Sep 7, 2006

My Response To a Jee Nious!

A nation and people that began and has remained in dishonor for so long, does not have to remain in that position forever or until it is too late...!

Your response reflected typical American arrogance from a citizen of a fledgling SuperState, the U.S.A.. America's dominant caste of citizens has never been able to accept another's reality. Instead like many Americans, its dominant economic caste members have always preferred to define another person's reality for them, even though they were not present to experience their realities. The dominant 'caste' in America, mind you, was never to be confused with the most intelligent 'caste' on America!

Too many backwards Americans like Jee Nious, do the same with regard to neighboring nations and people of the world who they continue to castigate and undermine all over the world. And that is the primary reason that America remains under constant attack. Although Reverends are also supposed to say nice things, frankly Reverend does not abide fools like Jee Nious, Bush 33 or the others members of the American Baathist Republican Party very well! Like Jesus, I would prefer to gather together some cords and to clear the Temple of the merchants and those who continue to buy into their fallacious merchandise.

American arrogance has for too long prevented Americans like Jee Nious from ever empirically considering the reality of a situation; the only reality that they ever consider is their own reality, which in more cases than not turns out to be a mere whimsical fantasy. And Americans like Jee Nious, even if ever they were able to stumble across the truth would never be erudite enough to put together a just or civil response to really 'even now'. Jee Nious does something else that is typical of many Americans, that is to close off that scintilla of a mind that they were blessed with and to listen or learn something different from the sound of wind that customarily can be heard blowing through the empty corridors of their empty heads.

Your sophomoric rantings do not alter my reality or the realities of my fellow classmates and probably many other American; neither will they change the facts about American malfeasance that has been experienced by too many other nations of the world. I was at the top of my class all through school and in College; I was simply misshapen and miseducated for the first half of my educational experienced by teachers like you in the American Apartheid system.

Unfortunately, in America truth that has always been denied and ignored by too many, including by its leaders like the soon to be discharged Bush 33; the latter reflects his approval rating. Some Americans probably who are much like the obdurate Jee Niou's 'neighing out in the meadow after having had its fill of oats', will never be a part of America's healing or the solution to why so many other people and nations in the world hate the U.S.A.. People like Jee Niou are the problem that will apparently never be completely changed?

Why? No honor, no truth, no honesty, no virtue, no winsomeness and apparently nothing else other than foolhardiness and American 'giddi-up horse' arrogance!

And Jee Nious, the information in the American textbooks with regard to American history was also, in part, fallacious given that much of it was left out; and you might be surprised to know that on the other side of town, many American kids did not receive textbooks.

And since you apparently did, how can you be so ...? I am not an 'enemy of the state', well for some of you I would be considered that, however, I can see, and I know what the people across the water are seeing as well!

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