Mar 31, 2008

The Rev Rips In The Washington Post Blog 03/31/2008

John F. Burns,

In America, the criminals do not police the criminals - we lock the criminals up. Should the government get a pass given its criminal behavior in other nations and regions of the world, or for renditions and locking up innocent people in Guantanamo and at other secret sites?

One American once said: We know that Iraq had weapons of WMDs, because we had the receipts for those WMDs (chemical type)! Hmm! America was in bed, even involved in Naval War Exercises with Iraq, at the time that Saddam was doing his deeds!

Rummy, Cheney, GHW Bush were all in bed with Saddam. We were accomplices and therefore accessories to the associated 'KILLS', that took place in Iraq, as well as the ones in Iran by Saddam.

Add those numbers [John provided numbers] to the number of deaths that the USA is responsible for in both Iraq and Iran.

Remember? We kept switching sides, i.e, between Iran and Iraq. America has been fighting undeclared wars for about a century now, just like the current undeclared Pakistani. Dead clerics already?

What ever is your point - no one knows precisely, just how many deaths our nation is responsible for around the world over the past decade alone?

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Rev. C. Solomon

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