Sep 7, 2006

The U.S.A. Republicans, Terrorists or Rogue?

Republicans on the Right need a leader that is willing to skirt both domestic and international law. The majority of the world believes that the U.S.A. is behaving in a rogue fashion and so do I. Can we call other people 'terrorists', and not allow ourselves to be characterized as 'being rogue'?

I wonder if we were to go around the world and ask the citizens in several other nations of the world, and what are your definitions of terrorism? At first they would probably think of the United States of America and its current occupation of Iraq, then they would say, nah, they have uniforms so they cannot be terrorists(-:

Did we forget what happened at Mr. Bush's stopover in Vienna just over a month ago? Mr. Bush was informed there that even the citizens in Europe did not see any difference in the behavior of the U.S.A. and the so-called terrorists. The only apparent difference that some Europeans saw between the two groups was that one group had a might army and wore uniforms, and the other group did not have an army or uniforms; how uncivilized?. I

In fact Mr. Bush was informed that many citizens in Europe felt that they had more reason to fear the U.S.A. than they had to fear Iran. Mr. Bush was shocked and appalled (-:

Many Americans believe that it is okay to circumvent the law in order to preserve justice or to get what Americans want for themselves. And that is how the country began, with the invaders acting like homicidal maniacs, rapists and thieves who also engaged in human trafficking and child-molestation.

And why would they stop when each branch of government was complicitous and staffed by the same characters? Do you know how many thieves and murderers and Klansmen were active in every branch of the American government, Federal, State and Local over the past 200 years, several of them are still there? Are you also of the same mindset, i.e., that it is okay for America to just do what it wants and to break laws whenever it pleases? How about the higher Law, is it okay for America to abrogate that law as well? And if America can break the law, then how come Saddam and others cannot?

Many Americans believe that the Republicans are better at breaking Laws than the Democrats and ergo they trust the Republicans to keep up lawless preemptions, surveillance, occupations of other sovereign nations and perhaps an occasional break-in at the Watergate just thrown in for fun(-:. In other words as long as they protect me and provide me with a robust lifestyle, Republicans feel, I don't care what the politicians or members of the military do.

That kind of reminds one of when the Klan would murder black Americans and go to court and get off scot-free in the face of a mountain of evidence. It would appear that the same mind-set is still with us today with respect to the rest of the world, Guantanamo comes to mind!

And to answer your final question, my brother once said something similar to me. He said, if you were facing the enemy and told that you had to shoot or kill them, what else could you do for you would have no other choice than to obey. I answered, yes I would have a choice, I could always kill myself (or even kill the person who was giving the order)! Sorry Namron, I am not letting you off the hook that easily. We cannot simply go around the world murdering people and obliterating nations in order to keep our system of greed, graft, debauchery and America's place in the world order intact.

I feel that you under appreciate the feelings of most Americans desire to maintain America's place atop the current world order/ that is truly what motivates American foreign policy anyway, HOW DO WE STAY ON TOP. The world knows it, the Administration knows it, how come you don't know that?

In my community we refer to it as 'White Supremacy', and that is not to say that all whites believe in or are white supremacists. At the White House and at most conservative think tanks they would refer to this phenomenon as 'American Supremacy'.

We've got to change. It is not a good thing to sit atop the world order and at the same time carry on like a thuggish rogue state. The whole world recently witnessed the duplicity of the United States with regard to the war between Israel and Hezbollah. The U.S.A. said, we are for truth and democracy and freedom, and oh by the way Israel, here are some more munitions for you, go and do what you have to do, the same that the U.S.A. is doing in Iraq!

Well if there is a bright spot in all of this, in 2 years Mr. Bush will be clearing sagebrush in Crawford; and republicans can name something after him, oops the name for the CIA has already been taken hasn't it!

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