Aug 22, 2011

Religious-Fundatmentalist Politics and Hegemony, America's and the World's Problem

Subject: Taking Charge of American Power The American Religious and Evangelical Right:

Stridency, an unwillingness by individuals on the religious and political Right to compromise within government, their communities, at church or anywhere else in the world, has led to America's current social and political divide as well as the political stalemate that persists in all 3 branches of America's federal government. Their behind-the-scenes control of politicians in Washington ... has also impacted how America is perceived in the rest of the world. I predict that the majority of America's current problems will disappear, foreign and domestic, when the Religious Right and its sympathizers, are put back into 'the right place'. Together with the devil, they are responsible for the gridlock in Washington, America and other parts of the world.

How do I know? These folks aren't praying, instead these folks have turned to politics, wealth, control of the media, a strong military to accomplish their agenda. At the same time they are hiding behind the bible, Christianity and their churches and pulpits in order to accomplish their political aims. The south, and southern politics, by using the church to do do, have risen again. And that I believe is the spirit of error that has been parading around in the name of the Lord!

For having left the righteousness of God, they have gone about to establish their own righteousness, and that is essentially what Pat Robertson and his crowd are doing, ushering in their own version of A New American Led World Order!

This deceptive group, that poses as being righteous are responsible for causing and sanctioning America's blue and red state divide; America's burgeoning and seemingly permanent underclass; American hegemony; America's high rate of unemployment; a world-wide economic crisis,, gender discrimination, the housing problem, Americans who lack healthcare, vituperation in America's airways...

All of these problems will be dealt with or disappear, when the rest of America wakes up and forces 'the right people', pun intended, who are wrong, individuals who tired of what was taking place in America and the world, have seized control of America's political, military and economic power.

A long time ago, wrong or right, they had simply had enough with the way that America and the world was operating, and as a result they decided to do something about it. The decision made was to take control of America, by wresting power away from the majority of the American people, and to place people into positions of power, who would obey their talking points. And every since, they have been controlling the American narrative, similar to the way that America was controlled in its beginning, prior to multiculturalism, immigration, liberal politics ... and for now, their strategy is obviously working.

For while Americans were sleeping, not me, they wee busily sowing tares among the American wheat. But they forgot, that God has strategically placed watchmen among us, who have kept an eye on principalities, rules of the darkness of this world. Don Park, these people are not servants of God, they are servants of a right-winged conservancy.

Given the kind of power that they control, given the power of the pulpit, their control of the media, the billions of dollars they receive from an unsuspecting public ... right, now, they are controlling the American narrative and are winning nation after nation.
They have that kind of power!

As shocking as it may sound, if this group of self-righteous and self-directed Right-Wing Evangelicals ... wanted to, all of the suffering among America's suffering and struggling majority would have abated long ago. But instead, they stood by and watched America, Americans and many other people of the world suffer. In fact, these so-called religious individuals have not only stood by and watched, they have supported policies that have had a deleterious impact on a growing majority in America, when all they had to do was to snap their fingers and their sycophants and puppets in pulpits and all 3-branches of the American government would have backed off. They are not the people who followed the example of Jesus, that is to sell all that they have and give it to the poor. In fact, they, biblical literalist, rail against such a suggestion. Many of their churches leaders are multi=millionaires, and many of the subordinates are not far behind. Have they given some, the answer is yes? Have they followed the example that Jesus left when he instructed a wealthy ruler to sell all that he had and give it to the poor, and by the wife his coffers would have begun to be restored the day after he did? No, they do not understand that language of the bible. You shall know them by their fruits, is also recorded in the bible. And their fruits tell me that something is wrong in that force.

How did Washington, and much of the rest of the nation get that way, strident, uncompromising, irreverent and implacable? You might be surprised by my answer, however, you will soon understand that the real problem that is impacting the whole world, is not political, instead the problem is one-hundred percent religious in nature. Karl Marx, from the grave is shouting, Amen brother Solomon. Because one is religious neither makes him pious, loving, a keeper of his brother and sister or a servant of God by definition.

We're are talking about American religious hegemony, or if you prefer, theocracy. The stridency that all of us have either experienced, personally, by one of their sycophants, or witnessed, coming from our government officials, is a direct result of the nature of the uncompromising policies, practices and teachings of, refuse to consider another point of view, hegemonic religious leaders, churches and other organizations that have exported their strident behaviors, rhetoric, threats and vituperative tones to members of our Federal Government who they control or oppose. Their objectives were and are to elect, appoint and coronate individuals who will practice the art of non-compromise and totalitarianism in all 3 branches of the Federal Government. Already, they have the majority of America's governor's, mostly Republican, in their pockets. An American theocracy or fatwah?

Where do political sycophants and far right puppets get their talking points from, sadly, they come directly from the Religious Right, who are in my opinion a fascist group of religious sycophants, who are often more wrong than they are Right. Why? Consider the spirit that is driving them.

I can assure you that the Spirit and the motivation behind what they are doing has nothing to do with God. In fact, if they were motivated by the spirit of God, there would be full-employment, homeless (only by choice), equal access to the opportunity structures of this country and liberty.

You'd better think about it. Does anyone recall when George Bush Jr. and other politicians, before and after him, suddenly began to wear their purported religious convictions on their sleeves? And if you believe that some of these folks were truly religious, the Republic of China, can fit inside of the state of Texas.

In the old days, it would never happen, politicians were expected to pretty much separate their religious and political convictions in the public domain. However, in today's economy, it is common place, in fact you had better talk about your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, or admit to submitting to your husband.

Isn't it a shame when any politician or official uses religion to inveigle an unsuspecting public in order to get elected. The politicians on the Right, are pandering to religious fanatics and fascists on the Right, who will make their lives hell, if they fail to do so. In other words, the pass card that a politician will need in order to get elected is to pretend to be a Christian, to know Jesus Christ and to believe in the Lord and Savior. Yet, their actions say different.

For if what is written in the Canon is correct, there were and will be many individuals who will name the name of the Lord, only to be informed that the Lord, never knew you.
How is it, can anyone tell me, that Americans are so stupefied to fall for this kind of religious chicanery and double-speak.

Hey Reverend Solomon, aren't you supposed to be a preacher too? Answer: Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. I consider myself to be a non-fascist Christian in deference to many of my counterparts on the religious or political right. I prefer the revolutionary aspects of Jesus Christ in this regard, he spoke truth to power, on both the religious and political right of his day.

And the religious right of his day, some of them referred to him as Baalzebub, as I am certain that some believers would say about me. The question being, "what Spirit are they really of? I say that their spirit, or true motivation comes from a need to be in control, and to restore the country, this nation and its power, back into the right hands!

Now, no one has actually called me the devil yet, well not to my face anyway, however, I know that some of my old friends in the Pentecostal church that I hailed from, believe that I have lost my way. A lot of religious people believed that Jesus had lost his way too, and referred to him as Baal-ze-bub!

Jesus called Herod a fox, and he also had a lot of unpleasant things to say about the Right-Wing Pharisees of his day. Religion, as Karl Marx pointed out, is often an opiate that is used to dull the senses in order to control the masses. Just consider the number of Christians that supported Hitler's crusade, or the Christians that participated in the crusades. George Bush Jr., made a critical faux pas, when he referred to his blitzkrieg in Iraq as a crusade. Ah ha, you can't take it back.

In other words, similar to the manner in which their religious organizations and leaders behave,a group of individuals have been sent to Washington to take charge and to practice the, 'it is our way or the highway behaviors' found in most uncompromising religious fundamentalist and filibustering organizations. The question is, would God employ the means that they have incorporated in order to accomplish their venal aims? I don't think so, and that is why I hope to expose them! What do they want? I will attempt to answer that question to, if you haven't figured it out already. Does theocracy come to mind? Heaven help us if they succeed.
The problem that exists in all 3 branches of America's Federal government today, is a direct result of of the skillful interposition of exuberant non-compromising and intolerant religious fundamentalist religious practices, values and behaviors, that are often found in America's fundamentalist churches, especially evangelicals and of late, Pentecostals.

Much like the intolerant and non-compromising religious organizations that these politicians (including politicians in the judiciary, this class of politicians were not sent to Washington D.C. to represent the people's will, they were sent to Washington or placed into certain offices with a prescribed and non-compromising mandate. And as a result America's government has reached nadir.

The 3rd year of filibustering by Republicans, is a result of a calculated plan, and has been skillfully implemented by a prescription that was hatched in the fundamentalist right in America's purportedly non-political churches. The, we are right and if you are not with us you are wrong and will be relegated to the proverbial scrap heat of political life, is the same intonation that is found is found in all fundamentalist and intolerant religious camps and congregations.

To be sure, the leaders, policy-makers and occasionally rank and file members, have given up on the typical methods that were used in the church to resolve the problems of humanity, like prayer. Instead, they have replaced the weapons used in Godly warfare, a shield of faith, salvation, loins girded with truth, the word as a sword ... and have instead adopted and replaced the former with direct involvement and control of the executive, legislative and Judicial branches of America's government.

Their attitude seems to be that God has failed, and if you can't lick them, individuals who see things differently than they do, then adapt, infiltrate and redact.

What fundamentalists believe, about practically any other denomination or religious organization for that matter, and any form of governance that does not comport to their ways of thinking, be it in politics, with individuals, other religious organizations, morality, ethics, sports ... is, either you are with us, or take it to the highways. Or to be more succinct, religious Jihad and American styled political fatwahs.

Yes, it is the same spirit that you often witness coming from middle-eastern religious organizations. This kind of fundamentalist, fanaticism wholly derives from religion. Remember the crusades? All fundamentalist, are convinced that God is with them, they are the sole harbingers of truth and that it is their mission to infiltrate, convert or destroy the great unwashed, be they religious, political or neutral.

To wit, they believe, that the rest of the great unwashed are categorically wrong about everything, and will never be right, until they join the crusade and submit to their theology whereby being taught 'the truth' as they see it. If you were to examine any of these organizations, across the board the behavior and practices are the same, even though there are often doctrinal differences.

And oddly enough, if you were to separate the different camps, the religious ones I am referring to, when it comes right down to it, they don't agree with each other and view each other with a jaundiced eye. However, and having said that, when it comes to politics, these intolerant separatist factions are willing to coalesce in order to form a strong common bond, one that enforces certain planks that are to their liking.

The political stridency, anger, rancor and stubborness that has been been exhibited in Washington DC of late, not only during 'the Raising The Debt Ceiling debates by Republicans', two weeks ago, is the same behavior that they have exhibited since coming into office, long before the Tea-Party had become a phenomenon.

And in spite of all of the political stridency, obfuscation, vituperation and non-brotherly like behavior, all of the guilty still proudly proclaim that they are Christians, who are pursuing a godly mission and mandate. And this behavior has been drafted and endorsed by the religious organizations, like the religious right, who dispatched or influenced the decision-makers and the public, in order to have them placed into office.

However, what comes to mind for me is the scripture that reads: Your ways are not my ways. Any non-believer knows enough about religion to know that the individuals in question, are not practicing what they preach. This won't be the first time that God, Jesus, the canon have been known to condemn the behaviors of people, 'who are called by his name'. I will jump ahead and say that based on what I have observed from these religious-fundamentalist politicians and the organizations that they hail from is essentially, they have lost their faith in God, and have gone about to establish their own forms of righteousness by force and diplomatic, political and economic strangulation, filibustering and shut-downs.

Oftentimes, when I observe the behaviors of these religious/political sycophants, I wonder within myself just how they can claim to be people of God, given the manner in which their stridency and vituperation differs far and wide from what Jesus taught.

I have witnessed much love for one's neighbor coming from that camp, if anything, I have observed just the opposite, a spirit of non-compromise and I am not my brother's keeper. There is a lack of love being demonstrated for their neighbors, which begs the question, who is their neighbor? The answer appears to be, my neighbors are individuals who are members of my political party and my reckless, we are right and everyone else who does not see things as we do are wrong, fundamentalist church.
I listened to a minister on the way to the office, who referred to his teachings as being 'the truth'. He and I have met before, and within 10 seconds of meeting me, and without asking or knowing a thing about me, 'He wanted to know where I was being fed at". Frankly, he had a mission, and his mission was and is to build a trendy, uncompromising, intolerant mega church, where what he believes or interprets is 'God's truth!

Some of the more infamous of the lot, and names of organizations that come to mind are Jehovah's Witnesses, Pentecostal denominations, Evangelicals, Mormons ... And shall I go on? This phenomenon is not unique to Christianity, may I add.

There are many other examples, not mentioned here, however, they all have this in common, they believe that they have been uniquely endowed with divine truth; they are intolerant, uncompromising, unbending and at times vicious. Given the success strides of their efforts over time, members of these organizations have found their way in politics, and they are controlling the narrative in Washington DC, and filibustering when they cannot get their own way.

Why do they do it? They are convinced that God is uniquely with each of the separate groups, and no one else. In other words, not only is God with our group, God talks to our group. Now anyone who is in his or right mind ought to be self-deprecating enough to take a step back in order to admit that just maybe, I could be wrong about that.

However, when you have been fed a steady God is uniquely with us diet, over time you come to believe it, and the next stage is, crusades to either convert or wipe out the great unwashed heathens. So Reverend Solomon, how can you be a Christian and admit this you're thinking, and what is your angle.

Well consider first that not all Christians are fundamentalists, we recognize that there are as many flaws in our theology, dispensational and otherwise, as it is in any other group. And in order to cut to the chase, let me put it another way, 'love trumps doctrine and fanaticism any day and anytime! Most religious if you will talk about love, but not all of them believe that what they are saying, that love is superior to mental comprehension for example.

I heard a man say to another person on occasion, if they took one of my thoughts and put them into your head, it would burst". Christians are not unique in terms of becoming fanatics, however, speaking in this context, and why he have been witnessing what we have been in Washington DC, with the uncompromising Republican Right, T-Party, neocons, going all the way back to Ronald Reagan, is the spirit of fanaticism, that is found in most fanatical churches has been brought to Washington.

Clearly, whether you believe in God, Jesus Christ, the church ..., you will recognize that spirit of the bible teaches one to love, listen, be willing to hear, avoid self-righteousness, and if nothing else, there is a way that seems right to a man, but the ends thereof is the ways of death. Most religious people would laugh if you tried to convince them that that scripture might be speaking to them, the holier than holy.

I have a lot of friends who wonder what is going on with me, have I lost it. No, I never had it. And what is it. The spirit of cockiness, arrogance, intolerance, my mind is greater than all before me and those that will come behind, and therefore, I know that I am right when everyone else is wrong.

Does Reverend Camping, a fundamentalist, who needed only the Canon and his great mind, who predicted the end of the world, and a resurrection come to mind.

You can read and digest something long enough until you will come to believe your own press. Now, imagine what happens when that spirit gets into enough powerful individuals who aggregate their power, and combine it with the power of a strong military force, what you get is crusade, jihad, extermination, blitzkrieg, ... and typically, in every scenario you will discover some fanatical religious component involved.

This spirit is entrenched in the fabric of Washington DC and its ruling government, the spirit of the fundamentalist church. Many of the fellows on the right are crusaders, not only in America but around the world. Senator John McCain will criticize a Moammar Qadafi, and refer to him as a dictator, or he and others like him can see a strongman, warlord under every rock.

However, John McCain, a man who claims to reject the fundamentalist religious spirit is unable to see the similarity between an American Jihad and a Middle-Eastern one. Folks, how many nations of the world are there, which have lived under a threat that is far greater than a Middle-eastern one. America invades sovereign nations at will, strangulates their economics, isolates their people, and we have been doing so since the end of WWII.

However, there is no shame in the name, because most Americans believe that they have been chosen by God to order the world. Perhaps they are right, just think about the ancient Chaldean's, and the biblical writers interpretation that God chose the warlike Chaldeans to order the world, to the chagrin of the people of Israel, but afterwards he destroyed the Chaldeans. Hmm.

I use Senator McCain as an example of the similar clogged thinking that I see in proud fundamentalist on the Right. John does not believe that he is a fundamentalist,m however, the truth of the matter is that he harbors the same spirit, politically. He and they are both unbending, I am right no it all, and the rest of you will come over to our way of thinking or else. Else what, we will control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

And most of the people who who see causing trouble in Washington, or are in the majority on the Supreme Court, who often vote in a bloc, are fundamentalist, even though they would deny it. Antonin Scalia, is a dyed-in-the wool, I am right, fundamentalist. He hails from an area 35 miles from where I was born, an area that has been referred to as the Rubber City, of late Jamestown (thanks ot Lebron James) an Action Ohio. Scalia's world-view had been shaped long before he came to DC by the area that he was raised in, the Catholic Church, and perhaps by his own stubborn love that he has for his own mind.

It troubles me that they individuals who live in a Representative Democracy, or how about a Republic, where representatives are sent to represent the will of the people, do just the opposite. Okay, I know, let's put it another way - they find individuals who believe as they do and represent or force their wills upon other people. What a bunch of knuckleheads. John Bonner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay wagoner, shall I go on?

These fellas and many like them are ideologues, they have taken a position and they are fighting for that position, not for the will of God, or the American people. They remind me a lot of Governor Pilate of scripture, they listen to a minority who shout, crucify him or them (the rest of us in this context), and sacrifice what we believe in, freedom, love, kindness of our maker among other things, but instead we have to deal with this nut jobs, and still self-proclaimed righteous, all the time.

And again,where did they learn the art of noncompromise, they learned it at church. I could see way back in the 70's that America was heading in the wrong direction, however, the problem with Americans as I saw it then, and see it now is that they are too comfortable with outsourcing the responsibilities for their lives too other people, so that they can get on with the business of making money, buying homes, taking their families on vacation, going out to dinner or the old ballgame ...

However, during their Rumplestilskin type sleep, the power of the nation, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislative branch ... was stolen right from under their feet. The legislatures have turned their backs upon, their churches have veered off and come up under the controls of wealthy dictators, the corporations that once put them to work serve only the interests of their shareholders, and could care less about them. America and the American Idol, is now 'The God that Failed'.

Why do I say that? I will tell you. Too many Americans over the course of America's prosperous history have confused the American Idol with God. Why? For awhile, prosperity was every where, and to borrow a phrase from the Canon, the land flowed with milk and honey, and on top of that Americans believed that they were free. However, a group that was as powerful as the Pharisees of Scriptures were, have taken control of the land. They filibuster and still come out on top. Ask President Obama about that!

Part II. In effect, they are behaving in Washington, on the floor of Congress, in the Executive Branch (George Bush Jr. did), on the Supreme Court, in the manner that fundamentalists behave in their churches - I am right, it is my way or the highway. Comport, or be tossed, voted out or excommunicated.If you have never been raised in a fundamentalist church, you won't fully understand what I mean. If you have been raised in a fundamentalist church (especially an evangelical one), then your reaction will be what's the point, we are doing the work of the Lord. If you are a non-evangelical fundamentalist, you are worn over by political evangelicals whose crafty use of scriptures in order to put their political agenda in place, you are completely confused, and understandably so. No one is better at using scriptures in order pursue a political agenda.

Most Christians, are influenced by the Bible, or what most Christians will tell you is "the unadulterated word of God". Who then can argue with that, or when someone invokes the 'unadulterated word of God', for political gain.

I was amazed several over a decade ago when Christians that I knew, supported the George Bush Jr.-Dick Cheney ticket for this reason. Most non-believers do not believe in homosexuality, and they will tell you that it is an abomination against God.

And what was so shocking about their behavior was, Vice-Presidential candidate Dick Cheney, invokes the rights of the states, interposition and nullification to decide. If you will recall, he never spoke out against homosexuality, and could it be because his daughter was purportedly a lesbian.

My point: Christians are fickle, confused and most of them don't know what they are doing when it comes to being inveigled by shrewd Republicans. Within their think tanks, their strategy-makers, know that most Christians know what buttons to push, in order to get a sufficient number of Christan's to vote their way, without considering what is behind the scenes.

Next, you must know something about the spirit of fundamentalism, not just about its text, but more its praxis. When you are taught that you have uniquely received and understood God's will, and you are obligated to follow, support and practice it - that spirit soon comes to organize and direct your lives, in terms of everything that you do.

even when something doesn't make sense, you have already been taught that what God wants does not always comport with human logic, therefore not to be surprised when what you are told doesn't make sense.

So what happens to a fundamentalist, be he an evangelical or other, you learn to dispatch with reason, logic and common sense. Someone preaches a sermon or teaches a lesson, that you are not permitted to interpret, and you adapt, subscribe to and begin teaching what you have heard.

A pastor, who i sat under before, and I love him by the way, would often make statements lie, "OH, You have got some sense now", if you did not accept wholeheartedly what he was teaching or preaching. In other words, you were not supposed to think. Why not?

The reason that was that God was talking to him or his board of Presbyters, and they in turn would tell you and you were simply to obey.

Sadly, most of us did it for awhile, until "we got some sense". The problem with America today, in my opinion, particularly Washington DC, and every branch of our federal government is this: Fundamentalist, are pretty much deciding who is going into office. And how are they being so successful, they are using 'fundamentalist tactics', the same that are used in their churches ... in order to get their way in Washington.

Even when they lack a clear majority, they have used their church-learned tactics to conscript, manipulate and and cause others to join 'their way or the highway tactics". Fundamentalism, teaches you that you are right and everyone else is wrong. It is one of the first tenets if you will of the faith. To be sure, you are intolerant and proud of it. You alone, are God's chosen and everyone else is going ahead. Poor fools you are taught, they simply don't understand and they are wasting their time, even the other ones who purport to follow God.

And what's wrong with them, they simply don't have an exclusive relationship with God as you have. Now, how do I know this. I know it for 2 reasons. One, I was raised in a fundamentalist church that believed in and taught intolerance. The second reason that I came to understand the totalitarian spirit that operated within our churches, and I witnessed that same spirit being used within fundamentalist politics.

Just as fundamentalists are taught to be unyielding, unbending and uncompromising, and in church no less, they have taken that spirit to their homes, in the streets and now we can clearly see it taking place in Washington DC.

No, they don't call themselves fundamentalists in Washington DC, they use fancier terms like conservative, the Right (not there is a play on terms that is accompanied with a deeply rooted psychological message). And along with everyone else, even in Washington DC, everyone understands that these individuals are Christians and therefore they are doing the work of the Lord.

Poppycock folks, it is a bad spirit that we are talking about, that has confused its stridency with that of fulfilling God's purposes, when most thinking Americans know that the individuals, particularly on the Republican, so-called Right are pursuing a political agenda that favors their interests.

For America and Americans to solve its problems, its citizens are going to have to realize that politics per se is not the solution. The solution will come when Americans learn to look at what's underneath and to do something about it.

And what lies beneath, it is a venal use of Jesus Chris, the Church, the Christian in politics, being done by politicians on the Right, who have tried and failed using other methods of stridency, in order to accomplish their one-sided objectives. They are using what works and is at the core of every Americans belief system, whether they agree with it or not.

God is being used in order for some to accomplish a Republican agenda. Wake up dummies. If it was God, would the uber rich v the urban poor and America's permanent underclass be the current reality in America?

What a certain elite group control the power stations, like government, in our nation, or would the true spirit of God drive this nation? Would their be a spirit of Koinoia, read Acts the 4th chapter be in place, not a giveaway program, but a program that takes into consideration the needs of the common wealth.

I have had a few of my religious friends to distance themselves from, even clerics, and I know why. What I am saying flies in the face of what every Evey evangelical is being told that they have been taught, the truth. Evangelicals are no different from anyone else in this regard, except for one thing, they will use God in order to accomplish their political aims, to include enriching themselves, including preachers, to include owning the finest homes, automobiles, clothing, accoutrement, church buildings ... while the people that they are indoctrinating with their forms of the truth, are suffering like they were in time when there was no America.

And the people, all I can is at some point you have to wake up and smell the roses. I can recall years ago when Jim Baker was beginning to go astray. During a television interview, members of his congregation were asked if they were aware of the rumors about their pastor and his lavish lifestyle.

One gentleman responded: We don't care what Jim does with the money. I bet those words came back to harm him. Does my point have to do with ministers only. No, however, they are the shepherds who are leading their flocks to follow a venal political agenda that has resulted in their being ravaged by the wolves. And these wolves, that their shepherds have lead them to are shearing these poor babies in terms of unemployment, a refusal to share the wealth, sub-standard housing and living -- shall I go on.

Fix the church and you will fix the problem in Washington DC. And this phenomenon is not new. If you are smart enough to, read the canon. There you will find that it was customarily the shepherds, the spiritual leaders, who ended up leading the sheep to the slaughter. Jesus taught, that he was uniquely the good shepherd.

Jesus does not lead his people to a place to be sheared by the vehement and the evil, he leads them besides still water. And if you will look at the leaders in the T-Party, on the Christian Right to include many evangelical and pentecostals, inquring minds will inquire and ask themselves, how come they are doing so well, and the majority of us are not?

You may not believe it, but this is a Love Message. Wake up little lambs and sheep, you are being fleeced everyday, and your spiritual leaders, are much in part responsible for it. They are leading you in the wrong direction.

And don't forget that during Jesus' time, the religious establishment taught the problem that he was the problem, when they were the problem. Watch these religious right-wingers, especially when they come to you and lamb's clothing or purportedly in the name of the war. For them, it is really all about 'The American Idol', and ironically the same, I am right and everyone else is wrong, fascist spirit, that gave us Hitler and the third Reich. How long will it take for these knuckleheads to wake up and change their behavior, brother, don't hold your breath. Eventually they will have to be overthrown both at church and in the political arena, by individuals who are simply seeking to follow after truth, while caring for his fellow woman and man.

Instead, these individuals are employing worldly methods to accomplish their purported spiritual objectives. It has been done before. It was wrong before, and it is still wrong today. Wake up people of God, you are being deceived. And do I believe that religious people can be as wrong as non-religious people are, the answer is , yes, albeit many times they are sincerely wrong, and have simply been brainwashed, as a result of being intellectually lazy, or willing to change the powers that be, even the ones who wear a Rabat, a Robe, a Mask or diamond rings while driving a Ferrari, Rolls or Mercedes Benz.

Thee folks might be quoting scriptures from the Bible, however, their agendas differ by and large from what is written in the Bible. Try the Spirits, and you understand how good people can be deceived by misguided or intentional religious sycophants. Has anyone seem Abramoff or Tom Delay around lately!

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Aug 13, 2011

The American Capitalist Church and World Monetary Political System?

Perhaps the 666 Beast (Bull and Bear Market System)? You've heard of Star Wars before? Today, I will introduce you to the political infighting that is, surreptitiously and quietly taking place between factions within the American Christian religious community. The opponents are the true conservatives, that follow the principles of Jesus Christ, and the modern-day pseudo-religious conservatives, often referred to as evangelicals.

At times, it is hard to tell the two groups apart, however, do not be deceived. One group with all of their foibles and impotence, I believe, are harbingers of the spirit of Christ, and the other group is a modern day pseudo-Christian American political capitalist organization. The latter is pursuing a political agenda under the cover of following Jesus Christ.

Even though churches are restricted by Law from endorsing political candidates, many 501(c)3 churches permit politicians to stump in their pulpits, and to endorse politicians as much or more than any other non-political or special interest groups does.

However, keep in mind that some churches openly ignore the laws on the books that pertain to churches, invoking their first Amendment right which states that the government shall not make any laws pertaining to religion. The Tom Delays of the world (is he still in jail), have exploited this law, along with other Christian leaders, more than anyone else has done.

He and ilk were permitted to use the church as their bully pulpits, in the manner that many other famous protestant clerics, use their media time, Radio, TV and the Internet, to get their message across to their followers. It is understood that the politicians that they helped to elect, will remember and pay their political debts to their churches, once they get elected. Again, keep in mind that the Tom Delays of the world, and other Christian conservatives on the American political right believe that they are above the law!


There used to a time when the church taught probity and encouraged religious values among its followers. However, more and more the church that has become settled in the world, that is more and more an integral part, as well as a supporter of the American Capitalist Church Political System agenda, has lost its way, that is if it ever found it.

For having left the righteousness of God, they have gone about to establish their own righteousness, having been influenced with Dominionism and white-supremacist cultural values and a dream of American-Christian conservative superiority. To them the former is synonymous with the vision of Jesus Christ.

I am convinced that Jesus Christ might repeat what was written before, and tell them to depart from [you had an agenda of your own], I never knew you., and you never knew me. Instead, you created an agenda of your own, which is far from God's. And from that agenda, you set out to, and almost succeeded in creating what looks like instead, an American capitalist military-political-economic theocracy.

The church world, once considered to be a unified body of Christ, has of late been divided into 2 camps, the true conservatives, individuals who adhere to biblical principles, and the pseudo-conservative church, that more and more is a growing Evangelical real time monetary-political group, that has its own theology. In fact, one of its stars, Bishop Jakes said, and I quote, 'the church is a business'. The new conservative America church, more and more, looks just like that, a business, as opposed to a spiritual organism.

The sheer size, accumulated financial resources and media exposure for churches in the conservative Right, has been and still is responsible for drawing millions of church members away from smaller, less than 100 member conservative church congregations. Many of their former members, could not resist the allure of being members of larger, more prosperous looking, wealth carrying, entertaining, camping trip going …. and in many ways, everything that is offered in the world church centers.

The strength of these organizations, lies not only in their crazy numbers, however, but in their ability to construct a large political bloc in order to pursue a political agenda, by teaching, preaching and translating scriptures in a manner that bolsters their political positions. And even though, people of color are being attracted and added to their memberships in large numbers, make no mistake about the political agenda of what the political agendas of these churches is what members from minority groups will be expected to follow. And if they don't, they won't be considered to be 'good evangelical Christians'.

Typically, minority pastors that join these alliances will fare better for a time, many of them will even be asked to come and to be teach or preach to these more conservative congregations, although they will be summarily ignored, corrected or chastised if they were to veer from the proscribed script.

And even though members of minority churches, join in with these larger mostly white conservative conventions, other than the pastor and a few members of the inner core, will continue to languish in poverty.

The conservative faction of the church (the ones who do not believe in the American Christian Political Church) v. the pseudo-conservative faction, is comparable in many respects to what Jesus encountered, when faced with the the Pharisee/Sadducee conflicts found in scripture. The Pharisees, a powerful group, were rebuked by Jesus, and told that not only would they not enter the Kingdom, they were keeping others from doing the same. The question today, is the same as it was then, which group is really following God. And, which Kingdom have they become a part of, God's or the American Capitalist Christian Church system

It is easy for a church and its leaders to go astray. In fact the scriptures warn believers to beware of false prophets ... to test spirits, and to know them who labor among you in the world. Why? Because according to scripture, our wrestling is against the spirit, that is behind a movement or leader who may not be aware of what motivates him or her. And Solomon explained in the book of Ecclesiastes, that the end of a thing is better than the beginning.

And I believe that we are beginning to witness the beginning of the end of the dangerous Mega-rich, religious political church phenomenon. Interestingly enough, Bill O'Reilly and other TV commentators on the Right, were instrumental in having the Federal government to go after the N.A.A.C.P., Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton , NAACP … and other non-conservatives for 501(c) infractions when campaigning. And at the same time, other political candidates on the Right, who used 501(c) organizations to stomp, they summarily ignored.

To boot, the whole crop of 360,000 or so conservative ministers who signed on to a petition to stop the so called liberal agenda ... and to have it and them condemned, spend every day, engaging in mixing in conservative politics and politicos.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington DC, sound legitimate , has been instrumental in disseminating fascist religious materials and positions, from Washington DC, that favors the right, to the rest of the American Religious Capitalist Church System.

Let's be honest, right now the Conservatives, have the power , religious, military, political and economic power, and they also have the wealth, however, when you consider the condition that they country is in today, given the candidates that they are responsible for having placed into office and on the Supreme Court, in Judgeship …, I believe that the Beast, that has risen up from among the Sea of the people, is about to have its legs cut off. Why? The people of the sea, have become restless, and even though for a time, many of them drank the conservative Kool-Aid, more and more thinking Americans, are beginning to recognize how poison it is, and that it is flavored to represent only a few on the Right.

Investigative and inquiring minds recognize that the political Rightest-Church is as responsible for America's political problems , as is the T-Party along with other conservative Republicans politicians.

The incredible transference of wealth from the people, since the Right, with the aid of the Rightist Church, disposed of Bill Clinton, recovered it and placed that wealth solely into the control of a minority group of conservatives on the right, has begun to awaken a sleeping giant. Four hundred Americans, currently have the equivalent wealth of 60% of Americans on the bottom rung. In other words, 400 Americans have the equivalent wealth of 180M other Americans, who are mostly laid-off, underpaid, living outside, on public assistance … So what God was the conservative church on the Right praying to, given their participation, direction and support in such a debacle?

Now, do I have a personal dog in the fight? Factually, I like some of these fellows personally, and others I find to be amusing. And before you say, “you are being disrespectful”, I am a minister, pastor on hiatus too – so I can talk about my fellow members of the cloth. Some of them are political, others greedy and extravagant, and a few I believe are genuinely confused. In my opinion, too many of them gave up on Jesus Christ a long time ago, and are following after the spirit of this world.

Why the comparison. Because there are many ministers who, similar to Jesus, languished in poverty, while preaching to their small followings (while they went about doing the work of the Lord), having watched their brothers in Christ, amass large land-holdings, wealth, huge followings and bloated salaries (not to mention that they stole away the few members that they had), decided, well, if you can't lick 'em, you might as well join them.

Suddenly, the liturgies in these once traditional churches changed, to a rocking, finger-popping, hand-slapping, joke telling, rapping, preacher driving Benzes, Airplane flying, and other luxury car, living in near mansions … while other people suffer, has became their new reality. Go and sell what you have today, give it to the poor, and your income stream will be replenished tomorrow - oh come on!

And their new sermons became, money-oriented, God wants you to have money, and show me the money sermons. And guess what, for a while, it worked. What brought people into these churches, is what I believe in the end will lead them back out of the door, money and the lack of many. Already, some of these mega-moolah land churches that succeeded for awhile, are being fore-closed upon, and I suspect that might be a good thing. The teaching, training and personal attention that these parishioners once received, was forfeited, for fast-singing, hand-slapping performance oriented Sunday morning weekly presentations. The better you are at telling jokes these days, the better you happen to be as a preacher. David Letterman, could make more money if he were to crossover as a preacher, than 20M or so that he makes a year, working on the television.

Based upon what I have observed, the people are not being taught to follow God, they are being conditioned to pursue wealth through religious means, and to support a white American political agenda. Okay, I said it!

Now here is what is so ironic, on the way up, the wealthy politicians who required the help of the church to make their ascent, are beginning to abandon the mega churches, during these church groups time of financial need. Good I say, that is what you get for getting in bed with the devil in the first place. Besides, conservative churches were paid back given President Bush's Faith-based Pay-off initiative.

I can recall several years ago, when Senator John McCain, switched sides. At first he stood for principles, and recognized that when it came to political and religious issues, that the two should remain separate. It is a part of the American implied social contract, that is that the two would remain apart. He insisted that he would not be dominated by the Religious or Christian Right, pander to the Right, Bob Jones University … but later, when he needed the support of the Religious Right, off to Bob Jones … he went.

He is making similar comments about the T—Party today, but trust me, that craving to get elected, will eventually lead him to give in again, but this time to the T-Party faction of the Rightist Christians, mostly members of the evangelical church. In some circles, Klan members, would be wise to abandon their robes, and to join mainstream evangelical churches.

You might not get to burn a cross anymore, and you might have to admit invoking the name of Jesus, while at the same time that you hate Jews, but on the other hand, you will be a part of a group that will legitimately keep minorities in their place.

People who believe in what is real ought to pursue what is real, I believe, And much of the American church world, especially political evangelicals, are a part of one massive money-making religio-political organizational stream, and their politics are both local, national and international, and I do not believe that Christ is at the center. Remember, conservative Christians in Germany and Hitler, individuals who had similar views as conservative churches in America have, supported Adolf Hitler.

Be careful folks, and trust me, I don't believe that a lot of these guys and gals are bad people, I believe that the majority of them have simply been seduced, or have been sincerely misdirected! Their ways and their words, are neither the ways nor the words of Jesus Christ. Show me the money Christianity, that is not the power agenda that Jesus pursued or recommended for his followers?

The rest of us must continue to pursue what is real, and to beware of false prophets, even the ones who are simply misguided it would appear, and have good intentions. What they are saying and doing in practice, are often 2 different things.

What is my motive: It's simple, as a minister, I have a responsibility to warn the innocent and misguided to be careful of trends and what appears to be God. What is taking place in America today, giving the mixing between evangelicals especially, and the church ,is a dangerous phenomenon. Isn't it amazing that Christian churches criticize the Theocratic forms of governments that exist in other parts of the world, while sanctifying the spirit of a conservative theocracy in the West, that is driven by monetary-power values.

Never forget, no matter how they use the Canon, to make their points that Pat Robertson, Late Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Dr. Dobson, Parsley, Perkins, Delay … shall I go on,? All of these folks are, or were in bed with the politicians on the Right. And look where they has got America, following 8 years of George Bush Jr., and obstructionist Christian conservatives on the Right. They might as well as had a seat on reserve in the House.

And Pat Robertson, actually tried to run for President, a couple of decades ago? Of course, God, told him not to, but he attempted a reprise a few years afterward. And he wanted President Hugo Chavez knocked off? Folks beware of wolves who come to you in sheep’s clothing.

And I expect that you will be told that I am the wolf in sheep's clothing – but I am not one. However, Christians, ought to remember what happened to Jesus and others in the Canon, when he and they spoke truth to conservative religious power – in Jesus's case, he became a picture hangar with nails in his hands in feet, a sentence that was insisted upon and carried out, as a result of a conservative religious poltical agenda, similar to the one that America has been confronted with, 2000 years later!

Much like the Klan did, these churches are white supremacists organizations (that includes minority members), and they are still following and supporting a white supremacist-capitalist agenda) . “The end of a thing, is better than the beginning”, Solomon wrote. And in time, the truth will be revealed, or better yet understood I believe. In the meantime, and I repeat, the rest of us, let's pursue what is real and at the same time do all that we can to repeal, repel and stand up against the spirit of error that operates in a church world that supports an agenda that favors the few and the privileged.

And before you think it, I do not believe that all whites are white supremacists, on the other hand, I believe that there are whites who are, but do not know that they are, they simply believe that they are right!

Peace and corrections and revisions later - 2nd draft.