Mar 13, 2008

Two Days Before The Ides of March - The Rev & The Washington Post Blog

Plainfacto said in reponse to the Rev's previous comments:

What happened at Kent State U was a mistake - by people who are as fallable as the next person. Their commander gave an order that one may interpret as an immoral order.

The Rev Responded

Yes, but one can easily see the symmetry between what happened at KSU with the paramilitary National Guard, a portion of the same Guard that is currently fighting in Iraq - and what is taking place in the military command today.

Paramilitary (ROTC), National guardsmen and the U.S. Military leaders only recognize the law of the instrument, ala, the 'lets get 'er done', mentality!

Americans need to calm down and to learn to give legitimate diplomacy a chance! There is a difference between staged diplomacy, i.e., I am making you an or else offer - that is what we refer to as diplomacy in the USA.

America would behave differently, if it did not have economic and military superiority.

Military leaders made mistakes at KSU which resulted in the loss of innocence lives (oud kids), and military leaders are making the same mistakes today which have resulted in the lives of (kids) on both sides of the ocean. Have we learned nothing? Will we ever learn?

I walked the campus of KSU two days following the incident - I tell you that the Guard was also under the impression that somehow they were defending the nation then too!

A smart nation chooses its battles, and good leaders do the same!

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Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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