May 24, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part I

Subject: American Style Fascism & Facists Must Be Eliminated

Simply electing Senator Obama Hussein to be the President of the United States over the next 4 years was not enough...

Patriotic Americans must go after and destroy Conservative Republican American fascism with the same moral turpitude and vigor that it assisted other nations of the world in doing to destroy German fascism and Hitler’s Third Reich...

The two are the moral equivalent of one another other, that is American Conservative Fascism and Hitler’s German Fascism, and we must once again rise up and destroy fascists and fascism


I had the distinct displeasure, recently, of residing under the same roof for 90 days with two American neo-fascist conservative Republicans. It was the worst 90 days of my life and after experiencing these two American Nazis, I understand better the meaning of the phrase 'black hole'.

A black hole typically referred to as being in space, is an area that is so dense that light cannot penetrate it. I discovered and experienced two humans on an almost a daily basis who were the equivalent of human black holes, frankly, zero light could penetrate either of these two mutants. Having said that I learned a lot from these two Neanderthals which can be summed up in two words Dumb and Dumber, the names that I came up for each one of them.

When these 2 individuals arrived on the scene at the shelter, one shortly after the other (both recidivists of this and other shelter programs), they immediately separated themselves from the other 13 wards with a certain amount of arrogance and elitism. When you saw one, you saw the other.

In fact, when the second of the two showed up at the church where we were staying at the time, he simply took over the space where I had been sleeping without any regard for the fact that someone may have been sleeping there before his arrival. The reason for this kind of arrogance was clarified shortly afterward, for it did not take long to realize that Dumb (the taller of the two) and Dumber (the short stocky one) simply made up their own rules in the shelter, and most of the time they got away with what they were doing.

It soon became clear that the reason that they got away with all that they did in the shelter was because the Program Manager, was in cahoots with them. She was also a Republican, and a critic of President Obama Hussein among other things.

Now even though Dumb took over my sleeping spot so that he could sleep next to Dumber, I decided as a Christian minister to simply turn the other cheek and to ignore both of their misbehaviors at the onset. Periodically they would kamikaze other men in the shelter program with their almost daily jibes and barbs about liberals, liberalism and President Hussein Obama.

The program manger appeared to be a nice lady at first; she was hired about a week before I arrived, but soon after it was evident that she was not to be trusted because she showed favoritism to certain individuals in the shelter. I initially experienced her running interference for Dumb, given an occasion when I ran into Dumb out on the bus lines one morning.

That morning there was another gentleman present at the bus stop who unbeknown to both of us knew each one of us individually. When I disembarked from my bus Dumb was sitting there and talking with my bus acquaintance. I addressed both Dumb and my bus acquaintance. The latter asked, "and how do you know him, Dumb? I responded that we are both living in a shelter program together.

I didn't know at the time that the prideful Dumb (a conservative Republican) had been misleading the public with respect to his living circumstances, and what I said was obviously done in complete innocence. Having said that, anyone who knew or had seen Dumb around would know that he was either homeless or simply liked wearing the same clothes everyday. Dumb never changed clothes while living in the shelter; he always wore the same outfit, and he was always unkempt in appearance.

Sometime that very day, Dumb called the Program Manager and told her that I had violated his privacy by telling our mutual acquaintance that we were shelter mates. I believe this happened because that same night Tonya, the Program Manager, drove out to the shelter church were we were staying that month and made a global announcement while looking directly at me. She ended her soliloquy while looking directly over at me and asking, "do you have any questions"?

What did she say to the group? She said: "you cannot violate another ward's privacy...” Now I know if it had been the other way around, and he had violated my privacy that she would not have made a similar trip I'm certain, but there was more to this story than my simply telling someone, in answer to a question, that the two of us lived in a shelter program.

First of all, I wouldn't have cared whether anyone told another person that I lived in a shelter or not. I tell everyone anyway that I am a minister who lived in a Shelter Program, and I did the same at the time. In fact, before leaving the Program, I did a write-up for the Shelter Program and also gave an interview to a local Saratoga California newspaper with regard to my experience of living in the shelter.

Now what was so funny about that is that Dumber, Dumb's follower and protégé, actually grew up in Saratoga California, and without being asked to participate, he made it clear to the visiting journalist team that they had better not place his picture in the Saratoga Newspaper. They explained that they would never do that anyway, besides, one of the journalists explained, we would have to have a signed release before placing your name or picture in the paper. Why was dumber so defensive?

I'm sure that wearing a mask for years would have been devastating for Dumb as well as Dumber if their friends knew that they had lived as they had done for years in shelters or in the back of a station while President Bush, not Democrats, controlled was in charge at Washington DC. For while the two of these homeless Republican fascists paraded around pretending to be one thing in public, both were something else in real life.

Both of them were homeless recidivists of numerous shelter programs on the Bay Area peninsula. They were chronic homeless individuals who lived in a gray station wagon, behind Target stores or wherever else they could find. They were hardly the kind of representatives that any group would put in the forefront that was trying to sell a political ideology to the public.

What could they tell the public except, follow Republicanism and live in a shelter or the back of a station wagon; continue loosing your jobs, homes and other economic opportunities while those at the top reap get richer and enjoy unprecedented tax breaks?

As I continued to watch and periodically be attacked politically and cynically by these two jokers, I began more and more to take notice of what was driving them. There was this confident swagger and braggadocio coming from both of them given that they were Conservative Republicans (a group that represented 'the truth' as they saw it). These two white bred individuals clearly felt that they were 'the true Americans', and that it was their manifest destiny to have individuals who thought like them to run the country and the world!

They would often speak in lofty terms of virtue and hard work, when the truth of the matter is that they were two of the worst offenders in the shelter for that matter when it came to doing their chores. Now on the other hand both men rose to the occasion when it came to volunteering in front of the executive staff over at another location. For there they pitched in almost daily, passed out foodstuffs, ran errands and so on, but when it came to the shelter it was like pulling teeth to get either one of them to do anything.

And trust me, you would never want to eat out of a dish or drink from a tumbler that either one of them used before, particularly Dumb, anyway. Dumb, the unkempt former Respiratory Assistant, did not seem to know the meaning of personal hygiene, and when it came to cleaning up behind himself, well he apparently never cleaned his person either.

His idea of washing a dish was simply to run water over it, or if a large container was placed in the sink with dishwasher fluid in it, I often did that hoping that guys like these would wash their dishes, Dumb would simply dip his cup or bowl in the dishwater, give it a cursory rinse and throw it in the rack to dry.

I began to notice the contradictions between practice and what these two often pontificated. And in typical Conservative form, they always spoke from rehearsed Republican talking points and by using Republican kamikaze tactics. The latter consisted of never permitting you to complete your sentences, or to constantly interrupt, accuse you or redefine what you had to say.

This was only, however, the beginning of their obstinacy, arrogance and obdurate behaviors. On 2-separate occasions, individuals in the shelter reported to me that they had been physically shoved by Dumber, particularly in the kitchen area at one of the churches in Sunnyvale California where we resided.

Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued...

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