May 21, 2009

The Defacto President of the United States During the George Bush Years Speaks Out

Dick Cheney said, "we were right", but fortunately for Dick, the majority of the American people, America’s allies and most of the rest of the world disagree with him. Newsflash for Dick Cheney, the People have spoken and they did so convincingly in the 2008 General Election. The People said, we neither want you nor George H.W. Bush!

Dick Cheney, the 3rd member of the Bush Trinity, is at it again. He has been making his presence felt in American airwaves. Clearly, he cannot accept the repudiation of his and George Bush’s failed policies of the past 8 years, by the American people. He doesn't seem to understand that he was never elected to any office by the American people (he was selected by the former President), so why is he challenging the President that was duly elected by the overwhelming majority of the American people? I say, keep this obstructionist off of the air!

The only that he is doing, in his apologist role, in my opinion is to certify what all of us knew all along, that it was Dick Cheney who was the real President of the United States over the past 8 years; George Bush was the front man.

I can still recall when I was strolling down Constitution Avenue roughly 9 years ago when a young man stopped me to discuss politics. The Washington Memorial stood in the background as we talked. He wanted me to understand why the American people had to stop Dick Cheney, even though it was George Bush who had recently won the Republican primaries and its subsequent nomination.

The young man emphatically stated that George Bush was only the figurehead for the Republican Party and that Dick Cheney was the real power by the scenes. I raised this issue with this young fiery political wonk. I said that Dick Cheney would never be elected president and on that we agree, however, I went on to say that I wasn’t so sure that the figurehead was more powerful given that he could never be elected.

In other words, the pupeteer Dick Cheney, could only be considered dangerous if the puppet, George Bush in this instance, got elected President.

Just recently, Republicans admitted that they had planned to do with Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin what they did with the ill-equipped President George Bush if were to become Vice President of the United States of America. They planned to take control and mold her and shape her just as they did with the nascent know nothing George Bush. In other words she would have been told what to say and what to do.

By admitting this, they only revealed what the majority of us already knew and what others suspected, that George Bush was not equipped or prepared to be the president of a Banana Republic, much less the President of the United States of America. And folks, we were right!

Dick, would you go away Cheney, is passionate about defending the failed policies of the Bush Administration, because they were Dick Cheney's along with the idelological kabal that he was a part of policies. Another name for this group might be The American Republican Reich! Since being repudiated by the American, given the dismal failure of would be President John McCain, George Bush III in disguise, you seldom hear anything from former President George Bush.

hy? I suspect that no one in his past administration has given him his talking points whereby telling him what to say and do! And to tell you the truth just as his father never really agree with much of what Ronald Reagan stood for, I suspect that if you get right down to it George Bush, President 42, didn't agree with a lot of what he was told to do by his political handlers.

If Dick Cheney along with the other current poster child for the failed policies of Conservatism and the Bush Administration, Rush (Lintball) were to ranting and raving as they have been doing, they will ensure that a non-Republican will be elected as President of the United States in the next election.

Being a conservative Republican or a Dick Cheney, is to never say that you are sorry. And to the Bush men, both George H and George H.W. Bush, both stooges and tools in the hands of the Republican Party, I make these comments: get in the real world.

The more honest of the two, Daddy Bush, initially repudiated the proposed policies of then Presidential I never say I'm sorry either candidate Ronald Reagan, particularly when he called for America to become a kinder gentler nation. When George Bush wouldn't dance any longer and said 'read my lips...', and then went back on his word his party turned on him, and Bill Clinton coasted to victory.

When will the men of the Bush family realize that they have been nothing more than patsies in the hands of a marginalized group of aberrant Republican conservatives?

Peace, Love & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

P.S. Dick Cheney may never say, I’m sorry, for what he and his compatriots along with the puppet President George H. Bush did to America and the world, but even if he never does, the rest of us know one thing for sure and that is that Dick Cheney is a sorry human being!

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