Nov 16, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky: Jerkweed of the Year

Subject: Smoking Blue Grass in his Home State of Kentucky!

Ladies and gentleman, the Jerkweed Award of the Year has to go, unquestionably, to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, followed by runner-up Democratic speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio. What a remarkable pair these two happen to be, and to that end I must say, the United States of America is in trouble.

Over a decade or so ago, I was speaking with a friend, who frequently traveled back east, as I had often been known to do. Both of us came to a similar conclusion about what we experienced when traveling back east.We concluded that traveling back east, was tantamount to time travel, that is entering into a time machine and being transported back through time.
In our scenario, the Airplane was the time machine!

Senator Mitch McConnell and his counterpart in the House are perfect examples of what we were referring to when we spoke about traveling back through time. Anachronistic Mitch, a perfect title for him, must have been here when dinosaurs roamed the earth, roughly 65 million years ago. Not only does he look old or antiquated if you prefer, his mind must have formed during the Cretaceous period. What a Neanderthal?

Folks, this guy, Mitch McConnell, is a piece of work, and I can actually picture him gnawing on a wad of grass or foliage, just as his ancient dinosaur predecessors must have done; someone should check his DNA, and verify whether or not Mitch is a human being, or a dinosaur masquerading as a human. According to the latest news, pressure from the Republican Congress forced him into a course change, mostly as a result of a political debt owed to the T-Party.

Given his despicable rhetoric and his post-election behavior, it was clear that he had zero intentions of making any concessions with respect to his long-held feelings about American policy. None-the-less, he bowed to political pressure from the T-Party no less, and the Republicans in the House, who were also under pressure to change their ways by the folks in the T-Party no less.

And as a result, Mitch caved in on practices and policies that he has unabashedly defended likely since the Jurassic period, I am talking about earmarks.

Simply put, earmarks are another form of pork, of the kind added to a bill in the House (HB) or Senate (SB). The practice has exponentially accelerated over the past 2 decades, wherein legislators on both sides of the aisle, have added on expenditures to bills that would benefit their home states. Otherwise, the original bill would not receive their support. And Mitch referred to the opposition, in this case, Democrats as 'big spenders'!

The other problem with Mitch is this: rather than admit that he has been a staunch supporter of a practice that has contributed to overspending by the Congress of the United States of America for years, he still found a way to invoke the name of the President of the United States and thereby blame his despicable behavior on someone else.

To one group of listeners today, Mitch said that he did not want to emulate President Obama’s practice of ignoring the will of the people. Republicans have a tendency to believe that what they want, a minority group, represents the will of the American people. The fact of the matter is and I am not an apologist for President Obama, however, he won the previous election as a result of a mandate by the majority of the American people.

And the policies of the people's choice for President, was as far away from what the Republicans wanted and want, as the moon is from the earth. Mitch must be confused. Again, if Mr. Obama were to have continued to adhere to the will of the Republican People following the George H. Bush presidency, one can only imagine which nation America would be attacking now without paying the bill.

If Obama were to have adhered to the Republican nation, the Bush tax cuts would remain in place, the richest Americans would acquire even more of the American financial pie and the rest of us would continue to be referred to as non-patriots, given our failures to approve Republican obstructionism and American expansionism.

If the truth were to be told, Mitch and the Republicans did not gain additional seats in the Senate or a majority in the House because the majority of the people agreed with him or Republican policies, they did so given the enormous sums of money spent on the right to manipulate a frightened minority - the majority of Americans did not vote. The latter helped to spread a message of deceit and misrepresentations, something that Republicans tend to prefer. The manipulation of the people and the poisonous propaganda spread by Republicans and the T-Party energized those individuals who turned out to vote, and summarily voted Republican obstructionists back into the majority in the House.

Having said that President Obama should be giving praises to the T-Party, and if he were smart he would co-opt the T-Party, and use them against Republicans, just as Republican obstructionists did against him. Republican Mitch, the overwhelming majority of the people voted for President Obama in the 2008 Election, and for 2 years your party ignored the will of the American people, and instead fought against the will of the American people, and as a result caused the policies that the majority wanted, to fail! The result of Republican obstructionism, misdirection, lies, double-speak and deceit.

Mitch openly disrespected the President of the United States before and especially in the aftermath of the mid-term election without even a rebuke from Congress. However and of late someone told Mitch that it was mandatory that he turn down his incivil anti-American rhetoric and venal attacks on the leader of the Free World and show him some respect.

God help if it had been the other way around, and an Independent or Democrat behaved the way that he did, and spoke about former president George Bush Jr. in the terms that Mitch spoke about when referring to President Obama. In my opinion, Mitch is nothing but jerkweed, and he ought to stop smoking grass. For if he is an example of what constitutes Republican House Members, the United States is being run by jerkweed leadership, of the kind that isn’t any better than any banana Republic.

The man is clearly without principles. And, how the people of Kentucky could have voted for him in the first place only supports the position put forth by my friend and I that Kentuckians are of the kind of retrograde people that you will meet when traveling back through time. to the Midwest and the East.

Now I must end by informing ‘retrograde mid-westerners and easterners’ to keep your eyes on the most progressive state in the union, the Golden State, a place that all of you frequently love to come and visit. Now that the Republicans have been swept out of office in the Golden State, our state will return to its glory days. However, I am concerned about all of those regions across the United States where Republican ascendancy replaced wisdom, practicality, forward thinking leadership and common sense.

Our state went in the tank, when Republicans were at the helm. Republicans refused to pay for what they spent, as if by some magical wave of the wand or portent that the bills would simply disappear. And now Democrats will do what they always have to do when Republicans leave office, (just consider what took place following the Reagan-Bush or Bush Jr. years), someone had to step in, clean up the mess and pay the bills.

And ironically, the democrats who stepped in to pay the bills were instead blamed for the out of control spending and failures of Republican leadership. And now they want to pretend to be the party of fiscal responsibility. It would appear that, according to the muddled thinking of Republicans, debts will simply disappear if you ignore them. President George Bush apparently believed so when he was President as well, and there was hardly a murmur from the Republican Right, publicly, when he was completely out of control.

Having listened to jerkweed of the year, Mitch Connell and John Boehner’s rants, ravings and divisiveness over the past couple of weeks, most Americans know by now that they made a mistake when they swept the Democrats out of the House and replaced them with rightist’s demagogues.

Following Jimmy Kimmel, night show host’s lead tonight, I would suggest that if Senator Mitch McConnell is listed as a friend on your Facebook page, that you immediately send him to ‘the trash’ where he belongs, for he is neither a friend of the American people, nor the President or the United States of America. One has to wonder what he has been smoking going all of the way back to the beginning of his time, which I believe will soon come to an end. The American people are able to see him, I’m certain by now, for what he is, Jerkweed! And John Boehner is a close second!

And, keep your eyes on Time Magazine; I predict that President Obama will be voted Person or Man of the Year' in their final edition, to the disgust of Mitch and John.

Peace & grace

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