Sep 7, 2006

The Straw Man And The Bushtanistas

The American Administration has created a 'straw man' and it is their hope to rally Americans and regain the support that they have lost given their blunders over the past 3-years. Many Americans are still waiting for the real war on terrorism to begin, thus far all Bush and his accomplices have done is to destroy a sovereign nation, estrange America from its long-time allies, and to violate both international and domestic Law.

By creating this straw man, the current Administration also hoped to do what previous Administration's have done, that is to tell the American public that we have identified America's enemy and we must all come together to defeat it. The problem is, based on this Administration's faux paux's over the past 3-years; there has been a noticeable loss of credibility for this Administration. Some of us wonder if the Administration even knows who the really enemy is and whether these folks are capable of figuring out who the enemy really is, or whether they have the where-with-all to do any thing about the real enemy if they ever discover who or what is the true enemy of America? Ah I already know for sure, the enemy is within American itself and to some of your dismay, I am not speaking about Mr. Bush.

Right now the Bush Administration reminds you of a bunch of people with loaded guns who are afraid of some ill-defined enemy, who are twitching and turning around in a 360 degree circle, and firing their gun at anything and anyone that stands or moves, with the hopes of hitting something; in the case of the Administration they simply hope to hit the threat!.

If there is one thing positive that has come out of the Administration's most recent desperate ploy, evidenced by the apparent frustration that is emanating from the White House towards the American people (who the Administration is put in place to serve) is, what the Administration wanted to happen over the past 3-years domestically and abroad, has not happened. The Administration has failed, and it needs to put the blame somewhere. Bush and his team remind me of the Super Sports Team that goes to Japan, for instance, and looses in the quarterfinal round, sorry, I got carried away, but back to my point. The American Administration is the SuperTeam that is loosing and the stakes are very high. However, rather than addressing the team's game plan, they are blaming the cheerleaders and their fans for not cheering them on to victory.

Perhaps like the American Basketball Team at FIBA, the Administration should simply
'learn how, when and where to shoot'. Again, my apologies to the Cable Guy: I should not have said that. Back to my point, this time the American people are not simply turning off their brains and falling in line to destroy other human lives by financing a misguided war and a failed Administration's policy. Americans are savvy and I will go as far as to say, on occasion resilient.

Most Americans were skeptical about Bush's action from the beginning, but most Americans had and still have a conflict, i.e., enlisted American men and women who are caught in the middle!

Bush and his accomplices and his holdover Religious and Political Right supporters, some of whom are defecting lately, simply did not give the American populace enough credit. Americans are savvy and the Administration is doing something that is unwise; criticizing its employer the American people. For the American people know that we have a problem in the world, but unlike the Administration that has simply lumped everyone together, inside and outside of America, into the Bush caldron, in order to create 'an enemy' whereby receive American financial support as well as political backing, Americans want to focus on the actual problem.

Furthermore, Americans will not be scolded or lectured by those that we have put into position to serve protect the interests of Americans. Americans want some skilled analysis of the problem that is going on in the world right now in order to determine how to resolve the real problem even if that means going to war with the America's true enemy. But simply demonizing people and labeling them Islamo-fascists or terrorists is not good enough. Yesterday Bush even employed the C-word in order to further demonize his enemies and galvanize American support, whereby comparing all of his perceived enemies, and inferring that Americans who disapprove of his actions, as being as bad as the communists and fascists in former Nazi Germany. The Liberals got bumped out of their place with the Bush team who over the course of his Administration has considered the lowest of the low, on any scale, to be 'American Liberals'.

There has clearly been a failure of leadership in the United States and for the world over the past six years! And it is time for a serious review to be made by the American people of our employees in Washington; for the President and his team is being insubordinate in my opinion. Since when does the employee lecture the employer! In political terms isn't the manner in which fascism comes about is when the tail begins to wag the dog?

This whole Bush problem over the past 6-years have been instructive however, we need to make some internal changes, not just with the Administration, but the way that we will elect officeholders in the future. It is time for a referendum!

Down with the Bushtanistas!

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