May 29, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part IV

The real reason why Dumb became angry earlier that day, and reported what I said in innocence, to the Program Manager Tonya (see previous entries) was apparent!

When I ran into Dumb and a mutual bus acquaintance at a bus stop in Cupertino California several months ago, my bus acquaintance was surprised to learn that Dumb and I knew each other. After I explained that Dumb and I were both wards of the same religious shelter program, a political discussion ensued.

Now that I was away from the Shelter, I felt free to speak directly with Dumb. Ironically, my bus acquaintance and I had a couple of discussions in the past about the current conditions in America, particularly with its economy. And even though we did not agree on every single point, we were civil and listened to the other ones point of view.

Dumb was included in the conversation, and as to be expected Dumb did what neofascists always do, he engaged in labeling his opposition as 'a liberal'. I responded explaining that 'neo-fascists' like him, are the ones along with their policies who brought ruin to this nation over the past 8 years. When I said it, Dumb muttered under his breath and repeated back what I said, 'neo-fascists'?

Dumb was angry and launched in a diatribe about how liberals went wrong, in spite of the fact that George Bush and his party had been in charge of America over the past 8years. He said that the liberals were responsible for the current economic crisis, because they failed to regulate the housing industry, in particular Fannie Mae, and of course he tossed in the name Barney Franks in order to solidify his position, just as he and Dumber would often do in the Shelter.

You see all of the problems in the United States, particularly with respect to the current economic crisis and America's recession were caused by liberals and Barney Franks, according to Dumb and Dumber.

I countered that whenever the Democrats tried in the past to regulate anything, that they met stiff resistance from the Republicans, and that it took the Supreme Court finally to step up and to rebuff then President George Bush Jr., given that the Republican controlled House would not do it. I gave examples not only of how Bush and the Republicans had been repudiated by the Supreme Court, but by America's closet allies among other things.

It was President George Bush and company who refused to respect the other the other two equal branches of government, particularly Congress.

By this time the bus driver approached the bus bench where we were debating, with keen interest, his body language indicating that he wanted to listen to this debate. Dumb's anger with me showed on his face, as his face began to change colors. Oftentimes in the shelter I would simply make a few of what I felt were cogent remarks in order to debunk the constant mythologizing and fabricating by Dumb and his missing side-kick Dumber.

However, outside of the shelter, I ripped Dumb and his arguments to shreds. The bus driver and my bus acquaintance laughed at Dumb, and the latter chimed in with his own examples to prove that the problems that America was suffering in its current itteration were the result of conservative policies and politics..

The conversation carried on inside of the bus as the bus driver indicated that it was time to load up. The three of us sat on the side benches near the driver in the front of the bus, facing each other. Dumb was exasperated, given that he lost the dialectical debate, particularly in front of the driver and our mutual friend. Dumb reached his stop on Stierlin Road in Cupertino before I did.

I smiled at him and wished him a nice day as he left the bus. He gnarled back an indistinguishable sound, as he departed from the bus. I then looked at him and laughed.

Dumb is a vindictive man, and clearly decided to get me back at me later that day for the complete shredding that he endured, by telling his inside contact, Tonya, the Program Manager that I had violated his privacy by telling someone that he lived in the shelter. Factually, Dumb had moved out of the shelter a week or so before this incident took place.

The problem was that he had been lying to individuals about where he lived. And the reason why Tonya showed up at the shelter that evening hoping was really to get back at me for what took place on the bus stop that day. Having said that her rebuke was of no effect, it only demonstrated for me what I already knew that she was involved in a non-professional manner with some of the shelterees.

Ironically, before I left the bus that day, my bus acquaintance said, I saw your picture and the story about the shelter, just as you pointed out, in the Saratoga paper. He added, I didn't know that you were a minister, and then he added that Dumb told him that he lived in the nearby city of Mountain View. This is the other reason that Dumb was angry at me, because he had been innocently exposed - to man that he lied to.

What am I trying to convey here? First of all Dumb and Dumber are not alone, there are millions more like them in America. And what cannot be lost on this type of individual are the dangers associated with individuals like them.

When you speak with a fascist, you are talking to someone who is self-assured that the conclusions that he and his group-members have drawn are simply right the right ones and therefore there is no other way but there way.

As a pastor and minister, I have run into this type of attitude and behavior with religious conservatives. The whole world got a glimpse of what fascist religious conservatives were like during the Bush years.

Fascist Christians, joined in with fascist politicians in order to force their will upon America and the world. And as far as either group was concerned, they were simply right about everything, and you were simply wrong if you did not agree with them.

In terms of thought and behavior, neither of the two group any different from the other, they were organized around a small set of ideas, and to them their ideas and conclusion were sacrosanct, to the extent that they would attempt to force them down the throats of other people. And much in the same manner that the Christian Churches in Austria and Germany were supporters of Nazi fascism, religious fascists supported the political fascists and their movement in America.

As they proceeded with their scorched earth policies and practices, it was made clear to everyone else that dissent would not be tolerated. Neither side will tolerate dissent, or tolerate a differing opinion. Each one feels as if they alone are the moral arbiters of the Universe, and that it is their manifest destiny to go around forcing their dogma and their will on all other people.

Facts don’t make any difference to them, given that their feelings and their opinions are the facts. It is amazing to me as I reflect on the manner in which fascists behaved during the Clinton Administration, when it was clear that the fascists were not only in disagreement about the Clinton policies, there was clear animus if not downright hatred being directed towards Bill Clinton.

As the incompetent George Bush led the spiraling down of this nation towards the abyss, over the past 8 years, neo-fascists who did not agree with the Bush policies, were nevertheless very discreet in terms of expressing their feelings in public about George Bush.

However, as soon as someone other than the Republicans were in control, the vitriol, animus, anger and hostile behaviors and criticism returned. To be around a neofascists is to be around a person that is obsessed if not possessed. These folks in my opinion could care less about what the majority of the American people want; they simply care about what they want.

It was predicted on a Sunday news magazine yesterday, that Cheney's approval ratings would probably return to the 50% percent range within the next year. It was also predicted on Fox News, I believe it was, that the Republican Party's ratings would also approve over the course of the name time. All I can is that he American hasn't learned yet what the Republican Party extremists are all about yet, particularly following the Presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George Bush II, then the American people need to review the manner in which they decide who should and who should not lead this nation of ours.

For my dollar, we need confront American fascism, of the kind that we experienced recently from the Republicans, with the same vigor as this nation did when it participated in an Allied victory against Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, because fascists are fascists, regardless of color, nation or stripe. And, I predict that if the fascist party does not regain control of the reigns of Party during the next election, we can expect more terrorist attacks in this nation, however, they will not come from outsiders.

Let's get the FBI to begin following these people around, and to listen in on their conversations and begin a counterinsurgency or COINTELPRO against them, because they are the real enemies of America and the America n way of life!

Peace & Hope
Rev. C. Solomon

P.S. Where is the Reverend today? I left the shelter and have continued on with my life, ministry of teaching, and my latest project working with Homeless Individuals in hopes of helping to lift the homeless from the state that they currently find themselves living in.

And here is something for all Americans to consider. There are an inestimable amount of homeless individuals in this country who spend each day and night living in the elements.

Included among them are women, children and the elderly. I prayed about it, and asked God what could be done and how could I help?
And here is what I got back from the Divine Mind. There are so many American homeowners, who house their automobiles in compartments that could be used to house human being. In other words, put your automobile outside in the element (at the very least at night) and permit someone who is homeless to at least sleep inside of your one, two or three car garages, for that is the humane, if not the Christian, Muslim, Jewish... thing to do. And if everyone who has a garage would do so, homelessness, would be eliminated in America within one fortnight!

Responding To God’s Petitions Ought To Be Our First Priority Part II

Subject: What to Ask For When You Pray? For We Also Have The Requisite Ability To Grant Petitions To God Part II

When God needs something done in the human biological world, he more times than not calls upon a human (not an Angel) to answer and to fulfill his petitions. However, petitioning works both ways, just as the prayer (communication) line works both ways, it is a 2-way line. There are numerous examples in the bible when God called upon humans to obey his petitions, Jonah for example, and the petitioners ran the other way.

The following is a sample of what typically happens when God needs something done in the human world, or when God wants something from us.

1. God calls us, but typically the line is always busy. (Rarely does anyone take out the time to hear from God, or to try to answer God’s petitions, for most of us cannot conceive of God needing to have his petitions answered by humans).

2. But suddenly, a call comes into God on the 2-way line, and it goes something like this.

Dear father in heaven, I call upon you to help me or a loved one, or to give me or a loved one something, or to straighten out someone (that has somehow offended me by any means necessary), or to heal me or someone who is dying or in poor health. And just as suddenly without waiting to hear from God, the prayer is ended and the communication line is terminated before God can in turn relay his petitions to the 2-way caller, or respond to at that time to his or her request.

The following is what God wanted from the caller, and what the caller would have been petitioned for, had they waited. Remember God petitions us too!

1. I need you to you love, forgive, help, understand, to serve someone else today?
2. I need you to obey my word which is essentially this, to love me and your neighbor as yourself? I need you to abstain from destructive behaviors and other things that distort and hurt other people and yourself?
3. I need you to place me before yourself?

A day or two later, the caller who hung up prematurely, cannot understand why God hasn’t answered his or her petition. The caller is thinking, weren’t we taught to take our petitions to God, and wasn’t it my right and duty to go to God in prayer?

So God sends someone else to explain to the petitioner why their petition was not answered, and to explain what God wanted from the caller. The messenger says that God said that he has answered your prayers all the days of your life, and:

1. God will answer your prayers when you ask things or for things that are in keeping with my will.

2. As God has already given you life; parents who loved, raised and still love you; siblings; shelter; water; food; warmth; primary and post-secondary education; a spouse; children; home ownership; automobiles; vacation; travel; healings; friends; finances; savings; investments; joy; access to me; peace and more, that he will continue to answer your petitions and grant you what you have not asked for, when you seek me and respond to my expressed petitions to you.

3). God desires that you will seek to know his will daily, instead of continuing to ask for things for yourselves, keeping in mind that it is already God's will for each one of us to prosper.

When you think about all of what God has provided for, over the course of a lifetime, and by comparison the number of times that we have ignored or rejected God’s petitions wholesale, it seems kind of unfair for us to continue asking God to grant our petitions for more things for ourselves, our friends our lived ones. God is not Santa Claus.

It is time for us to learn to ask God, what is your petition for me today? Next, we ought to grant God’s petition which in the end with benefit humankind as well as each one of us, including loved ones.

Think about this everyday, all of what God has granted and be thankful instead, then ask yourself what is keeping us from granting God's petition that we have placed on hold?

Love, Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Trust me for your next breath.

Years ago, a friend pastor from another state ministered at the church where I pastored. He told a story of how he lost faith in God and told God that he could simply no trust God anymore. Next, he told this story about a dialogue that took place between he and God.

Friend: God, I cannot trust you anymore.
God: Can you trust me for one more year?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for one more years.
God: Can you trust me for 6 months?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for 6 more months.
God: Can you trust me for one month?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for 1 more month.
God: Can you trust me for a week?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust for a week.
God: Can you trust me for a day?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for a day.
God: Can you trust me for an hour?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for an hour.
God? Can you trust me for another minute?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for another minute.
God: Can you trust me for another second?

Friend: No God, I cannot trust you for another second.
God? Can you trust me for your next breath?

God's last query put everything into perspective, all of us
are here as guests of God and by the grace of God, God does
not have to permit anyone of us our next breath, therefore
we all to seek the one who has granted us life and so much
more and grant God's the few petitions that he requires of

Our answers to God ought to always be, yes and amen!

May 28, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part III

Subject: American Style Fascism & Fascist Must Be Eliminated

There is more than one story here; one certainly has to do with the deficiency of the shelter's Program Manager Tonya and the manager of the shelter program. I will leave it to the area churches to be more proactive and to look into what goes on inside of their churches when they turn their churches over to strangers. And having said that, I would not want the shelter programs to go away because they are a valuable asset to the individuals who are served by them.

However, what should not be lost in this story is how fascism, if it is allowed to fester within any environment, will lead to verbal as well as physical abuse of the kind that many individuals experienced firsthand in this particular shelter. The same came happen in the general population.


The shelter in one sense was a microcosm of the United States of America. On a day to day basis a cross-section of the American male population lived, ate and slept there together.

Fascists live among us, just as they did in the shelter and in Hitler's Germany and Austria, some are religious and some are not. Dumber is actually a secularist. American fascists have a network of people like themselves who believe they are the true Americans, and the rest of us are squatters. Fascists believe that they have a divine right to make the rules that the rest of us should follow, or there will be consequences to follow.

It would often appear that they feel that the rest of us, non-whites, do not have any business being here, or that we have anything to say that is worthy of being listened to by them. One night I dangled the olive branch in front of Dumber anyway, that is after he began speaking to me again. You see Dumb is also an atheist, and one night he asked me a question about religion. I shared my viewpoint, and for 30 days he stopped speaking to me at all (something that I was actually thankful for I might add).

On this occasion when I had apparently been pardoned for my previous unknown infraction, he began to talk to me again, and here is what I said? I said: one thing that I am certain about that we can both agree upon is that all Americans should have equal access to the opportunity structures of this country.

Dumb thought about it and replied: no, I cannot agree with that. In fact he explained that he wanted things to be the way that they were when the Constitution was written. And we all know what that meant. It was a time when certain white male landowners, who paid taxes, controlled the American landscape and enjoyed all of the benefits and the advantages of being an America. Dumb wanted things to be that way again. Ah it wasn't a surprise to anyone I'm sure that Dumb felt that way.

Just as fascism festered in Austria and Germany for years before exploding into the Third Reich and World War II, Republican Conservative Fascism continues to thrive in America, as has been evidenced by appearances of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and vitriolic non-patriots like Rush Limbaugh. The neo-fascist fire continues to smolder in the ashes in the aftermath of the Republican rejection by the overwhelming majority of the American people.

These individuals continue to try to recruit other people to their cause hoping to one day take over the reigns of power of this nation again.

Rush Limbaugh, wealthy, fat and dumb, has made it clear that he hopes that President Obama, not his policies, as he later stated would fail. What kind of a patriot is that, and he supported the Patriot Act? These two are not the only ones, other shock jocks like Hannity, Savage, and even journalists like Anne Coulter and many others Republican fascists continue to oppose, in an obstructionist manner, the policies of America's new President and America's new administration in Washington.

They could care less that the majority of the American people voted for the current administration in order to repair the damage that Republicans did to this nation over the past 8 years. Cheney continues to argue in the midst of all evidence to the contrary that "we were right".

Fascists, 'do not care' about right or what the majority of the American people have decided upon. This small minority of malcontents that never could have won the White House in the first place without the help of misguided Democrats and Independents simply want to have things their way. They are much like a religious cult where logic, reason or light cannot penetrate the minds of their adherents.

For even when the previously failed policies of conservatism resulted in these two malcontents being perpetual homeless shelterees, they still returned to argue that conservatism was right and that everyone else was wrong.

What happened to the Patriot Act? When it comes to people like these, one marvels that it was Republicans like these who called for its implementation of the Patriot Act several years ago in the first place, and they are the very ones who have been behaving as non-patriots.

This reminds me of the period shortly after President Bill Clinton took over the reigns of power over a decade ago, when the late Senator B. Goldwater (co-founder of the conservative movement in America, warned his own Republican party that they were behaving like obstructionists to then newly installed President Bill Clinton. What would he be saying today to his own party?

Our modern-day Republican fascist’s obstructionists are carrying their message, often mixed with lies and misrepresentations, to whoever will listen to them. Why? They do so in hopes of regaining hold again on the reigns of power the American government, and to prevent other than what they believe in happening until they gain regain hold of the seats of power in the American government.

And, like certain religious practitioners who spread religious fascism, the ones who are intolerant of those with a varying opinion, they are promoting their message in the same intolerant manner, as such with a hell-fire mushroom cloud meaning attached to it. Their goal is simply to instill fear!

If you listen to them, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and it began when President Obama took over the reigns. Fortunately, as I heard one of their own say recently, that the American people are not stupid. And he was right, we are not stupid, we know a rat when we see one and whereby to get their way!

I can recall one day when Dumb and Dumber were smugly attacking me; both men having assumed that since I was black (proud to be and wouldn't have it any other way), that I was a Democrat and therefore I must have voted for President Obama. The truth is that I was not a Democrat, and I did not vote for the nascent Senator from Illinois.

So, I simply set back and let them talk, until I had given them enough rope to make complete fools of themselves (something that the two of them practiced almost daily anyway).

Then I informed them both that I have been a registered independent voter for years, and that I have voted for the best candidate regardless of Party Affiliation, and finally that I didn't vote for Senator Obama. I also explained I did not vote for John McCain or Republican fascism either; I voted for the person that I felt was prepared and could do the best job.

Both of their mouths hung open and silence ensued on both their parts, at least for awhile. Their mischaracterization of me failed, and it demonstrated what a couple of fruitcakes both of these men happened to be.

You would think that these two pseudo-patriots would have backed off after that, but true to Republican neo-fascist form, they simply began to attack from another vantage point, (and their underlying message was that you either agreed with Republican fascism fully or that you were still nothing and nobody).

What was lost upon both of them, that had often been expressed by most shelter wards and on more than one occasion was this,
again, these two dunderheads who supported 8 years of Republicanism, live in a shelter, when they aren't living in the back of Dumb's rundown gray station wagon.

I am proud to say that these two dunderheads and the program manger do not represent the spirit of most Californians that is unless you live in Simi Valley or Orange County California. These two belong back in one of the bible belt states, where either you believe all of it, the bible, or none of it. Also, you aren't anything if you don't believe all of it and that is conservative Republican hogwash.

Republican neo-Conservatives have suspended the use of meaningful thought, dialogue or discourse. And similar to the obnoxious VTA Conservative Republican bus driver who asked me the other day, 'why do Democrats hate Bush', and I told him that 8 million of them crossed over and voted for Bush, which shut him up - both of these guys are equally as obtuse, inane and just as ignorant as the driver was!

Do I sound as if I am angry? The answer is yes, but not just because of these nitwits. I am concerned about the mindset of the American people! Why? I am angry and concerned because the insidious infestation of neo-Conservative fascism needs to be destroyed at its pernicious roots, and I am not sure that everyone understands what is going on.

It is not a simple matter of 'the conservatives lost the election so let's be all be friends'. We need to eradicate the spirit of fascism that persists in our nation, and if necessary, we ought to rewrite a New Patriot Act just for them (one that makes Republican fascism and obstructionism a crime against our form of government and elected officials).

These folks are nothing more than white supremacist/hegemonists that are set upon controlling the United States and the world for white hegemonists, and that kind of fascism must be rooted up at its core. Now isn't it interesting that just over a half decade after Hitler, Nuremburg et al, that Nazis are still being sought out, captured and tried for their crimes against humanity.

Yet in America, the same individuals who sought to destroy Aryan fascism years ago are silent and tolerating modern American-style fascists and fascism. Why aren't we going after American Nazis in the same America that we went after German Nazis? Isn't the problem simply this, Americans do not recognize the requisite risk and danger that these people pose to our nation? Or is it because some Americans still sympathize with a white supremacist ideology?

Dumb, as I reported earlier stated that he was against all Americans having equal access to the opportunity structures of this country. What gives him and other fascists to decide who should and should not have access? Perhaps then the rest of us should also deny Dumb and Dumber equal access to the homeless shelters and parking lots in the back of superstores in this nation, where the two have spent a considerable portion of their time during the Bush-Republican Administration’s worldwide blitzkrieg.

If we fail to do what we need to do to get rid of this infestation, it will grow again and wreak more destruction upon America, the American people and the world, and while doing so they will continue to blame others for all of the problems that they caused.

The entire world it would seem has been hurt following 8 years of Republican conservative fascism, and conservatives are chomping at the bit to come back and give us more of the same.

And can you believe that former Vice President Cheney, the highest ranking fascist in the nation, if not the world, is still proclaiming, 'we were right'? Hitler would be doing the same thing if he were still alive. And who knows, perhaps he is for someone is inspiring these fools.

Will America ever experience the kind of violence coming from Americans, that the world experienced coming from Germany and the Third Reich? I have already given you examples of how that men living in a shelter were either physically or verbally abused by two modern-day Republican fascists.

Keep in mind that we have militia groups popping up all over this nation, especially in the West and the Midwest. Why are they organizing? Folks it is not to protect themselves. Like Timothy McVeigh, these folks are planning a preemptive strike!

These people will not behave like the Native Americans once did and permit someone to take the land from them as they believe that all of the ethnic groups and immigrants are doing 'to him'. These malcontents would nuke this country and everyone in it, similar to what their fore parents did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, before permitting that to happen.

And just as these two imbeciles that I lived with had sympathizers in the front office that covered up their malfeasance, and hid it from upper management, while pointing to what appeared to be their so-called good behaviors; we have other sympathizers in America who are behaving in the same manner with other homegrown neo-fascist conservative Republican terrorists. The latter are sympathizers who will allow fascism to thrive until it reaches critical mass.

One of these two men demonstrated physical violence on their fellow men on more than 6 occasions in the shelter as I pointed out earlier. And how long will it be before the remainder of mentally deranged, and angry white failed pseudo-patriots begin to take out their anger on other Americans?

Where is the angst this time? Where is the outrage and the call for war to root out fascism this time? I suppose that the difference this time is that it is white bred Americans who are behaving in the same manner that Hitler did in the mid-twentieth century. Americans must not take this lying down, these people are dangerous - they are terrorists. The Republican Party is breeding a whole new group of Timothy McVeigh styled terrorists right under our noses.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Finale to follow!

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part II

Subject: American Style Fascism & Fascists Must Be Eliminated

In an American homeless men's shelter, a conservative neo-fascist Republican was permitted to physically attack wards of the shelter and nothing was done, however, telling someone outside of the shelter that a neofascist was a shelteree was considered egregious by the program manager. The moral: Neofascists stick together!

Dumber is an x-Marine, and has a certain patriotic vigor that goes along with his apparent hatred of everything that does not walk, talk and breathe conservatism, even though conservatism has clearly failed him.

He walks with a swagger, and pumps his chest out as if to say, 'go ahead, and make my day'. Fortunately for him, I am a minister or I would have, several times in the past, made his day. In fact, I will never forget the day when one evening we were waiting to enter a church. I responded to a comment that Dumber made, and he ran up to me as if to hit me. Dumber had his fist balled up and pushed his fist towards my stomach area.

Frankly, the whole thing caught me off guard. It was kind of cool that day, and I was standing their in my full length all weather coat with both hands in my pocket, and I was wearing a suit, shirt and tie underneath. After his curious display, he smiled and played it off. I let it go that time but immediately thought that will never happen again!

I knew that I could handle both of these dunderheads either physically or mentally, but at the same time I was concerned about other wards in the shelter. On the first two occasions, when both nationals, one from the Middle-East and the other from Sri Lanki told me that they had been accosted by Dumber, the latter 3 times. I told our Sri Lankan shelteree to report it to the Program Manager, not knowing at the time that she was a partner with the two of them in their crimes.

With respect to the Middle-Easterner who shared his experience with me 3 or 4 weeks later, without knowing that someone else in the program had been accosted by Dumber, he dropped his bag on the ground with anger when I told him that another shelteree had been physically shoved by Dumber on 3 separate occasions.

He said, do you mean to tell me that the Program Manager knew that this man had been violent with other people in the shelter, and that when I told her what he did to me, she minimized it and said nothing about it; he was furious. I suggested that he do the following in the event that the behavior was ever repeated, I said: take out your cellular phone and call the police and have them come to the shelter and intervene. And he liked that idea. I told him that I personally told the Program Manger, what the Sri Lankan told me that had been done to him 3 times by the ex-Marine.

I knew that the ex-Marine was a sociopath and that he had some psychiatric issues. So I had hoped that Tonya would have done something about the matter, but she did not. Well in a way she did for yet another ward of the shelter that was white, one who had stood his ground against the verbal political onslaught of Dumb and Dumber on a previous occasion, was warned by the Program Manger to stay out of Dumber's way. Apparently Dumb was out to get him. Now get this? She knew this and apparently did not do anything about any of these 3 situations, except to ignore the victims and to tell one of them to stay out of Dumb's way.

And just as I told the Middle-Easterner to do, I had already resigned within myself that if anyone ever even thought of hitting me in the shelter, that I would simply call 911, and have them come into the shelter and address the matter, given that the behavior and skill level of the shelter managers and the Program Manager had always been sub par by any reasonable standard.

Furthermore, I explained to the wards, who all respected me, that going to the staff would be a waste of time, and with respect to the program manager it would be an incredible waste of time because she was actually in cahoots with the two of them. A short time later another shelteree took my advice, and went to the police after he had been accosted by another shelter, not Dumb or Dumber. For doing so, he was tossed out of the program, and the initiator of violence remains in the program until this day.

Again, both Dumb and Dumber were shrewd enough to show a completely different side to the Executive team which resided in a different location in Cupertino California.

Not so long after sharing with the Program Manager how individuals in the shelters were being physically abused by Dumber, I was a victim of a daytime shelter theft. The only person left behind when I left the shelter that day at 8:00am was the shelter manager; he was the one with the key and was supposed to lock the door. I looked at my raincoat before leaving, because the weather forecast was that there would be rain tomorrow, and I knew that I would be in good shape.

That evening when I returned to the shelter I discovered that my raincoat, London Fog type, had been taken. I told the shelter manager on duty that night, and I also announced to the other men that my coat had been taken. I waited to see what would be done about it. Within 72 hours I hadn't heard a thing back, but in the meantime, trying to catch a rat, I also called and left a message for the Program Manager Tonya regarding my stolen article, and true to form, she never returned my phone call to this day.

In fact nothing was ever done about my stolen article; the Shelter made zero attempts to restore my stolen article of clothing, and I knew that they would not do anything, at least from the Program Manger level down to and including the shelter managers. What was never lost on me was that the last person to leave the shelter that day was the shelter manager, the same person who would adjust the clocks in the shelters, where he could, slightly ahead each day by 3 or 4 minutes so that he could leave earlier than he was supposed to leave.

And this leads me to today's topics, and why the sinister infection of fascism must be rooted up and destroyed in America just as it was when America and many other nations went after Hitler, at the grass roots level. Fascism is sinister and those who participate in it are shrewd. Fascism is like an ebbing river that starts out as a trickle and begins to expand as more volume, people in this instance, is added to it, and then it becomes a rushing violet stream.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued...

May 26, 2009

Sciptures, Writings and Texts In The Bible That God Wouldn’t Agree With

Subject: The Bible is not inerrant, and is not completely the word of God:

I sent not these prophets, yet they ran: I didn't speak to them, yet they prophesied. They said that I said, when I never spoke to them. Jeremiah 23:21

Keeping the above in mind, let's consider some of what has been recorded in the Canon that God would not agree with.

1). For the love of money is the root of all evil... 1 Tim 6:10 Original King James version

Answ. This statement is categorically untrue, for the root of all evil was here long before money or any other form of currency ever existed! Clearly, the love of money was and is not the root of all evil. What about the pride of life, the lust of the eyes and the flesh...?

2). The entire book of Job.

Answ. Most of all of what was attributed to God, words that God reportedly said in the polemic book of Job, a book which was intentionally placed in the wisdom or poetic section of the Bible did not happen and the words were never spoken as they have been recorded in poetic Job.

Poetic license was in effect by the author of Job. We have the poetic version of the story of Job recorded in the Canon. Many of the additions were put there to add color to the actual story of Job. Certainly, there was neither a stenographer nor a tape recorder present at the time to record the breathtaking dialogues that were recorded in the poetic book of Job.

3) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4 KJV

Answ. This text was borrowed from another oral tradition. Bible conservatives simply came up with an explanation in order to make the story appear to be true. So who were these giants?

4). A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things Ecclesiastes 10:19 KJV

Answ. Perhaps, in the wisest man who ever lived's world, but we all know that money does not answer everything, even though I am sure that a lot of American capitalists today would agree with his conclusion.

Clearly God did not inspire Solomon to speak or write something that is so inane, wretched and patently untrue.

I will keep adding to this list, for the Canon is not the inerrant or unadulterated word of God that we have been taught to believe that it was and is today! The canon was written by men, in deference to those ministers today who have stated publicly the following: the bible is under attack. The bible is not under attack, people simply want the truth, and that is what they should want themselves.

Jesus, was the most vocal critic of much of what was later written and has since been recorded in the Canon. Jesus said, you have heard by them of old times ..., but I say unto you...! What he was saying was that these sayings, many of them recorded in the Canon and taken from Hebrew texts did not originate with God.

The Apostle Paul even admitted that some of what he stated in his epistles to the circum-Mediterranean churches, was written by permission. In other words some of what he wrote clearly did not come from God, instead it was his opinion or ideas that were by the Apostles. On occasion they gave permission for him to say and to what he did (see Acts 15:12-23 for example), which was subsequently put into writing. .

Now keep in mind that this is the same man who went about arresting and having tortured and killed those individuals who did not share his religious opinions.

Much of what is recorded in the Mosaic Law, and other parts of the Pentateuch, was also borrowed from other sources. And Jesus even made it clear that Moses' permissive ideas about divorce did not come from God.

Before I go any further, I must talk about motive because most individuals will wonder what Reverend Solomon is trying to do. If you read some of my previous writings, you know that it is my hope to help liberate God's people from error prone texts and the tyranny of religious persecution, so that they can be free to seek after what God actually did express as ITS will!

Clearly, we need to hear from God in the here and now. Remember, Jesus said that the truth makes one free. God's people need to be freed from error prone texts, and those individuals who will make them slaves to error prone texts. God's true word does not entangle minds, neither does it contradict. In John 3:15, it is written that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever would believe on him would not perish but have everlasting life.

Most Christians believe Constantine's Canon instead of Jesus Christ, and the dangerous admixture of partial truth with fabrications and malapropisms can be especially dangerous.

Next, would God agree with the Apostle's characterization of the rapture? In Paul's letters to the Thessalonians as recorded in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and 17 KJV. Paul Wrote:

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Paul was clearly under the impression that he would still be living when the rapture took place, and the dead were raised. From all appearances, the Apostle has been dead for about 2000 years now. Shouldn't we discuss this matter? Was the Apostle Paul wrong? And by the way, all of us have believed that God has said something to us at one time or another which turned out not to have been God after all!

Love, Peace, Grace & Learn
Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued

May 24, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part I

Subject: American Style Fascism & Facists Must Be Eliminated

Simply electing Senator Obama Hussein to be the President of the United States over the next 4 years was not enough...

Patriotic Americans must go after and destroy Conservative Republican American fascism with the same moral turpitude and vigor that it assisted other nations of the world in doing to destroy German fascism and Hitler’s Third Reich...

The two are the moral equivalent of one another other, that is American Conservative Fascism and Hitler’s German Fascism, and we must once again rise up and destroy fascists and fascism


I had the distinct displeasure, recently, of residing under the same roof for 90 days with two American neo-fascist conservative Republicans. It was the worst 90 days of my life and after experiencing these two American Nazis, I understand better the meaning of the phrase 'black hole'.

A black hole typically referred to as being in space, is an area that is so dense that light cannot penetrate it. I discovered and experienced two humans on an almost a daily basis who were the equivalent of human black holes, frankly, zero light could penetrate either of these two mutants. Having said that I learned a lot from these two Neanderthals which can be summed up in two words Dumb and Dumber, the names that I came up for each one of them.

When these 2 individuals arrived on the scene at the shelter, one shortly after the other (both recidivists of this and other shelter programs), they immediately separated themselves from the other 13 wards with a certain amount of arrogance and elitism. When you saw one, you saw the other.

In fact, when the second of the two showed up at the church where we were staying at the time, he simply took over the space where I had been sleeping without any regard for the fact that someone may have been sleeping there before his arrival. The reason for this kind of arrogance was clarified shortly afterward, for it did not take long to realize that Dumb (the taller of the two) and Dumber (the short stocky one) simply made up their own rules in the shelter, and most of the time they got away with what they were doing.

It soon became clear that the reason that they got away with all that they did in the shelter was because the Program Manager, was in cahoots with them. She was also a Republican, and a critic of President Obama Hussein among other things.

Now even though Dumb took over my sleeping spot so that he could sleep next to Dumber, I decided as a Christian minister to simply turn the other cheek and to ignore both of their misbehaviors at the onset. Periodically they would kamikaze other men in the shelter program with their almost daily jibes and barbs about liberals, liberalism and President Hussein Obama.

The program manger appeared to be a nice lady at first; she was hired about a week before I arrived, but soon after it was evident that she was not to be trusted because she showed favoritism to certain individuals in the shelter. I initially experienced her running interference for Dumb, given an occasion when I ran into Dumb out on the bus lines one morning.

That morning there was another gentleman present at the bus stop who unbeknown to both of us knew each one of us individually. When I disembarked from my bus Dumb was sitting there and talking with my bus acquaintance. I addressed both Dumb and my bus acquaintance. The latter asked, "and how do you know him, Dumb? I responded that we are both living in a shelter program together.

I didn't know at the time that the prideful Dumb (a conservative Republican) had been misleading the public with respect to his living circumstances, and what I said was obviously done in complete innocence. Having said that, anyone who knew or had seen Dumb around would know that he was either homeless or simply liked wearing the same clothes everyday. Dumb never changed clothes while living in the shelter; he always wore the same outfit, and he was always unkempt in appearance.

Sometime that very day, Dumb called the Program Manager and told her that I had violated his privacy by telling our mutual acquaintance that we were shelter mates. I believe this happened because that same night Tonya, the Program Manager, drove out to the shelter church were we were staying that month and made a global announcement while looking directly at me. She ended her soliloquy while looking directly over at me and asking, "do you have any questions"?

What did she say to the group? She said: "you cannot violate another ward's privacy...” Now I know if it had been the other way around, and he had violated my privacy that she would not have made a similar trip I'm certain, but there was more to this story than my simply telling someone, in answer to a question, that the two of us lived in a shelter program.

First of all, I wouldn't have cared whether anyone told another person that I lived in a shelter or not. I tell everyone anyway that I am a minister who lived in a Shelter Program, and I did the same at the time. In fact, before leaving the Program, I did a write-up for the Shelter Program and also gave an interview to a local Saratoga California newspaper with regard to my experience of living in the shelter.

Now what was so funny about that is that Dumber, Dumb's follower and protégé, actually grew up in Saratoga California, and without being asked to participate, he made it clear to the visiting journalist team that they had better not place his picture in the Saratoga Newspaper. They explained that they would never do that anyway, besides, one of the journalists explained, we would have to have a signed release before placing your name or picture in the paper. Why was dumber so defensive?

I'm sure that wearing a mask for years would have been devastating for Dumb as well as Dumber if their friends knew that they had lived as they had done for years in shelters or in the back of a station while President Bush, not Democrats, controlled was in charge at Washington DC. For while the two of these homeless Republican fascists paraded around pretending to be one thing in public, both were something else in real life.

Both of them were homeless recidivists of numerous shelter programs on the Bay Area peninsula. They were chronic homeless individuals who lived in a gray station wagon, behind Target stores or wherever else they could find. They were hardly the kind of representatives that any group would put in the forefront that was trying to sell a political ideology to the public.

What could they tell the public except, follow Republicanism and live in a shelter or the back of a station wagon; continue loosing your jobs, homes and other economic opportunities while those at the top reap get richer and enjoy unprecedented tax breaks?

As I continued to watch and periodically be attacked politically and cynically by these two jokers, I began more and more to take notice of what was driving them. There was this confident swagger and braggadocio coming from both of them given that they were Conservative Republicans (a group that represented 'the truth' as they saw it). These two white bred individuals clearly felt that they were 'the true Americans', and that it was their manifest destiny to have individuals who thought like them to run the country and the world!

They would often speak in lofty terms of virtue and hard work, when the truth of the matter is that they were two of the worst offenders in the shelter for that matter when it came to doing their chores. Now on the other hand both men rose to the occasion when it came to volunteering in front of the executive staff over at another location. For there they pitched in almost daily, passed out foodstuffs, ran errands and so on, but when it came to the shelter it was like pulling teeth to get either one of them to do anything.

And trust me, you would never want to eat out of a dish or drink from a tumbler that either one of them used before, particularly Dumb, anyway. Dumb, the unkempt former Respiratory Assistant, did not seem to know the meaning of personal hygiene, and when it came to cleaning up behind himself, well he apparently never cleaned his person either.

His idea of washing a dish was simply to run water over it, or if a large container was placed in the sink with dishwasher fluid in it, I often did that hoping that guys like these would wash their dishes, Dumb would simply dip his cup or bowl in the dishwater, give it a cursory rinse and throw it in the rack to dry.

I began to notice the contradictions between practice and what these two often pontificated. And in typical Conservative form, they always spoke from rehearsed Republican talking points and by using Republican kamikaze tactics. The latter consisted of never permitting you to complete your sentences, or to constantly interrupt, accuse you or redefine what you had to say.

This was only, however, the beginning of their obstinacy, arrogance and obdurate behaviors. On 2-separate occasions, individuals in the shelter reported to me that they had been physically shoved by Dumber, particularly in the kitchen area at one of the churches in Sunnyvale California where we resided.

Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued...

May 23, 2009

Responding To God’s Petitions Ought To Be Our First Priority

Subject: What to Ask For When You Pray? For We Have The Requisite Ability To Grant Petitions To God Part I

In the same way, the Spirit also helps us in our weakness, since we do not know how to pray as we should. Romans 8:28.

I wonder just how often when the prayer line between God and a human is opened, is this singular request made, “God what is it that you want from me?”

I believe that prayer is the highest activity in which a human can engage. When you think about it, what other activity can you engage in that could be more important than speaking with The Almighty, and having the Almighty speak back to you?

In Romans the eighth chapter, Paul wrote: we do not know how to pray as we ought. What he was saying was that most of us will enter into prayer, when neither the subject matter nor the manner in which we pray are suitable with God.

The other day when I was meditating, God gave me this message, it was that "whenever you pray and ask me for something, instead ask me what I want from you"? How humbling, and what an interesting fete compli I thought (for on the other hand I considered, what had I been asking God to do for me or someone else or to grant me or someone else)!

Of the many types of prayers that one can pray, most of us would have to concede that the prayer of petition is the one that is often most likely to be made from or for us. When we pray, or when we have someone else interceding for us in prayer more often than not we are asking about, or for something for ourselves or for someone else. That is not to say that a petitioning type prayer cannot be accompanied with thanksgiving.

I pondered the new insight that I received and considered the following. If I do as instructed, and I will, each time that I go before God in the future, I will give my petition a second thought. On the other hand I will always be reminded that prayer is a 2-way street. And in this context I should not be concerned only about what I want when I engage in the highest activity that a human being can enter into, I ought to be concerned with what the Almighty wants from, and for me.

Will I grant God’s petition, and then go about figuring out how to give God what IT wants from me, as I have always expected God on the other hand to do for me? I suspect that most of the time in the past that the odds have been about a million to one in my favor that God gave me what I wanted, when rarely did I even consider asking what it was that God wanted from me?

From hereon, my prayers will be, "God, what do you want from me today"? And you are welcome to join me…, for at the end of the day we can grant God's petitions too, just as God can grant us our petitions. We expect God to grant out petitions, so how about granting God's petitions from hereon?

Think of all of the petitions that God has granted for you over the span of your life. Here are some examples: life, food, parents, shelter, a spouse, family, a home, numerous automobiles and appliances, an education, travel, health, a church, a career, finances, and the list goes on.

Don't forget and join me when you pray, instead of asking God for something, first ask God: what do you want from me? This ought to be you new model for prayer!


Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

May 21, 2009

Should We Believe Them? Bishop (Takes) Preachers And Moolah Moolah

If the only thing that matters is what some of them have been saying, the following is what takes place in Heaven each Monday Morning.

And if you didn't know any better you would believe that someone is on the take!

In a room that is similar to the New York Stock Exchange, traders are busy running around trying to determine two things, how much money was raised worldwide and how many new members recently joined the worldwide groups of Christian churches during the past week, especially on this past Sunday, a rare fifth Sunday in the month.

You see, each Sunday God calls for an accounting report from all worldwide ministries that is to be turned in the following morning. This report is to show God just how many new members joined from week to week. And God wants to know how much money was raised over this past week. I can just see the sad look on God’s face when he learned that receipts were down, even though memberships were up. God wondered: where is the money?

Now instead of 40Zbillion, Trillion, Trillion being raised in Christian Churches on earth last week, the tally came closer to 39Zxbillion, Trillion, Trillion dollars, and heaven received only a paltry sum of the total amount raised. God was upset!

But in fact God wasn’t as upset about the number of new members that joined the roles, for like the ministers on earth he realized that the amount received is more important than head count, in other words its all about ‘The Caesars’. But where, God thought, is the rest of the money? Not even God could see where the money was going!

Sadly, God had no other choice but to send down a heavenly host of angels from the Heavenly Gate Trading Floor, to question and defrock millions of ministers on the earth. To these ministers, the angels explained that the tokens that God gave them to begin their ministries with had been misused. They were also told that even though the worldwide recession had impacted giving, still the ministers could have taken what they were given up front to pray for people(seed money), and garnered some interest with those donations.

You see, there were other mega ministers waiting in the wings (no pun intended) for their chance to win souls, I mean bring dollars to the Lord.

Bishop Takes boldly decided to speak up, so he alone went and stood before God and said, Texas is a big state and we do big things in Texas, however, we have been hit hard as well by the current economic crises. Bishop Takes said, I donated one of my luxury vehicles and garnered a tax write off in order to demonstrate my sincerity and that money was given to the ministry.

God said, Bishop Takes, there is no excuse, and that he and other ministers needed to come up with more creative ways of fleecing the flock for after all Bishop Takes, God said, weren't you the one that said that "my church is a business"? Bishop Takes was given 90 days to raise more moolah, or he would loose his position as Supermega Minister of the Worldwide Christian Federation of Mega Mega Moolah Moolah Ministries.

Dollar Bishop was pleased because secretly he always felt that his ministry was superior to that of Bishop Takes, even when both men pretended, in public, to be friends. Bishop Ong, friends of both men tried to appease the situation and offered his counsel. Bishop Ong suggested that both ministers convene a joint Revival and raise more money than has ever been raised in the history of mankind.

The Revival he said could be called The Mega Mega Moolah Moolah Revival Conference. He went on to say that an unprecedented admission fee to attend the event would be 2 mega megas per person. Anyone who couldn’t come up with 2 mega mega’s was told to stay home!

Bishop Ong also recommended an entertainment venue for MMMMRC that would include 'The Mega Mega Moolah Moolah Land Choir', featuring their latest hit single 'Moolah in Boolah Land'. Comedian Weave Harvey would provide 'G' Rated comedic entertainment each evening. Other entertainers would include Christian rappers and steppers, along with modestly attired dancing girls in bikinis known as 'Christian Girls Gone Wild'.

Bishop Williard of New Land Jersey called to endorse the idea but needed clarification about Boolah Boolahs. In New Land Jersey they do not have Boolah Boolahs, in fact they have lost all of their Moolah Moolahs, the new governor and his new revitalization/stimulus programs notwithstanding. However, there was a typing error on the memorandum that Bishop Williard received, it should have read Moolahs and not Boolahs.

God listened and chimed in, you men have 90 days to come up with more moolahs, boolahs or super boolahs, call it what you will. God also wanted more members added who could give until it hurt, and suggested new giveaway campaigns, for example for every new member that joined one of the federated churches, they would receive coupons to be special guests at events like the Mega Mega Moolah Moolah Ministry Revival Conference. And, of course they would be required to bring their checkbooks, gold cards, welfare EBT Cards and SSI monthly payments along with them.

Word has it that the idea caught on for even though the members of these ministries and the unsuspecting public were loosing their homes; unable to keep up with the cost of living and their kids were being forced out of school because their parents couldn’t afford tuition, the Members of Moolah Moolah and Boolah Boolah Land Churches, decided, that they would still have to give sacrificially.

This was significant given that most of their members were already giving over 50% of their annual incomes to the Moolah Churches, and still most of these people chose to move outdoors with the growing number of American homeless so that they could support the Mega Moolah Moolah Ministries event. Even women who wanted to be loosed did not want to be loosed from their fiduciary responsibility, they wanted to give until it hurt. And hurt it did!

We will have to check back in 90 days from now to see whether God was pleased with the amount of Boolahs or Moolahs that were raised, or the number of new members that were added to Boolah Boolah Land for God wants the membership of Moolah Churches to grow, and for more money to be raised. One has to wonder, whatever does God do with all that Moolah?

Bishop Takes and friends had a lot to do for God did not appear to be pleased that not enough members were being added daily to the ministry or that enough Moolah Boolah or even Zoolah was being raised.

And word has it that some old school minister was trying to get into the conference for half-price, sadly he was turned away. The fact of the matter is that Simon the Sorcerer of scripture couldn't afford to purchase salvation or to attend Mega Moolah Moolah!

How much moolah does it take, I wonder, to save a soul?

Prologue: The scene shifts to heaven at the winding up of the Mega Moolah Moolah Revival Fest, and God was not happy. Bishop Takes and the rest of the ‘underTakers show up and stand before God; it is judgment day. God asks, and what is this that I see where all of you have ‘taken in members and enormous sums of money’, however, that such a small amount of your leftovers have been sent to Heaven?

Bishop takes explained that after he got ‘his take’, and the rest of the ‘underTakers' got their takes, that there was not a whole lot left over.

God was angry and replied, then go and sell all that you have your bling bling, and your other luxury automobiles, rings, properties, airplanes, chefs, studios, TV Programs, personal pilots, masseuses, stylists, manicurists, chauffeurs…, and give what you have, sacrificially, to the Kingdom of God yourselves.

Bishop Takes and the rest of the ‘underTakers’, went away very sad when they heard this!

The moral of the story is that in this life there are givers and there are takers. And it is sad how much has been given to the takers, by the givers who can't really afford to do so. We are going to have to replace religion, as Jesus did in his time on earth, with something else. Too many of today's religious leaders, not just Bishop Takes, Ong and Dollar are fleecing the flocks! By the way, what is the cost of the seed offering to get prayed for or to receive a blessing today? I hear that there are some people out there who need to be prayed for. I wonder if they can afford prayer?

Love, Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: And if there is a moral to this story it would be, should our ministers continue to behave like greedy American corporate barons? Clearly ‘American Capitalist Church Syndrome’, a phrase that I coined and adapted to a sermon and preached in Monterey California, is alive in well in a faction of our American Christian churches. God’s model would be different, for even if large sums of money were raised in a legitimate faction, the monies would be used to lift America’s permanent underclass, not to purchase luxury homes, cars, vehicles, trips …for the clergy!

Two important closing announcements:

The Ebangel Church of Maryland came up with a new and creative way to meet their financial commitment for MMMMRC. Word has it that they used their heads and decided to acquire a liquor license for their Family Life Center Ministry so that additional revenue could be raised for the Mega Moolah Moolah Moolah Conference, and the idea worked.

Not only was Ebangel able to raise more than its share of Moolah Moolah, there was enough leftover to pay for detox programs for members of their flock who consumed too much of the oogle!

Final Announcement: Muslim prisoners, members of the Nation of Islam have been complaining lately because their wealthy spiritual leader who resides in a Mansion refuses to put any money on their prison books so that they can purchase coffee or cigarettes!

Caveat: God could be pleased with what appears to me to be irresponsible nonsense, but read my sermon entitled American Capitalist Church Syndrome/

The Defacto President of the United States During the George Bush Years Speaks Out

Dick Cheney said, "we were right", but fortunately for Dick, the majority of the American people, America’s allies and most of the rest of the world disagree with him. Newsflash for Dick Cheney, the People have spoken and they did so convincingly in the 2008 General Election. The People said, we neither want you nor George H.W. Bush!

Dick Cheney, the 3rd member of the Bush Trinity, is at it again. He has been making his presence felt in American airwaves. Clearly, he cannot accept the repudiation of his and George Bush’s failed policies of the past 8 years, by the American people. He doesn't seem to understand that he was never elected to any office by the American people (he was selected by the former President), so why is he challenging the President that was duly elected by the overwhelming majority of the American people? I say, keep this obstructionist off of the air!

The only that he is doing, in his apologist role, in my opinion is to certify what all of us knew all along, that it was Dick Cheney who was the real President of the United States over the past 8 years; George Bush was the front man.

I can still recall when I was strolling down Constitution Avenue roughly 9 years ago when a young man stopped me to discuss politics. The Washington Memorial stood in the background as we talked. He wanted me to understand why the American people had to stop Dick Cheney, even though it was George Bush who had recently won the Republican primaries and its subsequent nomination.

The young man emphatically stated that George Bush was only the figurehead for the Republican Party and that Dick Cheney was the real power by the scenes. I raised this issue with this young fiery political wonk. I said that Dick Cheney would never be elected president and on that we agree, however, I went on to say that I wasn’t so sure that the figurehead was more powerful given that he could never be elected.

In other words, the pupeteer Dick Cheney, could only be considered dangerous if the puppet, George Bush in this instance, got elected President.

Just recently, Republicans admitted that they had planned to do with Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin what they did with the ill-equipped President George Bush if were to become Vice President of the United States of America. They planned to take control and mold her and shape her just as they did with the nascent know nothing George Bush. In other words she would have been told what to say and what to do.

By admitting this, they only revealed what the majority of us already knew and what others suspected, that George Bush was not equipped or prepared to be the president of a Banana Republic, much less the President of the United States of America. And folks, we were right!

Dick, would you go away Cheney, is passionate about defending the failed policies of the Bush Administration, because they were Dick Cheney's along with the idelological kabal that he was a part of policies. Another name for this group might be The American Republican Reich! Since being repudiated by the American, given the dismal failure of would be President John McCain, George Bush III in disguise, you seldom hear anything from former President George Bush.

hy? I suspect that no one in his past administration has given him his talking points whereby telling him what to say and do! And to tell you the truth just as his father never really agree with much of what Ronald Reagan stood for, I suspect that if you get right down to it George Bush, President 42, didn't agree with a lot of what he was told to do by his political handlers.

If Dick Cheney along with the other current poster child for the failed policies of Conservatism and the Bush Administration, Rush (Lintball) were to ranting and raving as they have been doing, they will ensure that a non-Republican will be elected as President of the United States in the next election.

Being a conservative Republican or a Dick Cheney, is to never say that you are sorry. And to the Bush men, both George H and George H.W. Bush, both stooges and tools in the hands of the Republican Party, I make these comments: get in the real world.

The more honest of the two, Daddy Bush, initially repudiated the proposed policies of then Presidential I never say I'm sorry either candidate Ronald Reagan, particularly when he called for America to become a kinder gentler nation. When George Bush wouldn't dance any longer and said 'read my lips...', and then went back on his word his party turned on him, and Bill Clinton coasted to victory.

When will the men of the Bush family realize that they have been nothing more than patsies in the hands of a marginalized group of aberrant Republican conservatives?

Peace, Love & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

P.S. Dick Cheney may never say, I’m sorry, for what he and his compatriots along with the puppet President George H. Bush did to America and the world, but even if he never does, the rest of us know one thing for sure and that is that Dick Cheney is a sorry human being!

May 20, 2009

The Two Klans: One Republican Conservative and the other In Disguises

I have written and often spoke about the schizophrenia that thrives in America’s Ku Klux Klan organization, in that members of the Klan often evoke the name of Jesus Christ(who was a Jew) as their savior; have as their other most dominant symbol religious type robes and the cross of judgment, yet interestingly enough they hate Jews. Has anyone told either the Klan or its members that Jesus was a Jew?

It occurred to me recently that two present day American groups primarily, KKK members and Conservative Republicans have a lot in common. For one, the majority of their members are white, second they are certainly not the most erudite people in the world and finally they are fixated on their groups fixed points of view while claiming to be the people of God.

My personal assessment of the Conservative Republican Klan member or politician is that he and she in many respects are one and the same, one wears a suit and other dons a robe. But make no difference about them, they are one in the same. Yesterday,

I had what started out to be a pleasurable bus ride down scenic Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino California. However, shortly after I boarded the bus I came under the attack of an unsolicited self-described Conservative Republican bus driver. I thought to myself as he began to recant the Republican/Klan talking points, that here they go, and can you believe that the dismal showing over the past 8-years of Bush-Cheney and the 6-year Republican controlled House and Senate, that any of their sort would want to show their neo-fascist faces in public again.

Being trapped at first on the bus, I simply tried to ignore him, but then it became apparent to me why he made his living as a semi-skilled bus driver, for what else would be qualified to do because Joe has a monopoly, thanks to John McCain on the plumbing profession. He fired off a question in the air asking, why do you Democrats hate George Bush so much?

I didn't tell the idiot that I was not a Democrat, rather I responded that Republicans did not have sufficient numbers to elect Ronald Reagan or George Bush. I explained that if it were not for cross-over Democrats, then neither of these Neanderthals would have been elected. Eight-million democrats crossed over and voted for Ronald Reagan. He didn't have a reply, so he tried to move on to something else.

He then asked the riders, do you people believe in term limits? Most of the audience was already bored with his antics, and he received only one or two replies before I intervened and asked what did he think about McCain-Feingold? Sadly, the dummy didn't know what McCain-Feingold was, but added that anything that Republican Presidential hopeful McCain was for, he was against.

He continued to attack President Obama, a man did not vote for, but he clearly assumed that I did. I pointed out that the Republicans had been in charge for 8 years and look at the condition of the country. I went on to ask him rhetorically then why was he attacking newly elected President Obama given all of the damage that had been to America by Bush-Cheney and the Republican Klan. He had become visibly annoyed with me, not only because my queries and answers trumped his, but because I was not participating in the Republican shuffle.

In other words I wasn't dancing according to plan. Republicans often like to incorporate the Socratic Method of questioning in order to keep their opponent off guard. They have a few set questions, and they will hammer you over and over again with those questions.

Another twist, a passenger came aboard who set diagonally across from the driver. He listened to a few barbs and chimed in that Bush behaved like Hitler did, and he added, I am from Germany and I know! Now that every person on board the bus, including the newcomer were against him, he decided to play the whole discussion off and began another discussion on something totally unrelated.

I thought at that point, perhaps you should just return to Republican Klan Conservative boot camp, because we just wiped the floor with you. I have yet to meet a conservative Republican who can fix his mouth to say that he or the Klan Party compadres were wrong. Conservative politics is in fact conservative religion. These folks are worshippers of the conservative idol and while invoking the name of Jesus like their militia and hate mongering counterparts, their true God is the God of neo-fascism.

Frankly, I am bored with the whole lot of them and wish somehow that they would simply go away never to be heard from again. Will that happen, no, not likely, however, you can't blame me for wishing that they would! I suspect that from hereon when climbing aboard a bus, I should ask the driver are a Democrat, Independent or Klan Republican, then I can decide whether or not I feel up to taking the ride through fairy land that I'm likely about to be subjected to.

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued … American conservative neofascism is apparently not dead yet!

Conservative Republicans and The Ku Klux Klan Have a Lot In Common

I have often written and spoken about the schizophrenia of the United States of America’s Ku Klux Klan movement, in that members of the Klan often evoke the name of Jesus Christ(a Jew), their other most dominant symbols their religious type robes and their primary symbol of judgment - the cross- and interestingly enough they have Jews.

Has anyone told them that Jesus was a Jew? It occurred to me recently, that both of these groups, Klanspeople and Republicans have a lot in common, specifically in a few well known areas.

For one, the majority of their members are white, they are certainly not the most erudite people in the world, they are fixated on the points of view, and they both mostly claim to be the people of God. My personal assessment of the Conservative Republican Klan member is that he or she is certainly not members of the erudite group of people in the world.

In terms of their ignorance, they are second only to their cousins in the Klan or in
American militia groups. I had what started out to be the pleasure of taking a bus ride down Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose CA. Shortly after I boarded the bus I came under the attack of an overly friendly, I thought, Caucasian bus driver. It was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to enjoying my extended ride when suddenly, I came under the attack of neo-fascist Conservative Republican. Can you believe that after their dismal showing over the past 8-tear Bush President, and the most recent general election that any of their kind would still be showing their faces? In public.

The bus driver as predicted lobbed the first volley, having explained to the listening bus audience that

Peace & Grace

Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued … American conservative neofascism is not dead!

May 19, 2009

The Bible Is Not Just A Book About God II

Taking It to the Max: You can believe some of it, without believing all of it, and still believe in what is real!
Rev. C. Solomon!

Part II. A Bible Full of Errors.

Most scholars know that the bible is full of errors, some numerical and others chronological. There are also an incalculable amount of misspellings contained within the Bible. The term bible derives from the Greek term biblias which translates as ‘the books.

Next we must take into consideration all of the errors that are a result of translation, mistranslation and interpretation. There are also stories that were borrowed from other traditions like Gilgamesh and even Greek mythology that are used as sources for ’the books’, and yet individuals who would read the bible are taught that the bible is a source that derives from heaven itself.

If you were to consider all that was said and done prior to the ‘the books’ coming into existence, you would realize that the books are not the exclusive source that one should use to learn about God. People found God before there was a bible.

For those who use the bible as a source, they often demand that it be accepted in its entirety or no at all. Frankly, the bible has been tampered with. Certain texts do not have any manuscript support, and there are instances when terms were intentionally altered in order to make certain ideas agree.

Where is the bible that Jesus wrote, that God wrote or that the Apostles wrote? That bible simply does not exist. Now there are many religious individuals today, particularly Christians, who have said that the bible is under attack. If seeking the truth is an attack, then those of us who are seeking the truth are attacking it. On the other hand those individuals who are not interested in the truth are doing a great document a disservice, for whether everything in the books is true or not, it remains a formidable document.

Now having said that, there is enough said in the bible to help one to discover the God idea and to begin on a path to the truth. But no one should be told that if they don’t believe or accept all 'the books' that they are somehow a pagan, heretic or an apostate, or on the other hand that they should not accept any of it if they cannot accept all of it.

The bible is limited in many respects. In one respect it is limited by the very people that created it and the sources and source documents that were used to create it.

Our knowledge today is far superior to there’s, but yet many of our scholars, preachers and philologists rely on the understanding of post-modern human beings who were limited in terms of their understanding at best.

What should the bible represent to anyone who wants to use it? It should be used as a source document and as a reference. And at the same time it should be examined with a certain amount of skepticism in mind. If our ultimate objective is to find the truth, then we are compelled to consider other documents and sources along with the bible in terms of our quest for knowledge and what is real.

And finally, if you think about today’s bible and all of the revisions and new translations that have arisen as of late, who knows what the authors of the various books were actually trying to say, the latter does not suggest that what they believed was always accurately translated. There is even disagreement between modern day translators and modern days translations. Does this suggest that perhaps those who will ought to simply strike out and seek to uncover what is real for themselves today without an overreliance on questionable texts?

Love, Peace & Grace

Rev. C. Solomon

The Bible Is Not Just A Book About God!

Taking It to the Max: You can believe some of it, without believing all of it, and still believe in what is real!

Rev. C. Solomon!

I believe that it is possible for a human being to believe in God, and to be in synch with God without believing every single incident or scriptural quotation in the Bible. Having said that, there is enough contained in the Jewish Bible as well as within other non-biblical sacred texts to cause one to believe in God, without necessarily accepting all of the dogma and interpretations about God that are contained within Jewish and other non-Jewish religious and historical texts.

We must keep in mind that the bible is not merely a book about God as some would have you to believe. On the other hand the bible is a book about Jewish history, the God of Jewish history and the religions of Jewish history. What we believe is God existed before the Jews did, and we must keep in mind that humans found God without the facility of the Jews!

Here are a few things to ponder: Which books existed when Paul wrote that all scriptures were God-breathed? What was Paul referring to when he made this comment? At the time that Phillip spoke with the Ethiopian Eunuch, what was the name of the book that Phillip referred to, and where did it fit in to Jewish texts, and please keep in mind that the Bible did not exist at the time? Were the books of the Chronicles ever considered to be the end of the sacred Jewish texts, and why, and what are its implications?

And what is my objective? To release those individuals in and outside of religious institutions who do not believe everything that is contained within recorded sacred texts, but like me have discovered enough within these texts to know that there is something that exists which we refer to as God, Allah, the Great Spirit…!

And for those of you who cannot accept this as a fact, consider all of the individuals who came to Christ, prior to the Bible’s invention. For many believers, the Bible itself has become a source of worship!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued…

May 15, 2009

Waiting To Be Harvested? Religious People It Is Time to Move ON

Part VI: Conclusion: Reverend Solomon 'the Religious Atheist

Religion as well as religious teachers needs to be replaced with something more viable, and something that will be more beneficial to humankind if not to a Sovereign in my opinion. Both the current discipline as well as the occupation of religion does nothing more than hold its followers in lock-step, and the world living in the past

As I begin to wind this series down let me tell you about an experience that I had the other night while riding on the San Jose Lite-Rail system। I met a young man that night who was just returning from the San Jose California annual Cinco de Mayo celebration.

As we rode on the Lite-Rail together, we began to discuss the topic of religion. I shared my insights about religion, much the same as I have written in these 6 essays. At the conclusion of our 3-hour during the wee hours of the morning long discussion, the young South Islander looked at me and smiled.

He said that I should be teaching in the University, and not just preaching in churches। When I told him that I have taught and preached at the University level and actually considered myself to be more of a religious philosopher, he was pleased. He said, this is what his generation, the X Generation, needs!

Then he added this comment, “Reverend you sound like a religious atheist”। Then we both smiled again because factually, more and more, I have become a religious atheist, one who feels that religion will eventually have to be replaced with something more viable like science or some other discipline if we are ever to get any place.

After explaining to the young man that his words were apropos, given that he wasn’t sure how I would take his comment, I made sure that he understood that my atheism had nothing to do with ‘the deity itself other than its true essence, my issues have more to do with religion and the shortcomings of religion and its practices। I am concerned that this tool which has been in use for millennia now has outlived its usefulness.

It certainly has failed in its attempts to guide humans to ‘all of ‘the truth’। I suspect that just as Jesus likely explained to the self-righteous religious Pharisees on more than one occasion in the past (the same group that the Apostle Paul derived from and where his thinking was shaped) that their religion was in vain, that religious communities of the post-modern era also share a common fate, for they also have the Kingdom shut up. And, too often, the works of religion are being done in vain.

I am reminded of the parable of the landholder who went away to a far kingdom who subsequently returned to determine what progress his servants made with his sustenance while the landholder was absent।

In that same light I wonder what Jesus would have to say about his current group of caretakers who have been in charge while he was away if were to return to earth today and make an assessment of what the Christian Church, along with the Jews and others had been doing with his possession। The questions being raised, I suspect would be and what were you folks doing all of the time that I was away, given that you haven’t moved ahead one iota from where I left you 2000 years ago.

Some of the ministers would immediately reply, hey come on Jesus, let me take you on a tour of our capitalist mega monolithic religious citadels that we have built and you will immediately change your thinking। Another group would do what Melchesidec did and offer Jesus a cut in the mammoth amount of tithe monies that they have collected, for after all it would be Jesus’ money, correct?Religion more than any other discipline that I know of unabashedly closes doors that oftentimes should remain opened.

And even though I suspect that there is a paucity of truth in terms of what religious organizations teach, however, what humans need more than anything is to be taught the truth, and to be told that it is okay for you to seek the truth, because we, religious organizations, do not have a monopoly on truth। Right now, the religious world and its coterie of teachers, preachers, Imams, rabbis and prelates are teaching their own form of religious truth, which accomplishes two things. One it perpetuates the myths and whereby keeps the institution going, and it keeps them employed, some lavishly so.

I can still recall the picture of Agnostic talk show Larry King questioning millionaire religion tycoon Kweflo Dollar about all of the money he is raising given the churches 501C3 non-profit status। Kweflo, bless his incredible heart tried to defend his excessive lifestyle.

If what I believe is true, and what we ought to be seeking after that which is actually a leap beyond the intellect, then we are missing out on all cylinders। What we have today are singing, praying, fasting, Eucharist taking, peyote smoking, whirling, tongue talking … religious organizations that spend too much of their time fighting against disciplines that are seeking after answers to what used to be earth’s mysteries. In the Apostle Paul's first epistle to the Church at Corinth he wrote, “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child.

When I became a man, I gave up my childish ways”. Isn't it time for religious organization to grow up and to stop speaking like, thinking like and reasoning like children?The Apostle also wrote in his epistle to the Church at Corinth, 1 Corinthians 13:12, for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known। Did you get it what he was saying, and then shall I know, even as also I am known.

Who wouldn’t believe that 2000 years since the Apostle's words were written down that we would not know anymore today to be concise, than was known 2000 years ago। Do we know IT, as IT knows us, in terms of our form, essence and substance.

I believe that the day has arrived when all of us ought to be seeing what was once mysterious to us, clearly। We should be able to look beyond the shadows and to be able to define what is and what is not there, even this thing that we call God Mystical truth should have been put to bed a long time ago. And knowing in part, two thousand years later, ought to be passé. Sadly, many religious individuals and groups, it would appear, still prefer living in the dark willowy past of mysticism and corollary. These types are satisfied with ingesting religious baby food. We ought to be having conversation, perhaps in a completely different manner or language than we know of today with such an entity.

Babies require a shorter period of time in order to communicate with their creators। Blasphemy you say again? My answer to that is, ‘put a sock in it’, for we have waited long enough for reasonable explanations to exude from our band of mystical teachers. The fact is that they simply don’t have an answer.

There are times when I want to walk up to some of religious leaders and teachers and say to them, especially my fellow clerics ,‘will you grow up’?To the non-religious, I don’t expect them to know any better because they are confused by a group that purports to know the truth, a group that lacks adequate teachers for accurate information, and the former suspect that the latter are frauds। Who could begrudge the purportedly great unwashed sinners for seeking and relying upon their own answers.

It seems to me that the entire religious world, with only a few exceptions, has been engaged in baby talk and exercising infantile antics of a religious kind for long enough, for eons it would seem। Factually there is not much difference between the religious teacher/mystic of today than the Shaman Priest or years ago! The former would be insulted, but the fact of the matter is each one is doing the same thing, holding their audiences in step with mysticism and fear.

Rarely, do you encounter a religious individual who wants to know, as the late Paul Harvey would often say, “…the rest of the story”; the latter are fairly satisfied with retrograde teachings, and a sometime weekly visit to some house of worship, mosque, synagogue … on a regularized basis। That is good enough for them, and afterwards they feel pretty good about themselves and there place in the Universe.

Apollos, the noted Alexandrian orator that Paul referred to in his letter to the Corinthians, was speaking before a live audience on one occasion, two of the audience members were Priscilla and Aquila, close compatriots of the Apostle Paul।After listening to Apollos speak, and without denying him his due credit given his ability to speak so eloquently, they still decided that it was necessary to take him aside from the crowd whose respect he had apparently garnered, and teach him more about what he had not come to understand as of yet.

And why didn’t he understand it, because like Paul who thought he was represented God given his earlier antics, no one had told him yet। Can you imagine what would happen if someone with knowledge would attempt to reeducate one of our minister fossils of whatever faith today?

I know already, because I have tried it on more than one occasion। In short what you often end up doing is hitting the proverbial wall. Once Acquila and Priscilla had Apollos in a private and non-threatening environment away from the crowds (they weren’t trying to embarrass him), they proceeds to instruct Apollos, a man that could apparently preach better than the Apostle and the other disciple could, and that his message was incomplete, not wrong but incomplete.

Why was Apollos’ message incomplete? It was because he taught only what he known at the time, he had not been fully instructed at the time that he began preaching। He reminds me of Paul who wrote in his letters to Galatia that I did not go up to Jerusalem for religious instruction once I converted, I just set off on my journey and began preaching.Now doesn’t this sound familiar? And similar to Apollos, what the Apostle taught was apparently true, but by his own admission, it was incomplete. Apollos, apparently understood only the baptism of repentance which was a part of a precipice which I referred to earlier as foundational truth.Factually, from all that I have read, the Apostle Paul only new a little more at the time than Apollos knew, but it did not stop him from branding what was later to be known as Christianity right away.There are a lot of eloquent orators out there who simply need to be taken aside and talked to, given that they are constantly teaching or preaching over and over again that small part of the message that they have received. The image that comes to mind is similar to what took place on 9/11, when the USA was attacked by 19 Middle-Eastern mostly religious youth, over 5,000 planes were ordered back to the earth, and in approximately 4 hours, the majority of the planes were land bound.

I wouldn’t go to the extreme that the 19 went to, but I would love to see the same result, that is that all religious teachers from all over the planet within 4-hours be grounded, retrained and then they could be released for further flight। . Now having said that, some rickety buildings with their defects stand for a long prior to tumbling down to earth.

And on occasion, they do not collapse at all but seem to be firm and rigid। I could only wish that everyone, including the old rickety teachings buildings that have stood for such a long period of time, would reexamine what they have taught about for years.

And those who will ought to do so with one thing in mind, by simply asking themselves, do I understand all that the Almighty would want me to understand and within its proper context।

Some individuals have been so immersed in falsehood and traditional teachings which are incomplete teachings, that it would take a skilled deprogrammer to deprogram and then reprogram each one of them so that they could get back to the business at hand, synching up with the Sovereign।

At 12 years of age, Jesus had already begun challenging the foundational and structural teachings of Judaism, in short that which he had been taught and was passed down from his parents and by the rabbis। Jesus explained to his parents (his mother and his surrogate father) that it was time for him, instead, to be about his ‘real father’s business.

Too many of today's religious sycophants are simply mimicking the religion practices of their human parents, and as a result they are still not ready to be about their real father's business।Upon entering his public ministry, Jesus switched gears and openly taught in public the basis of his new belief system and understanding which were built upon a foundation of truth, that transcended what his Jewish ancestors taught.Folks, Mary and Joseph had no idea what they were in for at the time when Jesus began to speak out, and somehow they avoided being dis-fellowshipped by the religious clerics given the behavior and teachings of Jesus.Someone once said that ‘it is not easy being different’. And I would add, that being different, is what we are often called to be. Individuals need to weight those famous historical icons like Jesus and others who challenged convention and the oligarchy, cultural rules and mores of the day.

Factually, the only way to continue moving forward is by having a willingness to discard what is not real, even if it means step back momentarily, and preserve that which is good while eliminating that which has no basis in fact।Many of my readers have expressed shock and dismay at my bluntness, particularly given that I would question Paul and his writings, and the viability of traditional religious belief systemytology. One friend Mark, proferred on a prior occasion, "so let me get this straight he said: Paul is wrong but God speaks to you and you are right".

Ah something like that I responded before he hung up the phone on me!The fact of the matter is that Paul admitted that not everything that he wrote originated with God; he was honest in that regard। If past behavior is truly an indicator of future behavior, as the saying goes, then all of Paul’s writings ought to be subjected to critical examination.

And this critical review should not by sycophants of the Apostle Paul’s writings, instead his writings out to be placed within the crucible of critical examination and held there until proved to be accurate। And the same thing needs to happen with other sacred written writings that have emerged over the years from other religious groups, prophets, teachers or prophets.I suspect that all of us have been traveling around the same religious Paul-influenced Mountain long enough, and the ones of us who have been waiting generation after generation to be harvested must be made to understand that it is time to begin realizing that the Apostle may have simply been wrong.Two thousand years after Paul’s epistles, we are still here on earth. I wrote earlier in this paper about the Apostle's comments with regard to the effeminate (homosexuals) and his having written them off in terms of having a place in the Kingdom.These kinds of comments by Paul, reminded me a lot of his attitude towards the people of ‘The Way’, the pre Christian followers of Chris, when he summarily hunted down and caused them to be incarcerated, interrogated, tortured and in some instances put to death.These folks were going into a Pauline heaven at the onset either.So what does my 'religious atheism' have to do with any of this? I suspect that one day, many of us will have to follow the same instructional path that Jesus instructed his disciples to prior to leaving the Earth.

His instructions were that they were to abandon organized religion, and to go to the upper room and wait there until they were endued instead with power from on high; frankly, what religious people were getting on earth from Jesus’ perspectives was failing them।If we fail to do the same thing today, we will remain stunted, just as the people of ‘the way’ would have done, if they had continued to rely upon organized religion to guide them into all of the truth.It was later Paul who taught people to wait for the harvester, the same harvester that he waiting on up and until the day of his sudden death.Each of us ought to be asking ourselves, and what have we been missing out on given that we have fallen in line with those who believe in only partial truth, and have no interest in knowing the whole story?

It is time for us to evolve into the enlightened beings that we were intended to be prior to becoming immersed in retrograde religious practice, ceremony and beliefs। We ought to be more than singers, preachers and communion takers; instead we ought to be able to exhibit the power of love, understanding of what is, knowledge and incomparable truth.

In the meantime, and to the rest I say, put religion in its proper historical context just as Jesus once did when he was alive and move on into revealed truth।

So what am I really saying? I am saying this: why don't all of us working together expend all of our energy and resources and determine and hold on to what is real. And afterward let's get rid of everything else that is not real, even old-time religion.

Love, Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon