Sep 11, 2006

'The Sky is Falling...or is it further Propagation of Propaganda?

Chicken George, in this scenario, wants us to believe, that his self-proclaimed war on terror is "a battle for the future of civilization?" I am reminded of the rhetoric that preceded past wars and military encounters between the U.S.A. and other Unions and nations around the world. Take the former Soviet Union and the many near misses that were had between both nations, after much of the information that both sides believed in was declassified, we find that both sides were way off in terms of their assessments of the motivations of the other side and what the other side was thinking and planning to do.

It is customary that in most scenarios voluntary action is preceded by and predicated upon belief. And to believe something does not require that it be real or factual. It is clear that Mr. Cheney and other members of the Administration, including the President, remain convinced that what they believe in the most recent scenario between the U.S.A. and its enemies, is factual. But how did they arrive at their conclusion is what we all should be concerned about? Are their assumptions based upon fact or are they merely assumptions based upon assumptions which may turn out not to be accurate. Remember all of the rhetoric that led up to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq?

If you accept the propaganda that is being propagated by the west, particularly the U.S.A., and the underlying premise that the white western way of governance and its manner of living (debauchery, its own form of a police state, nationalism, world-wide hegemony and all) equates with civilization and to the exclusion of any other way of living or form of governance, then you can see where Cheney and the Administration are coming from and why they are reacting in the manner that they are reacting in.

And, you can also understand why they are panicking and in some instances overreaching, for they believe that the sky around America is falling. In other words, the white western system of values is being threatened and could be degraded if the Arab and Persian world, for example, were ever to assume the reigns of world-wide power similar to the power that is currently being held and wielded over the world by the Western nations, particularly the U.S.A. If the Arab were to ever reach the zenith of power and hold sway over the West as the West has held over the rest of the world for the past century, the U.S.A could become the new Native Americans who might loose their land and their way of life, or the U.S.A. could take on Third World nation status and become a nation that is controlled or meddled with by some outside enemy or Caliphate, which would represent a completely unacceptable reversal for the West, in particular for those in the United States.

Now on the other hand if what Bush, the Administration and some Americans believe is in error, just as declassified information has demonstrated on several occasions that what rival nations have believed in the past about each other was simply not true, then we are apparently wasting valuable resources again, over unfounded and unsubstantiated speculation that has resulted from paranoia, overreaction or misinterpretation and misrepresentation of events. I suspect that the latter is what is taking place now in the current conflicts involving the U.S.A.

As a so-called minority in America, I have watched Caucasian Americans for decades, the same who have been taught for years that they are the superior race, and the same who to some degree magnanimously tolerate the greater numbers of the unwashed in their civilized world. And although many in the white class, not all, believe that it is their inherent destiny to rule over and teach the lowly untrained and unrestrained masses of the great unwashed, they are at the same time betrayed by their fear if not paranoia towards those who they attempt to rule over and to civilize. Usually after a furtive effort to 'indoctrinate them', remember the American Praying Indians, they will usually revert to violence and simply slaughter those who will not conform or accede to their rulership, form of governance or dictates.

I see that kind of syndrome at work today with respect to the West, moreso the U.S.A. and its feelings and reactions to the rest of the world. The fact is a few individuals who do not represent over 1 Billion people have essentially reacted or responded if you will to American/British hegemony and interference in their lives over the past century. And Mr. Bush and company, dragging down soon to step-down or be deposed Mr. Tony Blair, have overacted and overreached, and as a result the same have created a Maelstrom with the whole Middle-Eastern world, whereby engendering unrest and fomenting further fear and hostilities to and around the globe. But there are far more with AMERICA, THAN AGAINST AMERICA on the other side.

The fact is that both sides, the U.S.A. and those on the other side, particularly the clan leaders on both sides are both doing the same thing, reacting to what the other clan has done or said. But neither the majority of Americans nor the majority of Muslims are not in support of the beliefs of either small minority. And in fact both sides, if either is guilty, are engaging in terrorism and military action in order to resolve their differences at the expense of all of the rest of us on both side. I reiterate that the U.S.A is no different in that regard than the other side when it terrorizes other people and other nations. Either terrorism is terrorism, no matter who does it, or what our side refers to as terrorism is not terrorism at all. A better word to use might be 'reaction'! Both sides are simply reacting to what they believe that the other side is doing or might do. Bush used the latter to explain and to justify the independent and preemptive war/illegal invasion of Iraq that he initiated.

What Bush said a week ago is mostly true in that there is in fact an ideological struggle, our way of thinking vs. their way of thinking; where he erred was in not saying that the ideological struggle is really between his Administration and portions of the U.S.A. vs. portions of Middle-Easterners and their leaders. Neither do all of the West, nor many in the Muslim world support this ideological divide. But having said that, Mr. Bush wants the rest the western world to mutate into impressionable non-thinkers and to simply jump on the bandwagon and join the war to murder, imprison and terrorize innocent Arabs and Persians around the world. And folks that is falderal and should be unacceptable to any civilized or semi-civilized people. The book of Proverbs teaches us that two of the things that God hates are lying and the shedding of innocent blood; we have seen a lot of that since the Bush Administration has been in power.

Now what has followed the Bush Administration’s form of thinking and a similar form of thinking on the other side is simply put, misaction, by 'uncivilized barbarians' on both sides which has resulted in senseless murder and degradation of human lives in a world that is senselessly and needlessly on edge? If Bush is correct when he said that these folks are "successors to fascists, to Nazis, to Communists and other totalitarians of the 20th century", why is it that he failed to mention American/Western fascism, with respect to what these folks have been subjected to and suffered under during most of the 20th century when the West even imposed dictators and western preferred styles of governance on many Middle-Eastern countires, Iraq, the most recent to share the fate of having America to install a government through the use of force in its land.

I welcome an 'awakening debate', for not only Bush and his Administration needs to be privy to such a debate, but most Americans need to partake in some informed civil discourse as well. White Americans need to be re-educated with respect to America's current and historical misbehavior. America is not the sweet little country that the 'boys and girls' were taught about during early childhood or pre-pubescence. And in order to correct a problem of this magnitude, it will likely require that the truth about all sides be brought to the table in order to engage in meaningful discourse and to solve the problems of perception, and those of fact.

"If Bush's words were to actually support the rhetoric", America should show the courage of a Superstate with educated and erudite citizens, and begin a fazed withdrawal from Iraq, regroup and allow the debate to determine how America should proceed, hopefully along with the rest of the world included. We will still have our toy military and all of our guns and satellites and the like to defend ourselves.

Finally, we could get into a whole other discussion about how the Western Zionism democratic style of government is not the solution, and how forcing Democracy on other States will only succeed in destroying other nations that are apparently served better by having other forms of leadership in place; look at Iraq. For Democracy has never been the end all that we were taught to believe, not even God set up a Democracy on earth, if you believe Genesis; just ask Eve?

Too many intolerant Americans that believe in the American Religion of Democracy, and feel that everyone should be converted must come to understand that the unconverted are not demons of some sort, they simply have their own belief systems that have apparently worked in nations that are far older than the United States, and those nations have managed to live without the American form of [demo-crazy] and interference for centuries if not millennia.

The sky is not falling! The problem is that we see the leadership on both sides who both view each other the same way, as being uncivilized. But still both sides of the most recent entanglement are being led by those who choose the same barbaric and uncivilized methods in order to solve the problem that they have never taken time to identify or address!

And as I close, white Americans stop being so paranoid, for just because someone has a different world view it does not follow that they want to overthrow a way of living which is good for you, others simply want to enjoy their beliefs and their way of living and to live out the time that they were given on the planet, interacting with but not being interfered with by you.

Think about it, black Americans having thrown off about 75% of the yoke of white oppression have not tried to overthrow white America. And the fact that we have not tried has nothing to do with cowardice or the strength of the white power structure; it just so happened that what most blacks were more civilized and believed that the way to solve a problem was through prayer and appealing to civility on the other side! All that most blacks Americans ever wanted was and simply want now is to simply pursue a peaceful lifestyle minus interference from the whites and other criminals, and that is primarily all that the other side ever wanted and still wants!

However, if America continues as it has done so in the past, what was once perception will become reality to a billion Muslims, then America is going to have some real problems, and that is what we should be working to avoid!

Sep 7, 2006

A Message To An Old Marine: A Few Good Men

Old Marine, your comment reminds me of a line that came right out of the movie, 'A Few Good Men'.

Remember the Marine Officer who was testifying in court with regard to who killed substandard marine, "Santiago'? The Marine Officer, who only relied on the Navy to transport the Marines to their many destinations, listed his order of priorities in life on the stand for JAG officer Tom Cruz as follows; I believe it went like this: Unit, Corp, God, Country... Perhaps it is a Marine thing, but clearly his first priority was neither the ethereal nor his fellow man. My list of priorities is as follows: What humans refer to as God, all of humanity including my family, self and country... My priorities go along with the scriptures, to love the Lord thy God...and thy neighbor as thyself, neighbor and self being tied together..

I am not criticizing you; however, I believe that the United States is 'the American Idol', for far too many Americans, and therefore the same Americans are willing to turn a blinded-eye and ignore America's misdeeds. And the 'comparison to other countries theorem', does not hold any water for me. Yes, in some instances the country does some things better than other countries but so what, should that be the litmus test, and should that excuse America from doing what it should be doing as opposed to 'caveat by comparison' with other countries? Should that justify, for example, invasion, murder and occupation, just because American on the other hand makes donations to UNICEF? Many Americans actually worship the Beast and they will have no other God or thing before her, the United States. I am concerned that all of the groups that we find ourselves in from the smallest dyad or triad or to larger groups like extended family, club, town, city, county and country, which are mostly put in place to assist in human and group development, can in many instances act as dividers, and separate us from other human beings on the planet, and from innate feelings for social attachment that most of us were born with. All of us are aware of certain self-perpetuating groups in our country that are closed to others, and on occasion those groups serve no other purpose than to divide the group from others and to change their inward feelings about their fellow human beings (It would appear that Mr. Bush is leading the charge right now, teaching Americans to hate those Islamic-fascists).

American began as a closed group and in many ways it still is a closed group, albeit many sub-groups have obtained citizenship. America's membership, as you know, originally consisted of land-owning white males who (the same as a certain political groups today) did not want to pay taxes....albeit the original group did not want to pay taxes to The Crown.

Not to revisit all of American history, however, American history is replete with land-confiscations, murder, rape, child-molestation, slavery, egregious racism, truce-breaking, greed, racist and debauched slave-owning pimp officials and leaders, deferential treatment to one class and one class only in the country, corrupt and biased laws, 3-branches of Government with officials who never upheld their oaths to defend the constitution or were proactive in defending the rights of all Americans citizens. As a result America ended up with a sub-class of minorities including women, and similar to Lebanon, a secondary government that included Black Leadership (that most Americans criticize, while never criticizing many of the racist, child-molesting, adulterous, criminal slave-holding pimps, that held office in America for about 200 years), that had to perform the job that local, state and the federal government failed to do. What was missing old Marine in a nation that always evoked the name, if you will of God (not a name), yet at the same its laws codified hatred of its fellow-man in spite the double-speak in the Constitution, Amendments to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? And what have many blind Americans, not saying you, done ever since? Too many have followed right along in order to be good citizens, and were either perpetrators themselves of mass exclusion and deferential treatment, or indifferent to doing anything to make the necessary changes as it were, that any human being that had love in his heart would have insisted upon being done and would insist upon being done in the world today, in my view! And some went and fought and sadly died to defend American duplicity and double-speak

I believe that if all humans across the planet would put their brothers and sisters around the globe before any civil organization, that the world would be a better place, for most governments, and America is not an exception, teaches its citizens who to love and who to hate; governments teach separation and division and unfortunately that teaching has become internalized in too many Americans. But if I am unlike Cain in the O.T. scriptures, I am my brother's keeper, therefore I care about the Bedouin, the Afrikaner, the pigmy, the teuton, the mongrel, the black, the white, the male, the female et al. Groups ought to help each individual to grow, however, at the same time our man-made divisions should not divide or keep us from the higher priority, 'the brotherhood of all of us'. . If we followed my list of priorities, there wouldn't be, on the planet, any poverty, villages ravished with disease, class stratification, indifference to the needs of one-another, and I could go on, but I'm preaching now!

I believe that love of people should come before love of country, for if you look across the American political landscape and consider America's history and its tragic past, one would be wise to keep their eyes wide open, for some portions of American's past remains firmly entrenched and is with us today

The U.S.A. Republicans, Terrorists or Rogue?

Republicans on the Right need a leader that is willing to skirt both domestic and international law. The majority of the world believes that the U.S.A. is behaving in a rogue fashion and so do I. Can we call other people 'terrorists', and not allow ourselves to be characterized as 'being rogue'?

I wonder if we were to go around the world and ask the citizens in several other nations of the world, and what are your definitions of terrorism? At first they would probably think of the United States of America and its current occupation of Iraq, then they would say, nah, they have uniforms so they cannot be terrorists(-:

Did we forget what happened at Mr. Bush's stopover in Vienna just over a month ago? Mr. Bush was informed there that even the citizens in Europe did not see any difference in the behavior of the U.S.A. and the so-called terrorists. The only apparent difference that some Europeans saw between the two groups was that one group had a might army and wore uniforms, and the other group did not have an army or uniforms; how uncivilized?. I

In fact Mr. Bush was informed that many citizens in Europe felt that they had more reason to fear the U.S.A. than they had to fear Iran. Mr. Bush was shocked and appalled (-:

Many Americans believe that it is okay to circumvent the law in order to preserve justice or to get what Americans want for themselves. And that is how the country began, with the invaders acting like homicidal maniacs, rapists and thieves who also engaged in human trafficking and child-molestation.

And why would they stop when each branch of government was complicitous and staffed by the same characters? Do you know how many thieves and murderers and Klansmen were active in every branch of the American government, Federal, State and Local over the past 200 years, several of them are still there? Are you also of the same mindset, i.e., that it is okay for America to just do what it wants and to break laws whenever it pleases? How about the higher Law, is it okay for America to abrogate that law as well? And if America can break the law, then how come Saddam and others cannot?

Many Americans believe that the Republicans are better at breaking Laws than the Democrats and ergo they trust the Republicans to keep up lawless preemptions, surveillance, occupations of other sovereign nations and perhaps an occasional break-in at the Watergate just thrown in for fun(-:. In other words as long as they protect me and provide me with a robust lifestyle, Republicans feel, I don't care what the politicians or members of the military do.

That kind of reminds one of when the Klan would murder black Americans and go to court and get off scot-free in the face of a mountain of evidence. It would appear that the same mind-set is still with us today with respect to the rest of the world, Guantanamo comes to mind!

And to answer your final question, my brother once said something similar to me. He said, if you were facing the enemy and told that you had to shoot or kill them, what else could you do for you would have no other choice than to obey. I answered, yes I would have a choice, I could always kill myself (or even kill the person who was giving the order)! Sorry Namron, I am not letting you off the hook that easily. We cannot simply go around the world murdering people and obliterating nations in order to keep our system of greed, graft, debauchery and America's place in the world order intact.

I feel that you under appreciate the feelings of most Americans desire to maintain America's place atop the current world order/ that is truly what motivates American foreign policy anyway, HOW DO WE STAY ON TOP. The world knows it, the Administration knows it, how come you don't know that?

In my community we refer to it as 'White Supremacy', and that is not to say that all whites believe in or are white supremacists. At the White House and at most conservative think tanks they would refer to this phenomenon as 'American Supremacy'.

We've got to change. It is not a good thing to sit atop the world order and at the same time carry on like a thuggish rogue state. The whole world recently witnessed the duplicity of the United States with regard to the war between Israel and Hezbollah. The U.S.A. said, we are for truth and democracy and freedom, and oh by the way Israel, here are some more munitions for you, go and do what you have to do, the same that the U.S.A. is doing in Iraq!

Well if there is a bright spot in all of this, in 2 years Mr. Bush will be clearing sagebrush in Crawford; and republicans can name something after him, oops the name for the CIA has already been taken hasn't it!

The Straw Man And The Bushtanistas

The American Administration has created a 'straw man' and it is their hope to rally Americans and regain the support that they have lost given their blunders over the past 3-years. Many Americans are still waiting for the real war on terrorism to begin, thus far all Bush and his accomplices have done is to destroy a sovereign nation, estrange America from its long-time allies, and to violate both international and domestic Law.

By creating this straw man, the current Administration also hoped to do what previous Administration's have done, that is to tell the American public that we have identified America's enemy and we must all come together to defeat it. The problem is, based on this Administration's faux paux's over the past 3-years; there has been a noticeable loss of credibility for this Administration. Some of us wonder if the Administration even knows who the really enemy is and whether these folks are capable of figuring out who the enemy really is, or whether they have the where-with-all to do any thing about the real enemy if they ever discover who or what is the true enemy of America? Ah I already know for sure, the enemy is within American itself and to some of your dismay, I am not speaking about Mr. Bush.

Right now the Bush Administration reminds you of a bunch of people with loaded guns who are afraid of some ill-defined enemy, who are twitching and turning around in a 360 degree circle, and firing their gun at anything and anyone that stands or moves, with the hopes of hitting something; in the case of the Administration they simply hope to hit the threat!.

If there is one thing positive that has come out of the Administration's most recent desperate ploy, evidenced by the apparent frustration that is emanating from the White House towards the American people (who the Administration is put in place to serve) is, what the Administration wanted to happen over the past 3-years domestically and abroad, has not happened. The Administration has failed, and it needs to put the blame somewhere. Bush and his team remind me of the Super Sports Team that goes to Japan, for instance, and looses in the quarterfinal round, sorry, I got carried away, but back to my point. The American Administration is the SuperTeam that is loosing and the stakes are very high. However, rather than addressing the team's game plan, they are blaming the cheerleaders and their fans for not cheering them on to victory.

Perhaps like the American Basketball Team at FIBA, the Administration should simply
'learn how, when and where to shoot'. Again, my apologies to the Cable Guy: I should not have said that. Back to my point, this time the American people are not simply turning off their brains and falling in line to destroy other human lives by financing a misguided war and a failed Administration's policy. Americans are savvy and I will go as far as to say, on occasion resilient.

Most Americans were skeptical about Bush's action from the beginning, but most Americans had and still have a conflict, i.e., enlisted American men and women who are caught in the middle!

Bush and his accomplices and his holdover Religious and Political Right supporters, some of whom are defecting lately, simply did not give the American populace enough credit. Americans are savvy and the Administration is doing something that is unwise; criticizing its employer the American people. For the American people know that we have a problem in the world, but unlike the Administration that has simply lumped everyone together, inside and outside of America, into the Bush caldron, in order to create 'an enemy' whereby receive American financial support as well as political backing, Americans want to focus on the actual problem.

Furthermore, Americans will not be scolded or lectured by those that we have put into position to serve protect the interests of Americans. Americans want some skilled analysis of the problem that is going on in the world right now in order to determine how to resolve the real problem even if that means going to war with the America's true enemy. But simply demonizing people and labeling them Islamo-fascists or terrorists is not good enough. Yesterday Bush even employed the C-word in order to further demonize his enemies and galvanize American support, whereby comparing all of his perceived enemies, and inferring that Americans who disapprove of his actions, as being as bad as the communists and fascists in former Nazi Germany. The Liberals got bumped out of their place with the Bush team who over the course of his Administration has considered the lowest of the low, on any scale, to be 'American Liberals'.

There has clearly been a failure of leadership in the United States and for the world over the past six years! And it is time for a serious review to be made by the American people of our employees in Washington; for the President and his team is being insubordinate in my opinion. Since when does the employee lecture the employer! In political terms isn't the manner in which fascism comes about is when the tail begins to wag the dog?

This whole Bush problem over the past 6-years have been instructive however, we need to make some internal changes, not just with the Administration, but the way that we will elect officeholders in the future. It is time for a referendum!

Down with the Bushtanistas!

Jee Nious: Response #3, Americans Hardwired

Jee Nious

Are you new to the blog? I read, again with less trepidation and skepticism, some of the things that you submitted to the blog yesterday, and just as I felt then when reading some of your positions, I concluded that Jee Nious is saying some of the same things that most of us on the blog have been saying for months now. Then I asked myself again, what does he want and why is he being so seemingly difficult and abrasive? Well, I was a bit abrasive myself...(-:

In consideration of your statement, "Just griping will accomplish nothing. Only if enough voices are raised, by enough people who see the ROOTS of the problems we have had, to influence something effective to be DONE about it... will the U. S. remain free and strong." Then why do you keep lashing out at people who, including myself, who have written exactly the same things and proposed the same things that you just submitted to the blog, when we have been saying things for months?

Reach back to dialectical materialism which put in simple terms is simply the balancing of theses and antitheses, in hopes of eventually reaching synthesis. Are you truly interested in reaching synthesis, or are you simply playing the role of devil's advocate?

Whether it is true or not, and you indicated that I do not understand where you are coming from, it appears that you are unwilling to even consider other positions, arguments and suggestions, which by and large agree with your own recently stated position.

Again, is it true that you simply want to debate? Or, what is it that you really want, because, in your own words it is clearly indicated that you also share an obscurant desire, along with the rest of us for a 21st Century east/west d├ętente, which will be accompanied by a sustained solution to the world's current problems?

Yesterday, I asked you to go back and review what I wrote with regard to some of the miseducation that I received, along with my fellow-classmates, in the inner city elementary school that I attended. Did you ever do that? Yesterday, the response that was provided by you and 'I am a black man' was an immediate entrance into a sociological polemic which had nothing to do with my contextual position or the question that was posed by Mr. Arkin, about what our enemies...!

I used my example of my elementary school experiences in order to point how attentive students, in that scenario, were in fact miseducated. And even though we received 'A's for responding to something that was factually inaccurate, we were not Anglo children, and therefore we were miseducated.

Americans have taught for years, it would appear, that the solution to everything, whether it is teen-age sex or pregnancy, protection from STDs, drugs, smoking..., the answer is 'to educate', and to educate in the panacea for all problems. And in the light of America's historical belief that education is the answer to everything (even if one is to 'just say no'), I still believe that if we would embark on a journey to undo some of the errant and fallacious teaching and training, that was a part of our socialization process, whether we received it in our educational systems, at home, in our churches or from the government (even if the purpose was and is to instill 'nationalistic pride and patriotism'); and if the more obsequious Americans were deprogrammed and taught to make realistic assessments of the world and other people in the world, both working together would help us to go along way towards making peace with other people and nations in the world, and open us up to understanding their feelings towards the United States of America, and help all of us to reach 'synthesis', and to resolve our difference as a result of distancing ourselves from our neotenic beliefs and behaviors amd moving towards becoming the more neoteric human being!

For as I close, how many Americans, of all persuasions were and still are miseducated with respect to the black American or Native American for example? Why do some Americans refer to many middle-easterners, particularly Arabs and Persians, as 'sand n-word plural? Why do some Americans refer to people from other nations simply as 'dirty', 'uncivilized', or even 'libidinous" if you please?

If we can agree then that miseducation can occur at home, at school, in a solitary fashion and even from propaganda that is released by any government, or even the church, how many people, regardless of where they get their misinformation from, once they experience 'an awakening' are shattered and shocked when they reflect back on their lives and realize that the 'governing principles' in their lives, that they lived by and responded to others by, were based on inaccuracies?

Toddlers, all of us once were, did not have it coded into their brains to see people as n's, and sand n's, and savages, and gooks, and wetbtacks, and wop's, and crackers and ho's, and communists, and oligarchs, and jingoists, and Islamo-fascists, and warlords, and terrorists..., someone taught it! And factually like many other nations, such teachings are still a part of the American socialization process and part and parcel in the American landscape and lexicon.

Shifting gears, America and Americans certainly have the will and the means to defend America, however, it is as just as you have already concluded in your discourse, for some of us to come up with a solution that will help to resolve the problems, as opposed to having nations and individuals taking turns trying to destroy each other.

I am not as fatalistic as you sound; I believe that there are remedies, and finding the cure for miseducation is one of the remedies that will help to help to reshape a world in which your and my progeny can be safe now and in the future, and learn to live respecting the rights, freedoms and perceptions of other people around the world who may not walk like, look like or act like them!

As I close, I read on the back of a stranger's shirt some time ago, 'Join the Army, Travel to Distant Lands, Meet Exotic People and Kill Them'. That is neither what I want, nor, I believe, the solution that I believe that is best for the survival of the world's disparate people!

Not Just Others: What America & Americans Can Do To Stop The Violence

Ala Jack Nicholson, "you want solutions, I will give you solutions"!

1. Americans must be reeducated with respect to the realities of the nation and its place, and the perception of other nations and people in a 21st Century world; America no longer has a good reputation.

2. Americans must reform their jaundiced thinking and self-serving biases and take the time to learn about other people and their customs, and to respect their ways of doing things.

3. Americans must help to change the perceptions of those in the rest of world back to a time when they believed that America was a 'just' and not just a 'rogue' hypocritical nation.

4. Americans must consider the real reasons for the nation being under attack, and not simply respond by saying, we'll bomb them.

5. American must enter into principled civil discourse, engagement and negotiations with the world-wide community, for everything has not been completely lost; some of America's allies are still hoping and believing that we will get it together.

6. Americans must come to realize that it does not matter, solely, that America provides opportunities (for it provides a lot of inopportunity as well). That is like saying to the spouse that gets beaten by her hubby on a periodic basis, but look at your 12,000 square foot domicile, the Mercedes, the furniture, the trips to Aruba and the clothing that I provide for you; our neighbor can't do that. She's say no, but he doesn't beat his wife either!

7. Americans need to revisit America's past and understand it, and how America got to be where it is now. And hopefully, Americans will realize that perhaps some atonement needs to be made along with a more conciliatory approach to the rest of the world.

8. America needs to approach the United Nations and other nations of the world that have influence over other nations of the world and request a principled and honest 'summit of nations', in order to begin a dialogue and a realignment if necessary in order to resolve the problems that hamper the world.

9. The U.S.A. needs to get out of Iraq and begin to repay reparations to that nation.

10. In the interim the U.S.A. needs to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. This goes along with citing all of the good things that America does and has to offer, while sticking it to other nations on the backside. Remember, cloak and dagger?

11. American needs to learn to work with and respect international bodies, who do not always see things the way that America does, and not to act 'rogue', when it does not get its way.

12. America needs to revisit and review its outdated foreign policy initiatives which are about as convoluted as the American Tax code. Can anyone believe that this cruel nation has disaffected the lives of our southern neighbors for about 45 plus years now, 'the Cubans', just because America does not like their leader, or Cuba's form of government. How sick? I may not like my neighbor's dad, but I would not cause his children to suffer!

13. America needs to look at Israel again, and decide what to do about its partner-in-crime! Sound off coming from a Rev? Like Paul said, they 'have gone about to establish their own Righteousness', just as America has been doing since it began. Both nations are wrong in that regard!

13. America needs to proactively reach out to all nations of the world and to learn to live with communist, democratic-socialists, socialists, monarchies just as it is trying to forcing its totalitarian ways on other nations of the world. American can not treat everyone in the world as it treated the 'native Americans', by simply extinguishing or relocating them.

14. America needs to change Washington DC. As I pointed out before, America may have criticized the old Chinese government and Mao and all of his friends who stayed around to long, but at the same time Washington recycles jaundiced politicians, some who have been in Washington for 30 years or more. All one has to ask themselves, and have things gotten any better.

I can add much more, but in short America needs to 'get in and learn to live responsibly in the REAL 21st World, where the more enlightened and talented 90% of the World would like to live in peace!

Will this immediately stop those who are attacking America, no; it will take time to turn things around, but 'a thousand mile journey begins with one step'?

Perhaps by the time that we get to step five our posterity will be able to live in a peaceful world and Americans will have dispensed with some of the age old American brainwash!

Sophia: And the Second Response To Jee Nious

Jee Nious, I too love sophia...!

And even though I do not mind engaging in the dialectic from time to time, my perception is that no amount of information or recounting or historical delineation of the facts would make any difference to you. And what is the objective of dialectical materialism, in the end, synthesis? You remind me of a discussion that I had with a gentleman years ago, I read the dictionary definition of the term terrorism, and he then disagreed with the dictionary. I said, what would be the point in pursuing the discussion, for unless the goal was to arrive at consensus, rather than what is 'actual or true', then what would be the point other than engaging in a pointless exercise?

It appears to me that you have your own personal agenda, and an ax to grind. And the same is evident given how you digressed from the theme of my original short polemic and launched into a diatribe about a completely different matter in order to sway or prevent relevant discourse.

Remember those who in the past taught that there aren't any absolutes, and the persons that they were talking to responded, not even the absolute that you just proposed? I suspect that if I were to say to you that George Bush 33 (his current approval rating) is the current President of the United States, you might come back with some random highly ethereal ramblings about relativism/what is real and not real quantum physics argument in order to say that he may not actually be the current President of the United States.

How about this, a secularist once told me God did not exist, given that anything that he could not experience through the senses did not exist? I reminded him that before we met that I did not register on his sensory place, however, twenty-two hundred miles away I was going about living out my existence everyday. He countered and solidified his position by saying, my point is, if I cannot experience a phenomenon, it does not exist for me and therefore it is irrelevant. Well fine, then we can discuss sensory deprivation.

Perhaps both of you have made my original point, that what neither of you and most Americans have not experienced, given your miseducation and your own realities, simply does not exist and neither does it matter. And, getting back to the topic, by and large that is what the folks on the other side of the world, America's so-called enemies, are saying about self-absorbed America. To the other side, their personal and nationalistic realities are inconsequential and irrelevant to the elitist and self-absorbed Americans.

The fact is that the individuals that Americans consider their enemies, do exist, and within their own realities, based upon their interactions with the U.S.A, their conclusions are much different from what Americans believe and have concluded about America. Does the other side deserve the same right that Americans reserve for themselves, to criticize, attempt to alter or attack America just as America has done to them? Or is Pat Buchanan, former Presidential Candidate and journalist correct when the says, 'We are the Superpower", and therefore we have the right to do what we do!

Some of you will say, well we are no worse than they are and all nations do dirty stuff. But from their perspective they would argue, we have not set ourselves us as the moral arbitrageurs of the Universe, we are not the nation that is trying to spread its propaganda and force its system on every other nation of the world, we are not that nation that claims to believe that humans are endowed with certain inalienable rights by the creator and that all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to experience the freedoms and entitlements that only Democracy can bring. And, to prove our point, we will invade your country, destroy your choices as to how you want to live your lives, destroy your governments and Theocracies force you to accept and enjoy American style 'Demo-crazy',whether you like it or not!

Glory Hallelujah and help us God, the Singularity or the undefined!. The only ethical and principled thing that the U.S.A. is doing with respect to their perceived enemies is to 'not talk to them directly'. Why? Because the U.S.A. has already made it clear that it has zero intentions of entering into a principled dialogue. Our idea of a principled dialogue is, we will tell you what to do and you will respond, yessa, Satrap Massa!

From the philosophical and sagacious no nonsense Rev

American History or American Propaganda?

I understand it when someone is tugging at your reality and the foundation on which you have been built for it can cause a real sense of fear, frustration and uncertainly in humans, as well as in animals for that matter.

But the fact is, the America and the world that most Americans have been taught about in the American Educational system has been a sanitized and white washed version of the American historical reality, and just the opposite with regard to the rest of the world. Even President Bush, former CIA Director, Vice President and President of the United Nations, opined in the 20th Century that, 'America, must become a kinder and gentler nation'. What was the former President referring to that most Americans can never admit (and no wonder his new attitude cost him a second term in office)! America has an ugly and dark underbelly, and unfortunately most Americans would prefer to live in denial, based on their false historical perspective. Was everything bad in America's history, of course not, however, nether was everything good? In fact much of America's past and present has been and still is, reprehensible.

And those individuals or nations who have been or are the recipients of American misbehavior only know America by given their own perception which many times are their reality. Let's list a few of the items that were not honestly addressed with regard to American history, that history spanning a period of 220 years, including yesterday: The Early Americans and Americans were also responsible for the following:

Embarking upon a land that was not their own
Savagely defining and attacking its inhabitants
Stealing, portions of the land from its inhabitants
Breaking numerous treaties with its inhabitants who were placed on reservations,

Indentured many of the inhabitants of the land and brought in slaves to work the land
Raped and molested native America and slave girls and women
Destroyed and prohibited slave unions
Beat the slaves
Murdered the slaves

Practiced egregious discrimination for centuries against minorities and women with the full backing of every branch of the Federal government
Placed murderers, killers and avowed racists and descendants of the same in office
Officials failed to uphold their oaths, failing to protect the civil rights of citizens.
Invaded other sovereign nations and lands
Destabilized other foreign governments
Placed dictators over other sovereign nations and people

Supplied weapons to leaders that today they refer to as terrorists
Supported and engaged in overt and covert terrorism
Fomented unrest between other nations
Undermined and spied upon other governments and their leaders
Weakened and undermined the U.N.
Created and fomented propaganda that was harmful to other nations

Unjustly isolated and quarantined other nations who would not accede to America's will
Murdered the leaders in other nations
Engaged in nefarious joint operations with other terrorists of the world

Shall I go on?

People who tell the truth in America and who say that we need to do something about American misbehavior are generally vilified, labeled and excoriated. Those Americans who prefer to shoot first and 'not' answer questions later, consider themselves to be the true patriots and the keepers of the trust. They are probably correct in that their group behave in much the same manner as their predecessor American forefather, who began a nation with pretty words but held to a totally different underlying purpose in practice!

My Response To a Jee Nious!

A nation and people that began and has remained in dishonor for so long, does not have to remain in that position forever or until it is too late...!

Your response reflected typical American arrogance from a citizen of a fledgling SuperState, the U.S.A.. America's dominant caste of citizens has never been able to accept another's reality. Instead like many Americans, its dominant economic caste members have always preferred to define another person's reality for them, even though they were not present to experience their realities. The dominant 'caste' in America, mind you, was never to be confused with the most intelligent 'caste' on America!

Too many backwards Americans like Jee Nious, do the same with regard to neighboring nations and people of the world who they continue to castigate and undermine all over the world. And that is the primary reason that America remains under constant attack. Although Reverends are also supposed to say nice things, frankly Reverend does not abide fools like Jee Nious, Bush 33 or the others members of the American Baathist Republican Party very well! Like Jesus, I would prefer to gather together some cords and to clear the Temple of the merchants and those who continue to buy into their fallacious merchandise.

American arrogance has for too long prevented Americans like Jee Nious from ever empirically considering the reality of a situation; the only reality that they ever consider is their own reality, which in more cases than not turns out to be a mere whimsical fantasy. And Americans like Jee Nious, even if ever they were able to stumble across the truth would never be erudite enough to put together a just or civil response to really 'even now'. Jee Nious does something else that is typical of many Americans, that is to close off that scintilla of a mind that they were blessed with and to listen or learn something different from the sound of wind that customarily can be heard blowing through the empty corridors of their empty heads.

Your sophomoric rantings do not alter my reality or the realities of my fellow classmates and probably many other American; neither will they change the facts about American malfeasance that has been experienced by too many other nations of the world. I was at the top of my class all through school and in College; I was simply misshapen and miseducated for the first half of my educational experienced by teachers like you in the American Apartheid system.

Unfortunately, in America truth that has always been denied and ignored by too many, including by its leaders like the soon to be discharged Bush 33; the latter reflects his approval rating. Some Americans probably who are much like the obdurate Jee Niou's 'neighing out in the meadow after having had its fill of oats', will never be a part of America's healing or the solution to why so many other people and nations in the world hate the U.S.A.. People like Jee Niou are the problem that will apparently never be completely changed?

Why? No honor, no truth, no honesty, no virtue, no winsomeness and apparently nothing else other than foolhardiness and American 'giddi-up horse' arrogance!

And Jee Nious, the information in the American textbooks with regard to American history was also, in part, fallacious given that much of it was left out; and you might be surprised to know that on the other side of town, many American kids did not receive textbooks.

And since you apparently did, how can you be so ...? I am not an 'enemy of the state', well for some of you I would be considered that, however, I can see, and I know what the people across the water are seeing as well!

America's Miseducation - Think of Honesty and Virtue

Truth, Justice, Honor, Virtue: America's Enemies Don't See That, neither do many honest Americans see the same coming from America!

From the perspective of America's enemies, there is a singular objective, based on their fairly accurate perception of what America is, and it is to throw off the yoke of oppression of the 'white Anglo' oppressor. Does the latter sound like an oxymoron? At the inner-city elementary school that I attended, my fellow students and I were taught (by white teachers) and had to answer on periodic exams that the majority of us, African-American students, were also 'Anglo'.

Much like the mis-education that we received for years at our school, most Americans have been miseducated about the real America and the worth of the rest of the world. I remember when the teacher also taught us about American prosperity and America's advantages over the rest of the world. With respect to materials, goods, services, dollars, military might and wealth, America was clearly without peer; no nation was even a close second.

America clearly held a markedly disproportionate share of the world's wealth! Along with the list that we were provided, the teacher also taught that the term 'America' was synonymous with civility, justice and honor; on the other hand the rest of the nations of the world were all far behind, and some nations were further behind than others.

The rest of the nations of the world were all ranked on the American invented scale, with each nation of the world, including America's allies, ranked somewhere between the middle and the bottom. There was also a correlation between rank and color, in addition to other sociological and economic factors.

Those nation's and people who are retaliating the most against the American Worldwide Wealth and Apartheid system today, are by and large those nations and people who were ranked near the bottom of the America scale. And ironically, those nations who were viewed by Americans as peasants and barbarians, ironically, at one time saw America as 'the nation' of the world', and for a whole lot of reasons, the nation to be emulated. Well, that is until recently, for as the covers have been pulled back, the rest of the world has come to see that America was not the noble nation that practically everyone else on the earth believed that it was, and a nation that was once held in such high esteem.

And, many of those nations who were once ranked near the bottom on the American scale, the same who have experienced American imperialism and American retrograde fascism first hand, have decided that it is time to stand up and to do something about it. Why? These nations have experienced a sobering epiphany, with regard to American malfeasance, and the real reason why many of these nations who have made every effort to move into modernity and post-modernity, are actually behind America and the second-world nations; the first-world spot is reserved exclusively for America itself.

Finally, many of these nations, even those nations who purposely chose to remain primitive by American standards recognized no matter what their status was and no matter what their choices were, America saw and intended for their lands and their people to remain America's lapdogs.

As I heard Pat Buchanan reply, a few weeks ago, when asked why other nations of the world should submit to the American double-standard, Pat immediately replied, 'because we are the Superpower'. That is the problem that has skewed the thinking of most Americans for what has seemed like an eternity. For without giving any thought to social justice or a sense of right and fair play for every nation or individual, Pat, like most Americans wears the, 'we are the world's Superpower" moniker, proudly and without regard to the rights or feelings of other people of other nations on the earth.

There is a great scripture in the Christian Bible that reads something like, 'whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue...think on these things'.

This would seem like good advice to individuals as well as nations all over the world whether they are 'of faith' or secular. Now how many of you believe that American domestic or foreign policy is based upon truth, honesty, justice, purity, winsomeness, or is any way other than the way it is written down, of a good report? For within the geopolitical game, where nations like the U.S.A. are attempting to maintain a position of dominance over others nations of the world, lying, misrepresentation, denial, subterfuge, evil alliances appear to be the mainstay if not the order of the day.

Through the enemies eyes, America is 'the Great Satan, the Great Deceiver, and the great undermining nation, and factually they are correct! And some of these nations, ironically, would not argue that they also engage in devilish behaviors themselves, but the distinction of the 'Great Satan' is universally reserved for the U.S.A. by most nations of the world!

Al Gore and John Kerry Are 'The Right"!

On C-Span, this past Saturday, September 2nd, Bill Kristol, just admitted on nationwide T.V. that Al Gore was right with regard to the United States going into Iraq; he agreed that Al Gore was right and America should not have gone into Iraq. Could a liberal like Al Gore have been right about the war or anything else for that matter to you and those of your ilk? When Bill agreed with some of the other commentary made by the so-called liberal to his right, he concluded that he must have had a 'neocon inside of him that wanted to come out'.

The fact is that the answer to every geopolitical issue for the gunslingers on the obtuse Republican Reich is to either threaten war or to take America, unnecessarily, into war. It kind of reminds you of the old American West; and who was best to play the part of an old gunslinger, President Ronald Reagan, who starred in a cowboy movie or two during his acting career? If only he had stopped in Hollywood, however, he then took his act to Washington and was later joined by Moses himself, Chuck Heston, another actor who played the part of a man who single-handedly destroyed a former near middle-eastern Army.

In Washington, other than pretending to be a President who was concerned about the issues of all Americans and the needs of the country, he could not wait to show the world that age old Republican bravado, under the banner of 'don't tread on us', America. That reminds me who was hidden in the basement of the White House, helping to deceive the American public and Congress while he negotiated deals with a member of the 'axis of evil' in order to secretly support the Contras? Not much has changed in 'The Reich', given that the Reich is still represented by a bunch of liars and war hawks, and Newtie boy can't wait to get back into the middle of the action!

By the way, what went wrong with another one of your distinguished icons when he, Dick Nixon, was in office? Or how about Bush 41, when he took over the helm for Reagan having denied that he had ever heard anything about the Contra weapons subversion, despite his having sat in on about 20 cabinet meetings where the subject of the Contras reportedly was discussed?

The more enlightened individuals in the world, who are represented more in the Democratic Party than in the fascist Republican Party in my opinion, appear to know a lot more about how to get things done through civil discourse and by working with their allies, instead of violating International Law, usurping Congress and invading and occupying sovereign nations. In fact this Independent finds that the Candidates and former public officials in the Democratic Party were and are far more intelligent. When I think of a Republican, I think mostly of a lying, deceptive, not so bright warhawk!

Again, one would not have to be a rocket scientist in order to recognize that the Democrats have produced more erudite and qualified candidates over the past half-century than the ones who have been cast upon the world's stage by the Republican Reich. But I am sure that you are correct in your assessment, that it is those in the Reich who have the stomach for a protracted illegal invasion of a sovereign nation and in deference to everything that is moral. I am sure that you, the Good Republican that you appear to be, sleep well at night while innocent people are being slaughtered as a result of the U.S. action in Iraq. I wonder who is hidden in the White House underbelly, today, as we speak?

In fact most Americans are like John Kerry, first they voted for their war, and after receiving open and honest information, they are now against the war. President Bush 33 (his approval rating), misled everyone. Go Kerry and Go Gore, unfortunately, behaving like Jesus Christ and telling the truth won't get you elected and it may get you killed; on the other hand you will get the respect that you deserve; you gentleman were RIGHT!

Macaca or Macao: Go Home?

This entire welcome to America, did you call me Macaco, fighting the war on terrorism group, need to find their way to the retirement home. Ah, but keep Senator Allen out in Virginia, we don't need him back here.

Folks, we are living in a 21-st century world with people with a 19th Century, 'lets just bomb them into submission mindset', and they are still trying to instruct us and lead the country if not a world that has passed them by. And our compadres who happen to be their perceived enemies who live on the other side of the world and South of the border are evolving just like we are. The other people in the world want free expression just as the early colonists wanted when they embarked upon their journey to the New World.

Get it, the world is renewing itself, it does that every so many years but these folks are not a part of the current renewal. The fossils in Washington want to keep the world just as it has been, with America/them in control and holding out or withdrawing the royal scepter to whomever and whatever nation that it pleases.

Just compare America's leadership with the former leadership in the Republic of China, and there are still a few hanger-on's over there as well, when their leaders simply did not want to give up their stranglehold on the power. Not unique to American leadership, most folks don't know when to say when or it is time to relinquish the reins of power. Many of the old and stubborn, usually stay to long and destroy some of the good things that they helped to build.

Many of you are a part of the 21-St century high-tech establishment with your Blackberries and other hand held devices, and I don't know whether I spelled Blackberries right or not, I still have my leather bound held-hand calendar. But the difference in them and me is, I know when it is time to either update my ideas or to move on. Have you ever been to San Francisco and took a swing over to 'yuppie valley'? This is a whole different world than where these curmudgeons come from. I am really not being insolent; however, consider again China's 20 and 21-St Century Cultural Revolution under fresh leadership. The other sides of the world have developed their yuppie and buppie valleys as well! We cannot continue to suppress these people or it will only result in dissent. America's needs new youthful leadership that can sit down and discourse with the new leadership that is emerging all over the world.

The question then that we have to ask ourselves is, has America become stagnant, are we through growing, does the saying that 'it is what it is', apply to America? Then I would ask, is this all that we want, or are there more new vistas for the 21st century Americans to reach along with the rest of the 21St century world? If these folks who are holding on to the reigns of power in DC, many of whom have been up there for 20 to 30 years, do not update their thinking, we need to send them on, involuntarily, to the Sunset Hills Retirement Home so that America and the rest of the world can adapt and learn to live peaceably in a 21-st Century world.

It is time for an updated assessment, not just a spy mission on the world. We need to revaluate our policies to see whether they are in line with the needs of this century. If we keep letting these old guys run things, they only know how to do one thing, which is to threaten, terrorize and blow things up. It is time to discard their old policy playbook along with these old players on both sides of the aisle, in the Executive Branch and in the Courts.

Mr. Allen from Virginia and Joe Lieberman can take turns driving the buses that are filled with their peers and transport them to live out the rest of their lives in the peace that we can bring to the world!

America's War On Terror

Is the war on terror "a battle for the future of civilization?" Which civilization?
The answer is an emphatic No!

America's so-called war on terror is an effort to maintain and sustain America's shrinking position of dominance in the current and the future world order, which America is trying to do in the same manner that America conducted itself over the past half-century. Americans believe that all of the advantages as well as world power should inure to benefit of the American behemoth. American wants to maintain its advantage over other nations through the use of a strong economy, controlling world commerce, American lies and double-standards and a superior military technical advantage.

And just as America has done in the past, America intends to continue business as usual without regard for other disparate people and nations of the world and their just needs, the same who are currently asserting their right to self proclamation and self determination, just as America once did just over two centuries ago. The problem today is that America is being threatened. The major wars of the 19th and 20th century were fought where they were supposed to be fought, according to America thinking, overseas. Terrorism of all kinds, including America terrorism was okay as long as it was being conducted away from the borders of the United States.

Then 911 happened, and brought with it the dawning of New Age, when about 22 young men 'shocked' America, by doing to the United States what the United States has been doing to other nations and people of the world for decades, and to the American way of thinking, 'THAT WAS UNCIVILIZED". And, America is embarrassed, and thus the Newt's of the world want to come out of woodworks and show the world that once again, 'the United States messes with you, you don't, however, retaliate against the not so united Red and Blue States of America!

Tch tch, our country began the 'terror war', which would be more apropos than 'the war on terror' that we are now referring to. The terror war is an apt name for what our country began at the cessation of WWII at the time when both America and the Russians in the aftermath of the war were concerned about which nation would emerge as the world's dominant power. As we all know that cold war lasted for approximately 50 years. During that time America has done everything that it could to assert its right to dominate as well to imprint its vision of worldwide destiny to all four corners of the earth.

Now some other nations, outside of the old Soviet bloc are standing up to say that we do not care for America's vision and we have some ideas of our own. The high-anthropoids in Washington, what else can you call those fossils, who are conducting America's foreign affairs will simply not accept this kind of insolence from the lesser nations who are apparently attempting to upset the current arrangement that America has worked so hard for; how dare they? Just when we neutralized the Soviet Union, and were furthering America's vision of the world, then here comes another problem, and like roaches, America has gone for the RAID. They must be annihilated.

In one sense, any intellectual could argue whether or not America ever became civilized? I would argue that it did not. A nation whose enduring strength is its military might is not a very civilized nation at all for then its own strength is the use of force.

America is more concerned about its own extinction, than it is concerned about the end of the world! What is uncivilized is the American historical viewpoint that the Cretans and the 'great unwashed' of the world were put here for the pleasure of American and to help to supply an American minority with an advantageous lifestyle!

THE AMERICAN TRIBE HAS SPOKEN, and to the rest of the world, BEWARE OF THE LORD OF THE FLIES for he may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

some of you still won't get what I am saying, but try this instead; When I used to be a professional therapist, one day I shocked my colleagues when I told them to examine the term Therapist. They were shocked when they realized that the term Therapist actually appeared to be 'the rapist'. In this context, America is the rapist, it is not the other way around!

The Right To Be A Nation?

America Has The Right To Be A Nation of Recent History!!

The problem with the Bush Administration and the Red States and many other Americans is that they simply refuse to accept the world's new 21st Century paradigm given that it differs from the age old American paradigm. Given the new paradigm, the world is no longer divided into an East West power divide with the United States and its satellites on one side, and the Soviet Union and its satellites on the other fighting for control of their regions if not the planet at large. Now the former client-states of both sides are asserting their right to pursue their individual destinies in the cosmos.

Similar to a time when through the help of the international community (including the horrible communists that Bush refers to) American blacks were able to throw off the yoke of American white supremacist oppression in the Land of the Free and the home of the Slave. America is having trouble today accepting nations that for years have been kept under its feet. How dare some of these lesser nations envision, for example, a seat in the U.N. Security Council or any form of parity with the United States, nations that even today self-righteous America would even disdain speaking to? Even at the United Nations, now there is an oxymoron, the U.S.A. believes that the world is better served by having five permanent members (including the U.S.A. of course) of a fifteen member U.N. Security Council arrangement, reserving the power into perpetuity to veto the ideas and visions of the other 180 nations of the world. And when the five permanent members won't go along with the U.S.A., the U.S.A. will simply act rogue and move ahead independently to force its will upon any other nation in the world.

Change is hard to accept for most people or nation even though change is essential. Otherwise, the progress that humans have made would never have been made. Having said that, change is especially hard for hard-headed and hard-hearted individuals like those Americans today who equate their beliefs with divine destiny, and therefore universal right. In an American paradigm or to the way of American thinking what they believe is not an opinion, 'it is simply the way that things are supposed to be'. It is always a danger when any person or any people conclude that what is right or proper for them is what is right and proper for everyone else, particularly, when that person or people will try to force their sense of right and their will on anyone else; and the U.S.A. has gotten away with that since its inception. The President was correct when he said, 'it's their way of thinking vs. our way of thinking'. Folks, those are the most genuine words that this man has ever uttered. But without further reasoning, like most Americans the President has concluded that given American prosperity over a period of two decades, the American way must be the right way.

What the President has overlooked, however, is that America is, point-of-fact, a two-hundred year old pre-pubescent nation that still has not reached the maturity and learned to co-exist with other nation-family without trying to have its own way in the world family. If the President like most Americans would consider that many of the nations of the world that America opposes their way of thinking were also once great empires that have been in existence for thousands of years and they too have experienced their individual Golden Ages, just as the U.S.A. has experienced its rather recent golden age in just a rather brie period of time, by historical world standard's. And many of these once mighty, invincible, invulnerable empires eventually began to witness their own erosion, decline and eventual defeat.

The U.S.A. could learn from their mistakes, some believe that they have learned and the solution is to use more force in order to hold on to power. However, the use of force alone neither saved them nor will it save the United States. And just as the 'Bush Brain', non-intellectual by any standard, would be unable to understand what I am saying, neither will most of the spoiled child-like American population be able to comprehend what I am saying. The world is remaking itself just as it has always done. The world is dynamic with new human, animal and plant life emerging every second of the day. Bush and his ilk, Approximately a dozen limited Caucasians who have been steeped in western and of late neoconservative thought, believe that they have the only ideas that are correct, along with the military power to shape the other approximately 6.5 billion people on the earth and to move them over or to eliminate them in order to enforce their way of seeing things. Again, that is uncivilized!

What really has them so confused is that they cannot stop change and therefore they are threatened by the idea that America will no longer be able to force its stamp upon the world and to control the world as it has done throughout most of the 20thCentury. Not even the once mighty U.S.A. can prevent the world from going through a process of renewal and reshaping. And if America will not adapt it will become obsolete or inconsequential to the rest of the world, and that is by and large what is taking place right now. The American ideal and idea is being extinguished. What one has to wonder then is if America will try to blow the whole world up, rather than allow the world to go on without it in the seat of dominance?

Sadly, in the mind of many Americans, military superiority will win out in the end, but I beg to differ for eventually the missiles, the bombs and military technology will give way to a better way of thinking and the will of the people and the universe, not just six per cent of the world's population. Bush would be unable to understand what I have said in the past, 'you cannot kill an idea with a bomb'. And so far all he understands is that 'their ideas' are different from our ideas, but he does not comprehend that his effort to eliminate different ideas and ways of thinking and to maintain America's hold on the world by the use of the bomb will never work. Any one can see that his methods have not been working over the past three years, but have been serving only to spread the new ideas even further given all of the fallout of his Administrations ill-conceived strategies coupled with their lack of understanding.

For America and its invincible shield and grip on the world was obliterated on 911. It was as if David vs. Goliath happened all over again, however, in this context it was a group from an unorganized army, without any weapons, without an air force and without ground troops who took on Goliath. These young men took what America had already in place and used it to defeat America the 'mighty goliath'. And where is Goliath now, three years later? He is a wounded and weakened Giant, who is foaming at the mouth from both confusion and fear and threatening and spewing out his venom in and outside of the land, while he still tries to figure out how with all of his advantages, height, girth, weapons, shield, helmet, sword, armor and experience along with his mighty army to back him up, he cannot find and defeat his perceived smaller foe. I repeat, it is now three years later, and Goliath still crying out for vengeance to anyone who will listen, and he has sought to APPEASE some in his land by doing what they also wanted him to do, 'to show the rest of the world that you do not mess with Goliath America'. Teach 'them' the world, a lesson they cried. The problem is, Goliath has already been severely wounded, having sustained ignominious defeat and the rest of the world knows that you can wound and perhaps even kill the mighty Goliath, and now no one knows that better than goliath America, itself!

It would behoove the Bush Administration, the Red States of America and many other individual Americans to 'remove the glaciers from their own hearts', and to join in with the changes that are taking place in a dynamic world!