Mar 10, 2008

The Rev Erupts in The Washington Post Blog 3/10/2008


Okay Plainfacto, break out the tissues and the violins. I am going to say
something that might bring tears to your eyes - blind patriots won't
understand what I am about to say.

There are some of us who love America too, perhaps more than those Americans who will allow America to slip down the proverbial slippery slope, and behave like an insane madman who is going about and shooting up the world, and who in the end will commit suicide (implode) himself.

Some of us would like to bring this nation to a moral center, where it can live up to those marvelous platitudes that were expressed when the nation was founded.

Since that time, if not before, all anyone has witnessed from the USA is duplicity and double-speak. Personally, I believe that those other nations of the world that we have been discussing, have the right 'not to be unjustly interfered' or dictated to by the United States of America.

A strong and fortified U.N. would have told the USA a long time ago, to stand down.

There are crimes going on in my community. If I were to decide to become a vigilante, get out my UAV go handle the matter myself, I would not be celebrated as a hero by the American government.

On the other hand I would be arrested - just as the USA should be arrested for its continued pursuit of power (even more of it) through class and military struggle.

If the USA won't be subject to the Rule-of-Law, how can it demand that any other nation be subject to the outlaw USA's Rule-of-Law? The US government cannot have it both ways.

Some American citizens have already admitted that with respect to social anomie and their own aberrant behavior, that they have only behaved as their own government has behaved and is behaving in and around the world.

I don't believe in blind patriotism. Some citizens of Austria and Germany apparently did so, and to the detriment of millions of innocent people who needlessly lost their lives.

Blind patriots just look the other way and say, LAWD have mercy, the government is right whatever it does - they are cowards in my book. For often time the government is wrong - just ask the average black American how blind a so-called color blind government can be! Ours took 200 years to see the light!

I believe in calling 'a spade a spade', and that is whether it is a white spade or a black one!

Al-Sadr and company are going to come out on top in this matter, in the world of court opinion. I take that back, they already have come out on top. The American approval rating, not just GB's, is somewhere down around 30 degrees Celsius. Or, is that Fahrenheit?

The only ones who agree with our jaundiced and unscrupulous leadership and foreign policy, represent about 2% of the world's population. How arrogant!

Did you see 'the ray gun' that the USA perfected? Our nation has two aims, and it appears to be to make money and kill people!

Posted by: The Rev | March 10, 2008 07:32 PM

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon (the poignant Rev)

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