Sep 24, 2011

Justice Delayed Is Still Justice Denied: Obama v. The Palestinian People

Even when justice is being denied by a Scotch-Irish black President (note the Mayor of Dublin pictured in the booth):

I haven't had time to blog lately, even to go back and correct the posts that I started before, however, I simply have to say something about the ongoing debacle that is currently taking place at the United Nations, Obama v the Palestinian People. The leader of the opposition, for entry into the United Nations by the Palestinians, is a descendant of people who were also often told, 'that it is not yet time for you to have freedom, the right to the franchise, education, access to public accommodations … and we will veto your every attempt to obtain those freedoms', until we say that it is okay for you to have those freedom.

Will this man that the majority of voters selected and voted into office in 2008, whose ancestors experienced what the Palestinian people have been experiencing today, ever stand up for anything?

It is so ironic that a nation, that is currently being presided over by a descendant of former slaves who had to fight for centuries to obtain freedom and freedoms 'in the Land of the Free and the home of the slave', is the current leader of the opposition against the Palestinian people.

Most Americans know that America's foreign policy in the Middle-East is corrupt and favors Israel, God's chosen people, er herm! Ironically, the Apostle Paul, wrote in his letter to the Romans: My earnest desire and prayer for Israel is that Israel might be saved, for I bear them record that they have a zeal, but not according to knowledge. And having left the righteousness of God, they have gone about to establish their own righteousness. It would appear that not much has changed, 2000 years later, except today they have have access to weapons of destruction..

This former satrap of the Soviet Union, Israel, is currently a satrap of the United States government. And just as they have done before, they are seeking to establish their own righteousness with the full support and backing of the United States government, which is being Presided over by a descendent of former slaves in America, as well as on the continent of Africa, double-jeopardy. If anyone knew better, you would believe that he would know better.

And what is his message to the Palestinian people? It is the same one that slaves and black Americans received over and over again while pursuing justice and freedom, that is, 'not now, just wait, it is not the right time yet' . The Palestinian people are not falling for this ruse, and neither am I and a few other Americans. Shame on Obama. I expect this kind of double-speak and non-sense from the Dick Cheney's, George Bush's and the current crop of candidates that are running for office in America, however, I would have hoped that the collective memory of what occurred with his own own ethnic people who were subjected to the same kind of experiences, would have had an effect. However, he has betrayed their memories and their struggles for liberation and freedom.

The man has no courage. He is not a leader and shame on him again! He is the gift that keeps on giving to the wrong side, at the same time that the nation is sinking economically and morally. This is not what the people who voted for him, 'a great communicator', expected. And Israel, especially its leaders will have to learn a lesson that its big brother supporter's never learned, the meaning of freedom and justice for all people.

And finally, Obama, for moral and ethical reasons ought to go and have himself fired, because he is a disgrace to freedom fighters and the collective memory of his ancestors - they died before they ever realized their freedoms, just as many of the Palestinian people will do!

And seeing how Obama want listen to the majority of the American people, perhaps he will go sit down and speak with the Mayor of Dublin, perhaps he can help President Obama to understand what justice is all about.

Peace & grace,