Mar 31, 2008

The Rev Rips In The Washington Post Blog 03/31/2008

John F. Burns,

In America, the criminals do not police the criminals - we lock the criminals up. Should the government get a pass given its criminal behavior in other nations and regions of the world, or for renditions and locking up innocent people in Guantanamo and at other secret sites?

One American once said: We know that Iraq had weapons of WMDs, because we had the receipts for those WMDs (chemical type)! Hmm! America was in bed, even involved in Naval War Exercises with Iraq, at the time that Saddam was doing his deeds!

Rummy, Cheney, GHW Bush were all in bed with Saddam. We were accomplices and therefore accessories to the associated 'KILLS', that took place in Iraq, as well as the ones in Iran by Saddam.

Add those numbers [John provided numbers] to the number of deaths that the USA is responsible for in both Iraq and Iran.

Remember? We kept switching sides, i.e, between Iran and Iraq. America has been fighting undeclared wars for about a century now, just like the current undeclared Pakistani. Dead clerics already?

What ever is your point - no one knows precisely, just how many deaths our nation is responsible for around the world over the past decade alone?

Posted by: The Rev

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Mar 29, 2008

Espionage & The Revolutionary Black Church: Big Brother Is Watching & Chomping At The Bit!

In light of 'the Wright Reverend's message being leaked to the media.

Should other black churches be concerned? What will be the backlash against America's black churches?

For white Americans and our government, WHEN TWO OR
THREE BLACKs are gathered together..., it
is for God to be in their midst - not
because they are planning
a rebellion - 'don't taze us bro'!

1). Will white Americans begin burning, torching or bombing black houses of worship again?
2). Will white administrators be placed in black church pulpits again?
3). Will the United States government send spies, surveil or place litenings devices in black churches?
4). What will be the outcome?

Introduction: Kate O'Beirn, Washington Editor for National Review was peeved, given what was said a year ago at the Coretta Scott King Funeral. Pastor Eddie Long and his congregration opened their church doors not only to the King family, but to the entire world. Was that a mistake? It may have been, for the whole world had a chance to observe the progress of an American black mega-church.

And the church, with all of its bombasity, apparently offended Kate O'Beirn. Not only Kate O'Beirn, even former President George H.W. Bush commented that he had never seen anything like this church before. Whites often do that when they observe minorities with material possessions that are superior to their own. The assumption being, that I am white and I am better than you, and if I have not had it, or seen it before, how could you have it before me?

Kate O'Beirn was so offended by the Coretta Scott-King funeral that she begin to refer to it simply as, 'That Funeral'. Her statement won't impact the black community much, because most blacks do not listen to conservative apologists journalists like Ms. O'Beirn anyhoo. I listen to Kate, Randy Savage, Hannity, Limbaugh, occasionally Armstrong - just to keep up with what they are plotting next.

1. Why Is That Black Churches Cannot Do What Whites Are Doing?
This matter of black insurrectionist churches and preachers stoking the fire with incendiary and revolutionary style comments, will not be tolerated. And you had better bet your bunnies, that some form of retaliation will follow soon. I simply wonder which group will retaliate first. Are you keeping up with 501 [c] Tax Exemption standards?

Many Americans were stunned, when just a couple of years ago a group of fighter planes were dispatched to an Iraqi Mosque by the United States Air Force Command. As Satellite imaging surivelled the Mosque from high above the heavens, the target that the U.S.A. had been looking to kill emerged.

Most Americans accepted the Air Strike that dropped the 500 pound that destroyed its target, mostly because it did not happen at a religious center; and because of the propagation of negative information that had been received by Americans about the target. What Americans, some, non-white Americans were stunned and appalled by was that the American Military would willfully murder a man at a religious center! Folks, to the American government they were simply playing a game of cards!

Folks, we should not be surprised. For not only has the United States killed individuals at Iraqi Mosques, this was not the first incident, the military has also killed its enemies at funerals. What's worse killing an enemy by flying airplanes into buildings, or destroying enemies on the ground at funerals and Mosques? I will leave that for you to decide, however, for this minister, I know that if our government will kill its enemies at other religious institutions around the world, who is to say that it won't do the say thing right here in the United States of America?

I suspect that all black churches in America should be at a heightened level of awareness given the words that were spoken by 'the Wright Reverend', and eventually reached the media. Obviously, I agree with much of what he said that I picked up on YouTube. He reminded me of the Prophet Jeremiah of scriptures, who pretty much proclaimed a similar prophecy to the remnant that was left behind in Jerusalem, after their sisters and brothers in the lower and upper kingdoms had been transferred to Babylon.

White separatists, racists and biased ministers have thrived in white places of worship before this nation was incorporated. Many of them thrive unto this day. I have been in churches were sermons were preached, and code words peppered the white ministers sermons. Those euphemisms like big government, responsibility, high crime areas..., are often used to refer to black people, and predominately black areas. Rarely, will any of their hate messages ever reach the press.

2. How Does The Message By Black Ministers Reach the Media:
Several years ago the Reverend Willie Gaines in Anacostia, an area in Southwest Washington was surprised when words from a sermon that he preached reached the media. The Washington Post, usually considered a liberal paper by most standards, reported the unflattering comments that Pastor Gaines made about gay people in the churches pulpit.

Now folks, agree with pastor Gaines or not, however, if one is to make an issue about gay people and individuals preaching about gay people, Christians might as well dispose of their bibles. White ministers preach anti-gay and anti-black sermons, yet, it rarely reaches the media. Well, the exception to that is - unless you are a white minister that shows up at military funerals and gay parades.

What is my point: Who leaks these messages to the press and why? Does this remind you of the days when slaves would reportedly tell their white owners about the planned and nefarious activities of their fellow slaves? I won't jump to conclusions, for perhaps it was not a black person at all who leaked the information to the press; my previous point notwithstanding.

Okay, before you diagnose me (someone diagnosed Ezekiel as being a Paranoid Schizophrenic, and the Apostle Paul as being Epileptic), is it much of a stretch to believe that black churches are not already being spied upon. With today's sophisticated Satellite technology, our Intelligence Services, can not only listen in on your phone calls, they can listen in on what you are discussing at your church, and in your living room for that matter. That's what they do next door to the city of Columbia Maryland.

The less sophisticated parabolic listening devices, can pick up conversations and sermons right off of the windows panes in your edifices, and you wouldn't have any idea that your conversations or ministers sermons were being co opted or listened at. This is America folks!

3. Is the Government Capable of Doing The Same To Black Churches?
Frankly, I don't see much difference between the men who bombed the Birmingham Church and murdered four beautiful young girls, and what the United States Military has been doing not only in Iraq, but in Pakistan. The United States Air Force recently went after and murdered a Pakistani Cleric.

I shouldn't say this too loud, however, the USA is already carrying on a covert war in Pakistan, just as the late Ronald Reagan did an end around American Citizens and the Senate Intelligence Committee in order to help underwrite a war nearly 3 decades ago in the Americas. Would our government murder an American cleric?

Most churches are smart enough to have visitors sign welcome cards when they visit their churches. The reason being that among other things they can have some way of knowing who the people are who visited their churches, it established a paper trail and an easy way to find you. Why? Suppose something comes up missing from the building, the church will already have a quick way to trace you. Will it be a sufficient solution, when the United States government begins to send spies covertly into American black churches, if they haven't done so already.

A few years ago Reverend Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington DC, worked surreptitiously with the Republican Administration in Washington DC. His role was to garner, and to subsequently transmit 'talking point/sermon topics' to a wide array of churches across the land. Many black ministers, not only white ones received the talking points which were to be included in their weekly sermons. The parishioners thought they were hearing from heaven, yeah, if heaven is the White House!

The topics being sent out to minsters were being sent in order to subliminally acquire the support of church parishioners for the government's war effort in Iraq.
Some of America's most prominent black and white ministers were involved in this sham. Check up on your minister. For example, if your black minister had anything to do with Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, the late Jerry Falwell and others, you were likely hearing messages that were sent out from the White House!

The scriptures teach that what is Caesar's should be given to Caesar, and what belongs to God is God's. Hitler used the support of Christian churches in Austria and Germany in order to support his notorious blitzkrieg throughout eastern and western Europe. Our government quietly utilized the similar methods to organize the church - and many ministers were willing participant.

Dr. Martin Luther King, was often spied upon by none other than the Head of the FBI, a man who referred to Dr. King in private as 'burr head'. If black Americans should understand anything by now, it is that the American government was never intended to give aid and protection to black churches. When blacks begin to speak up about 'social injustice' there is a heightened sense of awareness raised in white America, included in their churches.

At a White Church that I visited in Northern Virginia next door to Great Falls, the largest in the area, one Veterans Day, it felt like I was at an America Ku Klux Klan Rally. Interestingly enough, there weren't any crosses displayed at this church so I didn't have to worry about being burned! I did have that sense at the 'CrossFire Show', but that's another story. After about 10 minutes of the flag-waving, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of 'the War' church service, I left!

I was amazed to find myself leaving that service with 20 or 30 other people. Pastor Lon Solomon, of my namesake, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting the mercenary killings by the USA in Iraq! Lon Solomon is Jewish, Reverend Solomon is not! BTW, Ken Starr, yes that Ken Starr is a member of: can I say it Kate O'Beirn, 'that church'! Soldiers were marching, and the rostrum was completely filled with flag waving singers and military personnel from time to time!

You see, there are things that black Americans don't care for either Kate, and although we do not always enjoy the same constitutional protections that more fair-skinned people often do, it will not prevent us from speaking our minds.

To my fellow members of the cloth, I would suggest that you really keep an eye on who visits your church over the next few years. I won't tell you to employ mine sweepers yet, however, security ought to be upgraded, and you need to prune the church occasionally, every floor, and look for anything that appears to be unusual.

Why? It might be that you are being spied upon, and keep in mind the following: Similar to the men who bombed the Birmingham Church, our government is not above bombing Mosques and dragging bodies (Bosnia style)through the streets (Saddam's boys) in far away places, and therefore it is not so far-fetched that it would participate in bombing your church, or at least spying on it.

Now, let's go back again and open up the investigations of those churches that were torched several years, including, now deceased Green Bay Packers star Reggie White's church in Tennessee!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Be careful what you say or preach! The majority of the black ministers in this nation, particularly our American Capitalist Church Syndrome Ministers - ordinarily would have nothing to worry about. However, the other side often has a hard time telling the difference. They won't know that you are not one of a group of ministers in this church who speak out and tell the truth - even when the majority doesn't want to hear it!

Isn't it amazing that in light of the days when black ministers would be deposed the white overseer who was dispatched to pastor the church, or to keep an eye on the black minister and what he preached, that 100 years later 'the Wright Reverend' had to step down!

Now let's not have an insurrection ministers! And white citizens trust me,
that is not about to happen! For many black ministers are just as
eager to enjoy the fruit of capitalist excess, as most
other Americans, white and non-black have
become accustomed to!

And as the kids used to say, 'if you don't start nothing
it won't be nothing. And let me add that even
if you do start something, 'it still
won't be anything from us'!
We LOVE YOU-You don't
always love us!

The Lights Are Turned On - Still Man Cannot See 'IT': Transcending Myth & Primordial Explanations For What Was, Is & Is To Come

A shocking and unnerving question for the religious community
to consider is:

Whether or not 'God' evolved?

Intelligent Designers will be unable to grasp that concept!

I have found that when a person says that they do not believe
that there is a God, which differs from saying, "I don't believe
in God", that they are not explaining precisely what it is that
they do or do not believe in.

Oftentimes, what they really mean is that I don't believe that
there is a a God by definition, based upon what religion has
taught. The first group differs by and large from the second
group. The second group believes that there is by definition
a God. However, usually because of disappointment or
disillusionment, they no longer believe 'in God'. To them God is
like a natural parent that has let a sibling down.

I am not mad at either group. Religion has done a great job of
disenchanting the former, and the latter are typically unhappy
with the God that they believe that exists (they will have to
reconcile that conundrum somehow)!

Humans have peered into the sky for millenia, and have been
unable to detect, without the proper aids, what has been there
all the time!

Rev. C. Solomon

And to my agnostic friends: The agnostic dyslexic spent
his lifetime wondering whether or not 'dog' existed!


Daniel 2:21 ... IT knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with IT...!

My Proposition: What is and exists in the darkness, the Ghost in the machine, most humans have yet to fully realize IT, neither have they learned to pursue it other than for personal gain. IT is the Divine Evolutionary, Governing and Creative Life Principle, that births universes, planets, plants, humans, energy, and other species..., and is itself fully self-contained.

I. Explanation: Humans, have over the millenia referred to IT as Horus, Osiris, Dagon, Baal, Amun, Mercury, Isis, Zeus, Yvh, Vishnu, God, He, the Great Spirit and by other names and ascriptions, see the book of Daniel as an example!

Both atheists and religious believers alike acknowledge 'ITs' existence. Daniel anthropomorphized IT and referred to IT by the pronoun, 'he'. Atheists and some in the scientific community view IT as a non-human principle, and therefore they wisely refuse to give it a name or refer to IT by a pronoun (instead some refer to it as The God Equivalent, The Unifying Principle or The Singularity).

In the Hebrew scriptures IT referred to itself in this manner, 'I Exist'! John in the last book of Revelations promises that IT will reveal yet another name! Why do I refer to this apparently genderless entity or principle as 'It"? Because, even though it is always referred to in the Hebrew and other religious texts by masculine names, titles and pronouns, all of us, religious and secularists, are seeking after something that may be non-corporeal after all.

Don't be offended! Its ability to create would suggest that IT has the ability to take on any form, including a human one, a male or female form. Could IT have taken on a form to appear and speak with humans, why not? Could IT have existed in a human form for a while, with arms and legs, and got bored with it and moved on to another form? Why not?

Could IT have been, as the 'word of faith' people believe, in the exact form of a man, just as you or I are right now, and perhaps evolved, morphed or leaped into another form. Truth will not be cloaked forever. For me, it is easier to say that I drew my conclusions, based on my understanding at the time!

For some, their greatest fear is that in discovery and by uncovering the truth - their long-held beliefs might be disproved. Therefore, they would prefer to leave things as they are. They have stopped themselves at a point of belief, and they want everyone else to stay there with them. Remember 1 Thess 5:21: Test, prove all things!

The voracity of proof ought to be preferable to holding on to unproven myth and rudimentary understanding! People would be wiser to pursue the truth as opposed to seeking acceptance in a group, religious or otherwise. The group that approves you because you accept their interpretations - religious or otherwise, are likely doing you a disservice.

Daniel and the Israelites, not the first to have done so, learned to access IT, and nationalized IT. They would reach out to IT, and receive answers back in response to their queries. See Daniel 2nd Chapter and the following verses:

17 Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions:

18 That they would desire the mercies [of it] which they referred to as the God of heaven {not the earth], concerning this [Nebuchadnezzar's Dream]secret.

19 Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel [in the dark] in a night vision.

Daniel, and many others before him not only made contact, they also received answers back from the dark side. Each of us knows that there is an obscure or invisible to the human eye something that exists, of which even our human senses cannot readily detect or experience. And more and more, among disparate groups - secularists or religious, synthesis or consensus, if you prefer, is being reached. Every knee and tongue will someday bow to IT, we have already been informed.

The basis for the disagreement between different groups, religious and secular, centers around what 'I EXIST' happens to be, and whether the religious mythologizers and historical proponents of truth, fully understood what they were and are talking about today when they try to explain IT. I believe that many well-intentioned individuals, writers and teachers of the past and present, were and are correct in principle, however, wrong in terms of ITs dimensions and ITs purpose!

Clearly ITs ultimate purpose was not to found redemptive religion, that came later!

Quantum Physics explains that radiation is the basic ingredient that determines by and large, just how phenomenon is observed through human eye visualization (in dark light). Dark light is the kind of light that we depend on - we cannot look directly at the Sun for example. The Apostle Paul was apparently blinded as a result of looking into the other light, see Acts chapter 9.

The divine creative and evolutionary principle that is and which exists beyond the scope of the human eye, and in our darkness, can be accessed and apparently communicated with. It remains unseen, however by the iris, cornea, retina and other ocular and visual aids, as well as by our tactile, olfactory, gustatory, and auditory senses. The exception being, whether we are seeking it in the proper manner!

II. In the Wisdom Book of Job, the author writes in chapter 33:12-16.
12 Behold, in this thou art not just: I will answer thee, that God is greater than man.
13 Why dost thou strive against him? for he giveth not account of any of his matters.
14 For god speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;
16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.

Job recognized that this divine creative and evolutionary principle, operated in the darkness or obscurity, relative to the human eye. Daniel often experienced IT, in night visions. Consider micro-organisms and other microbial organisms that are not visible to the human eye. Without the aid of some ocular visual aid, we can neither see these organisms, nor can we see the zillions of entities that exist within the universe, or outside of it apparently.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the scientific community mostly, what humans have been looking for has been some cosmic anthropomorphic being, one that is expected to be a larger version of the human anthropoid, of whom we bare ITs image!

That IT would return someday to live on or in Earth makes little sense and appears to be highly improbable given that in IT, the Apostle Paul wrote, based upon his having tapped into IT apparently - that we live, move and have our existence in IT! What temple then will we make to house IT or to worship IT?

Early humans, given their oral, literative interpretive understandings and explanations of IT, erred; just as we have done in 'our' common era. Having said that, former writers wrote about what they understood IT to be, an anthropomorphic time-independent creative & governing super-being.

Early man, conceded the Apostle Paul, recognized what he understood to be IT - based upon observations made through the prism of a darkened glass of awareness. He wrote in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 vs 12: For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

So-called Modern man that has stood on the shoulders of his predecessors, has already corrected many of the well-intentioned and speculative assertions of his predecessors. Modern man confirmed in the 17th Century that the Earth was not the physical center of the Universe as their predecessors and contemporaries believed! That fallacious conclusion which was drawn by pre-modern man, among many others, have already been debunked. And others, I believe, are soon to follow!

Religion has backed itself into the proverbial corner, those religions in particular that purport to be the harbingers of absolute and unadulterated truth. Physics, astronomy, biochemistry, biology, archaeology, earth and space sciences... and the people, have mostly all have moved on. Only retrograde religious groups, insist on burying their heads in the sand in the face of mostly incontrovertible knowledge, and remaining in the prehistoric stages of knowledge and wisdom.

Most religions of the world have individuals within their groups who are masters at explaining what is written in their holy writs, and at explaining what it is that they believe. Given that each group claims to be a harbinger of absolute truth, then why is that so many of these groups disagree with each other? Each group would answer that the other groups are simply wrong! And that is where all of these groups have gone wrong, in this writer's opinion. How?

They have arrogantly twisted and applied 'the faith mandate', insisting that in order to become a member of their group, you must believe what they believe; not in the entity that they were supposed to believe in! Right there, God has been replaced, given a religious group's insistence that you must believe as they believe. Don't believe it, even if these groups are a part of mainstream religion!

Charlie Manson's followers apparently believed Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter, and where are they now? Most of them, just like Charles are still imprisoned, just as you will be if you surrender reason and the ability to question, if you were to join in with any one of these groups!

I suspect that sooner than later, the tenets of most of the religious groups from around the world will be debunked. And just like a variety of religious circles of the past, many of our current day religious groups will become extinct. And what is so frightening about the former, is that their followers died in faith believing that they would see Lord Krisha, Vishnu, Horus, Isis, Osiri, Baal...!

Don't taze me bro, for saying that. For their sakes I hope that they are correct! After all, should those individuals who have passed on be disappointed or punished for believing what 'they were taught to believe was the unadulterated truth'? Or, on the other hand did God wink at their ignorance? I hope so! I heard a pastor's wife say before, that anybody who goes to hell after hearing her husband-pastor's teaching, that they ought to go and they should burn like fly paper. Er herm! See what religion often does to people!

What is and has been essentially wrong with religion is that religion builds too much of its praxis based solely upon uncorroborated assertions, uncontested dogma, and an insistence in unquantifiable and unquestioned belief in what they understand to be true. Most religions, not all - are faith based. Faith in what a particular group believes in, for some religious groups, is all that matters! Once you confess that you believe what they believe, you are given the right hand of fellowship, and the assurance that you are saved from damnation!

However, what many of these religious groups have failed to take into consideration is, what if what my groups believes is, no matter how much what we believe in appears to be true, is wrong? How many persons will have wasted their lives because they believed or lived their lives according to what a sincere, however, misinformed religious group believed and taught them? That kind of exclusivity is dangerous! Where do I stand?

There is simply too much at stake
in my opinion. I believe that it would be irresponsible for any human being to rely solely upon a group of individuals and their disparate organization's belief systems, who cannot even agree among themselves upon what is actual truth. In other words, if there is only one truth, and there are so many different groups that have come up with different explanations for what truth is, one would be foolish to rely on this collectivity for all of their answers.

I believe in personal scrutiny, self-examination and refinement, always giving myself the benefit of the doubt with respect to what I believe!

I have spent all of my years, right up and unto the present in the church. I have since listened to a number of teachers and preachers in my lifetime who were essentially in error about what they were teaching and preaching. There has been both good and bad theology taught by some of these ministers. However, good or bad,nothing could stop them from teaching 'what they believed', many refused to have their beliefs or interpretations tested. I always leave the door open, recognizing that what I believe may not be 100% accurate after all.

I leave that same door ajar recognizing that what has been passed on to me by well-intentioned authors, and our predecessors, is also capable of being flawed.

Remember what the Apostle wrote, " we are seeing through a glass darkly"? Then how dare anyone insist that what they believe is absolute truth! The late Herbert W. Armstrong and other groups like his, made fools of themselves and their organizations by doing so. Kudos to the Seventh Day Adventists for admitting that some of the theology that had been passed on throughout the history of that organization was simply flawed. There are many other organizations who need to admit that they have made similar mistakes, and have taught some egregiously flawed dogma as doctrine!

I have always appreciated what the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. He wrote, "prove everything", and hold fast to that which is good. What the Apostle meant was, to test things and prove them; Peter added that even the prophets who come to you, should also be subjected to the proof/smell test (because some are false prophets).

If that is not an endorsement for not just accepting things at face value that you are being taught, or because someone said it, I don't know what is! Even when you were a toddler, you didn't allow just anything to be put into your mouth. So how come as an adult, are accepting just anything to be put into your brain?

Religion, holds that the scientific community for example is flawed and when it comes to matters of creation and the cosmos, should be ignored. How far behind is the average human being then, given that we have historically placed all of our eggs into one basket, the retrograde religious basket? Over and over religious texts have been shown to be either flawed, or perhaps mistranslated!

If religion believes that infidel scientists, the great unwashed pagans that they are, have no right to explore or attempt to prove what is and what is not true; then individuals in the world's religious groups ought to take on the task themselves, and they should begin scrutinizing themselves first! But whatever you do, don't say that what is true, happens to be true because you believe it is true. I've had days when I woke up believing it was one day of the week, only to learn later that it was a different day of the week.

A case in point: Some years ago, a national holiday fell upon a day earlier in the week. By the end of the week I was confused. In fact I got out of the bed, believing that it was Sunday. I showered, dressed and rushed off to church. No one else showed up, however. Oops I thought, I must have missed the rapture. I got on the phone and phoned one of the saints, asking, where is everybody. She said, what are you talking about. I explained where I was only to hear laughter on the other end of the phone. She said, today is Saturday!

I could have continued to pretend that it was Sunday, however, I did not. I went home and changed clothes, and engaged Saturday-appropriate behavior. My Point? It is time for the religious world to stop behaving as if it were yesterday. Clearly, a lot more progress should have been made in 2000 years, than has been made in religion and within religious groups.

How objective could religious science be, and could we rely on religious scrutiny? That is the real concern given that religion often begins with preformulated conclusions instead of a working hypothesis. Therefore, the conclusions drawn will likely be self-fulfilling ones. I can hear them saying it now, see, I told you that I was right, even though both their data and conclusions might be skewed!

An interesting trend is occurring, not only are individuals turning secular, nations (like Israel), and in other regions of the world like Europe, more and more people have become secular. Will he find faith when he returns to the Earth? Religions have had an negative effect on individuals who otherwise would have remained in a religious circle. I believe that the average person person is seeking after truth.

However, most religious groups make every effort to stop or debunk anyone else, individual or institution, who is seeking after truth from doing so, particularly when their search for truth differs from what a religious sect or denomination happens to believe in! I don't sound very religious to be a preacher do I? Factually, I try not to be - I am more interested in seeking after the truth as opposed to engagin in religious practice, and warning others that religion does not have a monopoly on truth!

Am I a synkretist then? Not hardly, I believe that there is truth, however, I wouldn't go out on a limb and tell anyone that truth, can always be found in religion or that everything is okay in religion. Why? It is not and it has never been the case!. In fact, usually after religion gets through with disciples who pass through any of its portals, Peter said it best; the last state of that person is worse than before they became a part of that religious group.

Individuals who become involved with religious groups, are conditioned not to think for themselves anymore. Instead, they are told to outsource their abilities to think, reason, question and consult God, to an incumbent teacher or set of teachers within a religious substrate organization.

And oftentimes, when they are finished working their magic on them, those once innocent and sekking individuals are afraid not to believe, or to question what has been taught them by their current group of religious teachers. It is if they had become betwitched. Some fortunate souls who have gotten away, have had to be clinically deprogrammed once they escaped from these hypnotizers - and rightfully so!

Others, regrettably, have lost their lives in places like Guyana and Waco (We Ain't Coming Out) Texas, because they believed in the dogma of a cult leader instead of relying on common sense. And trust me, there are big cults, small cults, and mainstream cults - we are not simply referring to backwater Pentecostal groups og snake handlers!

Are people becoming secularized because they do not believe in God? Anecdotal evidence seems to show that people are becoming secularized more and more, because they are disillusioned with religion and THE GOD OF RELIGION. God is not the source of their displeasure, 90% of Americans believe in God, about half of that number will attend church however. Isn't it telling that these same individuals who pray to God everyday, are afraid of religion?

What science is seeking and at times stumbling across, and what I am seeking after, transcends religious dogma. They are, I am - simply seeking after the truth, and willing to discard anything along the way, that is not - even religion, or religious teaching that is not truthful!

While listening to a secularist one day on the radio, he said, I do not believe that God exists. He added, I believe that man (religion) created God. He didn't stop there, but then added, I am not mad at God, like a Madelyn Murray O'Hair was - for she apparently believed in God, he said. If she did not believe in God he said, why was she so mad at God? This man ended his radio discourse by saying, I would do whatever God told to me to do, if and whenever we find out that there really is a God.

Does this mean that he was not seeking after truth? In fact, he would tell you that he is doing just the opposite. As opposed to following after what he believes to be cunningly connived and devised fables, fairy tales and myths, he is seeking after what is real! Shouldn't all of us be making our business to seek after what is actual and factual?

And man 'is not the measure of all things' - well, I added that point. I can only imagine if I had been a priest in the Catholic church at the time that Galileo was placed under house arrest, for contradicting fallacious church dogma! Could I have ever trusted the church again? I suppose I could, if I had been brainwashed enough!

Each of us, apparently, posseses the ability today, to experience what both our contemporaries and predecessors have experienced; the one's who have tapped into the darkness and discovered or communicated with the true light. And we can in the post modern era, apparently do what Daniel and his contemporaries did in the pre-modern era; we have the same capacity to interced.

More and more humans are more impressed with the god of science, which I will refer to as verifiable proof! Scare you? Let me ask you this, which group has proven more what it is or is not true? Factually, most religous groups aren't even pretending to be seeking after proof of any kind. Next, which group has learned more about the universe, the religious or scientific community? Which group is enjoying the universe more, the religious or the scientific community?

Factually science, anthropology, has learned, scrutinized and taught more about religion and its its origins. Religion on the other hand, consistently refutes science based on nothing more than bias and self-serving prejudice! Religious communities condition their adherents, by focusing religious teachings on fear and restraint; the scientific community encourages exploration and discovery.

Religion's greatest fear is that science will prove that what it has been teaching, all or in part, may be nothing more than myth! If you are seeking after the truth, I believe that you don't have anything to worry about. If you have been simply living your life according to what someone said, that they got from someone else - you might unltimately have a problem and be subsequently subjected to humiliation, or disgraced!

If things work out as has been explained in Christian dogma, and someday all believers will have the ability to sit around God's throne and have a discussion with God. I can only imagine whic group God will enjoy talking to more. The religious individuals who came out of tribulation, or those who skipped the tribulation (religion cannot agree about that either) will want to talk about all that they went through in life and how they made it over.

Members of the scientific community and more erudite individuals will have questions about thermo-dynamics, E=mc2, entropy, quantum mechanics, steady state. physics, astronomy, matter, gravity, black holes, worm holes, relocation in space, the Big bang, evolution, reproduction..., and all of the other unknowns, see Isaiah Chapter 55! Point made?

One of ITs most important revelations given to human beings was, that in order for carbon beings to exist eternally or infinitesimally, they must vacate their existing carbon bodies and transfer their consciousness into a more durable body. And do you know, there is nothing mystical about that when you think about it? For after all, anyone who can read this blog has likely experienced the death of a loved one. Our loved ones keep dying who were in bodies that are like the ones that we inhabit, don't they?

In other words, Jesus taught a observable principle, i.e, that if you stay in these bodies, you will die. On the other hand he taught, beyond the constraints of a radiological hydrogen thermally-driven world and body, our consciousness can thrive eternally in another form, apparently within or outside of our current space-time continuum. Yes we can apparently thrive time-independently, once our current constrictures have been eliminated. And what is time? The best definition that I have ever heard was, time is relocation in space.

Religion has done a fairly good job of introducing eternal life. On the other hand, I see eternal life as more of a scientific fact than a religious one. Religion apparently does not have a monopoly on 'eternal life' after all.

Aside from all of our singing hymns, worshipping, dancing, shouting, an imbibing the Holy Eucharist, it is a fact that our DNA is corrupted. And as a result, some humans are born with disabilites, all of us get sick from time to time and others have died. If we desire to live on, healthily, a change has to be made to our physiology perhaps with genetic re-engineering, otherwise we have to discard our current temples and live in a new body.

Science, with ITS help, will assist in helping to make the necessary changes that will be necessary in order to eliminate death. And what will religious people be doing while scientists look for a solution? I suspect that religious groups will continue believing that pseudo piety, and varying forms of religious worship or chanting will result in the necessary changes being made, mutatis mutandis, an eternal life will follow.

What does piety, singing, dancing et al, have to do with changing a finite, limited, disease and illness proned dying body?

It would appear that God will have to reveal to the scientific community what alterations need to be made so that humans can exist eternally, perhaps the fruit that contains a medicinal cure already exists somewhere on Earth. This sounds far fetched to some I'm certain, on the other hand the knowledge to heal the body from diseases, or to surgically remove tumors et al, has already been disclosed to human beings.

Pharmacology, homeopathic medicines and cures have been around for millenia. Today humans, including religious ones, go to the doctor for help. And the latter depend upon medical science, while at the same time criticizing medical science!

When scientist uncover the means of the principle of eternal life, I really don't believe that God will be upset. In other words God will apparently help them to discover that which will prevent death, againg and disease. It may not turn out to be a fountain of youth, besides who wants to be a kid all of their lives. On the other hand, musch has been learned about aging, death, disease and cures already. The ability to resurrect, or restore someone who has died, to move consciousness into another body, or simply to replace impaired genes is on the way I suspect.

Some researchers are getting closer as we speak, having admitted already that they keep finding in research a common denominator what may turn out to be the God equivalent that has been reffered to in religion - even though it does not appear, a SUPERMAN!

What? Remember the story of the blind man in the 9th chapter of Acts, that Jesus caused to be healed from his congenital blindness? How did he do it? Jesus didn't lay hands on him. He gave the man something that was life-changing for him; he provided the man, what was needed in order for him to be able to see. I have said before, that I suspect that something was wrong with the man's cornea, iris or retina, given that this man had congenital blindness.

What Jesus took from the ground, sounds very similar to an occasion that we read about when God took "earth" and created Adam-man. After the blind man washed the residual from the mixture from his eyes, of the kind that was apparently used to create Adam, - he could see. What happened? It was as if Jesus was a pharmacist and applied the man with a pharmacological remedy!

Here we witnessed the creative work taking place. Jesus did something that is similar to what our specialists are doing today, when they inject human growth hormone, tissue or other genetic materials into our bodies. Jesus gave the blind man something from the ground that his physiology required. Study soil, and the layer in which organisms reside, and you will understand.

Our researchers and scientists are doing the same thing today. They go back to the same earth that our carbon bodies originated from, and extract fissle material that is required order to create medicines, to repair fight diseases; and today they have learned to clone,and synthesize within cultures materials to sustain and repair our bodies.

In the Christian faith, most Christians are taught that they will be beamed up to the mother ship, where they will undergo a conversion of monumental proportions. The latter represents a change in or of human DNA. From then on, humans will exist in a form that is just like that of Jesus Christ. Again, leave mysticism out of it, for what Jesus referred to appears to be simple body alteration, modification or removal of consciousness from one warn out or exhausted body into another.

Where is the secret to that hormone, genetic engineering, RNA, DNA, tissue implant or enzyme that humans need in order to exist eternally? I ask again, will humans, likely scientists, who are the only one's who are doing research anyway be permitted to find the human life altering enzyme? And, will religious individuals who at the same time criticize scientific research, continue to turn to science for medications, surgery, diagnoses, healing..., while criticizing science?

Wha we refer to as God apparently has had not had any desire to live among humans as such. Much of what we know is not because a visible God walked among us and taught us, as far as I know. However, clearly, knowledge is being released, if only incrementally, that has helped man to be where he is today. And I suspect that we would have got here a lot quicker if it had not been for religion.

Consider this again, whoever said then that God was not intending to, despite all of the metaphors to the contrary, release (or man will find) the knowledge, or discover the technologies that will take man to the next stage in the evolutionary cycle, ie, everlasting life - could that have been pre-planned? And I repeat that everlasting life could simply represent learning to live time independently or in a kind of suspended animation, i.e, simply being!

Where would we be without Aristotle, Galileo, Mendel, Pastuer, Einstein, ...? I will tell you. We would all be sitting down at the church drinking unpastuerized milk..., listening to a minister (and giving him your money) who believes that we are at the center of the universe and being attacked by demons and spirts from outter space! In fact some still are sitting down at..., and still believing that the Earth is still flat!

III. Transmigration of the Soul & Spirit:
This is the transmigration of the spirit, soul and consciousness that (Master Scientist) Jesus was talking about. Not only Daniel, however, Elijah and others discovered and understood transcendency, during the time that they occupied carbon bodies. Elijah was able to morph in out of his body, and into other bodies like that of John the Baptist. He was able to appear later in a transfigured body, along with the once crucified Jesus, and deceased Moses.

Humans have the option of being transmogrified; is this the mystery that Paul felt and wrote about it in 1 Corinthians the 15th Chapter. In these texts, Paul wrote (he didn't have a blog) in his letters about terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings. He also talked about different kinds of bodies for fowls, for humans and so forth. If we would consider the diversity that exists on this planet in the animal kingdom for example, clearly what we refer to as spirit or soul can exist in a variety of forms.

Consider the animal kingdom, and the a variety of animals that have existed and still exist on this planet. Where did they all come from? How come some animals are extinct like the dinosaurs of 65 million years ago, and instead we are hear today? When you think of it that way, existing in another form or more improved form is not that far-fetched. Will future stromatolites produce new life forms?

According to scripture, believers would undergo a body transformation, in a twinkling (not blinking) of an human eye. Get it, your essence will continue on in another body form! Jesus apparently morphed in and out of his body. He apparently could have invented a flying machine (remember Ezekiel's vision) or a land vehicle for both he and his disciples to get around in during his day, similar to the ones that our ministers are driving around in today. However, he was able to move around without the body.

Oh I hear you - the Rev has lost it now! BTW, I wonder if had created vehicles for the minister/disciples, would they have driven Lexus, Caddy, Benz, Porsche or Lamborghinis - while the members walk!

I have suggested before that the United States, NASA and other nations have been wasting too much time and money on space age technologies to be utilized in order to engage in inter-stellar travel. NASA's planning and designs anticipate transporting on average 5 or 6 foot humanoids throughout space. A cheaper and more efficient method would be to invest in learning how to move consciousness out of the body now, and to astral-project - or use some other nonconventional methods in order to have the conscience to explore the Universe.

Another way to explore the Universe, if we must, would be to learn how to operate in non-linear time, or time-independent! Once we unlock that mystery, we will learn to simply BE an I AM; and there won't be any reason to travel (or relocate in space) - we will, just like Jesus, Elijah and others shift, or perhaps travel through worm holes! Why is God eternal? IT obviously exists outside of our finite and limited space-time continuum. Eternity might simply be defined as time-independence!

Just like humans, the Universe as we know it was born and it is growing. And, everything that is born, apparently dies. The universe was exploded into existence, and we exist and are still riding inside of that cosmic explosion, which apparently implode back on itself some day.

With regard to IT, all things are being witnessed simultaneously, the beginning and the end, as well as everything in inner and outer space!

Having said that, I suspect that when consciousness is freed from its bodily constraints, the least important thing that it would want to do would be to take a tour of space in order to examine rocks, icy and gaseous planets or Galilean moons! We live on a rock you know? Also, Saturn, Jupiter and its 48 moons..., all are simply 'big rocks, gas, ice and other celestial particles'! There has to be more than that!

Is this mysterium that I am referring to soo hard to grasp? I suspect it is all at once, otherwise why would the divine evolutionary and creative principle have revealed incremental portions of IT over a considerable period of human evolutionary time - acutally a minute or two in the whole scheme of things? The message of Christ as recorded in the canon is simply this, if you have the Adamic or human DNA, you will be unable to continue on in your present form. Apart from this form, you won't require, hydrogen, oxygen, food as we know it, warmth or dark light!

The objective of the messenger Jesus Christ was to convey that our DNA has been corrupted, and in order to continue to exist in an eternal form or non-form, beyond Adam's 930 year life span (or to enter into another non-human realm/kingdom), we must escape these dying bodies. Consider the Planets and moons that are dying, or that have died.

Apparently, if Adam had not erred, you and I could today could go and meet, talk and walk with Adam in Mesopotamia or in 'the Garden, had he not eaten the poison that caused his original DNA to be altered. As a result of whatever he imbibed (as a result of breaking a life-changing rule), a death, terminating principle or enzyme was conjoined with and into his DNA which led to his eventual demise. The latter death enzyme or principle was genetically passed on to his descendants.

As a result, all of those who share the altered DNA are genetically predisposed to carbon-body termination. That principle, the law of termination is now fixed in our existing frames! It is critical that you and I pierce the darkness of the parallel Universe that parapsychologists describes; it constricts us. The other is apparently , and IT does exist; the human eye, and our other senses are simply incapable of detecting it IT or the other dimensions!

Study Quantum Physics and you will grasp what Daniel, Jesus and others were saying. Most religious organizations, including the major ones, still do not get it! And I suspect that we will complete the journey a lot quicker, and our understanding will become clearer, once we stop fighting those apparati that can help us to discover what is actual. Religion is not the only way, in fact it might not be the best way - the majority of them have been wrong. Truth is the best way to return to a full existence with the creator and sustainer of all things!

As I close, why is it that many of the groups mentioned above fail to believe that there is a God? They simply do not believe in the God of religion, the God of religious books, or the proof that God exists, as presented by religious groups. Non-believers have good reason to doubt, to be sure. A good salesperson, not only sells a product, they recognize that they are selling themselves.

A good teacher understands that he or she cannot teach and expect someone to believe, just because they said so, or because they have and teach from a book that they believe is the unadulterated truth! Religion needs to do a better job or move over and let someone else try IT! Religion may not care for scientists, or for the scientiific method; however, God apparently does (see Isaiah 55:6-11); he certainly is helping those who want to know, in discovery.

There is much that God wants us to know, on the other hand there is much that religion does not what us to find out! I believe that the ones who continue to seek the truth, including secularists are going to meet up one day at the intersection of Truth!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: We have played around with the principles long enough, it is time to move on to perfection. The Apostle Paul wrote that he knew a man (most believe that he is referring to himself) who ascended into the other realm, that was apparently not up, but into. Ezekiel, Elijah, Daniel and John, all apparently experienced IT, while they were still on Earth!

I often run afoul of ministers who teach that their written documents contain absolute truth, or what they say is 'the unadulterated truth'. Some even teach, either believe all of it or none of it. What angered Jews the most about Jesus was that he often violated what had been written in Jewish scripture. He violated Sabbaths, rewrote the laws saying, 'you have heard that it hath been said by them of old times.

I won't bash our authoritarian teachers of today, but I will encourage anyone to seek the truth, given that a lot of what you have been taught as being absolute truth, is simply what was heard by them from old times - they meant well, but there is a lot that they simply did not know or understand, that has since been proved to be factual!

The voracity of proof ought to be preferable to holding on to pride, unproven myth and rudimentary understanding!

Those individuals who constructed the canon, at Constantine's command, may or may not have had the best of intentions. I believe that the canon is invaluable. On the other hand, I recognize that the canon is full of errors, changes, delineations. contradictory and uncorroborated information. Many of the disparate writers who wrote the 66 books over thousands of years wrote poems, codices, assertions, historical accounts and perhaps inspirations that were directly sent by God - the problem is, we know already that such was the case in every instance.

Many pastors, again, who tell you to believe all of it or except none of it, ought to be ignored. We've all read lines, paragraphs or chapters in a book that may or may not be true, however, you don't toss away the whole book for that reason, or do you? Rather than question what may or may not be true, or what might have been tampered with it - they would insist that you accept the inaccuracies, as if they were truth!

I believe that if you seek the truth - IT WILL FIND YOU! After all, in the minds of most skeptics, IT IS NOT GOD THAT is on trial, it is the ones who keep trying to sell God, that most skeptics have problems with!

Religion itself, not just the old Law, may turn out to be 'a schoolmaster', that brought us only half-way to the TRUTH! For the whole of religion appears
to have been just another stepping stone to what is actual!

Black Pastors and Social Justice: The Rev Responds

The Rev responds to Professor Gilda Daniels' article, in the Daily Voice: The Power of the Pulpit: Black Pastors and Social Justice.

By Rev. Solomon on March 29, 2008 8:57 AM
Excellent commentary: What is taking place in America, in light of 'the Wright Reverend's' mediaized comments, reminds me of our not too distant past.

Each of us should recall a time when black churches, once they were free to assemble apart from white assemblages, customarily had white administrators placed over them.

These administrators, usually a minister himself, would either preach to the black congregation themselves, or sit in the pulpits and monitor and report back what the black minister taught and said to the black parishioners.

The primary purposes for these overseers being present in the first place were to monitor the black minister, and to ensure the white community that black congregants were not planning a Nat Turner like insurrection. The 'Wright Reverend', has struck fear back into the hearts of the white community. And just like 100 years ago, he has been deposed!

We might be on our way 'back to the future', given the growth of powerful black churches, that have outstripped their counterparts (Televising the Coretta Scott King Funeral in that magnificent black edifice for example may have been a mistake).

Can any of you say, white administrator espionage in the form of parabolic listening devices, spies or satellite surveillance for monitoring of black churches from hereon? Pastor Willie Wilson in Anacostia, could talk about that!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Kate O'Beirn was appalled by the Coretta Scott King [Funderal], which she referred to as 'that Funeral'. It wasn't just the funeral that bothered her, I suspect that Kate, a white journalist, was stunned by the pomposity and wealth of that black church!

Mar 28, 2008

The Rev Erupts in the Washington Post Blog: 03/28/07 - Americans Are The Crips!


Where I would disagree with you and the other side is this, the GWOT, is a war of America's own making.

You patriots simply buy into all of the American rhetoric and propagandizing of the truth, without examining what is being said. Consider the President's misleading the nation over the past 6-years with respect to Iraq, and what is going on in the rest of the world.

To other nations of the world (including some of our allies), we are Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, UBL..., the invaders, the infidels and the occupiers - and in many instances I would have to agree with them!

Why? Other people and nations have an ideology and a worldview that they believe is true. And we have in fact unlawfully, dominated, embargoed, isolated, invaded and unlawfully occupied their nations and people.

And, to wit, other nations also have a God-figure like we have, that they believes sanctifies what they do!

America, a 232 year old neophyte nation, will someday have to grow up and learn to live responsibly with with other nations in and out of the neighborhood, that have been in existence longer than nascent America incubated in the womb!

We may be the Crips, but I do not believe that other nations are 'the bloods', for we drew First Blood! The so-called GWOT on war can be reduced to two words, American Hegemony!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Mar 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton A Liar? A Woman's Place - It Has Nothing to do With Lying!

God said that the man is the Head;
therefore he would not want Hillary
to be President - some have said!

Er herm. And God does not want us to drink
WINE, however, Jesus made some!

Wake up folks! It's not God, it's
human prejudice and misogyny
operating here!

Now let me get this straight:

1. President George W. Bush evidently lied America into a protracted
war and occupation of Iraq. And, instead of using the term lie,
he said that 'he misled' the nation, when he said one thing and
did another with respect to the Donald Rumsfeld firing.

2. President Bill Clinton, clearly lied about not having had sex
with that woman.

3. President Herbert Walker Bush, forgot that he sat in on a
score of meetings, when he was still Vice President and
running for President, regarding the illegal sales of
weapons to the Contras.

4. President Ronald Reagen, clearly misled Senator Barry Goldwater
and the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Congress, when he
did an end around Congress, broke the law and helped to arm
the Contras.

5. President Richard Milhouse Nixon..., well, we don't even have
to go there do we?

And what do all of these individuals have in common, they are all males. Folks, why the double-standard? Did Senator Clinton lie, misspeak, or perhaps like George H. Bush did recently, mislead the nation?

It appears to me that the misogynist males in America will do anything to abut a Hillary Clinton candidacy. However, don't kid yourself, its not just Hillary that they are fighting to keep out of the Oval Office, I have had several males tell me that a woman simply cannot be the Head!

Now that is one scripture in the bible, that with respect to the male population in America - if not the world, there is unanimity! I cannot believe that females, who represent the majority in this nation, cannot see through this ruse. I will say it again ladies, there are a lot of males in this country who will nix any candidate, that runs for the office of the President, and happens to be female.

Senator Hillary Clinton, whose Wellesley College roommate happened to be black - has served this nation well, before and during her distinguished senatorial career. When its all over, and whether she becomes President of the United States or not, Senator Clinton deserves to go and take a long rest. However, I suspect that she will go on working hard for this nation and to lift up America's permanent underclass. She will likely report at the conclusion of the Convention, if she is not elected!

A few years into the George W. Bush presidency, the majority of Americans realized that they placed the wrong man in office, some took longer to realize it. If either Senator Obama or McCain becomes President, it will take an even shorter period of time for America to realize that it picked the wrong person for the job!

America, should realize that around February 1st, 2009, and, I AIN'T lying! It will take a female to straighten out the messes that have have been made in the Oval office and all of the other male-dominated institutions over the past 2 centuries in America. And similar to Essau in the bible, males have sold their birthrights for a bowl of soup, and therefore forfeited their right to lead! Wake up ladies and save America!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Someone once wrote that A woman's place is in the House (Congress), the Senate, and I will add the oval office. Nothing personal Senator Obama, but Senator Clinton is the right person for the job this time! And all that John McCain is itching for, is a fight!

The Vanilla Man That Would Be President: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

If a black were ever to be elected to the highest office
of the Land,
in the United States of America, he or she
like General Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice or Senator
Obama would have to be vanilla.

Darker hued figures like the Reverend Al Sharpton, his
civil rights baggage aside, have not fared well. Just
consider the Rev Sharpton's lack of success given his
most recent run for office in the last two general
elections. How come a man this smart and savvy, moved
no further along than he did!

Could God be in this, after all it was reported recently
that the Rev Al Sharpton, and the late white Senator
Strom Thurmond (who hid his black daughter for 70+
years), were related? She was light-skinned, why
did he hide her?

I recently learned that the late Adolf Hitler was
related to the Salomons
, my surname, and that
my black late black grandmother was part German! Eek!

Finally, its right to be white, if you're black get back,
and if you're brown stick around! You can also
look at 'the Wright Reverend Jeremiah', and tell
that he has white in his family! He's not a racist!


My position is simply this, that the major reason that Obama has achieved the relative success that he has already succeeded in achieving, move over Geraldine Ferraro, is because he is a handsome vanilla man who wears his vanilla features (light-skin)well; you might call him the equalizer.

Whites cannot hate him, given that his mom is white. Blacks can't hate him because he appears to be black. Muslims cannot hate him given his namesake. Young people are drawn to him, because he looks like one of them, boyish looks and all. And women like him, because he is a good-looking vanilla man.

What better way could there be to conquer the racial and cultural divide between whites, blacks and Muslims in and outside of this nation, the latter when you consider that his name is also a Muslim name, Obama?

II. Who Is This Masked Man:Senator Obama is neither black, nor is he white. What Senator Obama happens to be is an interesting admixture of white, Muslim and African. What is an admixture?

Admixture n. The act of mixing or mingling. The state of being mingled or mixed. Something that is produced by mixing; a mixture.

ith a mingled man representing a diverse nation, and you might as well say the world, it could be possible that in Obama, everyone will get what they want, or at least no one will believe that he is being discriminatory based on the color of his skin. The white power elite in America, never gave in to the idea of serving all of mankind!

I wonder, could it be folks, that God is playing tricks on America. And just as Jesus was sent from heaven, conceived without an earthly father, was born in a manager and performed many miracles, who can say that this Obama was not specially crafted in heaven, and will perform miracles in office.

How else could such a phenomenon have occured? His mom is white, his dad is Kenyan, he was born in Hawaii (where most of us want to go), he has lived in Indonesia as well as in the United States. And, his name rhymes with with the name of America's number one enemy Osama. Perhaps that can work out the differences between white America and Osama! They will call their meeting, the Obama-Osama Summit!

Folks, this man was not born, this man was engineered perhaps by Osiris, Horace and Pandora, all of whom came together to create this man in a jar. Or, Obama could a public relations ploy that was created by some higher power and was sent to earth to appease the nations of the Middle-East, as well as blacks and white American. These merciful god may have done do, in order to prevent the world from being destroyed!

Perhaps if the whole world were baptized into Obama, for he might be the son of a god, that was sent down to earth from the Titan moon that revolves around Saturn in order to save mankind. Perhaps he will lead us to the promised land! Someday, we might imbibing 'obama wafers' during communion. Who knows? Perhaps there will be Obama Cereal, shirts, shoes and other trinkets someday!

I cannot wait to see, if it happens, how the Obamas will decorate the White House. Of course, it won't be called the White House anymore! Okay, I won't go there, however, I have some great ideas for what it could be named. And what do you suppose a President Obama would call his ride, formerly known as Airforce I, or his Limo?

III. Who Is This Vanilla Man?
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (pronounced /bəˈɹɑːk oʊˈbɑːmə/; was born August 4, 1961, in Honolulu Hawaii. He was born to a Kenyan father and an American mother, and during his early years, 4 to 6 years old, he grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is married, and has two daughters. He later graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He doesn't sound like too many brotha's I know, other than the ones that I worked with at Stanford. No, this man is like WEB Dubois, who was the first black Harvard Graduate. He was of lighter hue, however, he would have never gotten elected during his time. He gave up on America, and subsequently relocated to Africa, the motherland! He moved there, around the time that Obama was impregnated.

Obama's appeal is also wrapped up in his uniqueness. He is hard to put in a mold. Whites often say, well, he doesn't carry that civil rights baggage. Isn't it a amazing (we sing those lyrics at church) that people who founded a nation that was supposed to be based on the premise of civil rights, hate the phrase civil rights. Could it be that civil rights meant civil rights for them, not for other people. Well, let's move on, but we know that they never believed it anyway!

On the inside of Obama is a man who is different. For on the outside he has done everything in the world to show that he is not a trouble-maker like the Reverend Jessee Jackson or Al Sharpton. He has distanced himself from everything that is black including his pastor. Former sociologist and writer, E. Franklin Frazier, if he were here today would be proud of him for sticking with his darker-hued wife.

Light-skinned American blacks during Frazier's time, like white men, didn't often stick with the darker-hued women that they slept with. And when they did, they made sure that in public they were always seen apart.

I tend to be rather debonair, erudite and professional myself, which prompted a darker-hued sister to ask me at one of America's elite University on one occasion, you are married to a white woman aren't you? I wasn't, however, I know why she thought so. I wonder, how come Obama is not married to a white woman? Well that shows that he is not perfect! Former Congressman Harold Ford from Tennessee might have something to say about that. Well, lets move along!

Let's face it folks, 'it is white to be right or close to it', at least that is what I heard when I was growing up. One day, during my senior high school years a student walked in the classroom while the teacher was teaching and announced aloud, 'it's right to be white'. The white substitute teacher stood there speechless with her mouth open, her jaw having almost dropped down to her knees. Other quips we often heard were: If you are brown stick around, and if you are black get back!

Obama, the quintessential-existential vanilla man may turn out to be what this country needs. I am voting for Hillary myself, well that is unless Obama happens to prevail. However, even if he does prevail, he and I need to sit down and talk. I'm not buying all of his sanitized distance yourself from everything black talk. Well, he did on at least one occasion prove that he can dance. But that doesn't matter to me for I'm black, and darker than he, and I can't dance.

If Obama were to get elected and to be successful, perhaps we would all have to follow his steps and be baptized into Obama. What does that mean? All races of the world should get together and mix, until we are all vanilla like Obama, Condi and Colin. And then we could all change our names, to names like Obama, Colin or Condi, and then perhaps we could all get along! I would change my name to Nomolos, that is Solomon spelled backwards, it is neither, Jewish, black, Muslim or white!

Peace & Grace
Reverend Nomolos

Addenda: Until something changes, it is still
right to be white, if you're black get back,
and if you're brown stick around!

Amendment I of the Constitution: Was Never Intended for the Protection of Black Insurrectionist Churches, Mosques, Imams or Reverend J. Wrights

In scripture: The church is referred
to as a violent, and that the Kingdom must be taken by

Is their a violent, insurrectionist group of black
churches and mosques, that will lead the takeover of
the American Kingdom on Earth, by violence?

White Americans haven't witnessed anything like this,
since the Coretta-Scott King Funeral a year ago.
Journalist Kate-O'beirn, referred to it as 'that funeral'!

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Given what we have recently witnessed, something that John Wilkes Boothe must have envisioned over a century ago, is it any wonder that he felt the need to eliminate President Abraham Lincoln - look what has happened now, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a free black church?

Finally, my eldest brother, does not believe that blacks can govern. He, similar to some blacks, wants white individuals to retain the power.
I believe that we can successfully, share the power!

Rev. C. Solomon

Some white Americans are under the impression that what blacks are doing at their churches and mosques, are sitting around spewing hatred and contempt, and planning an insurrection against white America.

I can assure you that, the majority of America's wannabe black ministers are not planning an uprising or to overthrow white America, well not anytime in the foreseeable future.

I. Letting Off Some Steam:
The Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in one sermon, popped the cork off of a bottle that has sat dormant for over one hundred years now. The Wright Reverend, in one fatal swoop sermon, has stirred up white angst, and awakened a white sleeping giant.

The framers never imagined that the protections that were provided in Article I, would in less than two centuries provide protections to black churches and mosques, or provide a sanctioned free speech bully-forum for black ministers and imams to brainwash the descendants of former slaves.

This fissure that recently erupted, given the unveiling of sermons that were once preached by the Wright Reverend, Jeremiah Wright, has taken the country by surprise. I can hear some southern whites saying, I knew it..., I told you that by giving them freedom, the right to vote and to assemble, that this would happen!

I don't know whether we are paranoid or not, however, every black American knows that whenever two or three of us assemble, whether at a place of business or out on a street corner, it would appear that the whites who pass us by, are curiously trying to figure out, what are they talking about! Are they planning the insurrection that we have all figured that would come? Remember Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Toussaint L' Ouverture.

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Chilax America , blacks are not planning an insurrection, and neither was the Wright Reverend planning an L' Ouverture overthrow of the nation when he spoke. When we gather in our churches, most black parishioners, being led by their avaricious ministers, are trying to figure out two things, i.e., how to get rich, and manage to still get into heaven, despite the biblical injunctions against rich men!

Although blacks want to be well off like you, believe it or not, 99.9% of the time, you are never discussed in black churches, so calm your fears! Even at the mosques, you may be disappointed to know that Minister Farrakhan and other Imams don't spend a lot of time talking about you.

What all our black religious institutions have in common to talk about is social uplift for all people. We never talk about tearing you down. On occasion whites might be invoked in a sermon or classroom discussion. However, on those rare occasions that only happens because the barriers that restrict social uplift for all people are maintained by what we perceive to be white oppressors; along with a government that invented and supported a system that was put into place that always guarantees whites the upper hand.

Why do black religious and other secular institutions exist? It is because you didn't want us in your institutions. About two decades ago, I walked into a white church in order to worship. A brother came from the front to the back to ask what I wanted. Well, I said, I thought I would come in and worship. He let me know that I was not welcome. I left, never to return! I was thinking, perhaps some white churches should place doorbells at the entrance of their churches, then potentially unwelcome worshippers could be pre-screened, so that a decision could be made in advance, whether or not unwelcome visitors would be granted an unpleasant entry and quick dismissal!

II. The Klan, White Dominionists and White Elitism:
What is truly amazing is that the schizophrenic Klan, Dominionist institutions of higher learning, white separatists groups who all gather at churches or religious institutions, have been around for what seems like forever. And what is more amazing is that white America has little angst against them. White America won't deal with them will they? Only recently, has white America decided to try some of their own - who acted egregiously in the past that denied blacks their divine and civil rights!

The schizophrenics in the Klan are a lot like those in other white mainstream churches and religious and secular institutions. They deplore racism, except their own. They go to the church house where they sit under the cross and invoke the cross and the name of Jesus - yet like the Klan, they really do not care much for Jews, Jesus and for that matter black people.

And how about those Klansmen? They not only hate Jews and at the same time invoke the name of Jesus, they recite Jewish scriptures.

For over a century now these same groups have kept a watchful eye on black churches and mosques. In fact they have been known to bomb one black church in America' history. These same hate organizations view Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam as a religious black separatist hate group. And they consider themselves to be ALL GOD's Children!

From the early days when white administrators were placed over black churches and ministers, down until today, the white man's worst fears have finally come true. And the whole world knows it now, that as a result of liberal white Americans granting black Americans the right to gather freely in black churches (without white supervision), that their white racists fears have been realized.

Can you believe it they say in private and some at their places of worship, those blacks folks and that black racist Jeremiah Wright has been spewing out venom and venal hatred against the sacred white institution of America? White Americans will die for the flag and the institution of America, however, they won't die for Jesus!

Many lament the fact that their forefathers ever permitted an organized group of black insurrectionist churches and mosques to be implanted throughout the American landscape, from coast to coast.

Although the Klan has thrived, and institutions like Bob Jones University, Liberty and Regents universities have flourished, many whites are surprised at the formidable well-financed black churches and mosques that have inserted themselves in the land of the free and the home of the slave. Some whites still view black Americans as slaves, or as one white youngster spoke to a black audience, blacks are nothing more than former garden utensils.

The fears of the white forerunners have come true, or haven't they? Some felt that it was unwise to take away the yoke of the white administrator, who would either preach to black congregations, or sit in the pulpit as the black minister preached. Folks, can you imagine a white administrator sitting in Mosque#1, repudiating, or providing scolding glances and stares at Minister Louis Farrakhan as he sermonize?

I tell you, if I hear one more person on the Right talk about how much he or she or he believes in the rule-of-law, or that they are tough on crime, I will scream. If you believe so much in justice, how do you explain 232 years of American injustice towards minorities? And, how do you explain that minorities are locked up for their crimes, but hardly few whites now or ever have had the weight of the law placed upon them given their crimes against minorities?

Whites have rarely been punished for what their crimes, moral and criminal, against minorities. And it appears for the short-term that whites are getting away with what they did in Iraq, as well in other parts of the Middle-East! Why is it that white controlled-America refuses to submit to the International rule-of-law, however, it expects every other nation and people of the world to adhere to its rule-of-law, or suffer the consequence?

The question is a rhetorical question. The fact is that whites make laws and rules for everyone else, much like Congress and other government offices, that they have zero intentions of abiding by themselves!

III. White America Has Nothing to Fear From Us:
White racist Americans, and having said that - the majority of whites are not racist (naive and fearful but not racist), have nothing to fear. The black ministers and black parishioners simply have a need to let off a little steam periodically, and our churches and mosques are the perfect places to do so. If you think about it, the so-called insurrectionist black churches have never made an attempt to overthrow America.

You ought to be pleased that our people simply 'holler into microphones', play and sing and ance to religious music during worhsip, for afterwards, we go go out to dinner, and then return home to watch the ballgame! In other words, we shout it out, i.e., our anger and disappoinment. And for that matter, our real disappointment is leveled at God for having permitted some of your people from doing what they have done to our people for years. Often, we blame God, not you!

In fact, I can guarantee you that there never will, likely, be a unified black religious uprising, we know that we are outgunned. The black American outcry at black churches and mosques for healing is simply this: White America, apologize for what you've done to the black community (Not just the State of Virginia, New Jersey or the Wachovia Bank); provide some form of financial restitution for America's government supported past and recent sins towards blacks; and permit the black nation in America to have open access to the opportunity structures of this nation.

If you were to do so, then we would all get along ala Rodney King, and black men would happily continue to intermarry into the white race! Oops, that is the real problem isn't it? One black comedian, stage named Alonzo, recently quipped that black men would never kill white men, for if they did so, who who produce white women for black men to marry? White people, black people love you, can't you tell!

The failure of white America to capitulate might result in an occasional vocal eruption from time to time, but that is just about all that will happen, we won't string you up to the back of pickup trucks and drag you through the streets, if that is what you are thinking. On the other hand, black Americans have always had more to fear from the other side.

We never know when the privilege of gathering freely will be taken away, when white overseers will be re-inserted at black churches and God forbid at the mosque, or when we all of us might be reassigned to white churches, be lynched or dragged through the streets or laid off.

If you have noticed lately, many black Americans are already members of white churches. There they sit happily under white ministers in order to receive more white indoctrination (which has historically been done to remind black of their inferior status). We have happily embraced 'euro-centric religion', having replaced African traditional religions with your beliefs.

And blacks don't seem to mind, some feel better when they sit next to whites, just as some feel that they are smarter if they attend integrated schools. My eldest brother is like most whites, he expressed his fears to me a year ago of what would happen if black people took over the government. Many blacks are like him, they want you to remain in place.

In conclusion, what has happened will soon pass, the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright has already been silenced if you think about it. The black genie is being placed back into the bottle right now by his former son of the Gospel, Senator Obama. No harm, no foul, let's all get back to business as usual. White racists should return to white racist religious and secular institutions, black and white non-racists should return to multi-cultural religious and secular institutions, and black racists - well, I haven't met one yet.

And may the Klan, Bob Jones University and other Dominionists and Dominionist institutions live on, and continue to bear the cross of Jesus! Hah hah!

It would be kind of cool to see Obama, a black-white admixture, provide over this mess! This 232 year old experiment, that has survived given its military lethality, and its superior arsenal of weapons, already appears to be destined to fail Reverend Wright, whether you were to foretell it or not. Onward Christian soldiers!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: And I say this with all sincerity, many of
my best friends are white!

Mar 26, 2008

Reverend Jeremiah Wright is America's 'Right' Reverend: Is It True that What Happens In the Church Stays In The Church?

I would prefer to not have a President who
appears to be black, if he does not have a

And, will a tradition that disappeared just
over a century ago, when white overseers were
placed over black churches and ministers
be reinstituted in black American congregations?

Rev. C. Solomon

I. The Throwback:
During the early history of the American black church, white ministers in major denominations were frequently placed over black congregations - when blacks were permitted to move from the balconies and have their own churches. The Quakers and a few other denominations were the exceptions!

The job of the white overseer was to ensure that the black minister did not get out of line like The Wright Reverend Jeremiah recently did, and preach what would have been considered a message of insurrection against the white racist state of America.

What we are witnessing today is a throwback to a time when the mainline white religious community was the overseer of black ministers in black pulpits and black churches. Perhaps, as a result of 'The Wright Reverends message and behavior, the overseers will come back; our churches will be bugged or some of our churches might be be bombed by good white Christian men or women!

On the other hand, 'Wright Reverend', in times past you would be hanging from a noose by now that was put there by the good white Christians of America. Or, you would have been shot down like a dog by good white Christians, in the manner that Dr. Martin Luther King was slain. Perhaps we are making progress. But before we jump to conclusions let's see how long The Wright Reverend lasts!

And please read the history of this American veteran, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright at,0,92000.story. How does his military record compare to that of President George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney's military number is five. Five deferments for him, and 5 redeployments for other service connected young men and women in Iraq. Do the math? Who has the right to speak out, a man who has served, or two men who have not?

II. Do Black Churches Require White Overseers Again?
The Reverend Willie Wilson of Anacostia, an area between Washington DC and Maryland preached about homosexuality in his pulpit a few years ago. See,

His sermon was subsequently leaked to the press by some 'house parishioner', and pastor Wilson was subsequently excoriated and then repudiated by the white press. His desire to serve in a public office in Washington DC was forever dashed! Hey what happened to Article I of the Constitution, and its freedom of religion and speech clause? There are many former slave churches still standing in the Washington DC metro-area, individuals drive by them everyday and have no idea of what those churches represent.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who I will affectionately refer to as 'The Wright Reverend', and Pastor Willie Wilson have only experienced what our predecessors like the Reverend Richard Allen, founder of the AME church, and many other black ministers in American history have experienced.

It would appear that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens at the black church, does not stay at the black church!

Many of America's young people are not aware that not only would white vigilantes walk into black homes unannounced without knocking on the door, they would also do the same at church! I wonder, should the Wright Reverend be permitted to assume his duties, if a white administrator sat in the pulpit with him when he preached.

III. Is God Mocked?
If the Bible is true, The Wright Reverend spoke accurately. For as Tom Jefferson once said, God's justice won't sleep forever. And as the scriptures read, 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'. It took God, for some inexplicable reason, 400 years to avenge the Jews, given their 400 year long Egyptian bondage - similar to what black Americans have experienced in America.

Apocryphally speaking, given that some blacks landed in North America with white Americans around 1619, others apparently visited here before, something should be happening in America around or before the year 2019, that is if 400 years is God's period of grace before retribution.

Does it mean that a person hates America if she or her were to repeat what The Wright Reverend said? Well, besides the Prophet Jeremiah, who was considered a traitor for prophesying unfavorably against his own nation, how can we forget that anti-Semitic Semite, the Apostle Paul? The Apostle Paul wrote the following in respect to Israel. See Romans chapter 10 verses 1-4.
1 Dear brothers and sisters,[a] the longing of my heart and my prayer to God is for the people of Israel to be saved.
2 I know what enthusiasm they have for God, but it is misdirected zeal.
3 For they don’t understand God’s way of making people right with himself. Refusing to accept God’s way, they cling to their own way of getting right with God by trying to keep the law.
4 For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given.[b] As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God.

America like Israel, lost its way from the onset. America has always done things its way. Those good patriots, that Obama referred to during last week's confessional and appeasement speech to white America, were not good patriots at all. In fact many of them were avowed racists, killers, child-molesters (molesting our underage girls), rapists, bigamists, home-wreckers, land-grabbers - and these were the Presidents, Judges, White Ministers, Congresspeople and police officers.

America has made it its business to, like Israel, bring damnation down on other nations of the world. And America's justification for doing so, like Israel has been based, by and all, on laws that America constructed.

America left the righteousness of God from the onset, when it took this land, subjugated and murdered its inhabitants, sent boats to the African Continent to bring human chattel back to work the stolen land, and to make a group of Americans rich.

We haven't even discussed the beatings, lynchings, years of hard-labor and discrimination that blacks endured before and after slavery. And neither have we discussed the fact that every branch and form of American government, federal, state or local, showed preferential treatment to one class of America's citizens over the other people of the Earth, not just black or native Americans.

IV. A Nation In Violation of God's Law: I agree with the Wright Reverend , how can a nation that has been so often been in violation of God's law, judge other nations of the world? White America, the same white Americans who have never repudiated their ministers or officials, or left their truly racist churches or organization, were quick to refer to the Wright Reverend Jeremiah - as racist and anti-Semite.

But keep in mind, Muslims are also Semites. Can they be anti-Semitic against themselves, when they speak out against the wrongs of Israel and the United States of America. I often remind Christians that although the Angel of God apparently spoke to the Virgin Mary once, the Angel of God apparently spoke to Hagar, the mother of the Arab and Muslim nations twice.

As a people, the Muslims, Arabs and blacks, may not mean much to a substantial portion of white America, however, these groups apparently meant a lot to God!

Preach on Wright Reverend, and don't allow them to make you cower, even when your own son in the Lord, Obama, capitulated and turned his back on you. Neither the Prophet Jeremiah, the Apostle Paul, Jesus or even the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King ever backed down. America as a whole is simply an unrepentant nation!

And, I know that neither you nor Senator Obama hates white, because anyone can look at either of you and tell that both of you have white blood running through your family veins, just like the rest us have. And their is evidence to show that white blood originated from blacks in the first place.

So the white portion within you, can still speak out against our having-gone-astray white-half-brothers and sisters. We must tell them, remember the prophet Ezekiel, whether they listen or not. For there will be comeuppance for what they did to their one-hundred percent black, fifty percent black, Muslim, native-American and other colored brothers and sisters of the world, both past and present - unless their is repentance and retribution. When will we stop it, they ask? Neither Jesus, nor the prophets of scripture ever did. We are the teachers, prophets and preachers of today!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: The Wright Reverend is not a racist, however,
can anyone tell me why President George H.W. Bush, and
Republican Candidate Senator John McCain, can visit
racist white institutions like Bob Jones University
(KKK Heritage and all), and there isn't an outcry
from the American people?

How come millions of white America, still follow the
teachings of 'dominionist's Pat Robertson, Evans,
Perkins et al?

Will these folks ever repudiate their ministers?
Shame on Obama - all your pastor did, was to tell
the truth! Are you truly willing to turn your
back on the truth in order to gain the prize?