May 20, 2009

Conservative Republicans and The Ku Klux Klan Have a Lot In Common

I have often written and spoken about the schizophrenia of the United States of America’s Ku Klux Klan movement, in that members of the Klan often evoke the name of Jesus Christ(a Jew), their other most dominant symbols their religious type robes and their primary symbol of judgment - the cross- and interestingly enough they have Jews.

Has anyone told them that Jesus was a Jew? It occurred to me recently, that both of these groups, Klanspeople and Republicans have a lot in common, specifically in a few well known areas.

For one, the majority of their members are white, they are certainly not the most erudite people in the world, they are fixated on the points of view, and they both mostly claim to be the people of God. My personal assessment of the Conservative Republican Klan member is that he or she is certainly not members of the erudite group of people in the world.

In terms of their ignorance, they are second only to their cousins in the Klan or in
American militia groups. I had what started out to be the pleasure of taking a bus ride down Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose CA. Shortly after I boarded the bus I came under the attack of an overly friendly, I thought, Caucasian bus driver. It was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to enjoying my extended ride when suddenly, I came under the attack of neo-fascist Conservative Republican. Can you believe that after their dismal showing over the past 8-tear Bush President, and the most recent general election that any of their kind would still be showing their faces? In public.

The bus driver as predicted lobbed the first volley, having explained to the listening bus audience that

Peace & Grace

Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued … American conservative neofascism is not dead!

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