Sep 7, 2006

Macaca or Macao: Go Home?

This entire welcome to America, did you call me Macaco, fighting the war on terrorism group, need to find their way to the retirement home. Ah, but keep Senator Allen out in Virginia, we don't need him back here.

Folks, we are living in a 21-st century world with people with a 19th Century, 'lets just bomb them into submission mindset', and they are still trying to instruct us and lead the country if not a world that has passed them by. And our compadres who happen to be their perceived enemies who live on the other side of the world and South of the border are evolving just like we are. The other people in the world want free expression just as the early colonists wanted when they embarked upon their journey to the New World.

Get it, the world is renewing itself, it does that every so many years but these folks are not a part of the current renewal. The fossils in Washington want to keep the world just as it has been, with America/them in control and holding out or withdrawing the royal scepter to whomever and whatever nation that it pleases.

Just compare America's leadership with the former leadership in the Republic of China, and there are still a few hanger-on's over there as well, when their leaders simply did not want to give up their stranglehold on the power. Not unique to American leadership, most folks don't know when to say when or it is time to relinquish the reins of power. Many of the old and stubborn, usually stay to long and destroy some of the good things that they helped to build.

Many of you are a part of the 21-St century high-tech establishment with your Blackberries and other hand held devices, and I don't know whether I spelled Blackberries right or not, I still have my leather bound held-hand calendar. But the difference in them and me is, I know when it is time to either update my ideas or to move on. Have you ever been to San Francisco and took a swing over to 'yuppie valley'? This is a whole different world than where these curmudgeons come from. I am really not being insolent; however, consider again China's 20 and 21-St Century Cultural Revolution under fresh leadership. The other sides of the world have developed their yuppie and buppie valleys as well! We cannot continue to suppress these people or it will only result in dissent. America's needs new youthful leadership that can sit down and discourse with the new leadership that is emerging all over the world.

The question then that we have to ask ourselves is, has America become stagnant, are we through growing, does the saying that 'it is what it is', apply to America? Then I would ask, is this all that we want, or are there more new vistas for the 21st century Americans to reach along with the rest of the 21St century world? If these folks who are holding on to the reigns of power in DC, many of whom have been up there for 20 to 30 years, do not update their thinking, we need to send them on, involuntarily, to the Sunset Hills Retirement Home so that America and the rest of the world can adapt and learn to live peaceably in a 21-st Century world.

It is time for an updated assessment, not just a spy mission on the world. We need to revaluate our policies to see whether they are in line with the needs of this century. If we keep letting these old guys run things, they only know how to do one thing, which is to threaten, terrorize and blow things up. It is time to discard their old policy playbook along with these old players on both sides of the aisle, in the Executive Branch and in the Courts.

Mr. Allen from Virginia and Joe Lieberman can take turns driving the buses that are filled with their peers and transport them to live out the rest of their lives in the peace that we can bring to the world!

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