Nov 16, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky: Jerkweed of the Year

Subject: Smoking Blue Grass in his Home State of Kentucky!

Ladies and gentleman, the Jerkweed Award of the Year has to go, unquestionably, to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, followed by runner-up Democratic speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio. What a remarkable pair these two happen to be, and to that end I must say, the United States of America is in trouble.

Over a decade or so ago, I was speaking with a friend, who frequently traveled back east, as I had often been known to do. Both of us came to a similar conclusion about what we experienced when traveling back east.We concluded that traveling back east, was tantamount to time travel, that is entering into a time machine and being transported back through time.
In our scenario, the Airplane was the time machine!

Senator Mitch McConnell and his counterpart in the House are perfect examples of what we were referring to when we spoke about traveling back through time. Anachronistic Mitch, a perfect title for him, must have been here when dinosaurs roamed the earth, roughly 65 million years ago. Not only does he look old or antiquated if you prefer, his mind must have formed during the Cretaceous period. What a Neanderthal?

Folks, this guy, Mitch McConnell, is a piece of work, and I can actually picture him gnawing on a wad of grass or foliage, just as his ancient dinosaur predecessors must have done; someone should check his DNA, and verify whether or not Mitch is a human being, or a dinosaur masquerading as a human. According to the latest news, pressure from the Republican Congress forced him into a course change, mostly as a result of a political debt owed to the T-Party.

Given his despicable rhetoric and his post-election behavior, it was clear that he had zero intentions of making any concessions with respect to his long-held feelings about American policy. None-the-less, he bowed to political pressure from the T-Party no less, and the Republicans in the House, who were also under pressure to change their ways by the folks in the T-Party no less.

And as a result, Mitch caved in on practices and policies that he has unabashedly defended likely since the Jurassic period, I am talking about earmarks.

Simply put, earmarks are another form of pork, of the kind added to a bill in the House (HB) or Senate (SB). The practice has exponentially accelerated over the past 2 decades, wherein legislators on both sides of the aisle, have added on expenditures to bills that would benefit their home states. Otherwise, the original bill would not receive their support. And Mitch referred to the opposition, in this case, Democrats as 'big spenders'!

The other problem with Mitch is this: rather than admit that he has been a staunch supporter of a practice that has contributed to overspending by the Congress of the United States of America for years, he still found a way to invoke the name of the President of the United States and thereby blame his despicable behavior on someone else.

To one group of listeners today, Mitch said that he did not want to emulate President Obama’s practice of ignoring the will of the people. Republicans have a tendency to believe that what they want, a minority group, represents the will of the American people. The fact of the matter is and I am not an apologist for President Obama, however, he won the previous election as a result of a mandate by the majority of the American people.

And the policies of the people's choice for President, was as far away from what the Republicans wanted and want, as the moon is from the earth. Mitch must be confused. Again, if Mr. Obama were to have continued to adhere to the will of the Republican People following the George H. Bush presidency, one can only imagine which nation America would be attacking now without paying the bill.

If Obama were to have adhered to the Republican nation, the Bush tax cuts would remain in place, the richest Americans would acquire even more of the American financial pie and the rest of us would continue to be referred to as non-patriots, given our failures to approve Republican obstructionism and American expansionism.

If the truth were to be told, Mitch and the Republicans did not gain additional seats in the Senate or a majority in the House because the majority of the people agreed with him or Republican policies, they did so given the enormous sums of money spent on the right to manipulate a frightened minority - the majority of Americans did not vote. The latter helped to spread a message of deceit and misrepresentations, something that Republicans tend to prefer. The manipulation of the people and the poisonous propaganda spread by Republicans and the T-Party energized those individuals who turned out to vote, and summarily voted Republican obstructionists back into the majority in the House.

Having said that President Obama should be giving praises to the T-Party, and if he were smart he would co-opt the T-Party, and use them against Republicans, just as Republican obstructionists did against him. Republican Mitch, the overwhelming majority of the people voted for President Obama in the 2008 Election, and for 2 years your party ignored the will of the American people, and instead fought against the will of the American people, and as a result caused the policies that the majority wanted, to fail! The result of Republican obstructionism, misdirection, lies, double-speak and deceit.

Mitch openly disrespected the President of the United States before and especially in the aftermath of the mid-term election without even a rebuke from Congress. However and of late someone told Mitch that it was mandatory that he turn down his incivil anti-American rhetoric and venal attacks on the leader of the Free World and show him some respect.

God help if it had been the other way around, and an Independent or Democrat behaved the way that he did, and spoke about former president George Bush Jr. in the terms that Mitch spoke about when referring to President Obama. In my opinion, Mitch is nothing but jerkweed, and he ought to stop smoking grass. For if he is an example of what constitutes Republican House Members, the United States is being run by jerkweed leadership, of the kind that isn’t any better than any banana Republic.

The man is clearly without principles. And, how the people of Kentucky could have voted for him in the first place only supports the position put forth by my friend and I that Kentuckians are of the kind of retrograde people that you will meet when traveling back through time. to the Midwest and the East.

Now I must end by informing ‘retrograde mid-westerners and easterners’ to keep your eyes on the most progressive state in the union, the Golden State, a place that all of you frequently love to come and visit. Now that the Republicans have been swept out of office in the Golden State, our state will return to its glory days. However, I am concerned about all of those regions across the United States where Republican ascendancy replaced wisdom, practicality, forward thinking leadership and common sense.

Our state went in the tank, when Republicans were at the helm. Republicans refused to pay for what they spent, as if by some magical wave of the wand or portent that the bills would simply disappear. And now Democrats will do what they always have to do when Republicans leave office, (just consider what took place following the Reagan-Bush or Bush Jr. years), someone had to step in, clean up the mess and pay the bills.

And ironically, the democrats who stepped in to pay the bills were instead blamed for the out of control spending and failures of Republican leadership. And now they want to pretend to be the party of fiscal responsibility. It would appear that, according to the muddled thinking of Republicans, debts will simply disappear if you ignore them. President George Bush apparently believed so when he was President as well, and there was hardly a murmur from the Republican Right, publicly, when he was completely out of control.

Having listened to jerkweed of the year, Mitch Connell and John Boehner’s rants, ravings and divisiveness over the past couple of weeks, most Americans know by now that they made a mistake when they swept the Democrats out of the House and replaced them with rightist’s demagogues.

Following Jimmy Kimmel, night show host’s lead tonight, I would suggest that if Senator Mitch McConnell is listed as a friend on your Facebook page, that you immediately send him to ‘the trash’ where he belongs, for he is neither a friend of the American people, nor the President or the United States of America. One has to wonder what he has been smoking going all of the way back to the beginning of his time, which I believe will soon come to an end. The American people are able to see him, I’m certain by now, for what he is, Jerkweed! And John Boehner is a close second!

And, keep your eyes on Time Magazine; I predict that President Obama will be voted Person or Man of the Year' in their final edition, to the disgust of Mitch and John.

Peace & grace

Nov 5, 2010

Act II, Scene I President Obama

Will President Obama Show?

While President Obama is engaging in his most recent disappearing act and about face, the race is about to be won for the economy is on the mend. And who will be taking the credit for the turnaround that the democrats and Obama are responsible for and have been mistakenly but adroitly distancing themselves from, the Republicans will?

Again, Obama is behaving in the manner that did during the run up to the election, like a man who was simply playing a role, and was too willing to change stream or position at the sign of trouble.

And this time around, instead of behaving like the statesman that he claimed to be before, one who understood that at times it is the bitter medicine that does the most good. Or, the leader who pretended that he could explain to the American people in explicit detail exactly what has been and is being accomplished that will soon benefit them, the man is spinning similar to the earth on its axis.

We are all witnessing Act II, which is a repeat of scene I. I can guarantee you that the Republicans had a behavioral analysis completed on Mr. Obama, as soon as the recognized that the American voters were taking him seriously as a candidate. They knew his strengths before, as well as his weaknesses. And they understood before, that he would wilt under pressure. Every time that they would muster up a challenge to one of his stated positions, Mr. Obama would back down just as he is playing into the Republicans hands by backing down now.

I am a preacher, and forgive me everyone who knows me, I would have told Mitch and John Boehner to kiss my arce, and would have reminded them of just who they were talking to and about given their negative comments, the president of the United States of America. But unlike me, Mr. Obama, immediately began doing a bit of arce-kissing himself. Who was that hurt little child that appeared on the airways yesterday that appeared to be the President of the United States of America?For me this is a repeat performance of what he did before he was elected in 2008, the man is waffling and capitulating.

The man capitulated so many times then, that I could hardly keep track, it was and is as if he is being paid off by the Republican Party. During the run up to the election, his supporters said that he was behaving in the manner that he was in order to get elected. Well, he is the president of the United States, so why is he waffling now I wonder?

They were right in one sense about his behavior during the run up to the election, it got him elected. However, shortly after he became president, many of his supporters began to wonder, as hard as it was for them to admit as they wondered, who was this masked man? Some of his previous supporters admitted, a short time afterward, that they should have listened to me, The Rev. But at the time, Obama supporters were what the T-Party is today, they were on a mission.

Who do do you think it was that the Republicans modeled their behavior after over the past 2 years? Answer: It was the Obama people.

And guess what, by emulating Obama’s T-Partiers, raising money on the net…, the Republican T-Partiers have enjoyed similar success of late, having secured control of the House, and now they have been emboldened to march on. However, Mr. Obama's T-Party, and President Obama himself are in complete disarray. It would appear that all of them have left town, and in his case I mean that literally.

The late Reverend Roundtree of San Jose, California, who died just a year ago, asked me over and over again, before he passed away, to phone Mr. Obama and speak with him directly just prior to his winning the election. In fact he told me that I was mandated to talk to him by God. I explained to the Reverend that I doubted whether Mr. Obama would speak to me. At the time, and shortly after, he was picking his cabinet, and they all were on a mission.

I disagreed with his conclusions about Obama which reflected the feelings of most Obama supporters, that he was a man of destiny and that 2008 would likely have been the black man's only opportunity to become President of the United States of America. I countered, "former Secretary of State and Army Colonel, Colin Powell would likely have been elected President of the United States of America, had his wife not discouraged him from pursuing the office of President.

And ironically, one of the things that the two have in common, President Obama and Colin Powell was and is, both are men of mixed heritage, only half black American.

I also pointed out to Reverend Roundtree that at the time, I had been and was communicating almost daily with a member of the Obama campaign team’s inner circle. Sadly, I had to point out to my friend and brother in Christ, that there was a kind of hard headed stubbornness and braggadocio that I encountered with the member of the Obama team that I was communicating. The Obama kids, similar to the kids in the T-Party today, are harbingers of the same kind of arrogant and obnoxious spirit.

Each team believed that they two were destined for its moment in time. Hogwash! The fact is that if you keep saying something long enough, and were to act on it, afterward you start believing that there is some kind of divine intervention in terms of what you have conjured up in your mind.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the members of the Ku-Klux Klan.

The Obama team, and the T-Party kids of today, were and are both irreverent. They never have any respect for institutions, the established order or their political parents and grandparents. There is clearly a certain amount of disdain and irreverence for the establishment party leaders on either side of the aisle.

Simply ask Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or the rest of the cast of thousands, not millions, Republicans are still the minority in terms of numbers. In fact, I suspect that they are headed for the same kind of disaster and disappointment that the Obama kids have experienced, with the individuals that they just helped to elect.

The Obama kids weren’t taking any prisoners years ago either, and would repeatedly say to me, “Obama is going to win”. Well, win he did, but where are they now, his former election team, and what are they saying now?. It would seem that they all saw something coming and ran, for from Rohm Immanuel right down to the former Obama supporters in South Carolina everyone seems to have abandoned the sinking Obama ship, even after they got what they worked so hard to obtain.

Mr. Obama, it was not the America body politic that rejected you, it was you who succumbed to Republican pressure, and a Republican threat that caused you to wilt. I haven’t seen anyone quit so fast at the sound of trouble, than when another Senator who aspired to be President, did, and turned the country over to a man who he trumped in a previous election.

Sadly, Mr. Bush was sandwiched in between what appears to be and have been 2 week Senators, two individuals who simply gave up at the sign of Republican trouble.
I was thinking and imagining last night as I lay in bed, what Mr. Obama must thinking about during hi private time when he was all alone with himself.

On the televised news shows that he appeared on yesterday and today, he no longer had the appearance of the Distinguished Gentleman President that he appeared to be before, instead, he looked like a capitulating puppy dog that was all over the place, and once again trying to appease his Republican critics.

One had to consider, how could this man be expected to stand up and make the tough decisions that have been and are facing America now, if he could not deal with a few rants and raves from the Republican T-Party cast, Senator Connell, or Congressman John Bonehead from Ohio? No wonder I concluded, that Iraq and Afghanistan have not been his final hour either. As President, he should be like the man he admires, late President Ronald Reagan. Ronald, during a press conference, simply pointed his finger at his critic and told him to shut up.George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney, when discussing was of their primary critics referred to him as a "major league a-hole"!Mr. Obama and the tough talking and confident election kids who were at his side talked tough during the run up to the election in 2008, not only to and about the Republicans, but about Senator Hilary Clinton and her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton. In private, they seemed to hate the Clinton's just about as much as they did the Republicans.

It seemed if they simply wanted everyone to move over, because the new kids on the block were coming through, and come through they did. But where are they now?

I told my contact on the team, two years ago, over and over again, that he and the rest of the team neither had the experience nor knowledge that they thought they had, and that would need the help of the Clintons and the Clinton team to teach them the ropes if Mr. Obama were to have been victorious.

He laughed! I never talked to my friend again after Mr. Obama won the election, however, I often wonder what he must thought when the Clinton team was brought in to replace the election's inner-circle, preferring the more experienced Clinton team that he and his cohorts despised. Given the first two years of bumbling and fumbling by the Obama team, they must not have listened to the former Clinton team.

I can only imagine what could have been, had they listened to a successful President who handled the Right Winged Republican conspiracy, along with that spirited and wise former first lady, Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Mr. Clinton, like him or not, stood up under the most incredible pressure that any human that I have known of in my lifetime has every stood up under.

I have also wondered, just how many of the ones who helped Mr. Obama to become President before went out to vote for him earlier in the week. Mr. Clinton has come out of all that he did and didn't wrong, smelling like a pristine rose. He is a world renowned statesman, and has more respect in the world than any other American, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

Even Republicans like Dan Quayle and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (the eye of Newt) gave him accolades before, saying that he was 'the politician' of our times.

I had a former friend to accuse me of being a gradualist, that his was explanation for why I did not vote for Mr. Obama. Others have accused me of disliking Mr. Obama. I've never dislike the man, I simply did not believe that he was prepared to be President of the USA, and my feelings are being confirmed not only of late but before.

Republican pressure resulted in him abandoning his church and pastor of 2 decades, incidentally, the same pressure that comes from Republicans who still hate him now.

I didn’t dislike him then, and I don’t dislike him now. However, I simply believed and still believe now that a single speech at the Democratic Convention, does not a President make. However, that speech helped to get him nominated, just as a similar speech, taken from the Democratic playbook by another neophyte and political newcomer, almost got her elected to the office of vice president of the United States of America. Americans are caught up in the dialectic, whether or not the person speaking has the prerequisite skills to perform in the job or not

Okay, let me tell you what I really believe? I believe that the American people are mostly stupid, not Mr. Obama. The American people want immediate gratification, in other words they do not think, engage in serious analysis or plan ahead.

And as a result, those short-term victories that often appear to be within reach are abandoned, once are doubt, disappointment, confrontation and despair set in. And having said that, just being better than scoundrels and malcontents is not good enough.

As I close, and I remind you of what I said before, I blame the American people for the two political catastrophes that have taken place of late, the election of George Bush Jr., and the not quite ready for prime-time Senator who would have been great I suspect with more seasoning and time put in to prepare for the job.

Again, and if you think about it, how can this man make the tough decisions with regard to the wars that America is currently embroiled in? He can't stand up to the T-Party and Republican backlash.

Am I letting the Republicans off the hook too easily, having said little about them in this paper? No, I am not! I believe that the only power that they have is acceded power. In other words, the power that Obama continues to give them.

The past few days for Mr. Obama have been even worse than the time when he capitulated and gave that brazen, American hegemony is and has always been correct speech in Oslo Norway, nearly 2 years ago. At that time he defended fascism by America in the same manner that he is doing today, by justifying political fascism by Republicans and the T-Partyers, of the kind that won them House.

John 'give me a break Stossel', where are you brother? I hope that a different Mr. Obama will return from his excursion to India, and stand up and be president rather than a capitulator. For if Mr. Obama cannot find any other reason to stand up and to keep fighting for a principle as well the rights and protected freedoms of the American people (the kind that the people will no longer enjoy in a Republican oligarchy), he should do so for the sake of his own children!

The Republicans seem to have a formula that works for them, even when they are behaving unpatriotically, perhaps Mr. Obama and company should figure out what it is!

The Rev

Nov 4, 2010

The Broken American Federal A Paucity of Leadership

Subject: America’s Present Day Bi-Carmel Congress: The T-Party and The Republican Congress

According to Republicans, the only institutions that will matter in the United states from hereon are the T-Party, a Republican dominated supreme court and the Republican dominated Congress versus the Democratic Senate and the lame-duck President.

From hereon 3 Republican led institutions will consider, debate, decide and govern. It is as if, as far as Republicans are concerned, that neither the office of the President nor the Senate (which is currently dominated by Democrats) matters any more.

And what’s new about that?. Factually nothing, for Republicans have been behaving like that since the Democrats took control of Congress and the Presidency 4 and 2 years ago respectively. At that time they referred to all Americans who would not go along with their fascist tendencies as non-patriots.

Is anybody out their listening? America is under siege! It would appear that the leader of the nation has cowered, and been forced into submission. Based on his replies, to Republicans rants in the media today, America, America’s allies

As of 2 days ago, David, the Little Shepherd Boy who was once a giant killer, just two years ago, has joined his brothers, and turned tail in full retreat. Obama should do what President George Bush did two years and stand up to the American people and his foes. The only difference is that he should stand up for a principle. Now we have had 2 recent leaders who have not stood up when they should have for a principle.

Today, the Republicans, led by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Satan apparently, are an irreverent bunch aren’t they. It is as if they have been possessessed, and does not matter the Constitution, President Obama, the Rule of law or the real majority in America thinks or has to say, instead, they will give America and even the President its opinion or else. Or else what, I’m wondering?

Has Obama grown any in 2 years? No, he hasn’t in my opinion, he still wants to be liked by friend and foe, Frankly, I have always believed that he was a wimp and a capitulator. Having said that, it was not he who voted himself into office, before he was ready to take on the tough issues that America faced 2 years ago and before, Republicans, not Osama or Saddam.

The Republican Party was bigger than all of the issues that America faced in the world, and they still are. In most other nations of the world, a Party that behaved as they have going all of the way back to President Carter, would have been hunted down one by one and annihilated. However, we don’t do that in America do we? Someday, I suspect, and not before too long I believe that we will wish that we had done so.

But for now, I am thinking about a trip to Lake Tahoe, as opposed to worrying about The Republicans and the man who can’t understand why they don’t like him.

I believe that unless Nancy Pelosi or somebody else steps up, further debate in Congress, between Republicans and Democrats will be negligible, because the Republican led Congress will get its marching order from Rush and the T-Party members, and they will take the other branches in Washington what to do.

It will be as if neither the President, the Democratic side, the Republican dominated Senate nor the will of the American people mattered any more because the President led us into a snare.

What really got Obama in trouble in the first place, following his mandate to govern by the majority of the American people, was that he capitulated to a group of ideologues who made it clear from the onset that they had little patience either with him or the majority of the American people, instead of leading the fight.

Does anyone recall Mr. Obama, standing up and speaking truth to power to the Republicans, since he has been in office? I certainly do not!

And based upon what I heard in the media both sides seem to expect a disappearing act from the Democratic Side of the House and the Office of the President. For sure, the President appears to be scared. It is as if he doesn’t know who he is supposed to be, and as if he is cowering down in the fort, because a minority group of renegades believe that they have him and the fortress surrounded.

And just as he did during the run up to the election, he is capitulating. Surrender the fort, he is saying to his followers already, Obama, like the great chief Quetzcoatal is giving up without a fight. And like the once great historical chief did, he has ordered his troops to simply surrender without a fight. .

Mr. Obama, Quetzcoatl lost because he surrendered without a fight, something that you have done from day one, since you became President. And you have repeated the same behavior for 2 years now.

Couldn’t you at least pray for answer, as opposed to caving in within 24 hours after the threats from the Republicans?

I told my detractor’s bef0re, that they didn’t know what they were doing, when you elected you before you were ready, and I was right. Am I bragging, yes, I am bragging, for just 2 years later, you have turned your backs on your supporters and turned tail, even though it wasn’t your fault that you were elected.

Mr. Obama, you are still the President of the United states, Harry Reid and the democrats are still in control of the Senate and the majority of the American people will rally if you were to stand up. If you don’t stand up this time, it will be the second time that you failed to. The first time was the day after you took office, when you chose appeasement over leadership.

Neither time have you apparently understood or done anything about what the American people really wanted. Give George Bush Jr. credit, he knew that we neither liked him nor his policies, however, he stood up to us and told us to go shopping, in other words informing us that he was the President.

You have played right into Republican grimy hands. Even Mr. Boehner said that he really liked you earlier today, when being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. And why wouldn’t he like you, given that you are the gift that keeps on giving. What he didn’t say was that he really doesn’t respect you, because he knows that you won’t fight.

You seem to think that being President is nothing more than providing the crowd with a Presidential wave from the helicopter or Air Force One. .

The rest of the nation is struggling because they believed in you. You are the drum major. It is you that is supposed to inspire the team to fight on, whether you win or not. You are not supposed to lead a retreat.

Well one thing that I feel good about is this, the t-Party may go after the Republicans too if the don’t do a good job, just as they went after you!

Peace & grace

Nov 3, 2010

Filibusterers Won the 2010 Mid-Term Election: Back East

Subject: The People Have Spoken

Clearly, I was disappointed but not surprised at the outcome of last night’s
election results.

We closed down the poll, where I volunteered last night, at 9:50PM. On the
way home, I turned on my car radio and listened intently to the election results.
Given the 3 hour time differential, on the coast, I heard about the Republican
sweep that took place in the eastern time zones. Was I glad that I lived out
here, instead of back there.

I heard how the Republicans had taken back approximately 60 seats in Congress
from the Democrats, that the Democrats lost only 5 seats in the Senate, that Rand Paul won in Kentucky. I also heard that Ms. Whitman was running neck and
neck, at the time, with Governor Brown in my home state of California, and that
Barbara Boxer and Ms. Fiorini were running in a close heat.

What came to mind was this, that ‘the people’, the one’s who voted, mostly got
got what they wanted. The folks back east, got their Republican obstructers and in the West, we got what we wanted, rid of Republican leadership.

I also concluded that easterners, the ones who voted, really did not care that much about Republican filibustering, over the past 2 years, as they had been saying all along as it was being reported in the media.

Up until last night, everything that I had heard before seemed to indicate how the American people were fed up with all of the bickering that took place in Washington DC. I had heard over and over again how the people, wanted their elected representatives to instead work together, apparently not?. So I thought, well either the people were just saying that for effect, given that the election results seemed to say something else.

Then I concluded, that what the people really meant was that they wanted the Democrats to cave in, even though it was the Democrats who tried to give the people what they asked for, security, health-care, peace …! And then the people voted overwhelmingly for the opposition party.

In my mind, there was clearly a disconnect, for the people said one thing
and voted for another. Already, Boehner and his team has made it clear
that there won’t be any compromises made.

And sadly, already the president is capitulating, just as he did during the run up to the presidential election in 2008. He said tonight that, the people have spoken. No Mr. President, the people have not spoken. The, the people who voted have spoken, however, there is a silent majority all over America, and others that all together represent the majority of the American, who have simply given up on Washington. But shouldn’t their voices count Mr. President – there you go waffling again. Get some chutzpah Mr. Obama. Fight for a principle and stand up for something for once, whether the detractors are with you or not.

I concluded long ago that I live in a strange country, one that is not governed or driven by principle or the rule of law, instead, I live in a country where people and politicians will say one thing and when put under pressure will opt for another.

But still for me, there is a sense of satisfaction in this election season for all of the candidates that I voted for have won. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown Won, Democrat and former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome will be
California’s next Lieutenant Governor. Next, Democrat Barbara Boxer retained her seat, along with Democratic senator Diane Feinstein … You know, I am so pleased that I live in the State of California; the only regrets that I have had in my life were those brief interludes when I was away from the state.

That Californian’s are and have always been so far ahead of the voters in the
rest of the nation has been and is attested to by the fact that most other Americans either want to live or visit our great state at some point in their lives, or live here.

What did you say, look how poorly California has been doing of late? Well, the explanation for that is simple, Republicans were permitted to run our state for awhile, and prior to that the Republican oil men ruined our state’s economy, causing California to slide, just as the rest of the nation did under George Bush Jr. and The Republicans. Then prosperity died, and the nation was in trouble!

And now that this chapter is over, and Republicans are out of power, just watch how quickly that California turns around. Now with respect to the rest of the nation, just let me say this, when I heard that Boehner was soon to be the next Speaker of the House in Congress, man I thought, I am so glad that I moved out of the State of Ohio when I did, in 1973, and have spent most of my adult life in the most progressive state in the nation, California. Bush and Boehner before, couldn’t help the Buckeyes, can you imagine things being any different now, as far as Boehner is concerned.
Will Boehner’s decisions affect me here In the Golden State, given his new found power? Perhaps it will, but not by much. You see, California’s live in kind of a protectorate, one that believes in Democratic principles and will be governed by them. There is not only a political divide between Californians and states in the east, there is also a territorial divide. It is as if we are two separate nations. Factually, one out of every 7 or 8 Americans is a California.

Californians are pluralistic in deference to the nihilistic, often mean-spirited and close-minded citizens of the Mid-West, the eastern seaboard and the South. Well, there are pockets like Orange County down in the California ‘South’, get my drift, we have our southerners too but not enough to do any real damage.

Having said that, the backwardness that I have often experienced when traveling or staying in the mid-west is simply not tolerated here, except in the “California South’. Some of us refer to certain Republican enclaves around Los Angeles, (LA) as Lower Alabama. .

I know that our state is the greatest state in the nation, if not the world, because everyone else in every state in the Union, and most countries in the world make California their number one destination to visit . And many of these would be visitors stay on, to our chagrin. We don’t want our state filled up with Republicans, for if that were to happen, I know that a whole of Californians like me would move somewhere else.

But for now and for the foreseeable future, happy days are here again, now that Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is gone ( a Republican, that practically destroyed this state, just as I suspect that Republicans will finish doing ( like Bush and the Republicans have been doing since they took office 10 years ago.

A Republican President, a Republican majority in Congress was in power for 6 years together and they brought the nation to its knees, except for bailouts. Our state will turn around soon, now that it is back in the hands of the Democrats, no matter what happens to the rest of the nation under Boehner, the Republicans and lame-duck President Barack Obama.

My only concern is that now that California will turn around, given the cessation of Republican leadership is that an influx of backwards thinking Mid-westerners and other easterners will abandon their home states and try to relocate her. .

But don’t come here, you got what you wanted, those of you who voted, and we have what we want. And we don’t want you here, for ‘East is East and West is West and Never the twain, will meet’, thank God!