May 28, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part II

Subject: American Style Fascism & Fascists Must Be Eliminated

In an American homeless men's shelter, a conservative neo-fascist Republican was permitted to physically attack wards of the shelter and nothing was done, however, telling someone outside of the shelter that a neofascist was a shelteree was considered egregious by the program manager. The moral: Neofascists stick together!

Dumber is an x-Marine, and has a certain patriotic vigor that goes along with his apparent hatred of everything that does not walk, talk and breathe conservatism, even though conservatism has clearly failed him.

He walks with a swagger, and pumps his chest out as if to say, 'go ahead, and make my day'. Fortunately for him, I am a minister or I would have, several times in the past, made his day. In fact, I will never forget the day when one evening we were waiting to enter a church. I responded to a comment that Dumber made, and he ran up to me as if to hit me. Dumber had his fist balled up and pushed his fist towards my stomach area.

Frankly, the whole thing caught me off guard. It was kind of cool that day, and I was standing their in my full length all weather coat with both hands in my pocket, and I was wearing a suit, shirt and tie underneath. After his curious display, he smiled and played it off. I let it go that time but immediately thought that will never happen again!

I knew that I could handle both of these dunderheads either physically or mentally, but at the same time I was concerned about other wards in the shelter. On the first two occasions, when both nationals, one from the Middle-East and the other from Sri Lanki told me that they had been accosted by Dumber, the latter 3 times. I told our Sri Lankan shelteree to report it to the Program Manager, not knowing at the time that she was a partner with the two of them in their crimes.

With respect to the Middle-Easterner who shared his experience with me 3 or 4 weeks later, without knowing that someone else in the program had been accosted by Dumber, he dropped his bag on the ground with anger when I told him that another shelteree had been physically shoved by Dumber on 3 separate occasions.

He said, do you mean to tell me that the Program Manager knew that this man had been violent with other people in the shelter, and that when I told her what he did to me, she minimized it and said nothing about it; he was furious. I suggested that he do the following in the event that the behavior was ever repeated, I said: take out your cellular phone and call the police and have them come to the shelter and intervene. And he liked that idea. I told him that I personally told the Program Manger, what the Sri Lankan told me that had been done to him 3 times by the ex-Marine.

I knew that the ex-Marine was a sociopath and that he had some psychiatric issues. So I had hoped that Tonya would have done something about the matter, but she did not. Well in a way she did for yet another ward of the shelter that was white, one who had stood his ground against the verbal political onslaught of Dumb and Dumber on a previous occasion, was warned by the Program Manger to stay out of Dumber's way. Apparently Dumb was out to get him. Now get this? She knew this and apparently did not do anything about any of these 3 situations, except to ignore the victims and to tell one of them to stay out of Dumb's way.

And just as I told the Middle-Easterner to do, I had already resigned within myself that if anyone ever even thought of hitting me in the shelter, that I would simply call 911, and have them come into the shelter and address the matter, given that the behavior and skill level of the shelter managers and the Program Manager had always been sub par by any reasonable standard.

Furthermore, I explained to the wards, who all respected me, that going to the staff would be a waste of time, and with respect to the program manager it would be an incredible waste of time because she was actually in cahoots with the two of them. A short time later another shelteree took my advice, and went to the police after he had been accosted by another shelter, not Dumb or Dumber. For doing so, he was tossed out of the program, and the initiator of violence remains in the program until this day.

Again, both Dumb and Dumber were shrewd enough to show a completely different side to the Executive team which resided in a different location in Cupertino California.

Not so long after sharing with the Program Manager how individuals in the shelters were being physically abused by Dumber, I was a victim of a daytime shelter theft. The only person left behind when I left the shelter that day at 8:00am was the shelter manager; he was the one with the key and was supposed to lock the door. I looked at my raincoat before leaving, because the weather forecast was that there would be rain tomorrow, and I knew that I would be in good shape.

That evening when I returned to the shelter I discovered that my raincoat, London Fog type, had been taken. I told the shelter manager on duty that night, and I also announced to the other men that my coat had been taken. I waited to see what would be done about it. Within 72 hours I hadn't heard a thing back, but in the meantime, trying to catch a rat, I also called and left a message for the Program Manager Tonya regarding my stolen article, and true to form, she never returned my phone call to this day.

In fact nothing was ever done about my stolen article; the Shelter made zero attempts to restore my stolen article of clothing, and I knew that they would not do anything, at least from the Program Manger level down to and including the shelter managers. What was never lost on me was that the last person to leave the shelter that day was the shelter manager, the same person who would adjust the clocks in the shelters, where he could, slightly ahead each day by 3 or 4 minutes so that he could leave earlier than he was supposed to leave.

And this leads me to today's topics, and why the sinister infection of fascism must be rooted up and destroyed in America just as it was when America and many other nations went after Hitler, at the grass roots level. Fascism is sinister and those who participate in it are shrewd. Fascism is like an ebbing river that starts out as a trickle and begins to expand as more volume, people in this instance, is added to it, and then it becomes a rushing violet stream.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued...

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