Sep 24, 2007

Overcoming Evil With Evil: Won't Work

Unfortunately GOPman is in total error and/or ignorance once again...

Right on DC

The problem with people who have drawn conclusions similar to the ones that GOPMAN has drawn, has to do with their willingness to overlook American evil. They either have a limited understanding of reality or simply do not care what America does to other people or nations. And God help the person or nation that would be so bold as to retaliate!

Evil cannot ultimately destroy evil, for even if America were effective in the short term, in giving the appearance of having destroyed the reactionary evil in the Middle-East, American evil would still be in place - and that is what the Middle-Easterners and many other nations of the world are reacting to.

Sooner or later everyone would be fighting again - for Americans have zero intentions of changing the venal portions of American foreign policy that has a deleterious effect on other people and nations of the world!

Now any American who would be so bold as to mention American evil as I have done, or suggest that we do something about it would be reduced to the kind of name calling or worse that we have been receiving since #43 took office --however, America has its own set of evils which is responsible for so much of the unrest in the world.

I know that as an American, my value to some of the 'rightist syncophants' is about on the level of members of Al-Qaeda, and if these guys could they would take me out too!

The question is, what does that make them, given that they cannot tolerate a difference of opinion? Evil?

The truth hurts..., when will we deal with the evil that resides within our own borders? We can't simply keep talking about the good that we do as nation, while ignoring the bad that we also do and have done as a nation!

Posted by: The Rev

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