Sep 11, 2006

'The Sky is Falling...or is it further Propagation of Propaganda?

Chicken George, in this scenario, wants us to believe, that his self-proclaimed war on terror is "a battle for the future of civilization?" I am reminded of the rhetoric that preceded past wars and military encounters between the U.S.A. and other Unions and nations around the world. Take the former Soviet Union and the many near misses that were had between both nations, after much of the information that both sides believed in was declassified, we find that both sides were way off in terms of their assessments of the motivations of the other side and what the other side was thinking and planning to do.

It is customary that in most scenarios voluntary action is preceded by and predicated upon belief. And to believe something does not require that it be real or factual. It is clear that Mr. Cheney and other members of the Administration, including the President, remain convinced that what they believe in the most recent scenario between the U.S.A. and its enemies, is factual. But how did they arrive at their conclusion is what we all should be concerned about? Are their assumptions based upon fact or are they merely assumptions based upon assumptions which may turn out not to be accurate. Remember all of the rhetoric that led up to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq?

If you accept the propaganda that is being propagated by the west, particularly the U.S.A., and the underlying premise that the white western way of governance and its manner of living (debauchery, its own form of a police state, nationalism, world-wide hegemony and all) equates with civilization and to the exclusion of any other way of living or form of governance, then you can see where Cheney and the Administration are coming from and why they are reacting in the manner that they are reacting in.

And, you can also understand why they are panicking and in some instances overreaching, for they believe that the sky around America is falling. In other words, the white western system of values is being threatened and could be degraded if the Arab and Persian world, for example, were ever to assume the reigns of world-wide power similar to the power that is currently being held and wielded over the world by the Western nations, particularly the U.S.A. If the Arab were to ever reach the zenith of power and hold sway over the West as the West has held over the rest of the world for the past century, the U.S.A could become the new Native Americans who might loose their land and their way of life, or the U.S.A. could take on Third World nation status and become a nation that is controlled or meddled with by some outside enemy or Caliphate, which would represent a completely unacceptable reversal for the West, in particular for those in the United States.

Now on the other hand if what Bush, the Administration and some Americans believe is in error, just as declassified information has demonstrated on several occasions that what rival nations have believed in the past about each other was simply not true, then we are apparently wasting valuable resources again, over unfounded and unsubstantiated speculation that has resulted from paranoia, overreaction or misinterpretation and misrepresentation of events. I suspect that the latter is what is taking place now in the current conflicts involving the U.S.A.

As a so-called minority in America, I have watched Caucasian Americans for decades, the same who have been taught for years that they are the superior race, and the same who to some degree magnanimously tolerate the greater numbers of the unwashed in their civilized world. And although many in the white class, not all, believe that it is their inherent destiny to rule over and teach the lowly untrained and unrestrained masses of the great unwashed, they are at the same time betrayed by their fear if not paranoia towards those who they attempt to rule over and to civilize. Usually after a furtive effort to 'indoctrinate them', remember the American Praying Indians, they will usually revert to violence and simply slaughter those who will not conform or accede to their rulership, form of governance or dictates.

I see that kind of syndrome at work today with respect to the West, moreso the U.S.A. and its feelings and reactions to the rest of the world. The fact is a few individuals who do not represent over 1 Billion people have essentially reacted or responded if you will to American/British hegemony and interference in their lives over the past century. And Mr. Bush and company, dragging down soon to step-down or be deposed Mr. Tony Blair, have overacted and overreached, and as a result the same have created a Maelstrom with the whole Middle-Eastern world, whereby engendering unrest and fomenting further fear and hostilities to and around the globe. But there are far more with AMERICA, THAN AGAINST AMERICA on the other side.

The fact is that both sides, the U.S.A. and those on the other side, particularly the clan leaders on both sides are both doing the same thing, reacting to what the other clan has done or said. But neither the majority of Americans nor the majority of Muslims are not in support of the beliefs of either small minority. And in fact both sides, if either is guilty, are engaging in terrorism and military action in order to resolve their differences at the expense of all of the rest of us on both side. I reiterate that the U.S.A is no different in that regard than the other side when it terrorizes other people and other nations. Either terrorism is terrorism, no matter who does it, or what our side refers to as terrorism is not terrorism at all. A better word to use might be 'reaction'! Both sides are simply reacting to what they believe that the other side is doing or might do. Bush used the latter to explain and to justify the independent and preemptive war/illegal invasion of Iraq that he initiated.

What Bush said a week ago is mostly true in that there is in fact an ideological struggle, our way of thinking vs. their way of thinking; where he erred was in not saying that the ideological struggle is really between his Administration and portions of the U.S.A. vs. portions of Middle-Easterners and their leaders. Neither do all of the West, nor many in the Muslim world support this ideological divide. But having said that, Mr. Bush wants the rest the western world to mutate into impressionable non-thinkers and to simply jump on the bandwagon and join the war to murder, imprison and terrorize innocent Arabs and Persians around the world. And folks that is falderal and should be unacceptable to any civilized or semi-civilized people. The book of Proverbs teaches us that two of the things that God hates are lying and the shedding of innocent blood; we have seen a lot of that since the Bush Administration has been in power.

Now what has followed the Bush Administration’s form of thinking and a similar form of thinking on the other side is simply put, misaction, by 'uncivilized barbarians' on both sides which has resulted in senseless murder and degradation of human lives in a world that is senselessly and needlessly on edge? If Bush is correct when he said that these folks are "successors to fascists, to Nazis, to Communists and other totalitarians of the 20th century", why is it that he failed to mention American/Western fascism, with respect to what these folks have been subjected to and suffered under during most of the 20th century when the West even imposed dictators and western preferred styles of governance on many Middle-Eastern countires, Iraq, the most recent to share the fate of having America to install a government through the use of force in its land.

I welcome an 'awakening debate', for not only Bush and his Administration needs to be privy to such a debate, but most Americans need to partake in some informed civil discourse as well. White Americans need to be re-educated with respect to America's current and historical misbehavior. America is not the sweet little country that the 'boys and girls' were taught about during early childhood or pre-pubescence. And in order to correct a problem of this magnitude, it will likely require that the truth about all sides be brought to the table in order to engage in meaningful discourse and to solve the problems of perception, and those of fact.

"If Bush's words were to actually support the rhetoric", America should show the courage of a Superstate with educated and erudite citizens, and begin a fazed withdrawal from Iraq, regroup and allow the debate to determine how America should proceed, hopefully along with the rest of the world included. We will still have our toy military and all of our guns and satellites and the like to defend ourselves.

Finally, we could get into a whole other discussion about how the Western Zionism democratic style of government is not the solution, and how forcing Democracy on other States will only succeed in destroying other nations that are apparently served better by having other forms of leadership in place; look at Iraq. For Democracy has never been the end all that we were taught to believe, not even God set up a Democracy on earth, if you believe Genesis; just ask Eve?

Too many intolerant Americans that believe in the American Religion of Democracy, and feel that everyone should be converted must come to understand that the unconverted are not demons of some sort, they simply have their own belief systems that have apparently worked in nations that are far older than the United States, and those nations have managed to live without the American form of [demo-crazy] and interference for centuries if not millennia.

The sky is not falling! The problem is that we see the leadership on both sides who both view each other the same way, as being uncivilized. But still both sides of the most recent entanglement are being led by those who choose the same barbaric and uncivilized methods in order to solve the problem that they have never taken time to identify or address!

And as I close, white Americans stop being so paranoid, for just because someone has a different world view it does not follow that they want to overthrow a way of living which is good for you, others simply want to enjoy their beliefs and their way of living and to live out the time that they were given on the planet, interacting with but not being interfered with by you.

Think about it, black Americans having thrown off about 75% of the yoke of white oppression have not tried to overthrow white America. And the fact that we have not tried has nothing to do with cowardice or the strength of the white power structure; it just so happened that what most blacks were more civilized and believed that the way to solve a problem was through prayer and appealing to civility on the other side! All that most blacks Americans ever wanted was and simply want now is to simply pursue a peaceful lifestyle minus interference from the whites and other criminals, and that is primarily all that the other side ever wanted and still wants!

However, if America continues as it has done so in the past, what was once perception will become reality to a billion Muslims, then America is going to have some real problems, and that is what we should be working to avoid!

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