Mar 27, 2008

Amendment I of the Constitution: Was Never Intended for the Protection of Black Insurrectionist Churches, Mosques, Imams or Reverend J. Wrights

In scripture: The church is referred
to as a violent, and that the Kingdom must be taken by

Is their a violent, insurrectionist group of black
churches and mosques, that will lead the takeover of
the American Kingdom on Earth, by violence?

White Americans haven't witnessed anything like this,
since the Coretta-Scott King Funeral a year ago.
Journalist Kate-O'beirn, referred to it as 'that funeral'!

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Given what we have recently witnessed, something that John Wilkes Boothe must have envisioned over a century ago, is it any wonder that he felt the need to eliminate President Abraham Lincoln - look what has happened now, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a free black church?

Finally, my eldest brother, does not believe that blacks can govern. He, similar to some blacks, wants white individuals to retain the power.
I believe that we can successfully, share the power!

Rev. C. Solomon

Some white Americans are under the impression that what blacks are doing at their churches and mosques, are sitting around spewing hatred and contempt, and planning an insurrection against white America.

I can assure you that, the majority of America's wannabe black ministers are not planning an uprising or to overthrow white America, well not anytime in the foreseeable future.

I. Letting Off Some Steam:
The Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in one sermon, popped the cork off of a bottle that has sat dormant for over one hundred years now. The Wright Reverend, in one fatal swoop sermon, has stirred up white angst, and awakened a white sleeping giant.

The framers never imagined that the protections that were provided in Article I, would in less than two centuries provide protections to black churches and mosques, or provide a sanctioned free speech bully-forum for black ministers and imams to brainwash the descendants of former slaves.

This fissure that recently erupted, given the unveiling of sermons that were once preached by the Wright Reverend, Jeremiah Wright, has taken the country by surprise. I can hear some southern whites saying, I knew it..., I told you that by giving them freedom, the right to vote and to assemble, that this would happen!

I don't know whether we are paranoid or not, however, every black American knows that whenever two or three of us assemble, whether at a place of business or out on a street corner, it would appear that the whites who pass us by, are curiously trying to figure out, what are they talking about! Are they planning the insurrection that we have all figured that would come? Remember Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Toussaint L' Ouverture.

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Chilax America , blacks are not planning an insurrection, and neither was the Wright Reverend planning an L' Ouverture overthrow of the nation when he spoke. When we gather in our churches, most black parishioners, being led by their avaricious ministers, are trying to figure out two things, i.e., how to get rich, and manage to still get into heaven, despite the biblical injunctions against rich men!

Although blacks want to be well off like you, believe it or not, 99.9% of the time, you are never discussed in black churches, so calm your fears! Even at the mosques, you may be disappointed to know that Minister Farrakhan and other Imams don't spend a lot of time talking about you.

What all our black religious institutions have in common to talk about is social uplift for all people. We never talk about tearing you down. On occasion whites might be invoked in a sermon or classroom discussion. However, on those rare occasions that only happens because the barriers that restrict social uplift for all people are maintained by what we perceive to be white oppressors; along with a government that invented and supported a system that was put into place that always guarantees whites the upper hand.

Why do black religious and other secular institutions exist? It is because you didn't want us in your institutions. About two decades ago, I walked into a white church in order to worship. A brother came from the front to the back to ask what I wanted. Well, I said, I thought I would come in and worship. He let me know that I was not welcome. I left, never to return! I was thinking, perhaps some white churches should place doorbells at the entrance of their churches, then potentially unwelcome worshippers could be pre-screened, so that a decision could be made in advance, whether or not unwelcome visitors would be granted an unpleasant entry and quick dismissal!

II. The Klan, White Dominionists and White Elitism:
What is truly amazing is that the schizophrenic Klan, Dominionist institutions of higher learning, white separatists groups who all gather at churches or religious institutions, have been around for what seems like forever. And what is more amazing is that white America has little angst against them. White America won't deal with them will they? Only recently, has white America decided to try some of their own - who acted egregiously in the past that denied blacks their divine and civil rights!

The schizophrenics in the Klan are a lot like those in other white mainstream churches and religious and secular institutions. They deplore racism, except their own. They go to the church house where they sit under the cross and invoke the cross and the name of Jesus - yet like the Klan, they really do not care much for Jews, Jesus and for that matter black people.

And how about those Klansmen? They not only hate Jews and at the same time invoke the name of Jesus, they recite Jewish scriptures.

For over a century now these same groups have kept a watchful eye on black churches and mosques. In fact they have been known to bomb one black church in America' history. These same hate organizations view Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam as a religious black separatist hate group. And they consider themselves to be ALL GOD's Children!

From the early days when white administrators were placed over black churches and ministers, down until today, the white man's worst fears have finally come true. And the whole world knows it now, that as a result of liberal white Americans granting black Americans the right to gather freely in black churches (without white supervision), that their white racists fears have been realized.

Can you believe it they say in private and some at their places of worship, those blacks folks and that black racist Jeremiah Wright has been spewing out venom and venal hatred against the sacred white institution of America? White Americans will die for the flag and the institution of America, however, they won't die for Jesus!

Many lament the fact that their forefathers ever permitted an organized group of black insurrectionist churches and mosques to be implanted throughout the American landscape, from coast to coast.

Although the Klan has thrived, and institutions like Bob Jones University, Liberty and Regents universities have flourished, many whites are surprised at the formidable well-financed black churches and mosques that have inserted themselves in the land of the free and the home of the slave. Some whites still view black Americans as slaves, or as one white youngster spoke to a black audience, blacks are nothing more than former garden utensils.

The fears of the white forerunners have come true, or haven't they? Some felt that it was unwise to take away the yoke of the white administrator, who would either preach to black congregations, or sit in the pulpit as the black minister preached. Folks, can you imagine a white administrator sitting in Mosque#1, repudiating, or providing scolding glances and stares at Minister Louis Farrakhan as he sermonize?

I tell you, if I hear one more person on the Right talk about how much he or she or he believes in the rule-of-law, or that they are tough on crime, I will scream. If you believe so much in justice, how do you explain 232 years of American injustice towards minorities? And, how do you explain that minorities are locked up for their crimes, but hardly few whites now or ever have had the weight of the law placed upon them given their crimes against minorities?

Whites have rarely been punished for what their crimes, moral and criminal, against minorities. And it appears for the short-term that whites are getting away with what they did in Iraq, as well in other parts of the Middle-East! Why is it that white controlled-America refuses to submit to the International rule-of-law, however, it expects every other nation and people of the world to adhere to its rule-of-law, or suffer the consequence?

The question is a rhetorical question. The fact is that whites make laws and rules for everyone else, much like Congress and other government offices, that they have zero intentions of abiding by themselves!

III. White America Has Nothing to Fear From Us:
White racist Americans, and having said that - the majority of whites are not racist (naive and fearful but not racist), have nothing to fear. The black ministers and black parishioners simply have a need to let off a little steam periodically, and our churches and mosques are the perfect places to do so. If you think about it, the so-called insurrectionist black churches have never made an attempt to overthrow America.

You ought to be pleased that our people simply 'holler into microphones', play and sing and ance to religious music during worhsip, for afterwards, we go go out to dinner, and then return home to watch the ballgame! In other words, we shout it out, i.e., our anger and disappoinment. And for that matter, our real disappointment is leveled at God for having permitted some of your people from doing what they have done to our people for years. Often, we blame God, not you!

In fact, I can guarantee you that there never will, likely, be a unified black religious uprising, we know that we are outgunned. The black American outcry at black churches and mosques for healing is simply this: White America, apologize for what you've done to the black community (Not just the State of Virginia, New Jersey or the Wachovia Bank); provide some form of financial restitution for America's government supported past and recent sins towards blacks; and permit the black nation in America to have open access to the opportunity structures of this nation.

If you were to do so, then we would all get along ala Rodney King, and black men would happily continue to intermarry into the white race! Oops, that is the real problem isn't it? One black comedian, stage named Alonzo, recently quipped that black men would never kill white men, for if they did so, who who produce white women for black men to marry? White people, black people love you, can't you tell!

The failure of white America to capitulate might result in an occasional vocal eruption from time to time, but that is just about all that will happen, we won't string you up to the back of pickup trucks and drag you through the streets, if that is what you are thinking. On the other hand, black Americans have always had more to fear from the other side.

We never know when the privilege of gathering freely will be taken away, when white overseers will be re-inserted at black churches and God forbid at the mosque, or when we all of us might be reassigned to white churches, be lynched or dragged through the streets or laid off.

If you have noticed lately, many black Americans are already members of white churches. There they sit happily under white ministers in order to receive more white indoctrination (which has historically been done to remind black of their inferior status). We have happily embraced 'euro-centric religion', having replaced African traditional religions with your beliefs.

And blacks don't seem to mind, some feel better when they sit next to whites, just as some feel that they are smarter if they attend integrated schools. My eldest brother is like most whites, he expressed his fears to me a year ago of what would happen if black people took over the government. Many blacks are like him, they want you to remain in place.

In conclusion, what has happened will soon pass, the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright has already been silenced if you think about it. The black genie is being placed back into the bottle right now by his former son of the Gospel, Senator Obama. No harm, no foul, let's all get back to business as usual. White racists should return to white racist religious and secular institutions, black and white non-racists should return to multi-cultural religious and secular institutions, and black racists - well, I haven't met one yet.

And may the Klan, Bob Jones University and other Dominionists and Dominionist institutions live on, and continue to bear the cross of Jesus! Hah hah!

It would be kind of cool to see Obama, a black-white admixture, provide over this mess! This 232 year old experiment, that has survived given its military lethality, and its superior arsenal of weapons, already appears to be destined to fail Reverend Wright, whether you were to foretell it or not. Onward Christian soldiers!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: And I say this with all sincerity, many of
my best friends are white!

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

The Rev responds to Professor Gilda Daniels' article, in the Daily Voice: The Power of the Pulpit: Black Pastors and Social Justice.

By Rev. Solomon on March 29, 2008 8:57 AM
Excellent commentary: What is taking place in America, in light of 'the Wright Reverend's' mediaized comments, reminds me of our not too distant past.

Each of us should recall a time when black churches, once they were free to assemble apart from white assemblages, customarily had white administrators placed over them.

These administrators, usually a minister himself, would either preach to the black congregation themselves, or sit in the pulpits and monitor and report back what the black minister taught and said to the black parishioners.

The primary purposes for these overseers being present in the first place were to monitor the black minister, and to ensure the white community that black congregants were not planning a Nat Turner like insurrection. The 'Wright Reverend', has struck fear back into the hearts of the white community. And just like 100 years ago, he has been deposed!

We might be on our way 'back to the future', given the growth of powerful black churches, that have outstripped their counterparts (Televising the Coretta Scott King Funeral in that magnificent black edifice for example may have been a mistake).

Can any of you say, white administrator espionage in the form of parabolic listening devices, spies or satellite surveillance for monitoring of black churches from hereon? Pastor Willie Wilson in Anacostia, could talk about that!