Sep 4, 2009

Republican Fasciitis: The Recurrent Republican American Pandemic

Introduction: They're Back

The phrase, "they're back", was codified into American movie goers memories as well as into the American lexicon after being spoken by a frightened adolescent girl in Oscar winning film director Steven Spielberg's 1982 psychothriller film release, Poltergeist. She was referring to the frightening mind-numbing paranormal activity and the ghostly presences that revisited her suburban family dwelling after having not too long before been exorcised.

And just as our young performer did when she intoned, "they're back" in the movie, America has also been experiencing a recent resurgence of (ghostly) spirits from America's late founders. The latter have seemingly returned to inhabit the bodies and minds of their offspring (the descendants of America's post and ante-bellum racist white Anglo-revolutionary mostly southern past).

These spirits of old have been busily rattling their chains. And, just as in the past, when many white American terrorists, mostly from the desultory and backward American South threatened violence and stirred up fear, today's resurgent ghostly white terrorist descendants are determined to stir up strife, dominate the American agenda and to control the American narrative.

How are they going about it? Answer, by intimidating Americans into submitting to their present day form of tyranny and misspeak. Why do they do it? They hope to reestablish their brand of democracy, which more accurately put is 'white hegemony/fascism'.

Chapter One: The Infestation and Why These Spirits Of Old Have Returned
These diseased spirits of former American secessionists, seditionists, racists, white sheet wearing Klan’s-people, Nazis, assassins and other southern obstructionists have returned with a vengeance, given the results of the 2008 General Election, wherein Barack Obama Hussein (a black man), was elected President of the United States of America.

Also, these spirits and the disease that they are carriers of have not come only to a theater near you; they are also infiltrating individuals in government, neighborhoods, churches, religious organizations and even pulpits! Some of the most affected of the infected even adorn Rabats and clergy collars: Some even preach sermons on the Sabbath as well as on Sunday mornings, while engaging in political witchcraft throughout the week.

And incredibly, in this most recent iteration of 'we are the real Americans and we own the world', Americas 'good old boys' have been joined by individuals from other ethnic groups. Michael Steele, a black man, and other unnamed churchgoers are also willing co-conspirators and participants in their evil craft. Michael, one of their head Republicans band leaders has apparently participated in a séance or two - he is currently one of their major torch barriers.

The Americans, who appear to be most susceptible to this onslaught, are all mostly members and sympathizers of the Republican 'Do Nothing/Obstructionist Republican Party'. They had their chance for 8 years minus one, and for the majority of the past 30 years: Their have been more Republican Presidents than there have been Democratic ones. And what do they have to show for their record time in office?

They have very little to show besides a polarized nation, Allies and the nations of the world who no longer trust them. Why? Many of them had already been possessed by the spirits of America's hellacious and desultory past. This spirit (like Lucifer in Heaven who wanted to be like the Most High) has had only one thing in mind, and that was to maintain American superiority (in their case the white race dominating all other races on the planet), and they hoped to do so by any means necessary - especially any military means.
I repeat, their motive was the moral equivalent of Lucifer's; the wanted to and still want to play God, remain atop the world order and to rule the planet as they saw and see fit to run the planet!
This current phenomenon also reminds me a lot of the recurrent influenza virus, H1N1, and other virulent strands that have been sweeping across America and infecting scores of unsuspecting souls. These strands may mutate, but they never fully go away - instead they stick around to infest other human beings!

Post-racial society? I don't think so, not yet anyway. The apparent objectives of these spirits from the past are to reassert a white supremacist political agenda in America and to abut the spirit of freedom that seems to be permeating this land, if not the world.

Can you imagine some of these nuts even trying to utter the phrase; President Obama is my President and Commander-in-Chief to proceed from their lips. I love it!

Either way you spin it, some of America's mixed nuts in the Republican Party, are like Adolf Hitler was (not of pure gentry themselves). And they are the ones that have racially profiled Mr. Obama?

For several months now, President Obama has, along with the Democratic controlled Congress reached out to these hard-line obstructionist malcontents, and both he and Congress have done so to no avail - for it is either going to be their Republican fascist way or the highway. His opponents have also caricaturized the President as an ape, among other things.

Now with regard to Mr. Obama's first eleven months in office, during the run up to the election he pretended not to be afraid being possessed by ghosts, or succumbing to any other virulent ghostly political strains, in the manner that his predecessors President George Bush, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior and Richard Nixon were.

However, given his performance of late, I don't know whether he's afraid of ghosts or not. Something seems to have gotten a hold of him, for of late he appears to be ceding power and submitting to the majority of their strange demands (the fascists). With respect to health care Reform and the public option (which is currently DOA), he has been doing a lot of capitulating, just as he often did during the run up to the election just over one year ago. I warned his supporters over and over that Mr. Obama was a capitulator.

Sadly, The American people believed that given the election of the new President during the last General Election (when the Republicans were expunged from office), so that America's White House and Congressional House (pun intended) could get on with the business of governance of the people, by the people and for the people of the United States of America.

But of late, many of us are not so sure of that proposition anymore, for it would appear that 'the more things changed the more that they have remained the same'.

It would seem that the spirits of Klansmen and racist and bigoted American founders of the past are having more influence on the President than the individuals who voted for him would care to believe.

A permanent cure for this infestation has never been found. For neither God, religion, ethics, conscience nor morals has had the desired effect on these Neanderthals.

The colonial whites, who at one time or another, successfully overcame the disease of white supremacy and recognized the worth of all human beings, were from different stock than their peers were. Sadly, it was their counterparts who left their root(s) in the ground.

These former white terrorists hate groups promoted hatred, separatism and dominance by a dysfunctional cultural (and a mostly functionally illiterate) so-called elite. Their successors are repeating the same behavior and employing the same obsequious tactics today. The difference this time is that the descendants of these former separatist terrorists, (their legacy minus white sheets), have decided to take on all Americans, white, black, red, yellow, female or male that happen to share an opinion that differs from their own.

And just as their predecessors were wont to do before them, today their tactics still include the dissemination of propaganda, assassinations (character and otherwise), instilling fear and creating disharmony among their naive, unsuspecting, less than erudite and often not so well read listening audiences. They even spread fear among the elderly, causing them to believe that someone is trying to take something away from them, like Medicare or Social security, when that simply is not the case.

Their flawed frameworks and questionable methods makes it necessary for them to constantly seek out new converts in order to bolster their dwindling numbers (it takes time but typically, level headed Americans see through their ruse). Also, as their followers pass away, come to their senses and drop off of the roles, they are recruit new members to fill up the roles, the hardened or less educated.

What the rest of America and the world for that matter are being subjected to by these reincarnated spirits from the past, that persist in haunting the rest of us today, is what I refer to as a fascist Republican pandemic. I choose to call this reemerging pandemic in its current manifestation, Republican Fasciitis, or Republican Fascism to be sure.

Unlike the disease Fasciitis that has been defined by the World Health Organization as a painful inflammation of the feet, the symptoms of this disease happen to be an apparently uncontrollable deflation of the mind, brain, senses and thought processes. And this infectious and mind-crippling disease seems to restrict itself to one group, mostly affect the majority white conservatives.

Aside from spirit infestation, the other way to acquire the disease, Republican Fasciitis, is through cultural shaping or conditioning. The process typically begins with the young during the early years. The mis-shaping is typically conducted by parents, teachers, preachers, school principals, government officials, media moguls ... They teach jaundiced racially biased social constructs as a manner of course to their young and eventually to anyone who is dumb enough to listen to them at all.

All that is typically needed, by them, is a host that will willingly subject him or her to Republican fascist indoctrination.

Once there is successful infestation or indoctrination, the disease then begins to mutate and spread throughout the host and subsequently throughout his or her host community.

It is an ongoing battle, ironically just one year after the election, there are Americans who voted for the nascent Senator from Illinois, who fortunately are still in the minority, who have also succumbed to the disease. Sadly, these fickle and vulnerable Americans have done so after sweeping former fascist leaders, George Bush, Dick Cheney and others from office: Go figure! Thankfully, however, the vast majority of Americans have managed to remain immune to the debilitating disease to which others have succumbed.

The ones who amaze me the most are the infected hypochondriacal ones who not only have the disease, but also seem to enjoy hosting the disease despite the damage that it has already done not only to them but also to the nation.

The Americans who have been sufficiently inoculated against the disease all seem to have one thing in common: Each one of them appears to have built up a sufficient amount of 'thinking antibodies' over the years to ward off infection by the infected, debilitated, mind-altering carriers of the disease, Republican Fasciitis!

If you haven't done so already, get immunized. How, by putting on your thinking caps and filtering out racist misspeak? Be especially carefully when they employ the use of euphemisms like, 'big government'. These are code words that have a more sinister meaning. Smart people are aware of this and decode the meanings whenever a euphemism spills from their lips.

I happen to be a member of a group of 'immune thinking Americans' whose neural transmitters are fully intact. We are the ones who have critically studied this disease, including its debilitating effects. We make it a practice to ignore as well as to challenge their venal form of indoctrination, wherever we can.

An additional tactic that they often employ is that of threat and intimidation. These valuable tools often reap the desired effect when all else fails. Fortunately, the majority of Americans can still sense the smell of the disease when it is near. We can also spot ravenous wolves, who carriers of the disease, even the ones who come in either fascist-Republican or Christian sheeply attire.

The latter sadly includes, prelates, other clerics and religious laypeople, who often come wrapped in the American flag as they attempt to sell Republican fascist snake oil in the name of the Lord), as if it were THE WORD OF THE LORD.

This is not a new phenomenon, for keep in mind that there aren't any secularists in the Ku Klux Klan. For similar to the radicals in Islam... Christian radicals often pretend that what they do is being done in the service for the Lord, i.e., 'Allah is with them the Muslims, Jehovah is with the Jews and God is with both Christian radicals and the Klan. What somebody give both Karl Marx and me a break!
Have you ever taken notice of the fact that all Klanspeople claim to be Christians (although they cannot explain why they hate Jews, when at the same time they have adopted a Jewish Messiah as their spiritual icon).
Don't try to figure them out for the explanation is simple and at the same time obvious, all of these factions included the American ones are oftentimes simply misguided, especially the American Christian faction that often confuses self-interest with the God of a divine potentate.

The other explanation is that all of them are simply 'crazy' and willing to substitute their wills for that of a divine being, even though they attempt to hide behind a purported sense of righteousness (the latter to include even non-Klansmen Republicans who sell this putrid, 'we are America and we are the world snake oil')!

The carriers of the disease, Republican fasciitis, are neither the poor nor are they members of the caste of individuals who cannot afford healthcare or medication to fight off the disease: The carriers are also often former Presidents, Senators, United States Representatives, judges, governors, military leaders, radio and television talk show hosts, pastors, preachers, teachers, journalists, writers and other civil servants.

Many are known by names such as Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Condoleeza Rice, Tony Perkins, Pastor John Hagee, Reverend Rod Parsley, the Reverend Pat Robertson, 'and since I cannot do any good I will do some harm Dr. James Dobson'. And did I mention angry white men, for all of these individuals are members of’ the angry white men's Party, remember Newt's contract with angry white men, and you might as well say women? They should have been angry with themselves for being obtuse and wicked on top of everything else.

In addition to the Klan, many members of this group also share membership in secret organizations as well as national and internationally known subversive organizations to include the inner circle of the Religious Right, the formerly named Moral Majority, Dominionists, the Broderbund, the Tri-lateral Commission, the Bilderberg...

The antidote for anyone else, who has already been exposed to the disease, has symptoms of the disease or that has already succumbed to Republican Fasciitis is to simply leverage basic intelligence against self-serving, misguided and often misdirected passion. It is guaranteed: You will experience immediate recovery!

Why are these diseased if not possessed Americans so upset with the incumbent President, as well as with the individuals who voted for him? Isn't it simply because he is black, or according to them, 'a liberal'? Or, is there really more to it than that? Could it be because they simply want control of the country, its wealth, power and status in the world?

Chapter Two: The American President (A Brother From Another 'Mother and Homeland).
It occurred to me recently that the carriers of these ante and post-bellum diseased spirits are mostly angry white men. Factually, most people aren't sure whether Anne Coulter is a woman or man, but she is also a part of that manly group.

Together, they have racially-profiled the highest ranking male in America, a man whose cultural makeup is Scotch-Irish and African, the Commander-in-Chief. And, by profiling him they have succeeded in placing a target squarely on Mr. Obama's back for 'presiding over the United States of America while being black', PWB.

A black man with even a modicum of power has always frightened some whites. The Secret Service recently reported that death threats against our Scotch-Irish black President, in our Christian nation, have increased four-hundred percent. It's not like the black President robbed a bank, committed rape or murder or any other crime other than committing the crime of rising to power by becoming the President of the white states of the United States of America. WHITE POWER; oh give me a break for even though they have been the beneficiaries of this nation's largesse whites did not build this nation!

Sadly, for many of them, he can never become their favorite son under any circumstances, at least not as long as he has a drop of black blood in him.
Don't forget that Jesus' detractors also accused him of being the devil, even though they were the real murderers.
And, Doctor Martin Luther King was slain for presiding over a peaceful civil rights movement.

The hatred that preceded his death was incredible in light of his efforts to secure the freedom and rights for all Americans that was and is guaranteed in America's founding documents, particularly the Bill of Rights. In America, pursuing such an objective can get you killed! All Doctor King asked was that America 'pay the bill', to these who had historically been denied!

I have been warned myself of the dangers of writing such a pointed manifesto myself. Would they really come after me, I doubt it for I am not that big of player, but if they do 'I will beat 'em down like they stole something, of course in the name of the Lord!

America's home-grown subversives and terrorists, the real murderers of freedom and justice, have so far, neither fired a shot nor dragged any black individuals behind a pickup truck (including the President) since Mr. Obama Hussein became President. Instead, they have employed the ammunition of hatred, manipulation, brainwash and sedition for now. Having said that, given all of the new militia groups that are forming in response to Mr. Hussein's election, I for one won't be surprised when and if the shooting starts.

I can also hear them speaking in private, "look what has happened to our country Bubba, we have a white woman, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Obama Hussein (a black man with a Muslim name), running our country". Now we all know that if there is one thing that the white peckers from the former and current American South would never tolerate was and is seeing a black man and a white woman together.

Can you imagine a black male and white woman being co-regent and presiding over this nation. So far they, the other side, have had to witness everyday for the past year, a semi co-regency of a black man and a white woman running the nation (along with Harry Reid, leader of the United States Senate), in the person of the President and Nancy Pelosi.

Can you imagine what would have happened if President Obama had selected U.N. Ambassador and former Senator Hillary Clinton (who would have overshadowed him) for his Vice Presidential running mate, and if that ticket would have won? If it had happened the Red States would have succeeded from the Union.

And we would have had to make sure that the two of them would be kept far apart when in public or security reason. Our government would also likely have been decapitated with two fatal shots to the heads of our heads of State! Let's just say that, I would not have wanted to be anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when the two of them were together.

Here's a thought, Mr. Obama could have followed the examples that were set by his detractors during the 8-year failed presidency of George Bush. Mr. Obama should employ multi-cultural-leaning organizations to be his advisors. He could have made the N.A.A.C.P., CORE, the Black Panther Party, the Rainbow Coalition, The National Action Network, SCLC, the Wright Reverend and why not ACORN his advisory think tanks!

Man, the war would be on then! What essentially some of the fascist Republicans on the Right are really trying to convey to their fellow constituents, sympathizers, white people on the Right and other Republican sycophants (is to borrow a line from the movie Blazing Saddles that):
"The Sheriff is a nigger", or in modern-day parlance, "the President is a nigger and a brother from another mother", even though he happens to also be part Caucasian.
Interestingly enough, even though the President's mother happens to be white, it has not earned her son any points among the Republican disaffected, in fact being mixed has worked against him, at least as far as some of them are concerned. Besides, his mom slept with a black man which makes her a 'nigger lover' in their minds.

I often laugh when I ruminate over the fact that all black men do is sitting around and think about having a white woman. It ain't so Bubba, many of us like 'brown sugar'! And obviously so did Bubba, for just think of all of the black women that the very founders of this nation impregnated including Pres. Thomas Jefferson ... I suspect that they only feared that they would do to white women what they often did to black women. Now who really was obsessed with women from other ethnic groups?

Mr. Obama is a Jurist Doctor, yet you wouldn't know it if you observed the behavior of his detractors. The behavior of his opposition reminds me a lot of the sterling question that once posed to a cynical black opponent by none other than the late Malik El Shabazz. The occasion was a televised discussion that took place at Harvard University, coincidentally, years after Mr. Obama attended Harvard. El Shabazz asked his cynical black opponent no less,
"What do you call a black man with a PhD"?
His shocked opponent looked puzzled and when he paused to contemplate the meaning of the question, Malik El Shabazz answered the rhetorical question for him by saying, 'you call him a nigger'.

Shabazz's motive was to remind his black opponent, given his obvious condescension, just how whites really felt about him.

President of the United States or not, Harvard graduate with honors or not, black man with a Jurist Doctorate from the renown Harvard Law School or not,
to 'these the Republican infected relics and ghosts from the American past', President Obama, in their minds, is still 'a damaged piece of goods'.
Even the functionally illiterate Republicans somehow feel that they have imminent worth that is superior to our President, even if they have only a GED, of if they own Bubba's Bar and Hootenanny.

We are still hearing from President Obama's detractors that are reeling in post-election shock a year later, given that what took place last November is simply incomprehensible to them and still on their minds. They simply cannot understand how other whites voted for a nigger to be President of the United States America. For not only did they lose control of the federal government, they lost a four-century old struggle that began with their foreparents which was put into place to keep blacks 'in their place'.

And what took place is also painful for them because it happened on their 21st century watch - in other words, they have let down the cause of keeping inferiors under subjection and in their places. How can they neutralize this man, they are thinking and when will they wake up from this terrible nightmare? If there is any consolation for them, it is that they only have 3 years to go before he will likely be dethroned. But even if he is not elected to a second term imagine it could get worse. Why?

Because of his success as being the first black leader of the nation, the next thing you know a black woman like Representative Maxine Watters of California, or former Representative Cynthia McKinney from Georgia might vie for the highest office in the land, President of the United States and succeed, not likely but maybe. Oops, Cynthia did throw her towel into the ring in 2007 didn't she? She's no Shirley Chisholm, (I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting her over a decade ago, Rep. Chisholm was both formidable, capable, beautiful and knowledgeable).

United States Representative of Oakland California, a brilliant woman herself can attest to the brilliance of America's late Presidential contender, because at an early age Representative Lee was a part of her election campaign.

Some Republicans are still pinching themselves as they try to awake from this incredible nightmare, and to make some sense out of it. They still cannot understand just how blacks escaped from the plantation to become President of the United States of America, 'which is to their way of thinking a white man's country. How did a black become the Majority Whip in Congress or the Attorney General of the United States... [Danged Civil Rights movement]!

In addition to the real reasons that the Obama candidacy bothers so many of them so much, they will never rest until the government is back in the hands of white Republican neo-fascist leadership. And if that eventuality were ever to occur, place, America and the rest of the world had better watch out for these guys in Red for they would be returning to office with an agenda to reverse all of the progress that has been made since their departure.

Now Mr. Obama, in the meantime, should have learned something from the debacle that occurred, just over a year ago, when
he turned his back on the 'Wright Reverend' in order to appease the fascists.
He should know by now what it is like to be betrayed, having experienced the hubris that has redounded from those that he tried to befriend - for they stick together no matter what. They haven't supported anything that he has proposed, other than their support for the venal war that they initiated.

The 'Wright Reverend' was Mr. Obama's best friend then, second only to his wife, and I suspect that he is still one of Mr. Obama's best friends now (even if Mr. Obama sold him out just as some of his fellow white Americans are currently doing to him)!

Some of Mr. Obama's critics have even gone as far as to question his citizenship, not just his skin color.
Archbishop Tutu said it best regarding the criticism of the Wright Reverend leading up to the election, particularly, as it related to those black American who also criticized the Wright Reverend for speaking up.
I agreed with Bishop Tutu, Anglican Bishop from South Africa who stated, 'the Wright Reverend only said publicly, what many other black Americans had been saying in private', behind closed doors of course! The Bishop was correct in my opinion, most blacks that I know of have often repeated much of what the Wright Reverend preached about at Trinity when their weren't any whites present.

Then, just as the recapitulating President did, most blacks like the 'I am for the War and now I am against the [Iraq] war', and 'I am for Hillary Clinton and now for Mr. Obama', capitulated as well, in order to get 'a black man' elected President. Tch tch ... I was as ashamed of my people for acting as their white counterparts had done for centuries before.

Hillary should have known how fickle black Americans could be going back to the days when Bill Clinton fell into disrepute (given his sexual rampages with Monica Lewinsky and several other of his paramours).

Blacks demonstrated then that frankly, they could care less about his infidelity or Hillary's hurt feelings for that matter. Blacks were only thinking about what they wanted and when (in the past that President Bill Clinton supplied to a great extent what blacks wanted).

Shame on us, Hillary fought hard for social justice for all people including black people, she put herself on the line and aligned herself with other black and social issues. Finally, some blacks are beginning to rethink their positions in light of the behavior and policy positions that Mr. Obama has taken of late. Too late though, he fooled you!! But it’s not too late to apologize to Ms. Clinton and to show some remorse for a lack of insensitivity that was shown to her in her time of need.

Blacks, in my opinion were 'sell-outs', they sold out the one who had actually done something for them, Senator Clinton. Now blacks must ask themselves, and what has Mr. Obama done for you lately? The Congressional Black Caucus of late has even demanded that Mr. Obama, in light of his largesse to banks (TARF Funds), and wealthy corporations (The Stimulus Package), do something for the unemployed as well as America's permanent underclass which is comprised largely of blacks.

Why did she believe that she could trust black Americans, when blacks have turned even on other black leaders from the civil rights movement, men and women who have dedicated much of their lives fighting for social justice.

Was it because she had fought so hard for justice for us, that she believed that she would respond in kind and vote for her?
It was her husband, America's 'other first black President', that blacks truly loved, not Hillary herself. I witnessed a portion of black America's love for Bill Clinton when he arrived to fanfare and praise at the Jericho City of Praise mega Church in Landover Maryland one evening several years ago now. I was an audience member. Hillary wasn't anywhere to be seen.

The adulation that he continued to receive in the black community, in deference to how he betrayed his wife and what she must have been going through, can only be understood, by someone like Ms. Tiger Woods. But the fact remains that blacks can be very fickle!

Let's move one, just about a year ago Mr. Obama received some cogent advice, from conservative moderate and close friend of Supreme Court, Judge Thomas. Mr. George Will, who appears weekly on the 'This Week Show with George Stephanopholus'. He suggested that President Obama end the war in Afghanistan. George and I agree: He should end the war(s) overseas, and permit the United Nations to assume the leadership role that it was mandated to play in the world (prior to the U.S.A. usurping its legitimate role in the world).

For after all, America drew first blood when it picked up where Great Britain left off at the end of the Colonial Period, in terms of continuing to oppress 3rd world, people, especially Muslims in the Middle-East.

President Obama ought to focus more on the issues that are state-side, such as the trade imbalance, the burgeoning national debt, private sector losses, banks closures while other banks continue to benefit during America's economic downturn with the help of taxpayer money.

I would appear as if at times that the nation is beginning to civilly and politically disintegrate. And all of this appears to be occurring at the time when many of America's homegrown terrorists are talking cessation, state's rights (nullification and interposition).

Mr. Obama, who is a neophyte in my opinion, should accept some unsolicited advice from me as well as others. He ought to forget about the Marshall Plan and the Monroe Doctrine, or interfering in the internal affairs of other nations like Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan ... Instead he should focus his intentions and policies on America's internal problems, for if the USA were to cease to exist, what difference would it make anyway if the nation that he was elected to serve collapsed?

Many of us cannot conceive of a time when a less than 3-century old nation, America would cease to exist.

However, neither can most human beings imagine dying after three-score and ten year, but that fact is undeniable - we die too! But back to Republican fascists.

Based on my observations of late, 'Republican fascists', are primarily stubborn and primal anti-American malcontents who are predisposed, it would seem, to care about nothing else but themselves; their fascist peer group; their venal philosophy and a myopic but twisted and narrow self-serving ideology.

On the other hand I really do believe that, in fact, some of President Obama's detractors and would be critics, not the Republican fascists, are genuinely upset given what they perceive to be Mr. Obama's so-called liberal policies. The latter are policies that they simply abhor. This group could care less about the President black or mixed-heritage.

But there are still the ones, I suspect, who want to get at him because they disagree with what they consider to be, his liberal policies. However, and as I said before, some want to get at him simply because he is part black (which in some of their minds makes him 100% black) and therefore substandard (whether his grades were better than say George Bush's or not.

Syndicated journalist and frequent television commentator on MSNBC and other networks, also former President Richard Nixon's speechwriter, Pat Buchanan (who is also of Irish descent himself), I believe wants to get at his half-Irish brother, because he accomplished what Pat could not do, that is to become President of the United States of America.

Keep in mind that a white majority refused to vote for 100% white Patrick Buchanan to be president of the United States a decade ago. It must have felt awfully bad, given that Americans voted for a half-black man instead of a white, something that I suspect keeps Pat staring into his Irish coffee in wonderment as he ponders, why?

Then there are those schizophrenic white Americans that have racially profiled the President because they want to get at this bifurcated man who believe that his white side should not support his race-mixing maroonish black side. As a matter of fact, there are still laws on the books in some states that ban miscegany. These folks like to think of themselves of being of 'pure gentry'!

In the minds of the latter group, Mr. Obama ought to be angry with himself for being a mongrel-mix instead of purely white bred. And as a result they believe, 'he should have had himself fired and then, quartered and drawn' for doing so . If he doesn't do something to cause himself to stumble, the latter group probably won't kill him (at least I hope not) - but a Bill Clinton style impeachment, may soon be in the offing.

All they are waiting for is a, 'I did not have sex with that woman pretext', by Mr. Obama, which would spring his detractors into action. Mr. Obama, you had better stay away from the Monica Lewinsky’s of the world!

I can't help but wonder, tongue-in-cheek, what Obama's white side/alter ego feels about his fellow white countrymen? I think he answered that question when he chose to pass for years as a black American, instead of a half-white one.

And, I can certainly understand why he chose to live his life as a black man (for other than dealing with random attacks and negative encounters from racist whites),it really is wonderful being black. And like most blacks, I wouldn't have it any other way. But still, I wonder just who is coming next to dinner?
After all, America voted for a mixed half-black and half-white man with a Muslim name to preside, who knows what's coming next?
Having said that, I don't have any criticisms for those Democrats or Republicans, who had legitimate concerns over the current President's lack of experience (even though some of the ones in question helped to elect an unqualified George Bush 9 years ago.

George Bush was a complete neophyte, when he was elected to hold the highest office in the land. He had never been tested in the crucible of American Presidential politics), the fact of the matter is that he couldn't even name the heads of state when asked to, during a journalistic interview when he first threw his towel in the ring. Poor Mr. Bushes reply to the questionnaire and his question, can you name the heads of states of other nations... Poor George, the man who became President of the USA for 8-years replied, 'can you'?.

Now if anyone had a right to be angry with a political party and their leadership, it was everyone else who watched this political face that took place for 8-years plus, including, Mr. Bushes run for the presidency. We haven't heard much from him lately have we? On the other hand, we cannot shut broken record and former Vice President Dick Cheney up.

I suppose that the rest of us who do not see race as a factor, ought to be able to comprehend what it means to those whites who feel like they are 'loosing their nation and station in life' due to multiculturalism. In fact, I suspect that many black Americans could relate to that, having lost their once proud station in life in Africa, only to be considered men of low degree after being brought to this hemisphere.

What blacks experienced here is the moral equivalent of the story of Moses or Joseph in the Bible, but in reverse. For instead of being elevated nearly to head of State from a low-estate, America's white princes are no longer being viewed as princes at all - they have effectively lost their once cherished, honored and stolen positions that they fought for to emergent minorities.

I am so gratified that I don't have the burden of believing, or having to convince myself, as they have done, that I am superior to every other individual and every other race; or that I should rule over every other nation or race on the planet. What have they built, America? Factually, all they did was enslave and force other human beings into building a nation that wasn't there's in the first place.
This was done in the typical manner that they, those racists’ whites have done everything else throughout American history, via the use of force and violence!
Can anyone tell me how in the world could a balanced American, racially profile his or her Commander-in-Chief? Answer: As I said before, these people are not America's best examples of individuals with the ability to think.

The latter is beyond their limited purview. Besides it is a part of their legacy to profile blacks and to conquer people by wealth or stealth, as so many blacks have experienced when forced to deal with Republican hillbillies - native Americans had a similar experience!

Again, what other group of people would be dumb enough to racially profile their President and Commander-in-Chief, besides American Republican hillbillies! My apologies to non-Republican hillbillies, for the term fits their oppressors more than it fits any of them.

Speaking of 'Birth of a Nation', a black and white film (how apropos) that was used to caricaturize blacks and to present them in the worst light (particularly the ones who were elected to office during the reconstruction period) for example, in the South Carolina legislature: Get over it boys and girls and Anne, for it is a new day in America.

Blacks have overcome white hegemony in the USA and elsewhere around the world that had been foisted upon us by the virulent suppression of a white dysfunctional cultural/political so-called elite.
These folks simply need to get over it, that is the fact they lost their arrogant 400 year old waged-war of keeping blacks in their, prescribed by certain whites, places!
First Kofi Anan, Secretary General of the United Nations and now Obama, President of the USA.

I believe that it was a matter of political expediency that was responsible more than anything else for Mr. Obama being elected President of the United Sates. He can thank George Bush, Dick Cheney and company for that, and of late he seems to be thanking them in an indirect way given his policies in Afghanistan.

America experienced spiritual rebirth a year ago, when Americans overwhelmingly voted out the old and voted in the new Democratic party, an ongoing process that began with the cleaning out the House and Senate of ideologues.

My God, had I known that it would have upset the minority group of Republicans as much as it did, and I knew that it would, i.e., America electing a black President, I might have voted for Mr. Obama to be President of the United States myself. But I have to give credit where it is due, to the other Americans. As I mentioned before I wrote in who I felt would have been a better choice for President, Senator Hillary Clinton, and I haven't seen anything to make me question my decision.

Now with respect to the Republican Christian oppressors, they simply need to be 'born again', for the majority of blacks will die or kill this time, before accepting servitude (of the kind that was experienced in colonial America, or the crippling racism that followed slavery!

I believed at the time, just as I do now, that Mr. Obama should have waited and garnered more experience before throwing his hat into the 2008 election ring. I also suspect that what goes around will come back around.

In the meantime, and over the past few months, America and the world has had the opportunity, by way of the media, to witness an embarrassing exhibition of anarchy and non-patriotic behavior being put on display by Republican anarchists. Would any of you care for a cup of tea?

These Republican anarchists have been behaving in a manner that has become customary for them to behave in, at their worst - to include obstructionism and openly engaging in and promoting subversive terrorist and other un-American behaviors at public Town hall meetings and elsewhere. Even when the President of the United States recently addressed Congress regarding Healthcare Reform, one of the possessed that calls himself a Congressman, insulted 'his President', when shouting at the President, during a Congressional address on Capital Hill, he said Mr. President, "You lie".

Chapter Three: America, Not A Country For Old Men With Outdated Colonialist Ways of Thinking
Oftentimes, 'old men' have a hard time adapting to change. Each one of us has on occasion experienced an older person who is simply set in his ways and will not accept change. Times change but they don't, oftentimes right down to the clothes they wear and the vehicles that they drive, they refuse to adapt.

I was walking down Santa Clara Street in San Jose, California just a few days ago when a man who was the spitting image of non-patriot and radical fundamentalist former Vice President Dick Cheney walked past me. I turned on my heels to be certain that I was not seeing things. I am still not convinced that it was not Dick Cheney in drag, I mean being incognito, who walked past me.

Fortunately, I had eaten lunch earlier in the day so I did not throw up my lunch. There are worse things in the world than Dick Cheney and Republican conservative neofascist fundamentalists I suppose, but I cannot imagine what could be worse than these uncivilized Neanderthals. And with that I will come back later to Dick Cheney later.

Why is it that there are and have always been a group of human beings, especially certain Caucasians ones, who believed and still believe that it was and still is their manifest destiny to super-impose their ideas, policies, totalitarianism and wills upon the rest of humanity?

And perhaps that explains what American exceptionalism is really all about, a need for certain Americans to rule over other nations and people of the world (without submitting to any other rule of law or governing body on in Heaven or Earth, other than the ones of their making or personal liking.

Every since our 'old American white men' arrived in this hemisphere (men who we customarily refer to as patriots), the majority of them have always believed that they were superior to other human beings and that they had a God-given directive, it would seem, to rule over others and to take whatever they wanted. Ask the native Americans, the Incas, the ancient Peruvians to be sure

Not even God's Laws has any effect upon them, to any substantial degree, even though they claim to believe in God. Most of these 'old numbskulls and fossils', septu and octogenarians that I am referring to, are in fact Christian exceptionalists. Some have been heard to say that even Jesus was too liberal for them. That let's you know where they stand on Jesus and every other issue,
for them, every thing and everyone is subject to their political scrutiny.
If they had a choice to vote for Jesus as Savior, he would have been declared a liberal and subsequently lost his role as Savior and King.

There is a certain amount of irony here given that many of these so called Christian men, as I stated before, will sit aside the laws of God that they claim to believe in, and apply instead their own form of capitol punishment on others when they deem it necessary to do so. These old men have historically practiced racism and fascism since their arrival in this hemisphere.

They have historically engaged in genocide, racism and murder except when it came down to each other. When the latter occurred, and one of their own engaged in murder or manslaughter against a person of another race, oftentimes they would be excused or found not-guilty.

Even though, they have been as they are now, guilty of the so-called 7 deadly sins and committing sins and crimes against humanity. Yet still, down in their twisted hardened souls, they believe that they are above the law and that they are 'the chosen ones', move over Israel, who have been placed here in the cosmos to rule over others. I wonder, could God have been that cruel?

Besides, the only time that they mention God's laws, anyway, is when they misappropriate God's laws to obtain some ill-gotten gain, or to use them to gain some advantage over another human being (slavery comes to mind)or nation. Using the Bible and certain texts in it in order to keep black Americans in bondage is a perfect example of how they misappropriated and continue to misappropriate God's laws!

The Republican Party, isn't called 'The Grand Old Party" for nothing. Today, some of the younger members of the Grand Old Men's Party carry on the legacy of the historical figures in the GOMP. How do they do it? They do so by simply refusing to get in the real world. However, just as their predecessors would often express to others who questioned their motives and tactics, I say the same to them today:
If You Don’t Care for The New Pluralistic and More Enlightened America, One That Is Not Being Dominated by White Fear, Repression and Ownership of Property, "Why Don’t You Simply Go Back To Where You Came From" (Keeping In Mind That Whites Were Not The First Settlers In This Hemisphere or in America in the first place)?
With regard to the troublemakers from the Republican Party who want to take America backwards by a century or two and not forward, all I can say to them is: 'only if late President Ronald Reagan were still alive today', he would move swiftly to deal with gun-toting fascist malcontents in the manner that he did years ago when he moved swiftly to deal with urban gun-toting members of the Black Panther Party and those terrorist PATCO members!

Ah just kidding, actually, GOP and NRA member and not so bright old man Ronald, was from my point of view, an anti-American fascist elitist right-winged ideologue himself. He was and is largely responsible, posthumously, for the emergence of America's latest groups of reactionaries, and the anarchy that has been exhibited by these disaffected malcontents. The groups that Reagan spawned have rightfully recognized him as the Grand Dragon of their Klan groups and the leader of the modern 'old man's Party, the GOP'.

I suspect that he would applaud their misbehaviors and like George Bush, be proud of their subversive and blatantly un-American activities. Because, in the same manner that George Bush Jr. did and probably still does, he would also consider these seditionists to be patriots, in spite of their unpatriotic behavior.

For just as it was so apparent during the Presidency of George Bush Jr., when many innocent lives were needlessly snuffed out around the world, there were a lot of innocent lives destroyed given the arrogance of Ronald Reagan and his co-conspirators, when he held the office of President of the United States.

And also similar to President George W. Bush Jr., Reagan's political stepson who succeeded him a couple of decades later, Ronnie, cared only about his base and those cross-over voters who supported his elitist and sanguine policies. Ronald also skirted the law on many occasions, when he held the office of President - if not before.

Ronald was, for example, also responsible for having a resolution blocked in the United Nations Security Council (put forth by the Iranians) that could have effectively saved the lives of thousands of both Iranian, as well as Kurdish citizens of northern Iraq. Had the resolution passed, that Reagan instead had blocked, Saddam Hussein and his cousin Chemical Ali would have been repudiated for their initial deployment of (chemical) weapons of mass destruction against the Kurds of Northern Iraq and many Iraqi citizens.

And just as former President Ronald Reagan did when he encouraged as well as supported world-wide terrorism, for example in Latin America, he also encouraged other murderous rampages by Saddam Hussein and his cousin, Chemical Ali, including an attempt by Saddam to murder the then President of Iraq. Ronald Reagan was therefore an accessory to murder and the attempted murder of a head of state on more than one occasion!

Also you should keep in mind that during the Iraq Iran War, America played one side against the other, in deference to the number of innocent lives that would be destroyed including men, women, children and the elderly, in other to pursue its interests in that region. These old men, from the old men's party, were and are simply put a group of 'natural born (old men) killers' who manipulate and use the law as their shield.

Hopefully, Saddam and Reagan have met face to face in the netherworld and they are at work settling their differences. In my opinion, if Saddam Hussein was a terrorist, so was Ronald Reagan.
How can a man like Ronald rest in peace, a man who was and is posthumously responsible for fathering such a faction of lawless anarchists, malcontents and mostly angry white men, in addition to destroying the lives of so many innocent people?
And yet, the fascists on the Right along with approximately 8 million Reagan Democrats (of the Zel Miller ilk), mostly Dixiecrats or Dixie[rats] you decide: They are still enamored with the father of today's, majority Caucasian, seditious Americans terrorist movement.
Congress needs to create an entirely new version of the Seditions Act, one that is specifically designed for fascist American old Republicans, and the young ones who have learned the ways of the curmudgeons who taught or inspired them.
For today, 'these seditionist co-conspirators are guilty of crimes against the state and world-wide humanity', and they still love and worship late lawbreaking President Ronald Reagan in the same manner that modern day Klansmen love David Duke or the current Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. They are capable of and willing to commit any illegal action against any state or even humanity just as their mentor Ronald Reagan did.

Factually they are all of the same mind-set, and just as their predecessors were they have been cut from the same cookie cutter mold. It must be frightening to watch, what they believe to be their country slipping away from their grasp (even though it never was 'their country' in the first place).

In their minds I suppose, the rest of us are simply squatters on their planet, so what would it matter if a few of us came up missing!

Otherwise, can anyone explain to me what Newt Gingrich and other 'old angry white men and Anne Coulter' have to be angry about in the first place? Isn't it because they simply believe that the planet and all of the wealth of 'Planet USA' (their name for the planet) should inure, exclusively to their benefit including all of the planets wealth, oil resources, diamonds, manganese, coal... or uranium and plutonium in order to make yellow cake so that they can create more weapons of mass destruction in order to destroy more innocent human life?

And aren't these angry old men and Anne angry because they believe that they are simply losing their grip on power on what they consider to be Planet USA? And it is apparent that they are in fact losing their grip on power after nearly 2 centuries of venal and sophist control by this mendacious, self-serving and once powerful group of white elitist racist misfits.
And isn't it about time that the majority of the people of the world, the rest of us (the roughly 7 billion of us who are in the majority), have something to say about our destinies and the direction that the world is taking (as opposed to being ordered around or manipulated by a minority in a nation with less than 6% of the world's population!
These men believed in a majoritarian America all right, as long as they held on to power.

Now ask yourself, what would be wrong with an empowered 'majoritarian ruled world' where whites were not in power! I suspect that in the New World order where a new nation like China would sit atop the world order, that most people and nations of the world might experience the true meaning of freedom. I believe that another emerging nation will do a better job of ensuring the rights of all men than the United States has done. Simply ask blacks and other non-white Third World nations about American justice!

Balderdash you say, communists you say? Have you read chapter 4 of the book of Acts, where the born again believers in Jerusalem 1st practiced communism? The Kingdom of God that we all plan to attain to is apparently not a Democracy!

The most dangerous terrorists in the world today, in my opinion, are American homegrown Republican fascists/Newt Gingrich type angry especially young and old white men. They are armed to the teeth and in control of the largest military arsenal in the world that including its vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Approximately 8,000 of America's WMDS, are currently deployed in underground silos, in submarines and on warships that are ready to be fired. And these knuckleheads seem to be chomping at the bit and just hoping for the day when they can deploy America's weapons of mass destruction, again, on unsuspecting human beings. Remember Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Reagan's support of the use of WMDs by Saddam Hussein against the Iranians and the Kurds?

These conservative radical fascist American fundamentalists holdovers - live, breathe, and dream of the glory days when they will engage in another pre-emptive Armageddon-style 'Shock and Awe' attack on another nation of innocent of innocent human beings'.

It would be also similar to the pre-emptive 'shock and awe attack' that was initiated by the United States in Iraq, when former President and 'old man George Bush Jr., ordered the IAEA and the United Nations inspectors out of Iraq, so that he could launch an unwarranted pre-emptive attack upon the innocent people of Iraq by the United States military. We continue to occupy Iraq 8 years later.

Their motive was to keep oil flowing between Iraq and the United States and to remind the nations of the world of the killing power of American white supremacists. It mattered little to them that the supremacists enjoy a disproportionate share of the world's goods now or that they constantly interfere in the internal matters of other nations of the world).

They also wanted to remind other nations and people of the world that they must continue to bow down and worship the American Idol.
In other words, the old men in the United States who rule the world, will continue to tread upon your nation and interests as long as they hold the power, but you or your nation are to never dare make the mistake or even think about treading on America and its interests around the world.

Also, to demand a fair share or access to the world's or your country's resources, is also unacceptable as far as they are concerned. Finally, other nations of the world must always expect interference in their internal affairs from the old men who rule the United States of America.
Other than for my personal and religious beliefs, as well as for my own family values, I would love to meet some of these young and old American men and Anne on the battlefield myself
(except it would be me having my day made while watching these idiots being swallowed up into a Red Sea of ignominy).

Folks, these chumps/angry white men and Anne Coulter, in my opinion, are all nothing but a bunch of cowards, and they represent a greater threat to all other human beings, far more than al Qaeda, UBL, and Admadinajab and perhaps even Satan.

And just as they have always done these selfish, spoiled childlike and childlike relics hide behind stealth, espionage, superior weaponry and armaments (America being the largest exporter nation of weaponry in the world and financial payouts. And, at the same time they continue to initiate or participate in subversive activities, make threats, destabilize others nations and their elected leaders and selected forms of governance. They also employ furtive propaganda in order to instill fear in people outside of the United States just as they do with people inside of the United States.

And their motive is? They do what they do, essentially, to further their stubborn, selfish and sadistic aims which is mostly to bolster a white polite elite. In fact they believe that the world must change, in order to meet an dictatorial American standard and to comply with their demands. O

Even Condi, former NSA Director and Secretary of State under George Bush and the Bushtanistas once put it this way, we have created the mold and the rest of the world must jump in and be molded by an American standard! Well she actually said that when we negotiate with other nations, we pretty much tell them what to do, and once they comply with our demands they will be rewarded.

The behavior of these old men and Condi, gives new meaning to the phrase Unified Field Theory. According to Unified American Field theory, the whole world and the fullness thereof is America's field. And the American military, under the guidance of venal leadership, will go about the task daily of unifying the whole world, beneath the rubric of American imperialism.

Again, the majority of these anti-American yet born-in-America 'old men'(except for John McCain who was born in Panama), and other dyed-in-the wool radical fundamentalist terrorist old men, mostly fills the ranks of the neo–fascist wing of the Republican Party.

And as I pointed out before, their tyrannical and hegemonic belief systems can be traced at least as far back to the late Ronald Reagan, their other singular race-favoring American predecessor, or to their late and distant Aryan relative, Adolf Hitler of the Austrian/German NAZI Party. Can anyone else see the similarities between Hitler's Nazis, and the Republican Old Men's Nazi party of America?

Haven't Republican fascists, along with George H. Bush and Dick Cheney done enough to damage this nation, its image in the world, and if not to the world itself (during their world-wide rampage and egoistic reign of terror)? Hasn't the Project for A New American Century been a dismal failure on its face?

And still, they expect to be taken seriously when they repeat the same behavior, push the same failed policy agenda (and try to convince intelligent people that they can expect a different outcome - if Republicans were simply given another chance at their craft).

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans have failed each time that they were in power, and implemented their narrow, ever-failing and often misguided domestic and foreign policy agenda. The big problem with Republicans is that they have the spirit of their forefathers who were once known as Democrats, a legacy that should remain buried in the ground.

Their paternalism is the direct cause for the vitriol and animus that exists today: The kind that America receives from too many other resentful nations in response to America power and its venal policies. The GOMP believe that everyone else in the world is a child that they need to be guided by their parents, old American white men. Lucifer in scriptures had a similar idea, and where did that get him, apparently tossed from heaven, according to biblical literature. American paternalism I suspect has gotten its favor with God, if there ever was any tossed as well!

The latter consider themselves to be the parental figures of the world. Fortunately, I can foresee a day coming when the majority of America's citizens (who love what is good and their country), will come together and join America's allies, and other outside nations if necessary, in order to eliminate this post-modern fascist Republican scourge from the face of the earth.

Chapter Four: [GOMP] Not The Party of Peace
I am an Independent Voter, however, I must give the Democrats credit for trying to work with 'our way or no way obstructionist Republicans': for oftentimes the Democratic Party has tried to work with 'the disaffected Republican infected', just as President Obama, has been doing since his inauguration.

The anti-American behavior of Republicans, has been on display especially during the Healthcare Reform hearings that are taking place in Congress, as well as in other venues throughout the nation. These Republican idiots have even brandished weapons within earshot of the President of the United States!

I am aware that not all Republicans are neo-fascists or racists, and neither are they proud of their Party-member peers like the high-profiled Rush Limbaugh, whose spirit also inhabits the younger, tainted members of the Republican Party like Anne Coulter, Bill Kristol Jr., Michael Savage, John Hannity, Patrick Buchanan (individuals who I kind of think of as subhuman gutter trash).
Clearly Republican neo-fascists have reached nadir,
and sadly they are not making any attempt to climb out of the depths to which they have descended - which is about as near to hell as one could get.

For not only are these high-profiled malcontents guilty of misbehavior, there depraved followers on the fascist Right are just as guilty as the higher-profiled ones. What are they guilty of, did you ask? The answer is mischaracterizations, obstructionism, propagandizing, baseless rhetoric, racism, treason, subversion, anti-patriotism, obstructionism, irresponsibility and other reprehensible behavior...

They are sycophants as well as followers of 'the Rush Limbaugh, we have got to stick together and dominate, white people's world order'. These small time political hoods are equally responsible for the current political climate of non-cooperation and anti-patriotism that thrives in the United Red States of America today.

Perhaps someday we will have a Nuremberg type trial for each one of them, young and old, trials that will hopefully be followed by banishment or execution. For not only have they terrorized the world, given the cover and aid of late that has been provided for them during the George H. Bush domestic and international 8-year reign of terror, they have also made it their seminal practice to continue terrorizing their fellow citizens, as well as the new President daily in the aftermath of George Bush’s and the Republican demise.

Folks, McCarthy had nothing on these fellows (and Anne). The upside to this whole matter is that George Bush is politically dead. He has to be feeling kind of stupid at this point knowing that he was the other poster child for a movement that only used his ignorance and naïveté in order to accomplish its objectives, not America's objectives. The latter included violating national and international law.

George Bush should also be aware by now that he was a willing patsy, and sadly his pretend friends who have of late discarded him along the wayside, continue to 'surge ahead' with renewed vigor while creating disruption and political mayhem in America and around the world.
Again, these radical American political, religious and non-religious conservative fundamentalists are currently engaged in their favorite practice of agitation, manipulation, creating dissension, spreading fear and spewing hatred from their twanged lips. And isn't that what they are really, an American hate group?

Sadly, all that they are doing now is causing more division and upheaval in an already bifurcated red-state, blue-state nation divide, if not the world. Their benchmarks are seemingly to, among other things, stop the current President's healthcare reforms, neuter the President and regain control of power in Washington DC in order to reassert their spin and to once again foist their venal agenda upon America and the rest of the world.
The newly infected covet power and cannot imagine it being any other way.
I repeat, why is it that these Republican derelicts covet the power of the Presidency, the Supreme Court, the Congress of the United States, the Treasury and America's military might so intensely? Isn't the reason, so that they can remain atop the world order, control the world-wide macroeconomic system from America's shores, and hold on to power and wealth in order to further their white supremacist agenda? President Obama is not exactly the image of the leader that they had in mind to lead their white confederate anti-American hate group.

"By God", they would say, this man is trying to bring peace to the world, and that is 'simply unacceptable". Why? Because it is not in 'their interest' to be at peace with an otherwise and would be peaceful world, without their constant interference! They are looking factually at what worked before to make cotton and certain white racist’s temporary kings in America, even if they did so by using the barrel of the gun to subjugate other people.
However, eight years of Republican hegemony, including deer caught in the headlights George Bush and the rest of the Bushtanistas - was considered by most Americans to be more than enough of an experiment gone bad!
Folks, in my opinion there are Reagan fascists, and there are Bush fascists but each group has one thing in common - they are both fascist groups.

I have often reflected back on my most recent 7-plus years stay in the nation's Capitol, a period that encompassed both 9/11, the American pre-emptive strike on Iraq, the American occupation of Iraq and the DC-Snipers attack.

Based upon what I observed and experienced first hand while in the nation's capitol (with American fighter planes circling overhead nightly), I have concluded that if the people of the world realized, who they, ipso facto, have allowed to dominate both their nations and their personal lives over the past 75 years or more, 'American political hillbillies', that they would be so angry with themselves.

And that has been the case for too long now, for the world has, in effect, permitted itself to be pushed around by America's least intelligent human beings,
individuals that I also refer to as 'white NRA American hillbilly gun-toters'.
Or, to use a phrase that they invented themselves in order to characterize the poorer members of their own ethnic group that they try to distance themselves from, 'po white trash'. America's foreign policy has never been peaceful when these knuckleheads were in power. Instead, whenever they were in power American foreign policy has been typically driven by force, threat, intimidation, intrusion, manipulation, political and economic sanctions, duplicity and forceful persuasion. They are 'white trash' themselves, perhaps not poor, but certainly trash!

Why have the world, and America's allies succumbed so long to the will of American oppression. Well, as Condi, my former colleague at Stanford University once pointed out, when discussing the manner in which America negotiates with other nations of the world, she said that we would say to other nations like Iran for example:
You do what we say, and you will be rewarded, otherwise...!
Right on Condi for being truthful for once! She's still fine "hmm baby", in my book, but Condi went over to the other side a long time ago.

And didn't both she, and Ambassador Powell get used and even worse - disrespected by their white fascist co-cabinet member nemesis' Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney? Colin Powell was even betrayed by GB himself, even though Colin wouldn't admit it when he spoke at a DIA meeting that I attended, a year or two ago in Washington DC.

Clearly the Republican Party lacks the power or the will to do anything about the real problem in America and the world for that matter, given that they are the problem in the world today.

The GOP ranks right up there with a terrorists groups like al-Qaeda. And given a choice, I suspect that the latter are far more ethical than the former. The Republican Party has become an embarrassment not only to Americans but also to America's allies and the rest of the world (to include Donald Rumsfeld's 'old Europe')!

Why won't the members of the real American Taliban, American fascist Republicans and the protégés of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr., be honest about who they really are and admit to what it truly is that drives them - hatred, greed and a need to control other people, and the wealth of America and all other nations of the world? They want to have their say in how everyone on this planet governs their lives as well as their treasuries.

To be succinct, they could do all of us a big favor and simply go off and live with their fellow terrorist brothers and sisters in groups like al-Qaeda or Afghanistan's Taliban on the opposite side of the world?

To my way of thinking, American terrorists ought to reside elsewhere with other known world terrorists, as opposed to living among an otherwise peaceful civilian population.
It seems only proper, that white terrorist Americans should live in the White Mountains range that spans both Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with their other reactionary terrorists brothers and sisters, including UBL.
Get it, white terrorists and white mountains? They could call this place a 'white terrorist mountain paradise', a place for natural born killers.

Then in the White Mountains region, when they (white American terrorists) can’t get their way or elect strictly white leaders, the kind that they prefer, they can freely go about the business of killing people (especially those leaders that they don't care for)! In the white Mountains region, they won't have to behave under the cover of secrecy.

By the way, can any of you recall which terrorist nation it was before that helped to create and then arm the Taliban (the students) of Afghanistan, in the first place? Answer: It was the United States of America (along with Pakistan) and its American terrorist party Administration at the time, the Republicans that armed and helped to create the Taliban.

Now isn't it ironic, that after propping up Afghanistan's Taliban and UBL against the Russians, during their 9-year war with the Russians, that just over a decade later, the American Taliban led by Commander-in-Chief, 'Chicken George H. Bush Jr.' have had to go in, occupy Afghanistan and fight against their own creation, the Afghani Taliban (not some amalgamation of terrorists that were supposedly created by Iran, Syria or Jordan ...

And interestingly enough, America has had to do the same with their other satrap nation, Iraq, and the terrorists that America created (again, not Syria or Jordan). Now its friends in Yemen (remember the Achille Largo incident), and others elsewhere around the world! Why would these old friends be angry with us. When will Republican Americans ever learn better?

Chapter Five: American Terrorists: The New Terrorist Legacy and Worldwide Deception
I'll say again to the world, that you have permitted yourself to be dominated for nearly a century now by retrograde American hillbillies like Rush Limbaugh, George Bush Jr., Ronald Reagan and company. And they were planning to pursue the same practice (PNAC) in the 21st century). None of these are, or have ever been, by any stretch of the imagination, representatives of America's finest. For that matter, they are the worst examples of what America has to offer.

Our American terrorists make what the other so-called terrorists of the world do, (many of those terrorists that America often arms and supplies with weapons, including WMDs on occasion), look like child's play.
In the mid 20th Century, the world came together to put an end to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. I believe that the same will likely have to occur again in order to put an end to America's 4th Reich, the American Republican Party! Otherwise the Republican Party will continue to provide cover as well as aid for America's internal enemies.

Once America's current ubiquitous group of insouciant Republican NAZIs are expunged from the earth, locked in chains or are being waterboarded - the rest of America and the world can move forward without interference from, 'the American Taliban and their Republican guides'. Why, should we take such drastic action did you ask?

Bear in mind that their predecessors, the German NAZI Party and its fuehrer, also believed as American NAZIs believe today, that it was their 'manifest destiny' to order and to rule the world.
I can hear Hitler, if he could speak, reverberating the words of American GOMPS, awe those people are better off now that we conquered and subjected them. I wonder if Hitler had succeeded, would our American GOMPS admit that they had been made better off by Hitler and the Third Reich.

Most Americans, sadly, are still in denial about American NAZIs. However, I suspect that the rest of the world has been painfully aware of the existence of American NAZI terrorists for over a century now.

Now, as I said before, it is my ardent hope that the nascent incumbent president, Barrack Obama, will soon wake up and realize that the real war that he should be fighting in is taking place within America's borders, if not right in his own backyard. And to be succinct, that is where his energies ought to be directed.

For this unspoken war that is being waged, of late, by homegrown American terrorists, is by extension a war on the world-wide body politic of freedom-loving human beings (to include non-conservative Americans).

America's recent economic collapse was, I believe, just a shot across America's bow. IT CAN HAPPEN FOLKS - America can collapse, and 'some people' on the Right, apparently want America to collapse (if they cannot have things their own way). Keep in mind that many of them benefited, having prepared themselves ahead of time, in preparation for America's recent economic collapse.

And it wouldn't matter to them if America collapsed, that is if the past is an indicator of the future. Again, consider that during America's recent economic collapse, many of the fascists on the Right, managed to get bail outs and to further gorge and enrich themselves while most Americans suffered loss.

However, we are currently living in A Changing World with A Changing (American) ethos. Where are the so-called good Republicans, and why are their voices so muted?
It is also my ardent hope that 'the more humane members of the Republican Party, and I suspect that there are some silent ones out their somewhere that have not been infected nor possessed by the Republican Demons of the past, can get their inhumane and unconscionable members under control'.
And if they fail to do so soon, I suspect that the real American Taliban, will soon initiate more terrorist acts in American cities and towns, if not around the world.

And can you imagine what these nuts would do, in the eventuality that the Health Insurance Reform initiative were to become law, as it is currently written? I can see it now, they will do what they have always done when faced with a so-called crisis, and go and get their guns. What a bunch of dumb hillbillies who masquerade as enlightened Americans?

I heard this morning that former President George Bush's wife, supported the President's plan, to address, nationwide, America's schoolchildren, despite the dissension, declension and animus that is coming from the fascists and propagandists on the Republican Right.

By the way, thank you Mrs. Bush for speaking up regarding the President's plan to give a nationwide address to America's schoolchildren. However, and having said that - where is your hubby, and why isn't he telling his former supporters to respect the office of the President? Could it be that he is not telling them to desist because, just as he demonstrated while he held the office of President of the United States, he, from the looks of things, did not have any respect for the office of the President himself?

He seemed to believe at the time, that the office of President was his to wield, and even to place under the control of men like Dick Cheney and Fuhrer Rush Limbaugh as he sat in proxy and watched the nation crumble.

And these characters complain about President Obama nodding to an Arab potentate. How about President Bush yielding the office of President to a jaundiced high-school grad American talk show host malcontent and a 4 or 5-timed furloughed from military service, scoundrel Vice President?
Aren't intelligent and educated Republicans embarrassed given the power and sway that a Republican nitwit radio talk show has over their party? Bill O'Reilly is an idiot, but at least he is a credentialed one. And, similar to Mr. Bush he can at least say that he graduated from Harvard University?

When you take into consideration that both George Bush Jr. and nutcase Bill O'Reilly graduated from Harvard, one cannot help but wonder just what does it take to be admitted to Harvard, or to successfully graduate from Harvard University? I guess it depends on who you know? I also wonder whether or not former president George Bush ever cow-towed or purchased designer cuff links, or surrendered a few nights in the Lincoln Suite for any of the more enlightened or more educated members of the Republican Party?
When most people today, think of the Republican Party, they think of the face and voice of Fuhrer Rush Limbaugh/fascism!
I must then ask again, and I must do so in the strongest of terms, do Republicans have any idea of the damage has been done to its party's already damaged brand when Republican Rush Limbaugh is the face of its party? Do they understand the very implication of rotund Rush being so influential in their party?

Rush is the representative face, as well as the voice of American Republicanism: he speaks for all of you. Aren't intelligent Republicans embarrassed at all by fascist miscreant Russ Limbaugh?
Agree with the late Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater's politics or not, late Senator Goldwater rebuked the members of his own party, the Republican Party, for their obstructionist behaviors during the beginning of the Clinton Administration.
To late Senator Goldwater, if you can hear me wherever you are: Republican obstructionism has resurfaced, and it is alive and well in America during the onset of the 21st century. In other words Sir, 'they're back and creating mayhem all over again - and the American President who hails from the Democratic Party, once again is not exempt! And to be factual, their obstructionism has mutated into outright sedition.

What's next,
will a modern-day Republican John Wilkes Booth, either male or female, soon rise up from the ranks of the Republican Party un-faithful, and attempt to murder another American President and government officials, just as the Republican faithful have done on prior occasions in the past?
I suspect that a Republican is already positioning him or herself somewhere at an unspecified place on a grassy knoll.

But move over Saddam of the Netherworld, you may have to wait awhile for I suspect that the late Senator Barry Goldwater would like to get at late President Ronald Reagan himself given the manner in which he violated the law, and misled the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee that late Republican Senator Goldwater once chaired. For Ronald not only skirted the law, given his illegal but covert interactions with Iraq in order to acquire weapons for the Contras, he also worked his way around Senator Goldwater during the Contra War.

You see, Ronald, Ollie North and other (mostly white Republican members of the Party of law, morality and values) considered themselves to be above the laws that all other Americans were obliged to obey. Even Ronald Reagan was a host carrier of the disease, Republican fasciitis, when he was alive. He ignored the Law on more than one occasion, and was praised by his fellow-predator co-conspirators for violating the law.

And, as opposed to what they tried to do to Bill Clinton for doing something far less egregious (trying to cover up for his salacious philandering), they never tried to impeach Ronald. Instead, they praised him malfeasance while in office!

Chapter Six: Fuhrer Limbaugh Chairman of GOMP:
Rush Limbaugh represents a double dose of the spirits of the past and the H1N1 virus. That the virus apparently derives from pigs is apropos, particularly when you consider the personality of Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Grand Old Man's Party!

Fuhrer Limbaugh, is an offensive, retrograde, bombastic, chemically-dependent, uneducated, obstructionist contagonists, and an on automatic attack everything that comes from the other side of the aisle. Or when this rich, but treasonous and daily attack the leader of this nation talk show host is all that you have to offer, it should give each one of you pause, if not heartburn.

Every Republican ought to recognize or at least acknowledge that your party has been co-opted, and is being dominated by an illiterate malcontent, a man who openly confesses that he wants the nation's President to fail? Why?

Could it be because Fuhrer Limbaugh is an abject failure himself? His very failed presence in the Republican party signals its demise and says a lot about where the Republican Party stands given its retrograde leadership that includes Rush. The values party, oh give me a break... not even your preachers?

And he is your beacon of hope, and the man that 'you people' most admire and listen to on the radio on an almost daily basis?

Does this remind you, by any standard of reckoning, why the majority of the American people rejected your party, its retrograde ideas, its self-centered & jaundiced set of ideologues, and their deplorable ideas of how a nation and the world ought to be run, just about a year ago?

George Bush may have graduated from Yale and Harvard (in the manner that he served in the National Guard, getting passed along), however he was still only a wit behind radio Fuhrer Rush who was in control of the Republican party's narrative, as well as the White House for 8 years and more! Can anyone say dumb and dumber?

Among the numerous mistakes that your party has made over the past 3 decades, four of them are Ronald trickle-down, leveraged-buyout-greenmail-Contragate scandal Reagan. And then there was and is still remaining, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and George Bush Jr., need I say more? What are 'you people', stupid or something?

I wonder, if it is even possible for white Southerners and their other white fascist sympathizers, who are the harbingers of hatred and the spirit of white supremacy, to ever cease from their historical practice of being guided by (ignorant white sheet wearing or not), illiterate, fascists, men (and Anne) who have only their own interests in mind? When will enough be enough? A major political pathology threatens to destroy your shrinking monolithic minority party from within.

The problem is apparent to everyone else in America, and likely to the rest of the world. Now when will it become obvious to 'you people'? When will Republican and Dixie-crat 'ditto-heads', wake up, 'smell the roses' and 'get-in-the-real-world’? Why should you? Because frankly, the real world is about to pass you by if don't get into the real world. And, it is apparent that the 21st century won't be governed, as proposed, by the Republican authors of the Project for the New American Century world - and thank God for that. You people have a lot of nerve!

If the problems of America are ever to be solved, it will take the resolve of the majority of the American people who will be guided by a relevant vision in order to do so; for real change will come from the bottom up, not as a result of waiting for a President or a single party to restructure society or to fix America's myriad of mostly self-imposed problems!

I happened to be listening to the Ray Taliafaro show on KGO Radio in the Bay Area late last evening. Ray may have inspired a new name for the Republican Party when he referred to the party as being 'repugnant'. I like the sound of that, and will consider referring to the Republican Party, in the future, as 'The Repugnant Party'.

The Republican Party really is repugnant by any reasonable standard! It is as some have already said, the Party of Lincoln. But it should not be overlooked by the public, that the Republican Party is also the Party of assassins.
The former Whig turned Republican Party, also gave America and the world a group of 'terrorist Republican Assassins'
to include stage actor John Wilkes Booth and his cast of fellow Republican Party political assassins, in addition to our modern-day cast of Republican assassins.

The latter proves my point that neither terrorism nor assassinations are unusual for members of the Republican Party. In fact, the latter has proved to be the rule rather than the exception. Warning Warning!! If I was the recently-elected mixed-heritage President from the state of Illinois, I would watch my back whenever a Republican was nearby! With respect to the behavior of our friends on the right, all one can really do is to sit back and shake your head!

Conclusion: Folks, just as Jesus recognized that there was an insidious war taking place in the circum-Mediterranean region of his day, we must wake up and realize that Republican anarchists and traitors have begun an insidious war inside of America, a war that is taking place on our watch. And, it is a war whose flames are not soon to be extinguished, that is if we don't do something about them!

Radical Republicans, are neither friends nor American compatriots, and I pity anyone who believes that they are friends of the nation. Instead, they seem to be preparing for armed conflict and confrontations on the streets of America.

Jesus was a revolutionary, and I believe that we ought to all be revolutionaries as well. I know that some of the judgmental, who believe that no one else should judge people or actions besides them, will not care for my tone. However, I prefer Jesus’ style, particularly when he referred to Herod the hegemonic monarch of his day as ‘that fox’.

Today, we still have a lot of foxes spoiling the vines, and they continue to occupy influential seats of power in our nation and the world, even though they were dethroned in open and fair elections. Karl Rove and company tried to repeat what they did before to steal an election, but the Bushtanistas had done so much damage to the country's psyche, that they couldn't figure out how to manipulate the electorate and steal the 2008 election.

These banal groups of Republican politicians, who often, proudly, operated outside of the law and were not accountable to anyone else in America or the world, simply refuse to go away (just consider Dick Cheney as an example). The man built a new luxury house for him and his wife in Maryland, near Donald Rumsfeld's house, at the time that he and George Bush were dispensing innocent Americans to fight in an unjust war in Iraq.

Those same troops returned to America to face unemployment and to live in squalid conditions. Dickey boy, has not lifted a finger to assist them.

If only men like Dick Cheney, the Grand Wizard of the Klan, Donald Rumsfeld would simply go away. Cheney should go and live near his friends the Rumsfeld's, well he did didn't he and spend all of the money that he made off of the war and via the Carlisle Group, and shut-up?

These disgruntled malcontents and power-hungry political warmongers are a scourge that somehow remain upon the face of the earth and occasionally shows up on 'Face The Nation', the news television show

I have included a few buzz words and phrases that best describes this reemerging group of Republican neo-fascists who are carriers of the disease Republican fasciitis: insurrectionists, traitors, subversives, anti-Americans, inane, narrow-minded, scandalous, duplicitous, self-centered, captious, irreverent, unconscionable, insufferable, caustic, abrasive, untenable, tergiversators, co-conspirators, the disaffected infected or simply put, Republican.

And readers please remember this, you can either avoid coming down with the disease Republican fasciitis, or recover from or eliminate the innocuous disease either by using your brain or taking a diuretic.

Besides, when I think of fascists, I think of eugenics. They invented it, and if we were to employ the use of eugenics against them, it would be just one more way of eliminating Republican fasciitis from our cities and towns. It would also eliminate the pandemic from the places that they have already staked out around the world (including American military bases). They should be tried themselves or hung on the gallows that they have had erected for someone else! Any person or persons who elect to stay with the Republican Party may as well join The Klan!

Peace & Grace and I Ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts, and apparently the world isn't afraid of ghosts either, at least it appears to be that way.

THIS DOCUMENT IS IN THE PROCESS OF being reworked – patience!