Sep 26, 2007

More on American Evil: Response To Washington Post Blog

Does anyone even believe that the 'Cold War' was about ideology, and not a global game of good cop/bad cop anymore?

It went like this "You (third-world nation) will do what we want or WE (Russia/China/U.S) will have a war in YOUR backyard".

It stenched of military-industrial complex driven profits/economics then, and it STILL does!

War Pigs on every side:

...and the world STILL lives in fear of 'The Other'.


You are correct, The Buffalo In Da' Midst

The two juggernaut nations had a lot in common at the time, and I wrote about it at the time.

And the same attitude is still prevalent today, especially in the United States of America.

I was thinking about this last week, funny you mentioned it, when listening to the radio and reading the disparaging comments coming from America's 'conserva-nuts'.

Their bitter vitriolic comments have taken on the tenor of members of a totalitarian state. Similar to what took place most recently in the former Soviet Union for example, if you did not share the opinions of its leaders and the Politburo apparently, you were labeled as being mentally deficient, and subsequently shipped off to a mental facility.

Have you noticed lately how so many of the so-called good Americans will not tolerate a difference of opinion coming from within America's borders, much less from outside of its borders - not even from America's allies? The same individuals, groups of individuals, talk-show hosts or writers will castigate and label anyone who does not see things the way that they do, and label them as being mentally deficient or anti-American.

I still say that if America will ever be successful in eliminating or diminishing any real or perceived evil in the Middle-east, someone or something is going to have to do something to eliminate 'the evil' that resides right here within the United States of America.

I can't do it all by myself--

Rev. C. Solomon

P.S. The Rev has received numerous criticisms given his attempts to add balance to the discoursing that he has been a part of in Washington DC and on the West Coast. And the Rev has been accused of being anti-America. However, I believe that only 'the truth will make us free', as it reads in the scriptures.

We can never solve a problem, with any lasting effect, until we are willing to address the problem in its entirety. Attempting to do so without an accurate examination and diagnosis of the problem would be the equivalent of attempting to come up with a cure without acurrately diagnosing the etiology of an illness - in anticipation of a cure. And that is what the United States has set out to do in the-Middle east. Middle-Easterners are perfectly justified, just as any other nation or people would be in fearing hegemony and the kind of totalitarianism that has been promulgated upon them by the West, in particular by the United States of America.

Those Americans who attempt to control the narrative at the expense of truth - are as detrimental to our coming up with a viable and lasting solution to the problem, as those on the other side who have succumbed to violence in reaction to American misbehavior; and America truly has misbehaved!

Sep 24, 2007

Overcoming Evil With Evil: Won't Work

Unfortunately GOPman is in total error and/or ignorance once again...

Right on DC

The problem with people who have drawn conclusions similar to the ones that GOPMAN has drawn, has to do with their willingness to overlook American evil. They either have a limited understanding of reality or simply do not care what America does to other people or nations. And God help the person or nation that would be so bold as to retaliate!

Evil cannot ultimately destroy evil, for even if America were effective in the short term, in giving the appearance of having destroyed the reactionary evil in the Middle-East, American evil would still be in place - and that is what the Middle-Easterners and many other nations of the world are reacting to.

Sooner or later everyone would be fighting again - for Americans have zero intentions of changing the venal portions of American foreign policy that has a deleterious effect on other people and nations of the world!

Now any American who would be so bold as to mention American evil as I have done, or suggest that we do something about it would be reduced to the kind of name calling or worse that we have been receiving since #43 took office --however, America has its own set of evils which is responsible for so much of the unrest in the world.

I know that as an American, my value to some of the 'rightist syncophants' is about on the level of members of Al-Qaeda, and if these guys could they would take me out too!

The question is, what does that make them, given that they cannot tolerate a difference of opinion? Evil?

The truth hurts..., when will we deal with the evil that resides within our own borders? We can't simply keep talking about the good that we do as nation, while ignoring the bad that we also do and have done as a nation!

Posted by: The Rev

Sep 21, 2007

Rev to the Conserva-nuts of America: Washington Post Blog 9/21/07

Regarding American conservatism versus conserva-nuts...!

There is nothing wrong with being conservative, and frankly, aside from the highly-charged and disparaging political language that a jaundiced group of Americans often employs when referring to other Americans (who do not see things the way that they do), most Americans are what I will refer to as 'the real conservatives'.

The real conservatives believe in the principles that this nation was founded upon. And they are the ones who seek to uphold the law and the principles that this nation was founded upon, domestically and abroad - something that the founders (like today's conserva-nuts) often failed to do.

Today's 'conserva-nuts' are fascist ideologues who have found a resting place exclusively within the Republican party, albeit most Republicans are beginning to shy away from them as well. They believe in and espouse an evil discourse, often using similar methods that myopic, demagogic, intolerant and out-of-control fundamentalist religous group have often been known to use.

One of their most infamous luminaries as I recall was a man named David Duke; it is no coincidence that the David Dukes of the world were and are still being drawn to their form of - ideology. An ideology whose true underpinning is hate!

Conserva-nuts are fanatical lunatics, and they are the ones that the rest of conservative America (most of us) should be concerned about in the present, as well as in the future.

I hope and trust that future leaders will be influenced by those wonks who believe in America, instead of those who cater to a hate-based ideology that is based on preserving the ideals of a narrow, jaundiced and self-serving group-centered pragamtism!

Wonk wonk...and 'don't taze me bro!!!

Posted by: The Rev

Sep 19, 2007

The Rev's September 19th Washington Post Reply: Regarding Blackwater Security

A Military officer 'Stuck in the Sand' of Iraq:

Remember these lines from the script of the movie, A Few Good Men, when JAG Officer Leutinent Kaffee, interviewed Corporal Dawson Dawson prior to going to trail? If not, here is how it went:

What was your intent?

To train him, sir.

Train him to do what?

Train him to think of his unit before
himself. To respect the code.

What's the code?

Unit, Corps, God, Country.

I beg your pardon?

Unit, Corps, God, Country, sir.

The Goverrment of the United States wants
to charge you two with murder. You want
me to go to the prosecutor with unit,
corps, god, country

I respect what you have written, and kudos again for your sense of duty and fair play. However, I cannot help but believe that a similar sentiment and camaraderie as was depicted in the movie isn't being shared today by most service-connected individuals, their families and military sycophants.

And believe me, I understand why you all have a common bond and mostly tend to stick together. But the danger of such camaraderie is of the kind that we have witnessed in domestic law enforcement ( brutality, coverups, a code of silence and at times a siege mentality). Camaraderie can be blind at times, and in need of someone else to peer through the darkness.

You suggested that we should leave politics out of this for now. However, #43 would not be President, you folks would not be in Iraq, and we would not be having this discussion if politics were not a part of the whole equation. This whole matter is about politics, and American citizens remain at the top of the food chain.

In our representative form of government that you are pledged to defend, there is a higher code than the one that so many service-connected individuals seem to live by, the country comes before unit, corp or government contractor. I would offer that God comes first, however, not everyone in America believes in 'the Deity'.

From the President on down (and at times he tends to waiver) to service-connected individuals, we hold everyone who represents us to be accountable to the people for their actions. We have not granted anyone carte blanche to kill or to maim other human beings at will. We do not want another My-Lai on our hands.

The men of Blackwater's Security team may be innocent, however, the civilian code requires that we investigate and hold those accountable who may have violated the rule-of-law. You and I both seem to agree on that point.

Time after time, history has shown that the actions of 'America's finest', domestically or abroad, is not always above board, even though we would all like to think so.

I will remain objective, but at the same time I will adhere to the words of Republican hero and former president, Ronald Reagan - to trust but verify!

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Sep 15, 2007

The Rev Responds to Archmides: Washington Post Blog

He is murdering people because he sees it as the only way to force the West to disengage entirely from the ME, thereby ending the autocratic regimes there and allowing him to reestablish the Caliphate.


I am confused then, was Soviet Russia a part of the West at the time that they intervened in Afghanistan? Why did UBL assist the Afghans (assistance also from the USA) in helping to extricate the Russians from Afghanistan? The question remains, would the U.S.A. and the world have been better off if the Soviets had succeeded in their folly?

It appears to me that UBL and company are conducting themselves in the same manner that the so-called West and other nations(actually the United States because most of the allies stayed out of this mess) have been doing; the former by murdering Iraqi citizens of late - while supposedly pursuing and protecting America's interests abroad.

The great hegemon apparently has problems with other people and other nations protecting and pursuing their interests, particularly those interests that are in conflict with those in the West (USA actually)! If Osama is a murderer, so is the West (USA actually) a murdering nation.

It would appear that the only times in history that the USA has been concerned about the interests of other nations and willing to capitulate, were when those interests benefited the USA as well, or when it was to the benefit of the USA to compromise with an untoward nation that had sufficient force to do serious damage to the USA.

The Cuban Missile/Bay of Pigs crisis is a perfect example of my point. The U.S.A. made an equitable agreement with the Soviets, behind the scenes, in order to resolve the basis of the near conflict in Cuba over missiles aimed at the USA. Both sides capitulated, and participated in a face-saving maneuver and removed their respective missiles from other nations that were a threat to the other nation. Don't forget, the USA had its Jupiter missiles stationed in Turkey (threatening Russia) that were pointed directly at the soviet bloc nations, just as the Soviets had missiles in Cuba that were a threat to the United States.

If not for the sake of reason, probity would seem to dictate that there should be one fair and common standard for all people - some Americans are unwilling to avail themselves of such a notion! And that is unfortunate given that Osama like #43 in America, represents the face of millions of disenchanted human beings. If you kill UBL, and at the same time allow the problem to remain in place, the mayhem will only continue.

But having said that, what would probity and American foreign policy, two polar opposites, have in common, particularly when a group of jaundiced ideologues have been in charge of American foreign policy and the United States government (for about 7 years now)? America does truly want a common standard for all people of the earth, the U.S.A. being the exception. Just as the Congress of the U.S.A., a well known fact in Washington DC, exempts itself from many of the standards that it imposes on America's citizens, the U.S.A. (sitting alone atop the world order) wants to impose upon the other of the nations of the world a standard that recognizes and benefits it as the world's hegemon nation (sitting atop the world order of nations). And that is simply unfair. We ought to be be pursuing different passions for different people, if anything!

It seems to me that you and lmao have drunk the same fermented and bitter-flavored gatorade, given both of your propagandistic limited perspectives and lack of full disclosure with regards to UBL's actual motives.

UBL, and others who have nothing to do with UBL actually, are only doing to the U.S.A. what the U.S.A. has been doing to them, except as UBL once said, we don't own airplanes, or have the firepower of the U.S.A. So America's detractors of late have found a creative way to fight back. Am I on their side you say? I am on the side of a singular, fair and common standard.

Serious Americans, want to resolve the problem, for the sake of our posterity and for the good of all of humanity!

You cowboys need to come off of the range and to harness your weapons!

Posted by: The Rev