Mar 24, 2008

Obama Caved In - Will White America Respond In Kind? Or Has Obama Grounded into a Double Play?

Subtext: Obama is being used to destroy the Clintons and the Democratic Party: And when he has done his job, the Republicans are going to destroy him. Two birds will have been destroyed with one stone, 'the Obama stone'!

We have almost reached the beginning of baseball season, however, Obama, started spring training one year ago. We will come back to that point later!

What politically savvy individual does not believe that Senator Obama behaved in the politically correct manner last week, in order to bolster his campaign and to get himself elected? His strategists served him well. I guess for some people, it does not matter how you get there, all that matters is that you get there!

Last week, Senator Obama spoke to white America explaining that among other things, he did not believe that the pastor that he sat under for 2 decades, preached as result of any unction from the Holy Spirit. He made it clear that what his pastor had been preaching, was a result of his pastor's 'American Civil Rights broken heart'. According to Obama, his pastor simply has not gotten over 'white American sins 'of the past'.

Some black Americans might argue that they did not receive the, 'it is in the past memo' that Obama apparently received. Most white Americans even conservative ones are not so callous as to say that discrimination in America is over with; they have often been known to say, "things have gotten better"!

Senator Obama (ever the lawyer) turned State's evidence against his own pastor last week, to the satisfaction of his group of shaky white supporters. To the rest of us he proved that like most, he would become President by any means necessary even if it meant abandoning principle, or those who contributed to his being where he is today! Politics does strange things to individuals who submit to its venal demands.

My real question to the Democratic Party would be, hasn't Senator Obama done enough in his proxy role as giant killer for the Republican Party, to destroy the Clintons and the Democratic Party? Let's face it folks, in the current election cycle, Obama has made the life of Republicans much easier! The Republicans won't have to swiftboat Senator Hillary Clinton, for just as Senator Obama recently swiftboated his own pastor - he has been doing the same to both an American and Democratic heroin, Senator Hillary Clinton.

And once Senator Obama destroys Senator Hillary Clinton and the Clinton legacy forever, the Republicans and most Americans will regroup to make sure that Obama never becomes President of the United States. In other words, two Democratic birds, will have been destroyed with one stone. And Senator Obama will carry the distinction of being that one stone, 'the Obama Stone'.

For instead of the Republican strategists having to aim their Right Wing Conspiracy one last time, to finally destroy the Clintons once and for all - Senator Obama will have completed the task for them! It will be referred to in political history as 'the Obama-Clinton double-play! Senator Obama will ground into a double-play, to borrow from baseball terminology, that will cause both Democratic players to be tossed out of the game!

Prophet Jeremiah of the Hebrew scriptures wondered and subsequently wrote, or perhaps God inspired him to write, "can an Ethiopian change his (desultory) skin"? See, Prophet Jeremiah of the scriptures had problems with the skin of black people, in the manner that many individuals in America in the 21st century, still have problems with black skin and black ideas.

And just like the Prophet Jeremiah and other key figures in the Christian Bible, many Americans wonder if the Kenyan, Senator Obama, can change his political skin or his internalized beliefs.

I suspect that Senator Obama's behavior last week might have been a portent of what we would have witnessed, if he had become President of the United States of America. For it appears, that on the other hand, Senator Obama will likely be the latest Democrat to help the Republicans defeat two other Democratic stalwarts, before he is relegated to the scrap heap of political life himself.

Move over Zel Miller and Joe Lieberman, for Senator Obama is coming to join you. The Republicans are benefitting from Obama's naivete. They are sitting back and joyously rubbing their hands together, as they watch their foe (who embodies the ideal of social justice in America) is being eviscerated by one in her own Party! If things don't work out Ms. Clinton, do what Benedict Arnold Joe Lieberman did, consider completing your journey as an Independent Candidate! America needs you!

Senator Obama ought to reconsider his 'Giant Killer by proxy role' - for he is apparently about to slay an American giant. And once he has done his job, he will be known as Senator Obama 'the man who destroyed the Clintons', and helped the Republicans to retain the White House. Senator Obama should have been wise enough to permit loyalty to prevail, with respect to his pastor and his Party.

He should have reigned in his ego,
and simply waited his turn, rather than help relegate 2 other distinguished Democrats to the proverbial political scrap heap of political life. Senator Al Gore and Senator John Kerry were the first in recent history. And because Obama played into Republican hands, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, will be 3rd and 4th, that is if Obama doesn't change his ways. Carl Rove couldn't have come up with a better strategy!

In this writer's opinion, Senator Obama has done a disservice to his pastor, Senator Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Finally, I hope that Senator Obama understands that the same white Americans who have applauded his past and present behavior(s), have zero intentions of responding in kind and changing their behaviors.

The same individuals who recently demanded that Senator Obama renounce his spiritual leader, are not going to go to their priests and clerics and demand that they revise their messages; and those same individuals are not going to resign from their churches or force their clerics to resign. Business will continue as usual for many of them. Obama's skin may not have changed, however, Obama the leper - given his naivete, has unwittingly changed his political 'stripes' in the midst of this election cycle. Whose side is he on? What side is he on?

It is the bottom of the 9th, and still not too late for Senator Obama to have an epiphany and to have himself removed from the batting order - before he grounds out into a double play. The double-play that he is about to ground out into, will likely cost both of them their political lives, and in the end the American people will be the ones to suffer. Can you imagine another 4 to 8 years of another dysfunctional Republican Administration running Washington.

Quit before it is too late Obama - get out of the race! This is the American World Series, it is not a rivalry between cross-town rivals, the Cubs and the Sox! Wouldn't it be great to have a President who could assume the office of President of late, based upon principle as opposed to getting there by any means necessary?

The Zel Millers, the Joe Liebermans and apparently the Senator Obama's (not to overlook 8million Democratic cross-over voters of America), ought to learn to remain loyal to their Parties, and to help build lasting Party machinery. If individuals like Senator Obama are going to help the Republicans, at least they should learn to behave like the Republicans do, and not kill their own, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh being the exceptions!

In January 2009, a new pitcher will throw out the first ball that will start the American 4 years, political season. If things don't change, I suspect that pitcher will be 'John McCain', unless God were to mercifully intervene!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rev. I feel a weight lifted from my heart. One reads these dreadful hateful words uttered by Senator Obamas' preacher and one feels so helpless when one knows deep down that he has been associated with this preacher and wants those of us to believe that he did not hear these hateful words. Perhaps Rev. he does not know the meaning of DAMN.Thank you from all the old grannies you have helped us tremendously. I hope the Obamaians will get to read you. Thanks Joy Vermaak

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Joy Vermaak

What Obama is saying reminds me of what George HW Bush saud when he was running for office 2 decades ago. He denied that he knew anything about a conspiracy to sell weapons (gotten through the Iranian arms dealers), to the Contras.

Someone reminded Veep George Bush at the time that that he sat in on 22 hearings rgarding Contragate.

President GW, was running for office following, Voodoo Economics President Ronald Reagan; hide Oliver North in the basement and do end arounds the Senate Intelligence Committee, that was being chaired by Senator Barry Goldwater at the time.

And what did the former head of Intelligence Director George Bush say in his defense given his obvious participation in those meetings? He said, I don't recall having heard any discussions on that topic.

Perhaps he was just as asleep in those meetings, as he was in his Presidency.

If history is a teacher, Obama came by his strategy having been well instructed. Even President GW Bush admitted to the nation, 'well, I misled the American people a bit'!

Peace & grace

Rev. C. Solomon said...

The Wright Reverend, Jeremiah Wright has nothing to be ashamed of, except his former church member, Senator Obama.

Senator Obama is two-stepping his way to wherever he is trying to get to, albeit I doubt that he will get there.

Senator Obama could have not have been a better gift to the Right. He is doing for the Republicans, what they have failed to do over the past 2 decades, destroy the Clinton legacy once and for all. And after he, a Democrat, has destroyed Hillary Clinton, the Republicans will dispose of him.

In light of the beginning of baseball season, I call it the Clinton-Obama double play, where both candidates get put out at first and second!

My question to Mr. Page is, can you forsee a day when white administrators will be reinserted into black churches, or at least what is being preached will be picked up by Satellite, or parabolic listening devices? Reverend Willie Wilson in Anacostia I'm sure, might be wondering the same thing?

The Rev wrote to journalist Clarence Page at the Chicago Tribune - 03/27/08.