Sep 7, 2006

Al Gore and John Kerry Are 'The Right"!

On C-Span, this past Saturday, September 2nd, Bill Kristol, just admitted on nationwide T.V. that Al Gore was right with regard to the United States going into Iraq; he agreed that Al Gore was right and America should not have gone into Iraq. Could a liberal like Al Gore have been right about the war or anything else for that matter to you and those of your ilk? When Bill agreed with some of the other commentary made by the so-called liberal to his right, he concluded that he must have had a 'neocon inside of him that wanted to come out'.

The fact is that the answer to every geopolitical issue for the gunslingers on the obtuse Republican Reich is to either threaten war or to take America, unnecessarily, into war. It kind of reminds you of the old American West; and who was best to play the part of an old gunslinger, President Ronald Reagan, who starred in a cowboy movie or two during his acting career? If only he had stopped in Hollywood, however, he then took his act to Washington and was later joined by Moses himself, Chuck Heston, another actor who played the part of a man who single-handedly destroyed a former near middle-eastern Army.

In Washington, other than pretending to be a President who was concerned about the issues of all Americans and the needs of the country, he could not wait to show the world that age old Republican bravado, under the banner of 'don't tread on us', America. That reminds me who was hidden in the basement of the White House, helping to deceive the American public and Congress while he negotiated deals with a member of the 'axis of evil' in order to secretly support the Contras? Not much has changed in 'The Reich', given that the Reich is still represented by a bunch of liars and war hawks, and Newtie boy can't wait to get back into the middle of the action!

By the way, what went wrong with another one of your distinguished icons when he, Dick Nixon, was in office? Or how about Bush 41, when he took over the helm for Reagan having denied that he had ever heard anything about the Contra weapons subversion, despite his having sat in on about 20 cabinet meetings where the subject of the Contras reportedly was discussed?

The more enlightened individuals in the world, who are represented more in the Democratic Party than in the fascist Republican Party in my opinion, appear to know a lot more about how to get things done through civil discourse and by working with their allies, instead of violating International Law, usurping Congress and invading and occupying sovereign nations. In fact this Independent finds that the Candidates and former public officials in the Democratic Party were and are far more intelligent. When I think of a Republican, I think mostly of a lying, deceptive, not so bright warhawk!

Again, one would not have to be a rocket scientist in order to recognize that the Democrats have produced more erudite and qualified candidates over the past half-century than the ones who have been cast upon the world's stage by the Republican Reich. But I am sure that you are correct in your assessment, that it is those in the Reich who have the stomach for a protracted illegal invasion of a sovereign nation and in deference to everything that is moral. I am sure that you, the Good Republican that you appear to be, sleep well at night while innocent people are being slaughtered as a result of the U.S. action in Iraq. I wonder who is hidden in the White House underbelly, today, as we speak?

In fact most Americans are like John Kerry, first they voted for their war, and after receiving open and honest information, they are now against the war. President Bush 33 (his approval rating), misled everyone. Go Kerry and Go Gore, unfortunately, behaving like Jesus Christ and telling the truth won't get you elected and it may get you killed; on the other hand you will get the respect that you deserve; you gentleman were RIGHT!

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