Sep 26, 2007

More on American Evil: Response To Washington Post Blog

Does anyone even believe that the 'Cold War' was about ideology, and not a global game of good cop/bad cop anymore?

It went like this "You (third-world nation) will do what we want or WE (Russia/China/U.S) will have a war in YOUR backyard".

It stenched of military-industrial complex driven profits/economics then, and it STILL does!

War Pigs on every side:

...and the world STILL lives in fear of 'The Other'.


You are correct, The Buffalo In Da' Midst

The two juggernaut nations had a lot in common at the time, and I wrote about it at the time.

And the same attitude is still prevalent today, especially in the United States of America.

I was thinking about this last week, funny you mentioned it, when listening to the radio and reading the disparaging comments coming from America's 'conserva-nuts'.

Their bitter vitriolic comments have taken on the tenor of members of a totalitarian state. Similar to what took place most recently in the former Soviet Union for example, if you did not share the opinions of its leaders and the Politburo apparently, you were labeled as being mentally deficient, and subsequently shipped off to a mental facility.

Have you noticed lately how so many of the so-called good Americans will not tolerate a difference of opinion coming from within America's borders, much less from outside of its borders - not even from America's allies? The same individuals, groups of individuals, talk-show hosts or writers will castigate and label anyone who does not see things the way that they do, and label them as being mentally deficient or anti-American.

I still say that if America will ever be successful in eliminating or diminishing any real or perceived evil in the Middle-east, someone or something is going to have to do something to eliminate 'the evil' that resides right here within the United States of America.

I can't do it all by myself--

Rev. C. Solomon

P.S. The Rev has received numerous criticisms given his attempts to add balance to the discoursing that he has been a part of in Washington DC and on the West Coast. And the Rev has been accused of being anti-America. However, I believe that only 'the truth will make us free', as it reads in the scriptures.

We can never solve a problem, with any lasting effect, until we are willing to address the problem in its entirety. Attempting to do so without an accurate examination and diagnosis of the problem would be the equivalent of attempting to come up with a cure without acurrately diagnosing the etiology of an illness - in anticipation of a cure. And that is what the United States has set out to do in the-Middle east. Middle-Easterners are perfectly justified, just as any other nation or people would be in fearing hegemony and the kind of totalitarianism that has been promulgated upon them by the West, in particular by the United States of America.

Those Americans who attempt to control the narrative at the expense of truth - are as detrimental to our coming up with a viable and lasting solution to the problem, as those on the other side who have succumbed to violence in reaction to American misbehavior; and America truly has misbehaved!

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