Sep 7, 2006

The Right To Be A Nation?

America Has The Right To Be A Nation of Recent History!!

The problem with the Bush Administration and the Red States and many other Americans is that they simply refuse to accept the world's new 21st Century paradigm given that it differs from the age old American paradigm. Given the new paradigm, the world is no longer divided into an East West power divide with the United States and its satellites on one side, and the Soviet Union and its satellites on the other fighting for control of their regions if not the planet at large. Now the former client-states of both sides are asserting their right to pursue their individual destinies in the cosmos.

Similar to a time when through the help of the international community (including the horrible communists that Bush refers to) American blacks were able to throw off the yoke of American white supremacist oppression in the Land of the Free and the home of the Slave. America is having trouble today accepting nations that for years have been kept under its feet. How dare some of these lesser nations envision, for example, a seat in the U.N. Security Council or any form of parity with the United States, nations that even today self-righteous America would even disdain speaking to? Even at the United Nations, now there is an oxymoron, the U.S.A. believes that the world is better served by having five permanent members (including the U.S.A. of course) of a fifteen member U.N. Security Council arrangement, reserving the power into perpetuity to veto the ideas and visions of the other 180 nations of the world. And when the five permanent members won't go along with the U.S.A., the U.S.A. will simply act rogue and move ahead independently to force its will upon any other nation in the world.

Change is hard to accept for most people or nation even though change is essential. Otherwise, the progress that humans have made would never have been made. Having said that, change is especially hard for hard-headed and hard-hearted individuals like those Americans today who equate their beliefs with divine destiny, and therefore universal right. In an American paradigm or to the way of American thinking what they believe is not an opinion, 'it is simply the way that things are supposed to be'. It is always a danger when any person or any people conclude that what is right or proper for them is what is right and proper for everyone else, particularly, when that person or people will try to force their sense of right and their will on anyone else; and the U.S.A. has gotten away with that since its inception. The President was correct when he said, 'it's their way of thinking vs. our way of thinking'. Folks, those are the most genuine words that this man has ever uttered. But without further reasoning, like most Americans the President has concluded that given American prosperity over a period of two decades, the American way must be the right way.

What the President has overlooked, however, is that America is, point-of-fact, a two-hundred year old pre-pubescent nation that still has not reached the maturity and learned to co-exist with other nation-family without trying to have its own way in the world family. If the President like most Americans would consider that many of the nations of the world that America opposes their way of thinking were also once great empires that have been in existence for thousands of years and they too have experienced their individual Golden Ages, just as the U.S.A. has experienced its rather recent golden age in just a rather brie period of time, by historical world standard's. And many of these once mighty, invincible, invulnerable empires eventually began to witness their own erosion, decline and eventual defeat.

The U.S.A. could learn from their mistakes, some believe that they have learned and the solution is to use more force in order to hold on to power. However, the use of force alone neither saved them nor will it save the United States. And just as the 'Bush Brain', non-intellectual by any standard, would be unable to understand what I am saying, neither will most of the spoiled child-like American population be able to comprehend what I am saying. The world is remaking itself just as it has always done. The world is dynamic with new human, animal and plant life emerging every second of the day. Bush and his ilk, Approximately a dozen limited Caucasians who have been steeped in western and of late neoconservative thought, believe that they have the only ideas that are correct, along with the military power to shape the other approximately 6.5 billion people on the earth and to move them over or to eliminate them in order to enforce their way of seeing things. Again, that is uncivilized!

What really has them so confused is that they cannot stop change and therefore they are threatened by the idea that America will no longer be able to force its stamp upon the world and to control the world as it has done throughout most of the 20thCentury. Not even the once mighty U.S.A. can prevent the world from going through a process of renewal and reshaping. And if America will not adapt it will become obsolete or inconsequential to the rest of the world, and that is by and large what is taking place right now. The American ideal and idea is being extinguished. What one has to wonder then is if America will try to blow the whole world up, rather than allow the world to go on without it in the seat of dominance?

Sadly, in the mind of many Americans, military superiority will win out in the end, but I beg to differ for eventually the missiles, the bombs and military technology will give way to a better way of thinking and the will of the people and the universe, not just six per cent of the world's population. Bush would be unable to understand what I have said in the past, 'you cannot kill an idea with a bomb'. And so far all he understands is that 'their ideas' are different from our ideas, but he does not comprehend that his effort to eliminate different ideas and ways of thinking and to maintain America's hold on the world by the use of the bomb will never work. Any one can see that his methods have not been working over the past three years, but have been serving only to spread the new ideas even further given all of the fallout of his Administrations ill-conceived strategies coupled with their lack of understanding.

For America and its invincible shield and grip on the world was obliterated on 911. It was as if David vs. Goliath happened all over again, however, in this context it was a group from an unorganized army, without any weapons, without an air force and without ground troops who took on Goliath. These young men took what America had already in place and used it to defeat America the 'mighty goliath'. And where is Goliath now, three years later? He is a wounded and weakened Giant, who is foaming at the mouth from both confusion and fear and threatening and spewing out his venom in and outside of the land, while he still tries to figure out how with all of his advantages, height, girth, weapons, shield, helmet, sword, armor and experience along with his mighty army to back him up, he cannot find and defeat his perceived smaller foe. I repeat, it is now three years later, and Goliath still crying out for vengeance to anyone who will listen, and he has sought to APPEASE some in his land by doing what they also wanted him to do, 'to show the rest of the world that you do not mess with Goliath America'. Teach 'them' the world, a lesson they cried. The problem is, Goliath has already been severely wounded, having sustained ignominious defeat and the rest of the world knows that you can wound and perhaps even kill the mighty Goliath, and now no one knows that better than goliath America, itself!

It would behoove the Bush Administration, the Red States of America and many other individual Americans to 'remove the glaciers from their own hearts', and to join in with the changes that are taking place in a dynamic world!

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