Mar 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton A Liar? A Woman's Place - It Has Nothing to do With Lying!

God said that the man is the Head;
therefore he would not want Hillary
to be President - some have said!

Er herm. And God does not want us to drink
WINE, however, Jesus made some!

Wake up folks! It's not God, it's
human prejudice and misogyny
operating here!

Now let me get this straight:

1. President George W. Bush evidently lied America into a protracted
war and occupation of Iraq. And, instead of using the term lie,
he said that 'he misled' the nation, when he said one thing and
did another with respect to the Donald Rumsfeld firing.

2. President Bill Clinton, clearly lied about not having had sex
with that woman.

3. President Herbert Walker Bush, forgot that he sat in on a
score of meetings, when he was still Vice President and
running for President, regarding the illegal sales of
weapons to the Contras.

4. President Ronald Reagen, clearly misled Senator Barry Goldwater
and the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Congress, when he
did an end around Congress, broke the law and helped to arm
the Contras.

5. President Richard Milhouse Nixon..., well, we don't even have
to go there do we?

And what do all of these individuals have in common, they are all males. Folks, why the double-standard? Did Senator Clinton lie, misspeak, or perhaps like George H. Bush did recently, mislead the nation?

It appears to me that the misogynist males in America will do anything to abut a Hillary Clinton candidacy. However, don't kid yourself, its not just Hillary that they are fighting to keep out of the Oval Office, I have had several males tell me that a woman simply cannot be the Head!

Now that is one scripture in the bible, that with respect to the male population in America - if not the world, there is unanimity! I cannot believe that females, who represent the majority in this nation, cannot see through this ruse. I will say it again ladies, there are a lot of males in this country who will nix any candidate, that runs for the office of the President, and happens to be female.

Senator Hillary Clinton, whose Wellesley College roommate happened to be black - has served this nation well, before and during her distinguished senatorial career. When its all over, and whether she becomes President of the United States or not, Senator Clinton deserves to go and take a long rest. However, I suspect that she will go on working hard for this nation and to lift up America's permanent underclass. She will likely report at the conclusion of the Convention, if she is not elected!

A few years into the George W. Bush presidency, the majority of Americans realized that they placed the wrong man in office, some took longer to realize it. If either Senator Obama or McCain becomes President, it will take an even shorter period of time for America to realize that it picked the wrong person for the job!

America, should realize that around February 1st, 2009, and, I AIN'T lying! It will take a female to straighten out the messes that have have been made in the Oval office and all of the other male-dominated institutions over the past 2 centuries in America. And similar to Essau in the bible, males have sold their birthrights for a bowl of soup, and therefore forfeited their right to lead! Wake up ladies and save America!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Someone once wrote that A woman's place is in the House (Congress), the Senate, and I will add the oval office. Nothing personal Senator Obama, but Senator Clinton is the right person for the job this time! And all that John McCain is itching for, is a fight!

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