Sep 19, 2007

The Rev's September 19th Washington Post Reply: Regarding Blackwater Security

A Military officer 'Stuck in the Sand' of Iraq:

Remember these lines from the script of the movie, A Few Good Men, when JAG Officer Leutinent Kaffee, interviewed Corporal Dawson Dawson prior to going to trail? If not, here is how it went:

What was your intent?

To train him, sir.

Train him to do what?

Train him to think of his unit before
himself. To respect the code.

What's the code?

Unit, Corps, God, Country.

I beg your pardon?

Unit, Corps, God, Country, sir.

The Goverrment of the United States wants
to charge you two with murder. You want
me to go to the prosecutor with unit,
corps, god, country

I respect what you have written, and kudos again for your sense of duty and fair play. However, I cannot help but believe that a similar sentiment and camaraderie as was depicted in the movie isn't being shared today by most service-connected individuals, their families and military sycophants.

And believe me, I understand why you all have a common bond and mostly tend to stick together. But the danger of such camaraderie is of the kind that we have witnessed in domestic law enforcement ( brutality, coverups, a code of silence and at times a siege mentality). Camaraderie can be blind at times, and in need of someone else to peer through the darkness.

You suggested that we should leave politics out of this for now. However, #43 would not be President, you folks would not be in Iraq, and we would not be having this discussion if politics were not a part of the whole equation. This whole matter is about politics, and American citizens remain at the top of the food chain.

In our representative form of government that you are pledged to defend, there is a higher code than the one that so many service-connected individuals seem to live by, the country comes before unit, corp or government contractor. I would offer that God comes first, however, not everyone in America believes in 'the Deity'.

From the President on down (and at times he tends to waiver) to service-connected individuals, we hold everyone who represents us to be accountable to the people for their actions. We have not granted anyone carte blanche to kill or to maim other human beings at will. We do not want another My-Lai on our hands.

The men of Blackwater's Security team may be innocent, however, the civilian code requires that we investigate and hold those accountable who may have violated the rule-of-law. You and I both seem to agree on that point.

Time after time, history has shown that the actions of 'America's finest', domestically or abroad, is not always above board, even though we would all like to think so.

I will remain objective, but at the same time I will adhere to the words of Republican hero and former president, Ronald Reagan - to trust but verify!

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