cross-over democrats; by instilling fear in the shaky electorate along with subterfuge and obfuscation they got back what they believed rightfully belonged to them, control of Washington DC and control of the money supply!

Having said that, Republicans, you may have fooled some of the people, but you didn’t fool me! I am proud to say that I neither voted for Obama nor the other side during the General Election just over 2 years ago. Instead I voted my conscience.

And as a result, I have to give it up for myself and others like me, who saw through a political ruse from the beginning. Did I loose by voting my conscious during the mid-term election? Nay, we got rid of the Republicans who screwed up our state, and the rest of America ought to follow suit. These boys don't believe that you have to pay for what you get in the form of taxes.

Republicans aren’t that smart, they are simply smarter than the majority in the opposition. Besides that, too many Republicans at the top of the food chain are ruthless and without conscience, even the Buck-eyed one, a man who is seemingly adept at crying crocodile tears.

And in this latest iteration of political chess, they captured the king, the naive neophyte, save-the world, Nobel Peace Prize receiving acolyte and undercover Scotch-Irish brother 'President Obama'. You also dispensed with the rooks, mainly former democratic congress persons on the left. But you didn't leave it there, you throttled the Bishop, clerics from the left and finally the pawns (the obtuse non-Republican voter).

Mr. Obama is unlike former President George H. Bush Jr., a man who should have but never capitulated, although his dad, 'read my lips and no new taxes 1-term President George Bush Sr. did - and you got him for doing that'. Obama surrendered his position and that of his supporters without a fight. The latter makes him a poor general. But all of this would have provided great entertainment, except for the fact that the stakes were so high.

Factually, Obama was never up to the task of taking on Republicans, their vast Right-Wing Conspiracy subset, or dealing with the issues facing the nation, to my way of thinking. If anyone was ready, and I am not stumping, however, the 'female' who stood up to the vast Right Winged Conspiracy of Ronald Reagan fame, was Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

All of us know that she would have cleaned your clocks, as I would have done had I run. You were correct in inveigling independent voters to choose Obama over Hillary, checkmate! And as a result of doing so you got the queen, the one who would haven taken you down!

Factually, I believe that Obama was too obtuse to know that you were using him to knock out the queen, Hillary Clinton. He didn't understand that you folks would go after him, the much easier target after he was. By the way, how many 'political days', will you folks allow him to continue on as lame-duck President before you drop the final hammer on him? Will you be giving him 2 more years after all.

I have predicted before that erudite females are our hope for the future that is if the shaky Union is to survive the legacy of Ronald and his deal that has been resurrected in Mr. Obama, and often practiced by other male leaders. For now, why don’t we simply take down the stars and stripes over Washington DC, and raise the Red States of America flag.

It would appear that the majority of states in the Union, , aside from California, Vermont, New Jersey and a few more progressive states, has apparently been lost to a man who is both mixed in terms of his race and his politics.

Again, many Americans who believed that they voted for the ‘right man’ several years ago have discovered of late that they have been dealt completely out of the game in spite of their would-be champion. And as I mentioned before, for the foreseeable future many Americans will have to be satisfied with unemployment checks instead of employment checks – well, until time runs out in about a year from now. What then? Perhaps, the wealthy will begin to loan money to the rest of the nation, with interest of course, in order to make even more money. Tee hee hee!

The win that I am concerned about is not one that benefits the President, elected Representatives and a minority group of constituents. I am more interested in the one that does the most good for the majority of the American people. One that makes the latter purportedly look good, is not one that I will celebrate at the end of this year or any other one. Throwing the bums out of Washington would be a win-win, as far as I am concerned. Permit them to celebrate being unemployed for awhile as too many Americans have had to do since and before they held office!

On the other hand,
I am pleased to live in a progressive state,
where the Republicans who recently held power in this state, having promised to save it but instead nearly destroyed it, have all but one, been vanquished. Now that is something to celebrate about at the end of the year. Happy Days are Here Again in the great state of California...!

Peace & Grace

P.S. And if any of the other states in the Union would be interested in having either a rejected Whitman billionaire gubernatorial candidate; a failed mega-rich governator named Arnold, or a wealthy but used Fiorini to drive (or any other Republican that won't stay in Orange county where they belong), I know where you can get any one of the above for cheap. At any rate they really don't belong here in the Great State of California, not even in Orange County!

Dec 17, 2010

Wanted: A President and a Congress That Walks on Two Legs Instead of One (Not The 111th)

Now I know what I want for Christmas, it is a Congress and President that work together, not one or the other that simply attempts to score points - for them.

America needs a Congress that works, so that unemployed Americans can get back to work! In fact, the last minute 'hail Mary' pass by the 2010 Lame Duck Congress and President Obama contrary to the opinion of some is nothing to cheer about as far as I am concerned.

Part I

I listened to a KGO radio talk show into the wee hours of the morning as well as just before sunrise. According to the talk show hosts and the majority of the calling public, the year 2010 ended on a high note for President Obama and the lame-duck Congress.

Many of the callers were singing praises to President Obama in deference to his recent mid-term election upset. Was I missing something I thought, or was it time for someone to do some critical thinking? So I volunteered myself to do some critical thinking and here is what I concluded!

If you were to believe the press, similar to what frequently occurs on the gridiron between two vying teams, President Obama and the 111th lame-duck Congress pulled out a last minute upset, especially President Obama. And after sealing their victories, along with the President each one of them flew home to celebrate each of their respective victories with family, friends and constituents.

Well, I ask you: Were either the press or callers in to KGO's radio talk shows throughout the night and early morning, correct? Did the 111th lame duck Congress and President Obama score a comeback? Was there really anything to cheer about?

Frankly, I cannot see how the year ended in a way that favored the majority of American people, and the latter is what really mattered. Or on the other hand perhaps I missed something, or have some of the American people, like our representatives have done forgotten what a representative government is supposed to be all about? The way that it is suppose to work is that representatives in Congress are voted into office in order to represent the interests and the will of the people of the United States of America.

I couldn't help but wonder what the 50-plus Democratic Representatives, who were sent home for supporting President Obama's policies in addition to the unemployed, underemployed, homeless American (outdoor citizens) ..., would have to say about the purported great finish by Congress and the President.

If anything, they might agree that Mr. Obama and his new friends in Congress (the Republican majority in the House) did well for themselves, however, I seriously doubt whether any of them were singing praises to Obama. And along with the newly retired Congress people, I seriously doubt whether the voting public that was responsible for Mr. Obama's election to office two years ago), were impressed with him or Congress as a result of the just passed legislation.

The Democrats who remain in the House, the President's de facto party are lambasting him given their feelings of having been betrayed 'or ransomed' as one of them put it given the recent Quid Pro Quo taxation surrender with Republicans. They feel the same as their counterparts that they are leaving behind do. Why? Because they supported the President and policies that they didn't agree with (some of them), and as result lost their seats in the House while watching the President play footsie with and seemingly switching over to the other camp).

Sadly, most of them were not paying close enough attention when candidate Obama, explained during the run up to the election, that one of his true heroes was the late,’ let some crumbs fall from the rich man’s table Ronald Reagan ...’. The latter's policies, having often been referred to as 'Trickle-Down' or what President George Bush Sr., when competing against Ronald Reagan referred to Reagan's economics as, 'voodoo economics'. Or, did he say 'deep doo'? Hee hee hee! Actually, he was referring to another issue when he invoked the phrase, deep doo doo!

The Republicans and their newly co-opted 'Republican undercover brother leader, President Obama', have proven one thing for sure, and that is that deficits don’t matter to them in the scheme of things after all. What matters and mattered to them, in spite of what they said before, and have been saying recently (that resulted in their getting the House back) was and is that they got an extension on their tax breaks.

So I ask you, who in America ought to have been happy with the year end events given the scope of the legislation that was passed (since the mid-term election changed the face of Washington DC)?

Well, members of the gay community are happy and they should be, given that the federal government only did what it should have done a long time ago, and that was to eliminate the discriminatory practices that it sanctioned for years against same-sex tax paying American citizens.

The fact that the federal government discriminated against a subset of Americans for so long is nothing new. If you don't believe it, just ask any American, well with the exception of white American males. The latter have always believed, and many still believe that ‘this land is their land …"!

Should the American people be enthralled given that Congress ratified yet another nuclear proliferation agreement with Russia, the harbinger of the former Soviet arsenal? Well, if you believe that Russia poses a threat to the United States or, the Republican Party for which America currently stands, okay. On the other hand, weren’t we told that Middle-Eastern …terrorists posed the current serious threat to America? Er herm, and what has been done about that for that matter by the lame-duck President and the 'greatest lame-duck Congress in American history?

And isn’t the ratification of the treaty by Congress desirable, given that the war with Iraq is also over, well that is (unless you include the approximately one-hundred thousand paid mercenaries and professional soldiers that are still a part of America's war effort in Iraq, along with roughly 50,000 American troops).

And let's pretend that what we were told before
, things are going to be better this time around for all Americans, will come true. However, given the resurrected 'social contract with America', that has been resurrected in President Obama and a democratic majority (that was recently flipped over to a republican majority in the Senate), one has to wonder where exactly is America headed now?

Frankly, I am neither hopeful nor convinced that we will see any improvement for the majority of Americans anytime soon (as a result of 'the ransom', or, given the legislation that just passed. Why? The latter promises 2 years of extended tax breaks for the rich (both democrat and republican), out-of-control spending, taxation without true representation for the majority of Americans and an additional year of extended unemployment benefits for Americans. The questions that come to mind are 'then what'? And, will millions of jobs have been created over the course of 2011 for displaced, downsized and repositioned American workers?
The fact of the matter is that the wealthy will have enjoyed 10 years of tax breaks under 2 administrations at the end of 2011, while too many Americans have had to and will have to depend on unemployment checks instead of employment checks, in order to survive. Is that something to pop the corks on champagne bottles over as some will be doing on New Year's Day.

As a result of the actions of the 111th Congress an American minority will continue to suffer, even though it was the taxpayer’s money that bailed out banks, corporations ... and therefore the wealthy via TARP and the Reinvestment Act. And what of the taxpayers, they have been left it would seem to fend for themselves while the wealthy (including politicians) lavish in their new found and inherited wealth.

Until I listened to the morning callers, I could not help but wonder whether all of my detractors and critics who felt that they knew more about politics than I did during the run up to the general election, despite my experience and years spent in Washington DC and political circles, learned anything? After listening to some of the individuals who called in to praise the President and the lame-duck Congress, then I understood better how obtuse the American electorate really was and is, when it comes to selecting or voting for a political candidate.

Clearly, the call in audience for the most part still could not see the forest for the trees either! In fact, I tried to educate my challengers before by explaining that the overly confident wannabe kid-President who lacked experience at the Federal level was not quite ready for prime-time. He was never prepared to govern given the enormous complexities that America and the world was facing at the time, not many were.

His ego coupled with being cheered on by the naive, got the best of him! To say that he pulled it out at year's end, ignores the serious issues that still ipso facto face the American people.

In my learned opinion, a wonderful opportunity was lost in terms of changing America and the world for the better given the naïveté of the President and the voting public at the time. It would appear that our young President is for now, firmly in the grips of the Republican Right. Fortunately he is a flip-flopper, and perhaps in time he will flip back to the will of the non-Republican majority of American people before he leaves office.

The questions that linger are these, have Americans learned anything about placing their trust or destiny into the hands of politicians? Will the hurting American electorate make similar mistakes in future elections. How are the American people going to extricate themselves from the current economic and political mess? Has Mr. Obama learned, of late, a thing or two about the gentleman's game in Washington DC really works, or just it really takes to lead a nation? More and more I am beginning to wonder, just who in fact is ‘this mixed man’, Mr. Obama?

The issues that confront America and the world in a post Ronald Reagan Great Society Reformation can be traced back to the candidacy of ‘get tough, we will show them, destroy the unions and there is nothing wrong with greed presidency of Ronald Reagan'. Mister deer caught-in-the-headlights President Obama, it would appear, is the heir-apparent of the diminutive Ronald Reagan New Deal legacy.

It was Ronald Reagan who provided and bequeathed America with the ongoing second version of a New Deal, which was the same old Rich Man v. Poor Man deal. And the legacy of the current 'Obama New Deal' means this: A whole lot of Americans, America’s allies and other 3rd world nations and people are ostensibly, in trouble.

For similar to former president and puppet George H. Bush Jr., Mr. Obama is the most recent puppet being jangled and dangled by puppeteers on the Right in a Republican marionette show.

Is it any wonder then that Republicans and others in the wealthier economic class groups fight so hard to maintain control of the government and to prevent a redistribution of income and wealth (including men like televangelist Pat Robertson)?

In order to help you to understand what I mean, consider how you would be feeling if you came into 5B for example, as a result of successfully playing the derivatives game,indirectly receiving TARP funds ... as many of the wealthy did some years ago.

And, as a result of your new found wealth the government taxed you in accordance with the existing tax code? You would likely seek to hide your wealth as they have done and are doing. Hey, here's a thought Republicans, share the wealth and then all Americans would want what you do: JUST READ MY LIPS!

Peace & Grace

Please read Part II

Nov 16, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky: Jerkweed of the Year

Subject: Smoking Blue Grass in his Home State of Kentucky!

Ladies and gentleman, the Jerkweed Award of the Year has to go, unquestionably, to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, followed by runner-up Democratic speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio. What a remarkable pair these two happen to be, and to that end I must say, the United States of America is in trouble.

Over a decade or so ago, I was speaking with a friend, who frequently traveled back east, as I had often been known to do. Both of us came to a similar conclusion about what we experienced when traveling back east.We concluded that traveling back east, was tantamount to time travel, that is entering into a time machine and being transported back through time.
In our scenario, the Airplane was the time machine!

Senator Mitch McConnell and his counterpart in the House are perfect examples of what we were referring to when we spoke about traveling back through time. Anachronistic Mitch, a perfect title for him, must have been here when dinosaurs roamed the earth, roughly 65 million years ago. Not only does he look old or antiquated if you prefer, his mind must have formed during the Cretaceous period. What a Neanderthal?

Folks, this guy, Mitch McConnell, is a piece of work, and I can actually picture him gnawing on a wad of grass or foliage, just as his ancient dinosaur predecessors must have done; someone should check his DNA, and verify whether or not Mitch is a human being, or a dinosaur masquerading as a human. According to the latest news, pressure from the Republican Congress forced him into a course change, mostly as a result of a political debt owed to the T-Party.

Given his despicable rhetoric and his post-election behavior, it was clear that he had zero intentions of making any concessions with respect to his long-held feelings about American policy. None-the-less, he bowed to political pressure from the T-Party no less, and the Republicans in the House, who were also under pressure to change their ways by the folks in the T-Party no less.

And as a result, Mitch caved in on practices and policies that he has unabashedly defended likely since the Jurassic period, I am talking about earmarks.

Simply put, earmarks are another form of pork, of the kind added to a bill in the House (HB) or Senate (SB). The practice has exponentially accelerated over the past 2 decades, wherein legislators on both sides of the aisle, have added on expenditures to bills that would benefit their home states. Otherwise, the original bill would not receive their support. And Mitch referred to the opposition, in this case, Democrats as 'big spenders'!

The other problem with Mitch is this: rather than admit that he has been a staunch supporter of a practice that has contributed to overspending by the Congress of the United States of America for years, he still found a way to invoke the name of the President of the United States and thereby blame his despicable behavior on someone else.

To one group of listeners today, Mitch said that he did not want to emulate President Obama’s practice of ignoring the will of the people. Republicans have a tendency to believe that what they want, a minority group, represents the will of the American people. The fact of the matter is and I am not an apologist for President Obama, however, he won the previous election as a result of a mandate by the majority of the American people.

And the policies of the people's choice for President, was as far away from what the Republicans wanted and want, as the moon is from the earth. Mitch must be confused. Again, if Mr. Obama were to have continued to adhere to the will of the Republican People following the George H. Bush presidency, one can only imagine which nation America would be attacking now without paying the bill.

If Obama were to have adhered to the Republican nation, the Bush tax cuts would remain in place, the richest Americans would acquire even more of the American financial pie and the rest of us would continue to be referred to as non-patriots, given our failures to approve Republican obstructionism and American expansionism.

If the truth were to be told, Mitch and the Republicans did not gain additional seats in the Senate or a majority in the House because the majority of the people agreed with him or Republican policies, they did so given the enormous sums of money spent on the right to manipulate a frightened minority - the majority of Americans did not vote. The latter helped to spread a message of deceit and misrepresentations, something that Republicans tend to prefer. The manipulation of the people and the poisonous propaganda spread by Republicans and the T-Party energized those individuals who turned out to vote, and summarily voted Republican obstructionists back into the majority in the House.

Having said that President Obama should be giving praises to the T-Party, and if he were smart he would co-opt the T-Party, and use them against Republicans, just as Republican obstructionists did against him. Republican Mitch, the overwhelming majority of the people voted for President Obama in the 2008 Election, and for 2 years your party ignored the will of the American people, and instead fought against the will of the American people, and as a result caused the policies that the majority wanted, to fail! The result of Republican obstructionism, misdirection, lies, double-speak and deceit.

Mitch openly disrespected the President of the United States before and especially in the aftermath of the mid-term election without even a rebuke from Congress. However and of late someone told Mitch that it was mandatory that he turn down his incivil anti-American rhetoric and venal attacks on the leader of the Free World and show him some respect.

God help if it had been the other way around, and an Independent or Democrat behaved the way that he did, and spoke about former president George Bush Jr. in the terms that Mitch spoke about when referring to President Obama. In my opinion, Mitch is nothing but jerkweed, and he ought to stop smoking grass. For if he is an example of what constitutes Republican House Members, the United States is being run by jerkweed leadership, of the kind that isn’t any better than any banana Republic.

The man is clearly without principles. And, how the people of Kentucky could have voted for him in the first place only supports the position put forth by my friend and I that Kentuckians are of the kind of retrograde people that you will meet when traveling back through time. to the Midwest and the East.

Now I must end by informing ‘retrograde mid-westerners and easterners’ to keep your eyes on the most progressive state in the union, the Golden State, a place that all of you frequently love to come and visit. Now that the Republicans have been swept out of office in the Golden State, our state will return to its glory days. However, I am concerned about all of those regions across the United States where Republican ascendancy replaced wisdom, practicality, forward thinking leadership and common sense.

Our state went in the tank, when Republicans were at the helm. Republicans refused to pay for what they spent, as if by some magical wave of the wand or portent that the bills would simply disappear. And now Democrats will do what they always have to do when Republicans leave office, (just consider what took place following the Reagan-Bush or Bush Jr. years), someone had to step in, clean up the mess and pay the bills.

And ironically, the democrats who stepped in to pay the bills were instead blamed for the out of control spending and failures of Republican leadership. And now they want to pretend to be the party of fiscal responsibility. It would appear that, according to the muddled thinking of Republicans, debts will simply disappear if you ignore them. President George Bush apparently believed so when he was President as well, and there was hardly a murmur from the Republican Right, publicly, when he was completely out of control.

Having listened to jerkweed of the year, Mitch Connell and John Boehner’s rants, ravings and divisiveness over the past couple of weeks, most Americans know by now that they made a mistake when they swept the Democrats out of the House and replaced them with rightist’s demagogues.

Following Jimmy Kimmel, night show host’s lead tonight, I would suggest that if Senator Mitch McConnell is listed as a friend on your Facebook page, that you immediately send him to ‘the trash’ where he belongs, for he is neither a friend of the American people, nor the President or the United States of America. One has to wonder what he has been smoking going all of the way back to the beginning of his time, which I believe will soon come to an end. The American people are able to see him, I’m certain by now, for what he is, Jerkweed! And John Boehner is a close second!

And, keep your eyes on Time Magazine; I predict that President Obama will be voted Person or Man of the Year' in their final edition, to the disgust of Mitch and John.

Peace & grace

Nov 5, 2010

Act II, Scene I President Obama

Will President Obama Show?

While President Obama is engaging in his most recent disappearing act and about face, the race is about to be won for the economy is on the mend. And who will be taking the credit for the turnaround that the democrats and Obama are responsible for and have been mistakenly but adroitly distancing themselves from, the Republicans will?

Again, Obama is behaving in the manner that did during the run up to the election, like a man who was simply playing a role, and was too willing to change stream or position at the sign of trouble.

And this time around, instead of behaving like the statesman that he claimed to be before, one who understood that at times it is the bitter medicine that does the most good. Or, the leader who pretended that he could explain to the American people in explicit detail exactly what has been and is being accomplished that will soon benefit them, the man is spinning similar to the earth on its axis.

We are all witnessing Act II, which is a repeat of scene I. I can guarantee you that the Republicans had a behavioral analysis completed on Mr. Obama, as soon as the recognized that the American voters were taking him seriously as a candidate. They knew his strengths before, as well as his weaknesses. And they understood before, that he would wilt under pressure. Every time that they would muster up a challenge to one of his stated positions, Mr. Obama would back down just as he is playing into the Republicans hands by backing down now.

I am a preacher, and forgive me everyone who knows me, I would have told Mitch and John Boehner to kiss my arce, and would have reminded them of just who they were talking to and about given their negative comments, the president of the United States of America. But unlike me, Mr. Obama, immediately began doing a bit of arce-kissing himself. Who was that hurt little child that appeared on the airways yesterday that appeared to be the President of the United States of America?For me this is a repeat performance of what he did before he was elected in 2008, the man is waffling and capitulating.

The man capitulated so many times then, that I could hardly keep track, it was and is as if he is being paid off by the Republican Party. During the run up to the election, his supporters said that he was behaving in the manner that he was in order to get elected. Well, he is the president of the United States, so why is he waffling now I wonder?

They were right in one sense about his behavior during the run up to the election, it got him elected. However, shortly after he became president, many of his supporters began to wonder, as hard as it was for them to admit as they wondered, who was this masked man? Some of his previous supporters admitted, a short time afterward, that they should have listened to me, The Rev. But at the time, Obama supporters were what the T-Party is today, they were on a mission.

Who do do you think it was that the Republicans modeled their behavior after over the past 2 years? Answer: It was the Obama people.

And guess what, by emulating Obama’s T-Partiers, raising money on the net…, the Republican T-Partiers have enjoyed similar success of late, having secured control of the House, and now they have been emboldened to march on. However, Mr. Obama's T-Party, and President Obama himself are in complete disarray. It would appear that all of them have left town, and in his case I mean that literally.

The late Reverend Roundtree of San Jose, California, who died just a year ago, asked me over and over again, before he passed away, to phone Mr. Obama and speak with him directly just prior to his winning the election. In fact he told me that I was mandated to talk to him by God. I explained to the Reverend that I doubted whether Mr. Obama would speak to me. At the time, and shortly after, he was picking his cabinet, and they all were on a mission.

I disagreed with his conclusions about Obama which reflected the feelings of most Obama supporters, that he was a man of destiny and that 2008 would likely have been the black man's only opportunity to become President of the United States of America. I countered, "former Secretary of State and Army Colonel, Colin Powell would likely have been elected President of the United States of America, had his wife not discouraged him from pursuing the office of President.

And ironically, one of the things that the two have in common, President Obama and Colin Powell was and is, both are men of mixed heritage, only half black American.

I also pointed out to Reverend Roundtree that at the time, I had been and was communicating almost daily with a member of the Obama campaign team’s inner circle. Sadly, I had to point out to my friend and brother in Christ, that there was a kind of hard headed stubbornness and braggadocio that I encountered with the member of the Obama team that I was communicating. The Obama kids, similar to the kids in the T-Party today, are harbingers of the same kind of arrogant and obnoxious spirit.

Each team believed that they two were destined for its moment in time. Hogwash! The fact is that if you keep saying something long enough, and were to act on it, afterward you start believing that there is some kind of divine intervention in terms of what you have conjured up in your mind.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the members of the Ku-Klux Klan.

The Obama team, and the T-Party kids of today, were and are both irreverent. They never have any respect for institutions, the established order or their political parents and grandparents. There is clearly a certain amount of disdain and irreverence for the establishment party leaders on either side of the aisle.

Simply ask Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or the rest of the cast of thousands, not millions, Republicans are still the minority in terms of numbers. In fact, I suspect that they are headed for the same kind of disaster and disappointment that the Obama kids have experienced, with the individuals that they just helped to elect.

The Obama kids weren’t taking any prisoners years ago either, and would repeatedly say to me, “Obama is going to win”. Well, win he did, but where are they now, his former election team, and what are they saying now?. It would seem that they all saw something coming and ran, for from Rohm Immanuel right down to the former Obama supporters in South Carolina everyone seems to have abandoned the sinking Obama ship, even after they got what they worked so hard to obtain.

Mr. Obama, it was not the America body politic that rejected you, it was you who succumbed to Republican pressure, and a Republican threat that caused you to wilt. I haven’t seen anyone quit so fast at the sound of trouble, than when another Senator who aspired to be President, did, and turned the country over to a man who he trumped in a previous election.

Sadly, Mr. Bush was sandwiched in between what appears to be and have been 2 week Senators, two individuals who simply gave up at the sign of Republican trouble.
I was thinking and imagining last night as I lay in bed, what Mr. Obama must thinking about during hi private time when he was all alone with himself.

On the televised news shows that he appeared on yesterday and today, he no longer had the appearance of the Distinguished Gentleman President that he appeared to be before, instead, he looked like a capitulating puppy dog that was all over the place, and once again trying to appease his Republican critics.

One had to consider, how could this man be expected to stand up and make the tough decisions that have been and are facing America now, if he could not deal with a few rants and raves from the Republican T-Party cast, Senator Connell, or Congressman John Bonehead from Ohio? No wonder I concluded, that Iraq and Afghanistan have not been his final hour either. As President, he should be like the man he admires, late President Ronald Reagan. Ronald, during a press conference, simply pointed his finger at his critic and told him to shut up.George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney, when discussing was of their primary critics referred to him as a "major league a-hole"!Mr. Obama and the tough talking and confident election kids who were at his side talked tough during the run up to the election in 2008, not only to and about the Republicans, but about Senator Hilary Clinton and her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton. In private, they seemed to hate the Clinton's just about as much as they did the Republicans.

It seemed if they simply wanted everyone to move over, because the new kids on the block were coming through, and come through they did. But where are they now?

I told my contact on the team, two years ago, over and over again, that he and the rest of the team neither had the experience nor knowledge that they thought they had, and that would need the help of the Clintons and the Clinton team to teach them the ropes if Mr. Obama were to have been victorious.

He laughed! I never talked to my friend again after Mr. Obama won the election, however, I often wonder what he must thought when the Clinton team was brought in to replace the election's inner-circle, preferring the more experienced Clinton team that he and his cohorts despised. Given the first two years of bumbling and fumbling by the Obama team, they must not have listened to the former Clinton team.

I can only imagine what could have been, had they listened to a successful President who handled the Right Winged Republican conspiracy, along with that spirited and wise former first lady, Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Mr. Clinton, like him or not, stood up under the most incredible pressure that any human that I have known of in my lifetime has every stood up under.

I have also wondered, just how many of the ones who helped Mr. Obama to become President before went out to vote for him earlier in the week. Mr. Clinton has come out of all that he did and didn't wrong, smelling like a pristine rose. He is a world renowned statesman, and has more respect in the world than any other American, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

Even Republicans like Dan Quayle and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (the eye of Newt) gave him accolades before, saying that he was 'the politician' of our times.

I had a former friend to accuse me of being a gradualist, that his was explanation for why I did not vote for Mr. Obama. Others have accused me of disliking Mr. Obama. I've never dislike the man, I simply did not believe that he was prepared to be President of the USA, and my feelings are being confirmed not only of late but before.

Republican pressure resulted in him abandoning his church and pastor of 2 decades, incidentally, the same pressure that comes from Republicans who still hate him now.

I didn’t dislike him then, and I don’t dislike him now. However, I simply believed and still believe now that a single speech at the Democratic Convention, does not a President make. However, that speech helped to get him nominated, just as a similar speech, taken from the Democratic playbook by another neophyte and political newcomer, almost got her elected to the office of vice president of the United States of America. Americans are caught up in the dialectic, whether or not the person speaking has the prerequisite skills to perform in the job or not

Okay, let me tell you what I really believe? I believe that the American people are mostly stupid, not Mr. Obama. The American people want immediate gratification, in other words they do not think, engage in serious analysis or plan ahead.

And as a result, those short-term victories that often appear to be within reach are abandoned, once are doubt, disappointment, confrontation and despair set in. And having said that, just being better than scoundrels and malcontents is not good enough.

As I close, and I remind you of what I said before, I blame the American people for the two political catastrophes that have taken place of late, the election of George Bush Jr., and the not quite ready for prime-time Senator who would have been great I suspect with more seasoning and time put in to prepare for the job.

Again, and if you think about it, how can this man make the tough decisions with regard to the wars that America is currently embroiled in? He can't stand up to the T-Party and Republican backlash.

Am I letting the Republicans off the hook too easily, having said little about them in this paper? No, I am not! I believe that the only power that they have is acceded power. In other words, the power that Obama continues to give them.

The past few days for Mr. Obama have been even worse than the time when he capitulated and gave that brazen, American hegemony is and has always been correct speech in Oslo Norway, nearly 2 years ago. At that time he defended fascism by America in the same manner that he is doing today, by justifying political fascism by Republicans and the T-Partyers, of the kind that won them House.

John 'give me a break Stossel', where are you brother? I hope that a different Mr. Obama will return from his excursion to India, and stand up and be president rather than a capitulator. For if Mr. Obama cannot find any other reason to stand up and to keep fighting for a principle as well the rights and protected freedoms of the American people (the kind that the people will no longer enjoy in a Republican oligarchy), he should do so for the sake of his own children!

The Republicans seem to have a formula that works for them, even when they are behaving unpatriotically, perhaps Mr. Obama and company should figure out what it is!

The Rev

Nov 4, 2010

The Broken American Federal A Paucity of Leadership

Subject: America’s Present Day Bi-Carmel Congress: The T-Party and The Republican Congress

According to Republicans, the only institutions that will matter in the United states from hereon are the T-Party, a Republican dominated supreme court and the Republican dominated Congress versus the Democratic Senate and the lame-duck President.

From hereon 3 Republican led institutions will consider, debate, decide and govern. It is as if, as far as Republicans are concerned, that neither the office of the President nor the Senate (which is currently dominated by Democrats) matters any more.

And what’s new about that?. Factually nothing, for Republicans have been behaving like that since the Democrats took control of Congress and the Presidency 4 and 2 years ago respectively. At that time they referred to all Americans who would not go along with their fascist tendencies as non-patriots.

Is anybody out their listening? America is under siege! It would appear that the leader of the nation has cowered, and been forced into submission. Based on his replies, to Republicans rants in the media today, America, America’s allies

As of 2 days ago, David, the Little Shepherd Boy who was once a giant killer, just two years ago, has joined his brothers, and turned tail in full retreat. Obama should do what President George Bush did two years and stand up to the American people and his foes. The only difference is that he should stand up for a principle. Now we have had 2 recent leaders who have not stood up when they should have for a principle.

Today, the Republicans, led by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Satan apparently, are an irreverent bunch aren’t they. It is as if they have been possessessed, and does not matter the Constitution, President Obama, the Rule of law or the real majority in America thinks or has to say, instead, they will give America and even the President its opinion or else. Or else what, I’m wondering?

Has Obama grown any in 2 years? No, he hasn’t in my opinion, he still wants to be liked by friend and foe, Frankly, I have always believed that he was a wimp and a capitulator. Having said that, it was not he who voted himself into office, before he was ready to take on the tough issues that America faced 2 years ago and before, Republicans, not Osama or Saddam.

The Republican Party was bigger than all of the issues that America faced in the world, and they still are. In most other nations of the world, a Party that behaved as they have going all of the way back to President Carter, would have been hunted down one by one and annihilated. However, we don’t do that in America do we? Someday, I suspect, and not before too long I believe that we will wish that we had done so.

But for now, I am thinking about a trip to Lake Tahoe, as opposed to worrying about The Republicans and the man who can’t understand why they don’t like him.

I believe that unless Nancy Pelosi or somebody else steps up, further debate in Congress, between Republicans and Democrats will be negligible, because the Republican led Congress will get its marching order from Rush and the T-Party members, and they will take the other branches in Washington what to do.

It will be as if neither the President, the Democratic side, the Republican dominated Senate nor the will of the American people mattered any more because the President led us into a snare.

What really got Obama in trouble in the first place, following his mandate to govern by the majority of the American people, was that he capitulated to a group of ideologues who made it clear from the onset that they had little patience either with him or the majority of the American people, instead of leading the fight.

Does anyone recall Mr. Obama, standing up and speaking truth to power to the Republicans, since he has been in office? I certainly do not!

And based upon what I heard in the media both sides seem to expect a disappearing act from the Democratic Side of the House and the Office of the President. For sure, the President appears to be scared. It is as if he doesn’t know who he is supposed to be, and as if he is cowering down in the fort, because a minority group of renegades believe that they have him and the fortress surrounded.

And just as he did during the run up to the election, he is capitulating. Surrender the fort, he is saying to his followers already, Obama, like the great chief Quetzcoatal is giving up without a fight. And like the once great historical chief did, he has ordered his troops to simply surrender without a fight. .

Mr. Obama, Quetzcoatl lost because he surrendered without a fight, something that you have done from day one, since you became President. And you have repeated the same behavior for 2 years now.

Couldn’t you at least pray for answer, as opposed to caving in within 24 hours after the threats from the Republicans?

I told my detractor’s bef0re, that they didn’t know what they were doing, when you elected you before you were ready, and I was right. Am I bragging, yes, I am bragging, for just 2 years later, you have turned your backs on your supporters and turned tail, even though it wasn’t your fault that you were elected.

Mr. Obama, you are still the President of the United states, Harry Reid and the democrats are still in control of the Senate and the majority of the American people will rally if you were to stand up. If you don’t stand up this time, it will be the second time that you failed to. The first time was the day after you took office, when you chose appeasement over leadership.

Neither time have you apparently understood or done anything about what the American people really wanted. Give George Bush Jr. credit, he knew that we neither liked him nor his policies, however, he stood up to us and told us to go shopping, in other words informing us that he was the President.

You have played right into Republican grimy hands. Even Mr. Boehner said that he really liked you earlier today, when being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. And why wouldn’t he like you, given that you are the gift that keeps on giving. What he didn’t say was that he really doesn’t respect you, because he knows that you won’t fight.

You seem to think that being President is nothing more than providing the crowd with a Presidential wave from the helicopter or Air Force One. .

The rest of the nation is struggling because they believed in you. You are the drum major. It is you that is supposed to inspire the team to fight on, whether you win or not. You are not supposed to lead a retreat.

Well one thing that I feel good about is this, the t-Party may go after the Republicans too if the don’t do a good job, just as they went after you!

Peace & grace

Nov 3, 2010

Filibusterers Won the 2010 Mid-Term Election: Back East

Subject: The People Have Spoken

Clearly, I was disappointed but not surprised at the outcome of last night’s
election results.

We closed down the poll, where I volunteered last night, at 9:50PM. On the
way home, I turned on my car radio and listened intently to the election results.
Given the 3 hour time differential, on the coast, I heard about the Republican
sweep that took place in the eastern time zones. Was I glad that I lived out
here, instead of back there.

I heard how the Republicans had taken back approximately 60 seats in Congress
from the Democrats, that the Democrats lost only 5 seats in the Senate, that Rand Paul won in Kentucky. I also heard that Ms. Whitman was running neck and
neck, at the time, with Governor Brown in my home state of California, and that
Barbara Boxer and Ms. Fiorini were running in a close heat.

What came to mind was this, that ‘the people’, the one’s who voted, mostly got
got what they wanted. The folks back east, got their Republican obstructers and in the West, we got what we wanted, rid of Republican leadership.

I also concluded that easterners, the ones who voted, really did not care that much about Republican filibustering, over the past 2 years, as they had been saying all along as it was being reported in the media.

Up until last night, everything that I had heard before seemed to indicate how the American people were fed up with all of the bickering that took place in Washington DC. I had heard over and over again how the people, wanted their elected representatives to instead work together, apparently not?. So I thought, well either the people were just saying that for effect, given that the election results seemed to say something else.

Then I concluded, that what the people really meant was that they wanted the Democrats to cave in, even though it was the Democrats who tried to give the people what they asked for, security, health-care, peace …! And then the people voted overwhelmingly for the opposition party.

In my mind, there was clearly a disconnect, for the people said one thing
and voted for another. Already, Boehner and his team has made it clear
that there won’t be any compromises made.

And sadly, already the president is capitulating, just as he did during the run up to the presidential election in 2008. He said tonight that, the people have spoken. No Mr. President, the people have not spoken. The, the people who voted have spoken, however, there is a silent majority all over America, and others that all together represent the majority of the American, who have simply given up on Washington. But shouldn’t their voices count Mr. President – there you go waffling again. Get some chutzpah Mr. Obama. Fight for a principle and stand up for something for once, whether the detractors are with you or not.

I concluded long ago that I live in a strange country, one that is not governed or driven by principle or the rule of law, instead, I live in a country where people and politicians will say one thing and when put under pressure will opt for another.

But still for me, there is a sense of satisfaction in this election season for all of the candidates that I voted for have won. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown Won, Democrat and former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome will be
California’s next Lieutenant Governor. Next, Democrat Barbara Boxer retained her seat, along with Democratic senator Diane Feinstein … You know, I am so pleased that I live in the State of California; the only regrets that I have had in my life were those brief interludes when I was away from the state.

That Californian’s are and have always been so far ahead of the voters in the
rest of the nation has been and is attested to by the fact that most other Americans either want to live or visit our great state at some point in their lives, or live here.

What did you say, look how poorly California has been doing of late? Well, the explanation for that is simple, Republicans were permitted to run our state for awhile, and prior to that the Republican oil men ruined our state’s economy, causing California to slide, just as the rest of the nation did under George Bush Jr. and The Republicans. Then prosperity died, and the nation was in trouble!

And now that this chapter is over, and Republicans are out of power, just watch how quickly that California turns around. Now with respect to the rest of the nation, just let me say this, when I heard that Boehner was soon to be the next Speaker of the House in Congress, man I thought, I am so glad that I moved out of the State of Ohio when I did, in 1973, and have spent most of my adult life in the most progressive state in the nation, California. Bush and Boehner before, couldn’t help the Buckeyes, can you imagine things being any different now, as far as Boehner is concerned.
Will Boehner’s decisions affect me here In the Golden State, given his new found power? Perhaps it will, but not by much. You see, California’s live in kind of a protectorate, one that believes in Democratic principles and will be governed by them. There is not only a political divide between Californians and states in the east, there is also a territorial divide. It is as if we are two separate nations. Factually, one out of every 7 or 8 Americans is a California.

Californians are pluralistic in deference to the nihilistic, often mean-spirited and close-minded citizens of the Mid-West, the eastern seaboard and the South. Well, there are pockets like Orange County down in the California ‘South’, get my drift, we have our southerners too but not enough to do any real damage.

Having said that, the backwardness that I have often experienced when traveling or staying in the mid-west is simply not tolerated here, except in the “California South’. Some of us refer to certain Republican enclaves around Los Angeles, (LA) as Lower Alabama. .

I know that our state is the greatest state in the nation, if not the world, because everyone else in every state in the Union, and most countries in the world make California their number one destination to visit . And many of these would be visitors stay on, to our chagrin. We don’t want our state filled up with Republicans, for if that were to happen, I know that a whole of Californians like me would move somewhere else.

But for now and for the foreseeable future, happy days are here again, now that Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is gone ( a Republican, that practically destroyed this state, just as I suspect that Republicans will finish doing ( like Bush and the Republicans have been doing since they took office 10 years ago.

A Republican President, a Republican majority in Congress was in power for 6 years together and they brought the nation to its knees, except for bailouts. Our state will turn around soon, now that it is back in the hands of the Democrats, no matter what happens to the rest of the nation under Boehner, the Republicans and lame-duck President Barack Obama.

My only concern is that now that California will turn around, given the cessation of Republican leadership is that an influx of backwards thinking Mid-westerners and other easterners will abandon their home states and try to relocate her. .

But don’t come here, you got what you wanted, those of you who voted, and we have what we want. And we don’t want you here, for ‘East is East and West is West and Never the twain, will meet’, thank God!

Oct 30, 2010

President Obama Hussein and the Democrats: The Choice of Republicans

Subject: Somebody Has to Pay (For the Leftover and Out of Control Deficit Spending and Debt Left Behind by George Bush and the Republican Party!

I heard that our current President is and was a millionaire before he took over following G.W. Bush Jr., but does he have enough to pay the Republican bill, he better be able to. Why? The shrewd Republican Party think tanks decided that it would be a democrat, in this instance, the President of the United States of America, Barak Obama Hussein, who would be the scapegoat for Republican malfeasance and the bankrupting of America, and that he would have to pay.

In an ironic twist, the American people elected him to be president over the wishes of the republicans, and the Republicans decided that he would have to pay for it, get it!

President Obama has become the poster child for Republican irresponsible and out of control spending, all of which took place under the previous administration. It was as if he has been President since for the past decade, and now is being blamed for trying to come up with ways to pay their bills. The Republicans are so shrewd, that they have turned President Obama into a sacrificial lamb. In the eyes of too many Americans, it is as if he was and is responsible for the outlandish spending behavior, and running up the national debt, by President Bush Jr. and the Republicans.

And pay he did, and as a matter of fact, he is still paying in more ways than one for their misbehavior and mistakes. Folks, you have got to give it to the Republicans, they are good, and they are a tough act to follow!The poor democrats have never been able to match the wily ways of the Republicans. In fact, Republicans will steal from an old lady, and turnaround and blame her for having been robbed!

But now, it's Obama's turn to pay for someone Else's crime, for not only is he paying the bills that were left behind by the Republicans and former President George H. Bush Jr., he is paying in terms of character assassination, creditability and criticism, mostly by the party that bears the responsibility for the problems that Americans are experiencing today.

Some Americans hate him, believing that he is the reason that America has been experiencing the problems that it has been, for over the last 10 years. And what of George Bush Jr., that Republican dude got away clean. Today, he was present in Texas Stadium to watch the San Francisco Giants plan his old team, that he was part of The Texas Rangers. Once upon a time they were known as the Washington Senators, or was it the Washington Republican Senators.

Sooner or later, someone had to pay for the out of control reckless deficit spending and warmongering by George H. Bush Jr., America’s 43rd president, and the Republicans. And it is costing Obama dearly. How would you like to be a fly on the wall in his household. He must be thinking, "am I crazy, or am I being blamed for attempting to pay the enormous bills that someone else made'.

Every parent has had to do that for their kids at some time or another, whether it was to pay for the neighbor's broken window that their child broke, or for the serious injury that was done to someones property or person by their kids. But Obama paying for George Bush Jr. and the Republicans bill, and then being dinged by the Republican creditors? Now that would be a bit too much to bear by any reasonable standard!

But from a Republican point of view, for the president and party that walked away from their responsibilities, having created all of what Americans and Americans have been enduring since he became President along with his cast of Merry men and women, nearly ten years ago now, believe that the ones who should pay economically, politically and as a result of Republican character assassination ought to be President Obama and the Democrats. Hasn't America experienced this scenario before by Republicans?

The last Muslim leader who bore a similar Muslim name, and crossed the Republicans was caught and turned over to the people of his country to be hanged. Obama must be feeling about the same way right now, because the Republicans used the same tactics when going after him. I wonder if he will go and hide in a hole underground. Obama, my brother, I didn't vote for you because I didn't feel like you were ready yet, and I still believe that I was right in my thinking. Do you get my drift? You weren't ready to deal with what comes along with being president, by America's enemies, the Republicans and that is what they are in my opinion, America's true enemies.

And what these scoundrels are doing to Mr. Obama, ought to be outlawed for it is well, let's just say un-American, that is if you are not a Republican. Man, those dudes will go after an American president, just like they will go after a leader in the Middle-East, especially one that has a Middle-Eastern name. For them, what they are doing is only par for the course, just ask Bill Clinton, a man that they pushed to be impeached, and he was impeached.

And what was his real crime, he got caught doing what many of his accusers had been and were doing at the time, sleeping around, and he didn't have a foreign sounding name, but no matter. Clearly it was not sleeping around that caused them to go after him, that was only a ruse. For on the day he became president, they set out to get him, a President people, a President!

From Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky and Judge Starr, they did everything that they could to obstruct President Clinton, right down to the day that he was impeached in the House. Even the late co-founder of the Conservative movement warned his own party about obstructionism, something that his Grand Old Party was certainly guilty of from the time that Mr. Clinton became President Clinton.

I suspect that Barry was surprised and embarrassed, when he was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, only to find it out that President Ronnie Reagan was doing and end around him, given the Contragate Oliver North scandal/cover up. Man, Republicans are something else, they consider Reagan and Ollie North to be heroes, despite the fact they broke the law.

Can you imagine, if a President from the democratic party, or a democratic Ollie North had behaved in the manner that those two did? Can you say, burned at the stake? I'm not afraid of them, Republicans; but when one comes around you, all I can say is to guard your wallet, hold on to your keys, and take a bath and spray on some disinfectant for those dudes do not play - move over Deadwood Dick and Jessie James when the Republicans are around.

What the Republicans have done and are doing to this President and the Majority Party in Congress, reminds me of the attitudes and behaviors of other criminals both in America and abroad, they commit the crimes and then turnaround and blame the system or someone else for the crimes that they commit. I will say it, UBL has nothing on these crooks!

It is as if the Republican’s have experienced a sudden lapse in memory or is it. Correct me if I’m wrong, however, when Bill Clinton left public office America had a surplus, and the country was at peace wasn't it? And as I recall, shortly after Bush and the Republicans took over following Bill Clinton, government spending went out of control. I can still remember the faces of all of the laid off Americans in Ohio, who gave Bush a second chance and reelected him to office for a second term.

And where are the Buckeyes now? The Buckeyes, like most Americans are hurting even more, and I am not talking about the Buckeyes football team.And Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio, wants to be Speaker of the House.
Why that bum has been unable to do anything to help all of the laid off workers in his home state, so what could he do that would be of an any value for the rest of America, I ask you?

Another thing, where is the man who presided over one of the greatest economic crisis in American history, former President George H. Bush Jr., he is believed to be on his Texas farm, sitting back and enjoying himself, in the manner that most Republicans have been doing while someone else is sorting out the mess that they left behind, and taking heat from the Republicans and the rest of the American public for doing what Republicans refused to do, pay their bills.

The Republicans wanted war, but like most things that the Republicans want and wanted, they didn’t want to pay for it, not even for the cost of war. Similar to the Publicans, that were often written about in the Christian Bible, Republicans believe in collecting taxes, however, there problem is that they don’t believe in paying them.

One of their own, Senator John McCain of Arizona, a man who served his country and was a former prisoner of war, rebuked his fellow Republicans for demanding tax breaks during a time of war, which was their first order of business when they assumed the power in Washington along with George H. Bush Jr. Once the gavel, and the treasury were turned over to them, America fell into decline, as they prospered and continue to prosper, while America and most Americas continue their descent.

Senator McCain once said to his fellow Republicans, shouldn’t we forego the tax breaks that we have demanded during a time of war, and stand in solidarity with the men and women who are fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and help to pay for it? Shouldn’t we make a sacrifice too, he asked? And he asked, only to be silenced by his Republican peers!

To that end, most Republicans were quiet about the wars that they started, until President of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, spoke out and claimed the war for Republicans. Michael, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, proclaimed, “the war in Iraq is President Obama’s war”. But nay said Republicans like Senator McCain and others who cried foul, the war(s) is our war. They why wouldn’t you pay for it, I ask?

Republicans were outraged that one of their own, a man that many of them suggested should turn in his resignation for handing over the responsibility for the War In Iraq to Democrats, even though Senator McCain and the Republicans, to this day, refuse to pay for the war. Are Republicans, like most of us suspect, simply lunatics.

Despite their claims of ownership of America’s recent wars, they continue to shout, “nay, let someone else pay and take responsibility for our mistake of getting America into an unjust war. And sadly, the person and the party that is paying, in more ways than ones, are Obama, the democrats and you and me.

President Obama has taken the heat for what he did not do, start a war in Iraq and Iran. And, since he is the President that followed George H. Bush Jr, and believes that responsible people, organizations and governments should pay their bills, he has had to come up with creative ways to get the economy going so that the bills can be paid.

And, he is paying a political price for paying the bills that were left behind. How dare he spend so much money is the Republican mantra of late? The fact of the matter, he is not spending money, the Republicans and George W. Bush did that, and they did so on credit, having ignored the fact that some day the bills would have to be paid?

And who are they, Republicans, angry with? They are venomously angry with the man and party that is making every effort to pay the bills, that they left behind, while they sit by on the sidelines and throw stones.

It begs the question, why won’t Republicans ever take responsibility for what they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if would deny, that it was a Republican who was responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth, took the life of an American hero President from Illinois, just as the Republicans are trying to destroy an American hero President from Illinois, just over a century later. Will Republicans ever stop destroying American President’s, it is as if they have no respect for the office.

Ladies and gentleman, if the Republicans aren’t the most irresponsible group of irresponsible malcontents on the face of the earth, then tell me, what group is? I can’t think of a group that spends more of its time and resources trying to cover up their own malfeasance than Republicans do, and to boot, neither do they bear any shame nor take any responsibility for what they have done and are still doing to America or any other nation or people of the world. It is as if they are above the law, reason, rationalism, responsibility or accountability.

To that end, it would be nothing other than a sham, if the American voters fall for yet another ruse and cover-up by Republicans, and vote the Democrats from their leadership positions in Washington and from control of the House and the Senate.

One can only guess what America and Americans can expect next, that is if Republicans were to gain a majority in Congress and 2 years later, the Oval Office, or can we? My guess is that we will experience more of what we did when Republicans, dating all the way to Republicans like Richard Millhouse Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush Sr. or Jr. were in power, lies, spying, cover-ups, trickle-down, and who knows, perhaps another assassination or at least an attempt to do so, if they do not get their way. Not much ever seems to change with them.

Will a Republican ever do anything more than attempt to smear others or wrest the control of power away from other Americans, just as they have been doing with President Obama, or Nancy , Speaker of the House?

If you were wondering the real reason why President Obama has had to spend so much money, the answer is simple, he is paying someone else’s bills. Folks, someone has to pay the bills left over by Republicans. If you listen to them, they weren’t co-regent with President George Bush Jr., the man who was sinking America into an economic abyss, so why should they pay?

If America is would just be patient, President Obama and the Democrats will return America to solvency. On the other hand, however, if America prefers the Republicans to have the Republicans in power again, over the Democrats, a party that refuses to take responsibility for its prior or current malfeasance, then Americans will get what they deserve, and pay the cost for another mistake by putting Republicans in charge of the American treasury and checkbook. And I approve this message!

Finally, keep the Republicans bums, Republicans out of office and if possible off of America’s airways, for they are unrepentant, and have learned nothing over the past decade, and the rest of us will pay dearly for what they have up their sleeves next.
Remember, it was only of late that they finally owned up to the fact they owned the trumped up war in Iraq, and still nearly a decade later they still refuse to pay for it and I don’t believe that they ever will.

But having said that, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will pay, and isn’t that what this is supposed to be all about, the American people, and not a Party that lost its way since the time that it tried to assassinate an American president, one who hailed from the great state of Illinois? I say, keep the Re-Publicans (non-taxpayers) out of office, and send them back where they belong, not Washington DC!

Why should we send back? It is simple, Republicans don't care anything about the country, Republicans simply want to protect their financial interests, and America is their tax-breaks money-making war machine!

Rev. C. Solomon

Oct 23, 2010

The Republican Mission in 2010

Subject: Stop Obama And the Democrats Before They Win Again! Part I

First of all, it would be a different matter if the Republican’s motive was any different from what it has been since President Obama became president of the United States just 20 months ago. I am referring to the real reason why Republicans have been waging such a virulent political war against President Obama and the Democratic led House and Senate.

If you were to believe them, all that they have been doing in terms of trying to win back control of the Senate and the House is to save America from economic catastrophe and over-spending by the current democratic administration. However, most thinking Americans know that there is far more to it than that.

What they have been hoping for and feverishly working for is to derail the process and progress before the Democratic recovery works, and the hearts of the American people are turned back to the Democrats. The American recovery means little to a Republican, what matters more to a Republican than the recovery is that they be in charge of America and American power.

Therefore, they keep up the smear campaigns, sowing seeds of doubt, filibustering, blitzing the media with gloom and doom scenarios. Why do they do it? They do so in order to turn Americans away from Obama and the recovery in spite of the 8 years that it took for them, Republicans, to create the mess that Obama and the Democrats are cleaning up.

They know in the same manner that General Custer must have known, that it is their last stand and therefore they must act fast, because of late the economic indicators are turning in favor of the democratic recovery that was put in place by President Obama and the democratic majority. The Republicans would like to get in their in time take credit for the ongoing recovery, something that they had nothing to do with!

How embarrassing it would be for Republicans, if yet another democratic President succeeds at doing what former president Bill Clinton did, when he came in behind a Republican administration that was headed by George Bush Sr. and cleaned up the mess that was left behind.
The fact of the matter is that neophyte president Barack Obama Hussein has already done a yeoman’s job in terms of cleaning up another catastrophe that a Republican administration left behind.
Now that the recession has ended and America is on the way to full recovery, Republicans want to be in the driver’s seat when the inevitable occurs so that they can take credit for it, despite nearly 2 years of Republican obstructionism.

I repeat: Vocal Republicans care very little about America; they simply want to be in control of America's military and economic power, whatever they have to do in order to get it. Silent Republicans are guilty for standing by and watching what their comrades are doing to America, while they do and said nothing to object!

The Republicans have been in a similar position before and it cost them dearly. They know that if former President Bill Clinton had not fallen into disrepute, given his salacious affair with Monica Lewinsky, after he successfully cleaned up the mess left behind by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., that Al Gore, would have been coronated President. And following an expected successful 2-year term by President Al Gore, Obama or some other Democratic president would have taken over.

And there is no telling how long the passing of the baton to democrats would have lasted? The net result of that would have been that the New American century would have been much different than it has been, if the Republicans had not come back to power under George Bush Jr.

In addition to a world at peace, America and the world would still be enjoying economic growth and prosperity, and the majority of Americans would still have good paying jobs and all of the families of the world would live in a world that was and still would be at peace.

However, once George Bush Jr. and the Republicans returned to power, the entire process of peace and prosperity came to a screeching halt, just as it has often offered when Republican administrations are in power. Republicans, not democrats, stopped the process of peace and prosperity, preferring that the the wealth of the nation be concentrated in the hands of a few, that political unrest would be re-inserted into the world with an American Republican warlike political regime in power.

And the Republican regime that used lies, propaganda and double-speak in order to embroil both America and its allies in war once again, is making a gallant effort to convince the American voters that they should have another to do what the do best, bring down America. The Republicans under George H. Bush Jr., given their lying warmongering, have brought America nearly to the brink of economic collapse and still they blame the Democrats for their crimes against Americans and humanity.

Speaking of the Peace of Rome, I can only imagine what the past decade would have been like if Democrats would have remained in control, and George Bush Jr. if George Bush Jr. have never left Texas and the Texas Rangers baseball team. Instead the world is on shaky ground, and many Americans have found are in the throes of despair even though their champion is trying to bring America back.

Savvy, dyed-in-the wool Republicans intend to make sure that neither Americans nor the world will be won over due to another democratic success. They are so desperate, Republicans are, that despite nearly a decade of tax cuts, TARP and stimulus funds, Republicans refuse to hire Americans, not even Joe the Plumber. Why? If they were to begin to hire Americans in Republican run corporations, Obama would benefit. And Republicans would rather standby while Americans, loose their jobs, their homes and their customary way of living rather than help the recovery work.

Many of the most prominent Republicans that are running for some of the most powerful offices in the land, are millionaires and one in particular, Meg Whitman, gubernatorial candidate in California, a billionaire. And Meg, like many other of her Republican ilk, have used their advantages in order to increase their personal wealth while while helping to keep other Americans at a disadvantage.

And that folks, is the Republican way, because under the Clinton administration, the middle-class prospered - most Americans came to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

But all of that came to an end, the minute Republicans, led by George H. Bush Jr., came back into power. I wonder, which Democrat it will be in the future, that will repair the damage that we can all expect to done, if the Republicans ever regain the reigns of power in Washington again.

And still, as well as things are going now, the recovery and all, Republicans refuse to hire their fellow Americans who are badly in need of jobs. They refuse to do so in order to spite Obama, the democrats and Independents who voted for Obama and to to keep the democratic recovery plan from working.

And still they blame Obama and the Democrats for the persistently high rate of unemployment in the nation. What they don’t say is that is a result of Obama and the Democrats, America’s major corporations are sitting atop incredible economic reserves. How long will they standby and watch more and more Americans sink into financial disaster, the answer is, until they have returned to power. And even then the majority of Americans will never enjoy the economic prosperity or peace that they enjoyed under Bill Clinton, Republicans will make sure of that.

Wealthy Republicans, including the Bushes, the Cheneys ... have already benefited from the bail out, and they could care less about what happens to the rest of America, because all they want is to return to and to wield American power. And they are trying to regain that power by any means necessary. And whether by hook, crook or character assassination, they know that every day that passes, they their party is in more trouble of loosing their quest to regain power. So, they must keep up the steady drumbeat of stop Obama, the democrats and the ongoing American economic recovery!

What a bunch of anti-American traitors?

Having said that, the clock is still working against them. For all that the democrats need to happen is for the American people to wake up and give them the time that they need, Republicans do not have a plan to help Americans, in spite of Republican obstruction. The democrats need the American majority to stand and say to the Republicans, it is not your time for you have done enough to destroy America and the world.

And just to show you just how brazen and desperate the Republicans are, a recent poll reported that 35% of Americans, mostly Republicans I’m sure, would prefer to have President Bush Jr. to be president of the United States again. Short memories? Well, it is a point of fact that while most Americans and the world suffered under the weight of the George Bush Jr. presidency, a significant portion of the Republican Party prospered. The George Bush tax breaks contributed largely to their successes.

Of course they want George Bush Jr. back in spite of all that he did to ruin this nation domestically and internationally, that is as long as they continue to enrich themselves as a result of his partisan policies.

And that brings me to this question: What is more important to Republicans, the Peace of America, and an economic recovery that will provide all Americans with the opportunity to succeed, or an America, led by Republicans, for Republicans and of Republicans? I suspect that it is the latter. Certainly the latter is what matters the most to them. Why? Because no matter how bad a Republican leader happens to be, Republicans will support him or her in order to keep the power of the Presidency in the hands of Republicans, no matter how incompetent they are. Just consider the last 5 Republican Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Can you say, Nixon, Agnew, Bush Jr, Dan Quayle as an example of what I am talking about. They are just a sample of the types of leaders that Republicans have blessed America with, all of whom either disgraced the offices that they were elected to, or total incompetents.

Conversely, even when a competent, skilled, intellectual democratic is in or near to gaining hold of power, Republicans will do all that they can to obstruct, abuse, stop or impeach him or her. The motive behind republicanism is simply this: to hold on to power at all costs, no matter how poorly they manage the country in exchange for wielding power, maximize profit and garner wealth. For them, care for America, the American people and the world comes in at a far distant second.

Peace & grace

Part II
Stop The Democrats Before They Win Again!

If the Republicans were to succeed and regain power in the upcoming mid-term election and assume majorities in the Congress and the Senate, the second portion of their plan would be put into place. And that strategy would have nothing to do with governing America according to the will of the people, it would instead entail a Republican version of General Robert E. Lee's confederate march to Richmond, or the Oval Office in this scenario.

The Republican generals would have nothing else on their minds for the next 2 years if they were to return to control the House and the Senate. The Republicans are circling the wagons, with hopes of returning to Washington in order to reclaim what each one of them belongs to them, a capitol that they believe is confederate under its current administrator, President Obama.

Sadly, if they were to succeed and two years from now regain the presidency in the 2012 general election, my prediction is that soon afterward America and the world would soon experience more of what we have experienced before when Republicans were in power, going back to the days of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush, war. The whole world would daily be DEFCOM III, never knowing when these curmudgeons would strike. And, any Americans who would not go along with their venal policies, would be labeled, non-patriots, as we were labeled under the George Bush Jr. regime.

And it they were to regain majority power, it would not take long for Republicans and Republican leaders to engage in their favorite craft, war, greed and obstructionism. The American people would feel the effects right away.

And even if Republicans did not subject the rest of America, the ones who would oppose their venal and self-serving policies to internment camps or gas chambers; for all of the days that they were to be in power, the rest of us would feel as if we had been interred.

Many Republicans like Dick Morris and Anne Coulter, are already referring to themselves and the Republicans as patriots. Where does that leave the rest of us who do not see things their way. Living under another Republican administration would be nothing short of a living the George Bush Jr nightmare all over again. The fact of the matter is as a result of under Republican control, most Americans would be experiencing Auschwitz all over again, especially those Americans who would reject Republican policies, just as we we did under the iron clad fist of George H. Bush Jr., #43.

If the Republicans were to regain a modicum of power in America, most of us would immediately the feel the impact. And, if they were to, America might experience a full-fledged civil war.

It bears repeating, as I begin to close, that what the Republicans are truly afraid of is that President Obama and the Democrats will soon succeed in turning America around and making the world a peaceful one again.

And where would that leave Republicans? It would leave Republicans disgraced. For the sake of my children, I am pulling for Obama and the Democrats. For I can envision the kind of world that my and other children of America and the world would live in if Republicans were to assume power and attempt to complete the unfinished agenda of George Bush Jr. and the Republican Party. The latter can only mean another 8 to 12 years of war with someone, the DPNK, Iran, the ROC or Afghanistan itself perhaps.

And not only that, the Republicans will do what they always do, that is to take credit for Democratic successes, even the ongoing recovery that is already in place. And it will succeed just as soon as Republicans stop trying to keep it from working by creating fear in the American people.

I can only imagine what else they have up their sleeves now, perhaps war with China, or will it be a just war joint-bombing mission, along with Israel, of let's say, Iran? Or how about an invasion of our southern neighbor, Cuba?

All of us together, the majority of Americans, can prevent this from happening. all we have to do is keep the republicans out of power, hopefully never to return, leastwise, until they grow up. For Democrats are nothing more than speed bumps and hindrances on the Republican road of life.

And, it has been that way going all of the way back to the Nixon Administration if not before. Many of the members of the Nixon regime, included luminaries like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Libby, Snowe, Perle, Fife ..., Condi, only wishes that she could have been there. Having said that, she did all that she could to make up for lost time, even though she was rejected by Nixonian hardliners like Donald Rumsfeld while she attended George Bush.

Many of our younger voters have no idea of who these people really are, or what I am talking about. When I think of this group of Republicans, terms like Ellsberg papers, Watergate, Contragate, greenmail, leveraged buyouts, trickle-down and voodoo economics come to mind.

Many of our young people are unaware of the fact that it was the holdovers that came into power when George H. Bush Jr. took over the oval office, that they were responsible for America's modern day wars.

And we must not forget that America’s staunchest allies were also pushed to the side, the ones who disagreed with Republican America’s latest trenchant policies of world-wide hegemony, to include America’s historical allies who voiced aloud, their distaste and dissatisfaction with Republican American global crusades.

The majority of the world along and America's allies, along with the majority of Americans rejoiced when they George H. Bush Jr and the Republicans were cast from power. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The Republican Party is an outdated party of 'old men'. in particular Republican ones. Curmudgeons who harbor the same old outdated ideas, and the same lust for war that their predecessors had. Even if 9/11 had not occurred, it would have still have been just a matter of time before these old farts, would have embroiled America in yet another war.

And, the daughters and sons of America and America's allies, would still likely have died on some distant shore for the Grand Old Men's Party, even though the old men who would be responsible for whatever happened would sit by and reap the spoils of war.

The Republican desire continues to be this: that every nation of the world would bow down to the American Idol, and I am not talking about a TV show that bears the same name. I am talking about Republican American idolatry, with a Republican craving. Republicans believe in war for wars sake, even if they have to fight the war on credit, while their personal coffers remain full to the brim.

Americans ought to remember, the roughly 4 to 5,000 American boys and girls who paid the ultimate sacrifice (not to mention the tens of thousands that have been wounded and maimed in brutal combat), while Republicans were gorging themselves.

And if there is to be a Republican reprise to the last act under George H. Bush Jr., this time will not be any different from the last time. While the wars are being fought, they will cut spending for unemployment insurance, while at the same time they will extend Bush tax cuts for themselves.

Under their leadership, the deficit would increase, not decrease. I am amazed, that after all that America and the American people have been through - a sting that is still being felt by Americans (a direct result of the last Republican administration in power, that the American people have such a short memory, and are considering returning these knuckleheads to power.

Why, I wonder, are so many Americans willing to return to power the party that got America into the jam that it is in the process of recovering from, under the guidance of the newly elected democratic administration, in the first place? Does anyone believe that if Republican John McCain and Sarah Palin had succeeded in winning the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, that America would be experiencing a recovery? I certainly don’t think so!

The American people rightly said no to John and Sarah. And what do the Republicans have to offer next time, Bobby Gindal, Sarah Palin or John Boehner of Ohio, give me a break! The Republicans are a gutted party, one that is lacking in leadership power.

However, facts aside, it would appear that some Americans would vote back into power the party that has failed us over and over again at the end of the past century.

I keep wondering, how to escape from American voters? One has to ask, is it truly Republican ingenuity, or on the other hand the stupidity and naivete of the American voters that keeps getting America into trouble over and over again? Republicans cannot do what they do and have done without help and too many American voters are co-signors with them. It would appear that the malleable and gullible American electorate is ripe for picking again.

Of late, the Republican spin machine has been winning the battle it would appear, just as Republican spin masters have done in the past. I was in Tahoe, my favorite nearby respite, when a gambler smiled and said to me: “You know, the next time, instead of coming to Tahoe to gamble and loosing so much money, I will just stay home and mail my check”? He added, "if I were to simply stay at home and mail the check in, I could save gas money!

Perhaps the Americans voters should simply stay home and mail in their checks too, because that is what they will be doing, in my opinion, if they were to vote back into power the same holdovers from the Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II administrations.

Frankly, I cannot understand why Americans keep falling for the same old tricks. The rest of us ought to give Obama and the Democrats a chance to complete what they started. It is our lives and the lives of our children that are at stake, if we don't, and they should not have to live through what we have, over and over again, when Republicans are in power.

If I were you, and you have not decided how to vote yet, I would encourage you to do what former wife of president Ronald Reagan warned our young people to do in a different scenarios, she told them to, JUST SAY NO, and I encourage you to do the same for Republicans on November 3rd, Democrats are the best hope for America!

Peace & Grace