Oct 30, 2010

President Obama Hussein and the Democrats: The Choice of Republicans

Subject: Somebody Has to Pay (For the Leftover and Out of Control Deficit Spending and Debt Left Behind by George Bush and the Republican Party!

I heard that our current President is and was a millionaire before he took over following G.W. Bush Jr., but does he have enough to pay the Republican bill, he better be able to. Why? The shrewd Republican Party think tanks decided that it would be a democrat, in this instance, the President of the United States of America, Barak Obama Hussein, who would be the scapegoat for Republican malfeasance and the bankrupting of America, and that he would have to pay.

In an ironic twist, the American people elected him to be president over the wishes of the republicans, and the Republicans decided that he would have to pay for it, get it!

President Obama has become the poster child for Republican irresponsible and out of control spending, all of which took place under the previous administration. It was as if he has been President since for the past decade, and now is being blamed for trying to come up with ways to pay their bills. The Republicans are so shrewd, that they have turned President Obama into a sacrificial lamb. In the eyes of too many Americans, it is as if he was and is responsible for the outlandish spending behavior, and running up the national debt, by President Bush Jr. and the Republicans.

And pay he did, and as a matter of fact, he is still paying in more ways than one for their misbehavior and mistakes. Folks, you have got to give it to the Republicans, they are good, and they are a tough act to follow!The poor democrats have never been able to match the wily ways of the Republicans. In fact, Republicans will steal from an old lady, and turnaround and blame her for having been robbed!

But now, it's Obama's turn to pay for someone Else's crime, for not only is he paying the bills that were left behind by the Republicans and former President George H. Bush Jr., he is paying in terms of character assassination, creditability and criticism, mostly by the party that bears the responsibility for the problems that Americans are experiencing today.

Some Americans hate him, believing that he is the reason that America has been experiencing the problems that it has been, for over the last 10 years. And what of George Bush Jr., that Republican dude got away clean. Today, he was present in Texas Stadium to watch the San Francisco Giants plan his old team, that he was part of The Texas Rangers. Once upon a time they were known as the Washington Senators, or was it the Washington Republican Senators.

Sooner or later, someone had to pay for the out of control reckless deficit spending and warmongering by George H. Bush Jr., America’s 43rd president, and the Republicans. And it is costing Obama dearly. How would you like to be a fly on the wall in his household. He must be thinking, "am I crazy, or am I being blamed for attempting to pay the enormous bills that someone else made'.

Every parent has had to do that for their kids at some time or another, whether it was to pay for the neighbor's broken window that their child broke, or for the serious injury that was done to someones property or person by their kids. But Obama paying for George Bush Jr. and the Republicans bill, and then being dinged by the Republican creditors? Now that would be a bit too much to bear by any reasonable standard!

But from a Republican point of view, for the president and party that walked away from their responsibilities, having created all of what Americans and Americans have been enduring since he became President along with his cast of Merry men and women, nearly ten years ago now, believe that the ones who should pay economically, politically and as a result of Republican character assassination ought to be President Obama and the Democrats. Hasn't America experienced this scenario before by Republicans?

The last Muslim leader who bore a similar Muslim name, and crossed the Republicans was caught and turned over to the people of his country to be hanged. Obama must be feeling about the same way right now, because the Republicans used the same tactics when going after him. I wonder if he will go and hide in a hole underground. Obama, my brother, I didn't vote for you because I didn't feel like you were ready yet, and I still believe that I was right in my thinking. Do you get my drift? You weren't ready to deal with what comes along with being president, by America's enemies, the Republicans and that is what they are in my opinion, America's true enemies.

And what these scoundrels are doing to Mr. Obama, ought to be outlawed for it is well, let's just say un-American, that is if you are not a Republican. Man, those dudes will go after an American president, just like they will go after a leader in the Middle-East, especially one that has a Middle-Eastern name. For them, what they are doing is only par for the course, just ask Bill Clinton, a man that they pushed to be impeached, and he was impeached.

And what was his real crime, he got caught doing what many of his accusers had been and were doing at the time, sleeping around, and he didn't have a foreign sounding name, but no matter. Clearly it was not sleeping around that caused them to go after him, that was only a ruse. For on the day he became president, they set out to get him, a President people, a President!

From Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky and Judge Starr, they did everything that they could to obstruct President Clinton, right down to the day that he was impeached in the House. Even the late co-founder of the Conservative movement warned his own party about obstructionism, something that his Grand Old Party was certainly guilty of from the time that Mr. Clinton became President Clinton.

I suspect that Barry was surprised and embarrassed, when he was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, only to find it out that President Ronnie Reagan was doing and end around him, given the Contragate Oliver North scandal/cover up. Man, Republicans are something else, they consider Reagan and Ollie North to be heroes, despite the fact they broke the law.

Can you imagine, if a President from the democratic party, or a democratic Ollie North had behaved in the manner that those two did? Can you say, burned at the stake? I'm not afraid of them, Republicans; but when one comes around you, all I can say is to guard your wallet, hold on to your keys, and take a bath and spray on some disinfectant for those dudes do not play - move over Deadwood Dick and Jessie James when the Republicans are around.

What the Republicans have done and are doing to this President and the Majority Party in Congress, reminds me of the attitudes and behaviors of other criminals both in America and abroad, they commit the crimes and then turnaround and blame the system or someone else for the crimes that they commit. I will say it, UBL has nothing on these crooks!

It is as if the Republican’s have experienced a sudden lapse in memory or is it. Correct me if I’m wrong, however, when Bill Clinton left public office America had a surplus, and the country was at peace wasn't it? And as I recall, shortly after Bush and the Republicans took over following Bill Clinton, government spending went out of control. I can still remember the faces of all of the laid off Americans in Ohio, who gave Bush a second chance and reelected him to office for a second term.

And where are the Buckeyes now? The Buckeyes, like most Americans are hurting even more, and I am not talking about the Buckeyes football team.And Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio, wants to be Speaker of the House.
Why that bum has been unable to do anything to help all of the laid off workers in his home state, so what could he do that would be of an any value for the rest of America, I ask you?

Another thing, where is the man who presided over one of the greatest economic crisis in American history, former President George H. Bush Jr., he is believed to be on his Texas farm, sitting back and enjoying himself, in the manner that most Republicans have been doing while someone else is sorting out the mess that they left behind, and taking heat from the Republicans and the rest of the American public for doing what Republicans refused to do, pay their bills.

The Republicans wanted war, but like most things that the Republicans want and wanted, they didn’t want to pay for it, not even for the cost of war. Similar to the Publicans, that were often written about in the Christian Bible, Republicans believe in collecting taxes, however, there problem is that they don’t believe in paying them.

One of their own, Senator John McCain of Arizona, a man who served his country and was a former prisoner of war, rebuked his fellow Republicans for demanding tax breaks during a time of war, which was their first order of business when they assumed the power in Washington along with George H. Bush Jr. Once the gavel, and the treasury were turned over to them, America fell into decline, as they prospered and continue to prosper, while America and most Americas continue their descent.

Senator McCain once said to his fellow Republicans, shouldn’t we forego the tax breaks that we have demanded during a time of war, and stand in solidarity with the men and women who are fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and help to pay for it? Shouldn’t we make a sacrifice too, he asked? And he asked, only to be silenced by his Republican peers!

To that end, most Republicans were quiet about the wars that they started, until President of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, spoke out and claimed the war for Republicans. Michael, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, proclaimed, “the war in Iraq is President Obama’s war”. But nay said Republicans like Senator McCain and others who cried foul, the war(s) is our war. They why wouldn’t you pay for it, I ask?

Republicans were outraged that one of their own, a man that many of them suggested should turn in his resignation for handing over the responsibility for the War In Iraq to Democrats, even though Senator McCain and the Republicans, to this day, refuse to pay for the war. Are Republicans, like most of us suspect, simply lunatics.

Despite their claims of ownership of America’s recent wars, they continue to shout, “nay, let someone else pay and take responsibility for our mistake of getting America into an unjust war. And sadly, the person and the party that is paying, in more ways than ones, are Obama, the democrats and you and me.

President Obama has taken the heat for what he did not do, start a war in Iraq and Iran. And, since he is the President that followed George H. Bush Jr, and believes that responsible people, organizations and governments should pay their bills, he has had to come up with creative ways to get the economy going so that the bills can be paid.

And, he is paying a political price for paying the bills that were left behind. How dare he spend so much money is the Republican mantra of late? The fact of the matter, he is not spending money, the Republicans and George W. Bush did that, and they did so on credit, having ignored the fact that some day the bills would have to be paid?

And who are they, Republicans, angry with? They are venomously angry with the man and party that is making every effort to pay the bills, that they left behind, while they sit by on the sidelines and throw stones.

It begs the question, why won’t Republicans ever take responsibility for what they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if would deny, that it was a Republican who was responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth, took the life of an American hero President from Illinois, just as the Republicans are trying to destroy an American hero President from Illinois, just over a century later. Will Republicans ever stop destroying American President’s, it is as if they have no respect for the office.

Ladies and gentleman, if the Republicans aren’t the most irresponsible group of irresponsible malcontents on the face of the earth, then tell me, what group is? I can’t think of a group that spends more of its time and resources trying to cover up their own malfeasance than Republicans do, and to boot, neither do they bear any shame nor take any responsibility for what they have done and are still doing to America or any other nation or people of the world. It is as if they are above the law, reason, rationalism, responsibility or accountability.

To that end, it would be nothing other than a sham, if the American voters fall for yet another ruse and cover-up by Republicans, and vote the Democrats from their leadership positions in Washington and from control of the House and the Senate.

One can only guess what America and Americans can expect next, that is if Republicans were to gain a majority in Congress and 2 years later, the Oval Office, or can we? My guess is that we will experience more of what we did when Republicans, dating all the way to Republicans like Richard Millhouse Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush Sr. or Jr. were in power, lies, spying, cover-ups, trickle-down, and who knows, perhaps another assassination or at least an attempt to do so, if they do not get their way. Not much ever seems to change with them.

Will a Republican ever do anything more than attempt to smear others or wrest the control of power away from other Americans, just as they have been doing with President Obama, or Nancy , Speaker of the House?

If you were wondering the real reason why President Obama has had to spend so much money, the answer is simple, he is paying someone else’s bills. Folks, someone has to pay the bills left over by Republicans. If you listen to them, they weren’t co-regent with President George Bush Jr., the man who was sinking America into an economic abyss, so why should they pay?

If America is would just be patient, President Obama and the Democrats will return America to solvency. On the other hand, however, if America prefers the Republicans to have the Republicans in power again, over the Democrats, a party that refuses to take responsibility for its prior or current malfeasance, then Americans will get what they deserve, and pay the cost for another mistake by putting Republicans in charge of the American treasury and checkbook. And I approve this message!

Finally, keep the Republicans bums, Republicans out of office and if possible off of America’s airways, for they are unrepentant, and have learned nothing over the past decade, and the rest of us will pay dearly for what they have up their sleeves next.
Remember, it was only of late that they finally owned up to the fact they owned the trumped up war in Iraq, and still nearly a decade later they still refuse to pay for it and I don’t believe that they ever will.

But having said that, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will pay, and isn’t that what this is supposed to be all about, the American people, and not a Party that lost its way since the time that it tried to assassinate an American president, one who hailed from the great state of Illinois? I say, keep the Re-Publicans (non-taxpayers) out of office, and send them back where they belong, not Washington DC!

Why should we send back? It is simple, Republicans don't care anything about the country, Republicans simply want to protect their financial interests, and America is their tax-breaks money-making war machine!

Rev. C. Solomon

Oct 23, 2010

The Republican Mission in 2010

Subject: Stop Obama And the Democrats Before They Win Again! Part I

First of all, it would be a different matter if the Republican’s motive was any different from what it has been since President Obama became president of the United States just 20 months ago. I am referring to the real reason why Republicans have been waging such a virulent political war against President Obama and the Democratic led House and Senate.

If you were to believe them, all that they have been doing in terms of trying to win back control of the Senate and the House is to save America from economic catastrophe and over-spending by the current democratic administration. However, most thinking Americans know that there is far more to it than that.

What they have been hoping for and feverishly working for is to derail the process and progress before the Democratic recovery works, and the hearts of the American people are turned back to the Democrats. The American recovery means little to a Republican, what matters more to a Republican than the recovery is that they be in charge of America and American power.

Therefore, they keep up the smear campaigns, sowing seeds of doubt, filibustering, blitzing the media with gloom and doom scenarios. Why do they do it? They do so in order to turn Americans away from Obama and the recovery in spite of the 8 years that it took for them, Republicans, to create the mess that Obama and the Democrats are cleaning up.

They know in the same manner that General Custer must have known, that it is their last stand and therefore they must act fast, because of late the economic indicators are turning in favor of the democratic recovery that was put in place by President Obama and the democratic majority. The Republicans would like to get in their in time take credit for the ongoing recovery, something that they had nothing to do with!

How embarrassing it would be for Republicans, if yet another democratic President succeeds at doing what former president Bill Clinton did, when he came in behind a Republican administration that was headed by George Bush Sr. and cleaned up the mess that was left behind.
The fact of the matter is that neophyte president Barack Obama Hussein has already done a yeoman’s job in terms of cleaning up another catastrophe that a Republican administration left behind.
Now that the recession has ended and America is on the way to full recovery, Republicans want to be in the driver’s seat when the inevitable occurs so that they can take credit for it, despite nearly 2 years of Republican obstructionism.

I repeat: Vocal Republicans care very little about America; they simply want to be in control of America's military and economic power, whatever they have to do in order to get it. Silent Republicans are guilty for standing by and watching what their comrades are doing to America, while they do and said nothing to object!

The Republicans have been in a similar position before and it cost them dearly. They know that if former President Bill Clinton had not fallen into disrepute, given his salacious affair with Monica Lewinsky, after he successfully cleaned up the mess left behind by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., that Al Gore, would have been coronated President. And following an expected successful 2-year term by President Al Gore, Obama or some other Democratic president would have taken over.

And there is no telling how long the passing of the baton to democrats would have lasted? The net result of that would have been that the New American century would have been much different than it has been, if the Republicans had not come back to power under George Bush Jr.

In addition to a world at peace, America and the world would still be enjoying economic growth and prosperity, and the majority of Americans would still have good paying jobs and all of the families of the world would live in a world that was and still would be at peace.

However, once George Bush Jr. and the Republicans returned to power, the entire process of peace and prosperity came to a screeching halt, just as it has often offered when Republican administrations are in power. Republicans, not democrats, stopped the process of peace and prosperity, preferring that the the wealth of the nation be concentrated in the hands of a few, that political unrest would be re-inserted into the world with an American Republican warlike political regime in power.

And the Republican regime that used lies, propaganda and double-speak in order to embroil both America and its allies in war once again, is making a gallant effort to convince the American voters that they should have another to do what the do best, bring down America. The Republicans under George H. Bush Jr., given their lying warmongering, have brought America nearly to the brink of economic collapse and still they blame the Democrats for their crimes against Americans and humanity.

Speaking of the Peace of Rome, I can only imagine what the past decade would have been like if Democrats would have remained in control, and George Bush Jr. if George Bush Jr. have never left Texas and the Texas Rangers baseball team. Instead the world is on shaky ground, and many Americans have found are in the throes of despair even though their champion is trying to bring America back.

Savvy, dyed-in-the wool Republicans intend to make sure that neither Americans nor the world will be won over due to another democratic success. They are so desperate, Republicans are, that despite nearly a decade of tax cuts, TARP and stimulus funds, Republicans refuse to hire Americans, not even Joe the Plumber. Why? If they were to begin to hire Americans in Republican run corporations, Obama would benefit. And Republicans would rather standby while Americans, loose their jobs, their homes and their customary way of living rather than help the recovery work.

Many of the most prominent Republicans that are running for some of the most powerful offices in the land, are millionaires and one in particular, Meg Whitman, gubernatorial candidate in California, a billionaire. And Meg, like many other of her Republican ilk, have used their advantages in order to increase their personal wealth while while helping to keep other Americans at a disadvantage.

And that folks, is the Republican way, because under the Clinton administration, the middle-class prospered - most Americans came to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

But all of that came to an end, the minute Republicans, led by George H. Bush Jr., came back into power. I wonder, which Democrat it will be in the future, that will repair the damage that we can all expect to done, if the Republicans ever regain the reigns of power in Washington again.

And still, as well as things are going now, the recovery and all, Republicans refuse to hire their fellow Americans who are badly in need of jobs. They refuse to do so in order to spite Obama, the democrats and Independents who voted for Obama and to to keep the democratic recovery plan from working.

And still they blame Obama and the Democrats for the persistently high rate of unemployment in the nation. What they don’t say is that is a result of Obama and the Democrats, America’s major corporations are sitting atop incredible economic reserves. How long will they standby and watch more and more Americans sink into financial disaster, the answer is, until they have returned to power. And even then the majority of Americans will never enjoy the economic prosperity or peace that they enjoyed under Bill Clinton, Republicans will make sure of that.

Wealthy Republicans, including the Bushes, the Cheneys ... have already benefited from the bail out, and they could care less about what happens to the rest of America, because all they want is to return to and to wield American power. And they are trying to regain that power by any means necessary. And whether by hook, crook or character assassination, they know that every day that passes, they their party is in more trouble of loosing their quest to regain power. So, they must keep up the steady drumbeat of stop Obama, the democrats and the ongoing American economic recovery!

What a bunch of anti-American traitors?

Having said that, the clock is still working against them. For all that the democrats need to happen is for the American people to wake up and give them the time that they need, Republicans do not have a plan to help Americans, in spite of Republican obstruction. The democrats need the American majority to stand and say to the Republicans, it is not your time for you have done enough to destroy America and the world.

And just to show you just how brazen and desperate the Republicans are, a recent poll reported that 35% of Americans, mostly Republicans I’m sure, would prefer to have President Bush Jr. to be president of the United States again. Short memories? Well, it is a point of fact that while most Americans and the world suffered under the weight of the George Bush Jr. presidency, a significant portion of the Republican Party prospered. The George Bush tax breaks contributed largely to their successes.

Of course they want George Bush Jr. back in spite of all that he did to ruin this nation domestically and internationally, that is as long as they continue to enrich themselves as a result of his partisan policies.

And that brings me to this question: What is more important to Republicans, the Peace of America, and an economic recovery that will provide all Americans with the opportunity to succeed, or an America, led by Republicans, for Republicans and of Republicans? I suspect that it is the latter. Certainly the latter is what matters the most to them. Why? Because no matter how bad a Republican leader happens to be, Republicans will support him or her in order to keep the power of the Presidency in the hands of Republicans, no matter how incompetent they are. Just consider the last 5 Republican Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Can you say, Nixon, Agnew, Bush Jr, Dan Quayle as an example of what I am talking about. They are just a sample of the types of leaders that Republicans have blessed America with, all of whom either disgraced the offices that they were elected to, or total incompetents.

Conversely, even when a competent, skilled, intellectual democratic is in or near to gaining hold of power, Republicans will do all that they can to obstruct, abuse, stop or impeach him or her. The motive behind republicanism is simply this: to hold on to power at all costs, no matter how poorly they manage the country in exchange for wielding power, maximize profit and garner wealth. For them, care for America, the American people and the world comes in at a far distant second.

Peace & grace

Part II
Stop The Democrats Before They Win Again!

If the Republicans were to succeed and regain power in the upcoming mid-term election and assume majorities in the Congress and the Senate, the second portion of their plan would be put into place. And that strategy would have nothing to do with governing America according to the will of the people, it would instead entail a Republican version of General Robert E. Lee's confederate march to Richmond, or the Oval Office in this scenario.

The Republican generals would have nothing else on their minds for the next 2 years if they were to return to control the House and the Senate. The Republicans are circling the wagons, with hopes of returning to Washington in order to reclaim what each one of them belongs to them, a capitol that they believe is confederate under its current administrator, President Obama.

Sadly, if they were to succeed and two years from now regain the presidency in the 2012 general election, my prediction is that soon afterward America and the world would soon experience more of what we have experienced before when Republicans were in power, going back to the days of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush, war. The whole world would daily be DEFCOM III, never knowing when these curmudgeons would strike. And, any Americans who would not go along with their venal policies, would be labeled, non-patriots, as we were labeled under the George Bush Jr. regime.

And it they were to regain majority power, it would not take long for Republicans and Republican leaders to engage in their favorite craft, war, greed and obstructionism. The American people would feel the effects right away.

And even if Republicans did not subject the rest of America, the ones who would oppose their venal and self-serving policies to internment camps or gas chambers; for all of the days that they were to be in power, the rest of us would feel as if we had been interred.

Many Republicans like Dick Morris and Anne Coulter, are already referring to themselves and the Republicans as patriots. Where does that leave the rest of us who do not see things their way. Living under another Republican administration would be nothing short of a living the George Bush Jr nightmare all over again. The fact of the matter is as a result of under Republican control, most Americans would be experiencing Auschwitz all over again, especially those Americans who would reject Republican policies, just as we we did under the iron clad fist of George H. Bush Jr., #43.

If the Republicans were to regain a modicum of power in America, most of us would immediately the feel the impact. And, if they were to, America might experience a full-fledged civil war.

It bears repeating, as I begin to close, that what the Republicans are truly afraid of is that President Obama and the Democrats will soon succeed in turning America around and making the world a peaceful one again.

And where would that leave Republicans? It would leave Republicans disgraced. For the sake of my children, I am pulling for Obama and the Democrats. For I can envision the kind of world that my and other children of America and the world would live in if Republicans were to assume power and attempt to complete the unfinished agenda of George Bush Jr. and the Republican Party. The latter can only mean another 8 to 12 years of war with someone, the DPNK, Iran, the ROC or Afghanistan itself perhaps.

And not only that, the Republicans will do what they always do, that is to take credit for Democratic successes, even the ongoing recovery that is already in place. And it will succeed just as soon as Republicans stop trying to keep it from working by creating fear in the American people.

I can only imagine what else they have up their sleeves now, perhaps war with China, or will it be a just war joint-bombing mission, along with Israel, of let's say, Iran? Or how about an invasion of our southern neighbor, Cuba?

All of us together, the majority of Americans, can prevent this from happening. all we have to do is keep the republicans out of power, hopefully never to return, leastwise, until they grow up. For Democrats are nothing more than speed bumps and hindrances on the Republican road of life.

And, it has been that way going all of the way back to the Nixon Administration if not before. Many of the members of the Nixon regime, included luminaries like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Libby, Snowe, Perle, Fife ..., Condi, only wishes that she could have been there. Having said that, she did all that she could to make up for lost time, even though she was rejected by Nixonian hardliners like Donald Rumsfeld while she attended George Bush.

Many of our younger voters have no idea of who these people really are, or what I am talking about. When I think of this group of Republicans, terms like Ellsberg papers, Watergate, Contragate, greenmail, leveraged buyouts, trickle-down and voodoo economics come to mind.

Many of our young people are unaware of the fact that it was the holdovers that came into power when George H. Bush Jr. took over the oval office, that they were responsible for America's modern day wars.

And we must not forget that America’s staunchest allies were also pushed to the side, the ones who disagreed with Republican America’s latest trenchant policies of world-wide hegemony, to include America’s historical allies who voiced aloud, their distaste and dissatisfaction with Republican American global crusades.

The majority of the world along and America's allies, along with the majority of Americans rejoiced when they George H. Bush Jr and the Republicans were cast from power. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The Republican Party is an outdated party of 'old men'. in particular Republican ones. Curmudgeons who harbor the same old outdated ideas, and the same lust for war that their predecessors had. Even if 9/11 had not occurred, it would have still have been just a matter of time before these old farts, would have embroiled America in yet another war.

And, the daughters and sons of America and America's allies, would still likely have died on some distant shore for the Grand Old Men's Party, even though the old men who would be responsible for whatever happened would sit by and reap the spoils of war.

The Republican desire continues to be this: that every nation of the world would bow down to the American Idol, and I am not talking about a TV show that bears the same name. I am talking about Republican American idolatry, with a Republican craving. Republicans believe in war for wars sake, even if they have to fight the war on credit, while their personal coffers remain full to the brim.

Americans ought to remember, the roughly 4 to 5,000 American boys and girls who paid the ultimate sacrifice (not to mention the tens of thousands that have been wounded and maimed in brutal combat), while Republicans were gorging themselves.

And if there is to be a Republican reprise to the last act under George H. Bush Jr., this time will not be any different from the last time. While the wars are being fought, they will cut spending for unemployment insurance, while at the same time they will extend Bush tax cuts for themselves.

Under their leadership, the deficit would increase, not decrease. I am amazed, that after all that America and the American people have been through - a sting that is still being felt by Americans (a direct result of the last Republican administration in power, that the American people have such a short memory, and are considering returning these knuckleheads to power.

Why, I wonder, are so many Americans willing to return to power the party that got America into the jam that it is in the process of recovering from, under the guidance of the newly elected democratic administration, in the first place? Does anyone believe that if Republican John McCain and Sarah Palin had succeeded in winning the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, that America would be experiencing a recovery? I certainly don’t think so!

The American people rightly said no to John and Sarah. And what do the Republicans have to offer next time, Bobby Gindal, Sarah Palin or John Boehner of Ohio, give me a break! The Republicans are a gutted party, one that is lacking in leadership power.

However, facts aside, it would appear that some Americans would vote back into power the party that has failed us over and over again at the end of the past century.

I keep wondering, how to escape from American voters? One has to ask, is it truly Republican ingenuity, or on the other hand the stupidity and naivete of the American voters that keeps getting America into trouble over and over again? Republicans cannot do what they do and have done without help and too many American voters are co-signors with them. It would appear that the malleable and gullible American electorate is ripe for picking again.

Of late, the Republican spin machine has been winning the battle it would appear, just as Republican spin masters have done in the past. I was in Tahoe, my favorite nearby respite, when a gambler smiled and said to me: “You know, the next time, instead of coming to Tahoe to gamble and loosing so much money, I will just stay home and mail my check”? He added, "if I were to simply stay at home and mail the check in, I could save gas money!

Perhaps the Americans voters should simply stay home and mail in their checks too, because that is what they will be doing, in my opinion, if they were to vote back into power the same holdovers from the Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II administrations.

Frankly, I cannot understand why Americans keep falling for the same old tricks. The rest of us ought to give Obama and the Democrats a chance to complete what they started. It is our lives and the lives of our children that are at stake, if we don't, and they should not have to live through what we have, over and over again, when Republicans are in power.

If I were you, and you have not decided how to vote yet, I would encourage you to do what former wife of president Ronald Reagan warned our young people to do in a different scenarios, she told them to, JUST SAY NO, and I encourage you to do the same for Republicans on November 3rd, Democrats are the best hope for America!

Peace & Grace

Oct 13, 2010

The (Republicans) Barked and They Growled and The Democratic House Has Nearly Come Tumbling Down Again!

Subject: Democrats Are Still Running From Minority Republican Miniature Attack Dogs

I have never seen it fail; from as far back as when I attended elementary school right up until the time that I was in high school, that there was always a smaller group of bullies that terrorized an exponentially larger group of students. And how did they do it? Well, to be honest, they rarely ever put their hands on any of us.

However, it was that threatening and menacing behavior, coupled with that stare and that bad boy swagger when they walked up to or past you. And most of the time, but not all of the time, they were either of larger stature or all buffed out.

And despite the fact that they were few in number, and 5 of us together should have been able to deal with them, even when we outnumbered them 2 or 300 to 1, we would do everything that we could to avoid the bullies, to include taking a different route to school... See, you never wanted to be corned by them; evasive action was a more palpable alternative.

Rule #2, you never looked a bully in the eye given that to do so could, as you have already imagined, have dire consequences.

Typically, there were only 4 or 5 of them,I repeat only 4 or 5 of them at most, in the entire school, well, that was the case back in ‘my day’, I understand that practically every student that attends publics schools today behaves like a bully or a gangsta.

I can recall when I was in the 7th or 8th grade, that the terrorizing group then was a family that relocated to Akron Ohio from Cleveland. Their surnames were ‘Shropshire’, they were known around the school as
‘the Shropshires’.
Man,you should have seen these dark, buffed-out bigger than anyone else in the school bullies from Cleveland Ohio.

Okay, I can say it because I am black, for the fact of the matter is that the darker the hue, the more humans including blacks tends to be afraid of you. Dark bullies then, were the most frightening of them all, and we had some dark bullies to contend with especially ‘the Shropshires’.

Even the bullies who preceded them, most of whom we knew from kindergarten got out of the way when the Shropshires walked the halls. I don’t usually swear, but I swear one day we were all intrigued because one of the Shropshire boys was carrying a book in his hand. Wow we thought, what was he doing with a book?

This guy looked just like the lead bully in the Hit Movie, “House Party” when he was in the 8th grade. He even wore cut off shirts to show his muscles during the summertime, and suffice it to say, ‘he had big guns’! I still can’t figure it out even today, what was he doing with a book? Well that is unless he was practicing reading prior to going to jail, for that was certainly where he was headed as far as I and most of my peers were concerned.

The title of the book that he was reading, or looking at the pictures I suppose was, “Prison Escapes’.

These men among boys, that is what they really were had clearly been held back by 3 or 4 years, something that was not uncommon in the inner-city schools that I attended. It was not unusual for 21 year men to still be in school with us kids during junior and high school. Their facial and body hair was a dead giveaway.

Fortunately, while I was in the eighth grade, our family relocated to the west side, lucky for them or I would have ... Oftentimes, when looking back I wondered how come the majority of students, that I was a part of, were so afraid of a bullying minority? For if we couldn’t beat up one of them by our selves, we could have ganged up on them, or at the very least maintained a modicum of courage.

They (Republicans) Barked and they Growled and The Democratic House has Nearly Fallen Down and that brings me to what I believe is taking place in the American political arena today, wherein the democrats appear to be shaking in their boots and running scared a minority group of bullying Republicans, who have threatened to take their House away from them.

Republicans, in secret, must laugh at the fear that there small minority has been able to instill into the hearts of Democrats for decades now. As has become customary, at least for as far back as I can remember, the tail is still wagging the dog when it comes to the Republican Chihuahuas who instill fear into the Democratic bulldogs, who are typically all bark and no bite. The latter will stand up and bark until confronted, only then will the minority group of Republicans stick their tails between their legs as they hurriedly retreat.

For having said that, one wag of the Republican tail, and the Democratic dogs all run away from what got them where they are. Why has it been this way that historically, I believe that it is because the majority is all too often fearful of a smaller minority, just as we were as kids? And is that due to the fact that bullies, even Republican ones, simply know how to instill fear into the hearts of the non-courageous, simply by swaggering when they walk, utilizing profanities, growing facial hair, and beating up on up on a couple of democrats in a few districts?

They know something that the Democrats apparently do not know, because their tactics seem to work with Democrats every time. The day after President Obama was inaugurated, the Republican barking began, it seemed from every street corner, doghouse and kennel in America up to and including today. Their repeated barking and plaintive wailing, has seemed, however, to reach a crescendo of late. Republican attack dogs, to include their smaller canine friends have been barking on the on the airwaves, at universities, in the streets and anywhere that they can get to, in hopes of frightening Democrats away from the polls during the mid-term elections.

And it would appear that Democrats are about to cave, simply because the Republicans have huffed and puffed, and almost blown the Democratic House down.

And who are these midget bullying canines, who seem to have already succeeded by instilling fear into their larger group of Democratic voters. On the list are small-time canines like O’Reilly, and other mental midgets named Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Kristol, Palin, Beck ... and you can toss in a few members of the clergy too.

Some of these barking clerical puppies, minions of the Republican Right, utilize their pulpits, holy water, communion and the name of Jesus to bark from the top of the doghouse, their pulpits, whenever and wherever they get the chance.

I am as embarrassed for the Democratic Party as I am for myself, when reflecting back on the days when I permitted myself to be threatened merely by the threat of a bully coward. I am ashamed to admit that I was afraid of the bullies that were at Goodyear Junior High School in Akron Ohio.

The democrats could learn something form a true story that I am about to tell - I know that being there to witness what I am about to tell, taught me a lot. I won’t mention the name of the bully, who at the time wreaked havoc on many students at our elementary school, until one day someone stood up to him. Up until then, he went for bad everyday.

One day, I was walking home with this bully, because frankly I didn’t believe that I had a choice in the matter, whether to walk with him or not. He said, come on and away we went day after until one day, a young lad named Eddie, walked straight up to my bullying friend, and without warning began pummeling him with his fists.

Mohammed Ali would have envied Eddie, for the phrase that was often employed when someone when someone really beat his opponent up, Eddie, ‘beat the mess out of the bully”, In fact, the dark bully, who was mostly red by the time the massacre was over never got off one punch.

Instead, the school bully at that time, suddenly looked away from his pummeling over in my direction and shouted, “go and get my sister”! Go and get your sister I thought, when are you to begin the frazzle dazzle, bobbing and weaving or even jabbing, or how about the rope a dope? It turned out that the bully, I and the rest our student body were dopes, for the bully turned out to be all bluster.

So what ever happened to the bully? I heard that he was later gunned down when he confronted a man about his wife, apparently he did not learn anything from the incident with Eddie: someone shot him point blank when he confronted the man about the man's own wife, and he did so in the man's front yard.

Keeping that in mind, that was only 2 years ago that the Democrats were boisterous, proud and confident. What happened? I will tell you what happened, the minority bullies drew back their clenched fists and began to roar, and suddenly once proud Democrats began to shrivel, just as the Republican Chihuahuas knew that they would do, and run away.

Frankly, I didn’t vote for Obama the last time around, because I was sure that he was not seasoned enough to be President, but having said that, I believe as another famous man once said about his favorite son, and I mean that literally, ‘the boy will make you proud if you elect him to be President'.
His favorite son did not make America proud, but I believe that Obama will make America proud, even his critics, this time around. One thing that I believe is certain from hereon, it is that President Obama will fight for what the American people want and need, good leadership at the top. The citizens of the United states need to elect Obama President again, simply by voting for Democrats and Independents in the Mid-Term election.
We cannot wait until 2012, for his fate and ours might be sealed by then. I don’t believe that Obama is a novice anymore.

In just about 2 years of his term, he has learned how Washington works, and now he knows to lead. Kudos to him for keeping his campaign promises, particularly in terms of reaching out to Republicans at first, but he seems to have learned of late that the Republicans are never going to work with him or the Democrats in the House and the Senate on any issue. They are the party of 'just say no until we are in power again', and until that time, 'Obama, Democrats and the rest of America and the world for that matter, be damned!

And that is something that is that is significant, and every American ought to recognize, that is that the Republican minority, they will never work to pursue or to fulfill the will of the American majority, a majority that includes a modicum of Republicans supporters, mixed in with Democrats and Independents. I belong to the latter group, and have been an Independent for decades.

Enough about me, but did you get what I said? Republicans neither care about the President, the Speaker of the House nor is the leader of the Senate Harry Reid, what is most significant that they hold the reigns of power. And every time that Republicans have been in power, over the past 40 years or so, America has taken a clear step backwards and a Democrat has to be voted in just in time to right a sinking ship.

So let them bark, and do what Eddie did and ‘beat the mess out of them’ in the next election and all that are to follow, in particular when it comes to enforcing the will of the people as opposed to kowtowing to a pack of miniature lapdogs who happen to have a big bark in comparison with their tiny stature(s)!

And to boot the Democrats with Obama, are better than anything that the current gaggle or gang of Republicans have now or will likely have to offer in the foreseeable future, that can be offered to the majority of the American something that I refer to as patriotism! Their bark is bigger than their bite that is unless the majority of Americans caves in and gives them what the want, Republican party power again.

In conclusion, the darker hued Shropshires that I wrote about earlier, were not of English descent, and neither are the Republicans representatives of the will of the will of the majority of the American people. Just hit them again and again, as was done in the 2008 General Election, by leaving them at home, and the ship will get routed. President Obama will do what the majority of Americans expect from him from now on, for what does he have to loose!

Peace & Grace

Oct 8, 2010

A Better Way To Choose A President – Take Turns

Subject: Fix the Problem Don't Blame the Victims

Obama is not the problem, in fact if you get right down to it George Bush Jr. was not the problem either from 2000 to 2008. The real problem that America faced then and, happens to be the American people.

We live in a republic, which mean, among other things, that America’s leaders are chosen by the people (those who will vote) and are expected to represent us and act in our stead. They have not obtained their offices by conscription, they are voted into office. And because you carry the surname of a previous president, or make one starling speech at the Democratic Convention, was that enough to cause a thinking voter to exercise his or her franchise for either one of these candidates.

The leaders that we select to govern, in our stead, at the federal, state and local levels, serve at the will of the people. They are are expected to make decisions, create policy and to behave and vote as we would all 300 million of us could be present ourselves to exercise our franchises.

And, given that we put them where they are, in various offices, the ultimate responsibility for the decisions that they make lies squarely with the American people (the ones who voted, and the ones who failed to vote but were eligible to do so).

Sadly, Americans will continue to place the blame on the representatives that we select to represent us for the failures that we experience on a quadrennial basis, however, the ultimate responsibility for whatever happens lies with the American people themselves.

In the latest iteration of 'the American people failing themselves', instead of it being the other way around 'the politicians failed', the majority that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008, are currently abandoning not only the ship but the appointed captain of the ship.

Sadly, they refuse to take any responsibility for putting this promising and consenting neophyte, into power in the middle of an unprecedented American crisis. Each of us who has children, know that on occasion our children have to be overruled when they desire to engage in behavior that is risky and harmful to themselves and others.

And yet the responsible American electorate elected two unprepared neophytes, George Bush Jr and Barack Obama to lead during consecutive terms. Frankly, I do not believe that either of the two was seasoned, versed or experienced enough to lead at the time that they were elected. And I did not vote for either one.

Some will say, well what was the alternative? And my answer to that query simply put is this, why didn't the American people come up with more seasoned candidates as opposed to voting by default?

In addition to voting by default and just to aggravate the other side, each side voted an unwanted, not quite ready for prime time inchoate leader into office, an office that neither was adequately prepared to qualify.

Conclusion: Until the American people mature themselves, and will admit their responsibility for the current American tragedy in American politics, we will continue to experience similar bickering, animosity, name calling and animus of the kind that we have been experiencing for what seems like a millenia now.

we simply have to endure the bickering, name calling, threats, dissemination and dissimulation that has been plaguing us for as far back as I can remember.

On the other hand, we can do what our parents would often do when they settled a dispute among sibilings, they said, okay you can do it your way this time, and to the other sibling, you can do it your way the next time.

Don’t laugh, because we could save ourselves a lot of time, money, grief and aggravation if we were to do so, and I reiterate, we could save the nation a lot of money that could be put to better use if we did. So simply let each of the major parties take turns screwing up the country, then perhaps we will stop fighting among ourselves, come together and take control of a nation that is out of control!

Peace & Grace

Oct 6, 2010

The Party of Lincoln: Hard To Take The Republican Party Seriously Anymore

Only one of the major political part9es in the United States of America has creditability anymore, the Democratic Party. The other party, the Republican party has lost its way.
Introduction: It is not that far of a stretch to believe that if the late Republican President from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln were alive today, a member of the Republican (Whig Party of today) and running for the office of President, that he would be summarily rejected by his own party. Honest Abe would instead be relegated to the proverbial scrap heat of life by the likes of the derelict neo-cons, the T-Party and modern day Republican Party media maggots like Rush Limbaugh …, who are the face of the Republican Party.

They are the new Whig Party. Another name for today's gaggle of Republican malcontents could be, Rupert Murdoch's anarchist children.

Why? The Republican Party, the party of gimmicks, whiners and misfits is a Party that is and has been in complete disarray going all the way back to Richard Nixon. This struggling, without a true leader, political party can no longer be taken seriously by a thinking person.

All you hear, on an ongoing basis from the Wha Wha Wha party is more of the same, Wha Wha Wha and the sky is falling. If the sky is falling, it is because of the predominant leadership of Republican Presidents over the past 30 years. Each time that they have had the chance to prove or redeem themselves, they have failed miserably.

And who do Republicans blame for the condition of this country given their selection of leaders? Answer, they blame the nation’s failures on a Democratic president who has been in office for less than 2 years. The President along with the Democratic led House and Senate have been thwarted at every turn by Republicans.

And can you believe it that once again; they have the audacity to insist that the rest of us give them another chance to repeat the same behavior, in hopes of realizing a different outcome. I hate to think of where the nation would be if John McCain and Sarah Palin were successful during the 2008 campaign! They would be blaming their current failings on God fearing Americans and not, the ones who would not go along with their inane policies as being unpatriotic and the reason for their failures.

Unfortunately the memory of Americans are short, when just 2 years ago many of us were considered non-patriots by the Bushtanista Party and his policy wonks. The rest of the world, America’s allies and most of all, American citizens breathed a collective sigh of relief the minute that Bush and his sycophants were out of office.

And what did the Republicans do, they began to plan Obama’s demise, Americans are understandably frustrated, given the time that is has taken to undo the Republican mess. However, can we really expect the damage that was done over a 30-year period to be done in 20 months? And, do we really want to return to power, the ones who got us in this mess in the first place?

No matter what Republicans call themselves today, Whigs, conservatives, The Right, the Values party. The party of Ronald Reagan, or the T-Party, America always experiences the same result, failed leadership, whenever Republicans are in power or have any power for that matter.
Let me see, Richard Nixon was nearly impeached. And oh yes there was the one-term Presidency of George H. Bush Sr., Republicans didn’t like him either because like President Obama has done today, he realized that Ronald Reagan’s voodoo economics was digging and burying the nation in a ‘deep do do”!

President George Bush Jr. recognized that America could not continue with deficit spending, and that someone had to pay the piper. In addition to raising taxes, he also implored America to become ‘a kinder and gentler nation’. And of course he was referring to the hardliners in his own party, a request to which Republicans failed to respond.

Instead, Republicans rejected a kinder gentler President and made him a 1-term President, behaving just like members of the Republican T-Party are doing to moderate Republicans today. They are hold-overs from the Ronald Reagan, trickle-down, leveraged buyout, green-mail, wealth concentrated in the hands of the wealthy and Contragate …Presidency.

Thank God for the sensible co-regent presidency of George H. Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney. Gotcha, are you kidding me? What a tag-team those two happened to be. The two of them together were the equivalent of an Undertaker and Randy Savage tag team match. Bush was the Undertaker (given all of the innocent lives that he was responsible for removing from the face of the earth. Dick Savage Cheney never met too many humans that he did like. The two of them are responsible for the deaths of more humans in the 21st Century, than any other nation in the so-called free world.

If only they, Republicans, would stay home on election day, just a few weeks from now, and have some ‘T”, calm down and allow the plans that were put into place as a result of a mandate by the majority of the American people, to take place, then the Recovery will work. .Eventually, the nation will pay off Republican-induced debts and return soon after to solvency.

Instead, what Republicans really are trying to do, and hope to complete by Republican fiat is to gain control of Congress and derail the process that is in place and working. The recovery has begun to show significant signs of progress. Republicans want to prevent the policies and measures that have been put into place from working.

And then they will say, “see I told you it wouldn’t work. My answer to them would be perhaps, but only you folks plotted to keep them from working. To the extent that the recovery has taken as long as it has to begin to work, can be blamed directly on Republican obstructionism, filibustering, contempt for the democratic leadership in the House and Senate, economic reality as well as Republican contempt for the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. Their lack of cooperation has hindered what could have been a quicker recovery. I wonder who they hate more, Ahmadinajab, President of Iran, or Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. And given the extended tax-breaks that they enjoyed, how many jobs did they help to create over the past years. Oh that’s right, Republican hopeful Meg Whitman, a gubernatorial candidate in the state of California chose to hire a non-American.

Now if asked, and what would you Republicans do to complete the work that has already been begun by President Obama, the pernicious problems that are a direct result of Republican leadership and policies, their answer would be that we do more of the same, of what got us into this mess in the first place. They don’t have any solutions; they simply want to regain control of Washington.

And no matter what Meg Whitman says, I keep wondering, why wouldn’t she hire a bonafied American in the first place. Okay, back to the point.

And what else could we expect as a result of Republican dynamism, the rich would get richer, corporate lobbyists and the corporations that they represent would get wealthier and the rest of the nation would experience more home foreclosures, more homeless in the streets, more Americans slipping from the middle class into poverty and the specter of war would certainly with Republicans in power. And of course they wouldn’t want to pay for future wars that they would instigate.

Once again, Republicans are the reason that America needed TARP and a Recovery Act in the first place. They are also responsible for the other problems that the nation is facing domestically and overseers: wars, recession, unemployment, and the near failure of banks all over the world can be placed in the lap of Republicans and Republican leadership.

And having said that Republicans have the right to be angry, however, their misdirected anger ought to be pointed to where it belongs, at Republicans and Republican policies.

The will of the majority of American people and support for the duly elected president, means nothing to a Republican radical. Okay, here is a good place to say it, all Republicans are not bad – I know some of them personally, and they are good people, and it would appear that Republican inmates are running the Republican Party asylum.

What I cannot understand is why the reasonable ones won’t stand up for the nation against the instigators and insurrectionists in their own party, for factually they are without question a destabilizing and destructive force in America and the world. They are traitors!

I cannot close without pointing out the Republican Strategy, it is as follows:
1. Obstruct
2 Filibuster and
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, up and until Republicans regain their control of American military party and the treasury.

And once complete gridlock is achieved again by them, they will stand back and victory for the elite in the Republican Party, while proclaiming ‘see we told you so’.
These people ought to be brought up on charges, each and every one of them. Whatever happened to the Department that investigated and doled out punishment for Un-American Activities?

These people who would prefer a divided America instead of a united one, with the help of former president George H. Bush Jr., who was their Lord and Savior for awhile, nearly brought this country to its knees and now they want to complete what they began when George H. Bush Jr. was in power.

The nation is still reeling; however, we are making steady progress in spite of all of the efforts of the Republican Party to make sure that the current recovery does not succeed. No former President Abe, the Republican Party, like the Whig Party that you had to deal with in the 19th Century is blight on American history and a nuisance to the rest of the American people and the world.

They wouldn’t want a principled leader to take hold of the reigns of power, not even you, if their lives depended on it. Why? Because you or another principled leader might do what is necessary for the good of the nation, and they don’t want that.

I say that if they are so concerned about uncontrolled spending as they keep saying that they are, then why won’t they help out, give up the tax cuts that they received over a period of 8-years (at the time when the country was at war), and aid the recovery?.

Instead, what have they done but criticize every effort made by the President or anyone else, including the Speaker of the House … to bring this country back to solvency and to continue their obstructionist practices. Where is Barry Goldwater when you need him?

And still the true Statepeople in the Republican Party, have been moot?

Folks, if the Republican Party was a NFL Football Team, they would have been penalized a long time ago, for delay of and roughing the quarterback, President Obama. They have treated that man as if he were an enemy of the state!. Someone must throw the flag, the Republicans won’t do it. .

And what do they have to offer today, that would cause ‘a thinking person’ to take them seriously, Sarah Palin or Senate Hopeful, candidate O’Donnell. All that I can say to that is, Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei o! And on his farm he had a chick, Sarah Palin, ei ei o. And here a chick, there a chick …

The Republicans as mandated by the Grand Puba of the Party, get to him later, are trying to hand the nation, Senate hopeful O’Donnel, just as they tried to push and unprepared and unqualified Sarah Palin on the nation. And they did not care that she was unprepared for the second most important office in the land, Vice President of the United States, tells you a lot about the desperation in the Republican Party. She even permitted herself to be used for awhile, that is until her inner self could not take it anymore. At that point she became rancorous, and begin to join with others like her in the T-Party and elsewhere, in order to push her own agenda.

I kind of respect her for doing the latter, that is being her own person and giving the Republicans who used her deserved kick in the face. However, Sarah, you have a responsibility to the Christine O’Donnel’s and future George Bush Jr. unprepared and unqualified candidates to go and get yourself qualified before seeking to acquire one of the most heralded positions in the land.

Sadly, and in so many ways, Ms. O’Donnel is just another Sarah Palin media star. She is certainly not ready for prime-time. What a mess she would make if she were to prevail and to assume the Senate Seat that was abandoned by current Vice President Joe Biden.

Of late, she is demonstrating the same amount of incompetence, that her mentor Sarah Palin did when interviewed by Katie Couric 3 years ago.
Haven’t these people learned anything, given what happened just 2 years ago?
Sarah Palin’s handlers even admitted, in the aftermath of the 2008 Election (they couldn’t admit it before then), that Sarah Palin was totally unprepared – she didn’t know anything, and should not have been expected to at the time.

But in desperation, Republicans made a cynical attempt to sell her to Republicans and the American people and to vote her into the second highest position in the land, and they came uncomfortably close to succeeding.

Seriously, and Republicans want me to take them and their party of the fitful and unqualified seriously. John McCain certainly was qualified to run for President of the United States. But how low could a Party and Presidential Party candidate stoop in order to obtain the presidential prize. Sarah Palin for veep, come on!.

Fortunately, the wheels came off and they failed in their attempt to steal the 2008 election from democrats and moderate Republicans, by using Sarah Palin. .

Their current most recent behavior proves that Republicans simply do not care about America. And I guarantee you that Ms. O’Donnel also believes that someday she could be President of the United States of America. Again, I am not a gradualist, I believe that we need more qualified, capable and competent women and men running for and holding office in America.

I know that there are competent and qualified women and men on the Democratic side, and I am pretty sure that are equally competent men and women on the Republican side. The question then, is how come the group that controls the Republican party does not want either group to prevail, regardless of political party. The Republicans who are in charge of the Republican simply want a puppet, like George H. Bush Jr., that they can dictate to and control.

A competent Republican could simply not get the nod from the Republican Party extremists.

Clearly the Republican Party has sunk to its lowest depths and one is hard-pressed to take them seriously.

Have bereft Republicans simply crossed over into no man’s land? Are they or were they ever aware of their responsibilities to not only their Party, but to our children, the elderly, our nation and the world? Muhammad Ali once said it best, ‘not just anyone can be President of the United States’. The same sentiment should apply to the mayor, governor, representative, judge or supreme court justice.

Election by fiat or gimmick should not be tolerated in the American electoral process, not by either party. Karl Rove, political strategist of former president, George H. Jr., the man who successfully handed George Bush Jr., the presidency of the United States, recently declared that Ms. O’Donnel should not be taken seriously. In other words, he implied, that she doesn’t even measure up to the stature of former president, George H. Bush Junior. So she must be a real piece of work!

Karl Rove, if I can speak for him, wants a serious candidate to run for the vacated seat of Vice President Joe Biden in Maryland. And what did Karl Rove receive for his trouble? He is on the verge of being brushed aside by the malcontents in the Republican Party who want to win by any means necessary..

On the other hand, The Grand Pupa and titular head of the Republican Party that I alluded to previously, an anarchist radio talk show host no less, contradicted Rove He wants to win, no matter at what cost to the Republican Party. The Grand Pupa of the Republican Party instead, overruled Karl Rove and told Republicans to support O’Donnel. Again, now who is in charge of the Republican Party? Answer: The inmates are in control.

The citizens of the First State to Ratify the Constitution (Virginia doesn’t agree), are neither pleased or flattered given the agitation and influence that outsiders, who are being told what to do by outsiders are trying to influence the Senatorial election in their state. What will she do if she could get to Washington, ask, ‘hey Joe, is it alright if I call you Joe”?.

Speaking of jack-asses, the phrase that Rush used to refer, pejoratively, to the president of the United States of America: of late proves that he, Rush, has a lot in common with the kind of Republicans that he supports. Clearly, he has neither respect for the President nor for the office of the President of the United States of America. .

He doesn’t care who becomes the president of the United States, unprepared, incompetent or not, as long as they can ultimately defeat Democratic candidates, and permit themselves to be controlled by the Republican Party insiders like Rush. Again I ask, what has happened to the bankrupt Republican Party?

I wonder what would the late William F. Buckley or former Senator Barry Goldwater do or have to say about the current trend in the Republican party if they were alive today (the two late co-founders of what’s left of the modern day Conservative Movement, which included Democrats at one time). Today’s Republicans are not conservatives, they are simply put, a take no prisoners mob!

I believe that the Rush strategy is going to backfire anyway this time, just as it did when he did what he could to get a Republican elected in 2008.

Again, what has the Republican Party given America, just over the last 50 years besides war?.

1. Richard Milhous Nixon resigned, before he could be impeached.
2. Ronald Reagan should have been found in contempt of Congress & was
3. George H. Bush Sr. a one-term President along with
His completely choice for Veep,
Danfoth Quayle.
4. George H. Bush Jr. Are you kidding me?

And they tried to give us Vice President Sarah Palin before and now they hope to give us Senator O’Donnel!

Republicans need to create a new Anthem to go along with their pledge of allegiance to themselves. If they were to do so, it should read:

I pledge allegiance
To the Flag
Of a Republican Party in disarray
That is being led by miscreants

And to the Republicans
For which it stands
Rush, Sarah Palin and Tea Party members
One nation
Under God (as long as he believes in right-winged Republican principles)
And Liberty and Justice for only a few Republicans

In closing, the American people may not like what has been going on in Washington, since Mr. Obama took office. However, they should reflect on where the country would be if Republicans had experienced a Republican reprise, and place blame where it belongs, with the Republicans..

We cannot allow the Republican Party minority to take America back to where it was when George H. Jr. and the Bushtanista Party stole the previous election, a feat that Republican whiners hope to accomplish until the world comes to an end. .

Serious Republicans need to take the time to rebuild their Party and , silence the likes of, Rush, Hannity, Savage, Williams, Beck, O’Riley …and find and groom a new Abe to take charge of the flailing and failing Republican party.

Ms. O’Donnell cannot help the Republican cause; she can only damage a brand that is already in gross disrepair. and enforce what we already know, that Republicans will do whatever they have to get a Republican elected, even if it means destroying the distinguished careers of other candidates, Democrats and Republicans.

Of late Republicans have tried, in the following order, an actor, a cheerleader, a majorette, a Quayle and who knows what we can expect next? It begs the question, when will the Republican Party come up with viable candidates and a plan that can take America forward instead of backwards. Until they do, no matter what happens, it will be hard for me to take them seriously.

Peace & grace

Oct 3, 2010

Honored To Die For America!

Subject: Death by America, America's Laissez Faire Attitude Toward Killing

Many Americans consider it to be an honor to die for America, particularly when they are not the ones who are the ones who are doing the dying! It is okay with Americans, when it is someone else doing the dying, especially a real or imagined foreign enemy of America. And no matter what instrument was used to bring about the death of America's enemies, for example a cruise missile, drone attack, submarine attack ..., most Americans simply cannot fathom how anyone else would view 'death by America', as anything other than an honor killing.

This really is how the majority of Americans feel about it when death comes to individuals other than themselves, particularly, an American enemy and his or her family members. To an American, the deceased deserved to die if for no other reason, than they were not born, American. The latter causes them to be inferior!

Many Americans, including several of our Evangelical leaders and their followers, remind me of the Apostles James and John, who on one occasion requested of Jesus that 'fire be called down from heaven', the equivalent of modern day drones, cruise missile ... Jesus did not see things the way that his two followers saw them.

Jesus' pupils, just as many Americans have often done, concluded that we were the good guys and anyone who would not receive or agree with them were the bad guys. The latter made it very easy for them to seek to bring the mutants and their irritants to justice.

Again, it isn't young American women and men that are the ones who feel enamored at the prospect of being slaughtered, maimed or annihilated by the American military machine or anyone else, for America. Instead, it is the prescribed enemies of America, foreign governments, entire nations, soldiers, enemy combatants, terrorists, ordinary citizens of other nations who Americans are willing to have the wrath of God-America brought straight down on their heads.

Americans and the American government expect the enemies of America, and occasionally America's allies to understand that our nation is fighting for truth justice, and the only right way - the American way. So in other words, drink the kool-aid, shut up and die.

Americans believe that at all costs, anyone else should understand that Americans deserve to live- they've earned it, and other nations and people are the ones deserve no less than death at the hands of Americans. And, that the specter of attack or war, to include ensuing deaths, dismemberment, maiming or injury of either them or their loved ones by American drones, missile strikes, bombings or out and out war that follows is something that they can be proud of.

Their epitaphs, from an American perspective ought to read, "We Died for Truth, Justice and the American Way, and we did so at the Hands of the American Military machine or its allies". Besides that, you should be proud because, if you happen to be a victim of the American killing machine, we will do a fly-over in your honor or possibly lay a reef over your grave(s).

The way our government and most Americans see it, those victims who are sacrificed without retaliating understand, and are proud to sacrifice themselves on the altar of American sacrifice, because America came to bring freedom, by hanging, bye bye!
Most Americans are appalled and chagrined to learn that victims of American expansionism and hegemony dare to protest or retaliate against invasion by America, occupation by America or or even friendly fire.
In a similar manner in which we hear the voice of the late Reverend Jim Jones, encouraging his followers to die at Jonestown in Guyana, Americans say to their enemies, ‘die with dignity and be proud that you can do so at the hands of Americans’!

Earlier today, the President warned American citizens who are about to travel abroad, in particular to high-profile destinations, to be cautious. Why? Because there is reason to believe, the President indicated, that some ingrates, enemies of America are planning to do to Americans what we have been doing to them, when they travel overseas, particularly in Europe, what we have been doing to them now for about 75 years or more.

America’s strategy, beginning with George Bush Jr, and the current administration, to send America soldiers overseas to be slaughtered by the enemy in order to keep the theater of war and to prevent future deaths of the kind that occurred on September 11, 1992, is apparently not failsafe, as the powers that be would have us to believe.

I just had an unusual experience when I accidentally punched the wrong keys on my keyboard. I pressed the numbers 2992. As I began to correct my mistake I then considered, that America or some other nation will likely be doing the same thing in 2992, and as a result some smaller, less potent group or nation will be threatening, retaliating or killing citizens abroad if things don’t change.

And in 2992, the recipients of retaliation will be as appalled as Americans today, that the reactionaries, who the larger power, permitted to die in honor of the larger power as a result of military, would have retaliated.

In other words, the Bush Doctrine was, just as our predecessors was during the Cold War to have nuclear war fought in the European theater. Late President Ronald Reagan made a gaffe, when he said as much 3 decades ago. The Europeans weren’t jubilant over the prospect of dying. They realized that their Ally, America, planned to engage in war in their back and front yards, and once the war ended, their land decimated and their people, dead, sick or ill due to intoxication from nuclear fallout.

Europe, an ally then and now of the USA cried, no mas, do you think that we are stupid or something. The President quickly capitulated, however, the record was clear: America would participate in the desecration Europe and preserve America just as it did when the two previous world wards were fought in European theaters and America remained untouched.

Americans are appalled and perplexed over the very notion that the victims of American expansion and hegemony are upset, and on top of that they are considering a response to America’s attack on their people and their sovereignty.
Be proud to die at the hands of American bombers, attack planes, drones or missiles.
Why? Because you won’t know what hit you. Just think how long it took to die for the right way after ingesting poisoned Kool Aid. America, is merciful.

As I close, the attitude of our government and too many of American citizens is that we’re right, you’re wrong, suffer the consequences and we are going on our trip to Europe.

And to America's enemies and the rest of the world, these Americans say: drink the Kool Aid, ingest the nuclear fumes, die with dignity, because we are righteous you are also laying down your lives for a righteous cause, American leisure and consumerism.

Or do you expect the American citizens to sacrifice their trips abroad for the cause and to take this lying down?

As I close, can you think of a better cause to die for? Apparently America’s leaders can because they will seldom die for the cause that they believe that everyone else should be proud to die for the cause!

Peace & Grace and Drink.

Oct 2, 2010

Not Just The God of Israel and Abraham

Subject: Human Nature & Territorial Claims to God

Is God the God of all of us or just some of us?

I find it troubling that the early writers of the Canon believed that the God of the Universe belonged uniquely to them, a single nation of the Earth (Israel). What did they mean by that, for example, when they wrote: Hear O Israel, our God is one?

The very notion that God belonged to or had an exclusive relationship with a singular nation, in this context, Israel, in deference to all of the other nations of the world at that time - speaks of grandiosity, blasphemy and arrogance. Americans for a long time have believed the same thing, that God is for America, above all other nations (192 at last count) of the world. I wonder, now that The Republic of China is coming on like gangbusters, does it mean that God has abandoned America and instead chosen the ROC to as his favorite son?

What could have been Israel’s motivation for saying or writing such things, could it have had something to do with nationalism, that they were deluded or God forbid- the venal use of propaganda in order to accomplish Israel’s aims.

Israel’s shrewd and strategic policy-ploy was used apparently to convince themselves, their citizenry and other nations and nationalists that they had better not tread on Israel, because even the very God of the Universe was on the side of Israel and would fight for. In other words, all other nations of the world, Israel was saying: you cannot win if you attack us – no matter how big or powerful your nations happens to be.

I also believe that by invoking such terms, Israel was also saying that their foreign policy just like anything else that they did or said was always proper. Why? Because God was and always is with them. Clich├ęs like this often take on a life of their own, particularly when leaders of a nation need to rally the citizenry by justifying a war that they are about to pursue in the name of the Lord.

Just consider the contemporary examples of the ongoing wars between the West and the Middle-East.

Each side continues to invoke the name of the Lord, as one attempt to terrorize or slaughter the other side. Well, can a house be divided against itself stand as some have written? Can a God divide itself against itself? Are we to believe that God is actually for both sides and that God derives some form of perverse pleasure when observing human beings slaughtering each other?

Most militant Muslims will rant: Allah is on our side, when attempting to justify their actions against the west, and the west will say that God is with us.

Would the God that the writers wrote about on the other hand, a just, loving, fair, peaceable God be entertained by watching nations and people slaughtering or wounding each other (as if he were sitting back watching Ohio State and USC going after each other in a football game)?

In most of the writings from various sacred texts, you get the sense that God is supposed to be a God of peace. If the latter is true, then wouldn’t God expect each side to put down their weapons and make peace not war? Augustine wouldn’t likely agree with that notion if he could speak from the grave.

In fact, he could make a case based on, all of the wars that god apparently directly and participated in, just read the Hebrew Scriptures in the Canon.

The very idea that God is the God of a unique people on the Earth that he sides with, suggests an attempts by nationalists in a particular group, state, nation or by enemy combatants to use their deity to further their political ends.

Wouldn’t a sovereign be bigger than that by that I mean, a local religion or regional deity that favors one group of people over another, particularly when either side believes that they are ‘the chosen one or the selected group?

What does this kind of thinking lead to? I will tell you. Consider what is going on today between the United States of America and the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. First of all both sides invoke the names of their deities, again to assure their side that the wars that they are engaged in are just and that God he or she is on their side.

Interestingly enough, there is a stalemate, the USA is winning its way, and the other side is winning by fighting the war its way. So whose winning, and which side is gaining any ground? Certainly, neither side is winning, both sides are loosing to wit the people of both nations are loosing. So where is God in this current episode? Sadly,, if either side can ever force the other to submit, they will not only claim victory, but to that they will add that they won because God was with them, no matter how many individuals they terrorized or slaughtered.

Sadly, my own nation America cannot believe that the opposition has the right to fight back, when it is America in fact, that has invaded another nation and is slaughtering their citizens in their own native land. Israel frequently believes and behaves in a similar manner, and like America, the secularist nation of Israel believes that right is on their side.

To be continued …

Oct 1, 2010

If They Really Cared? They Would Cooperate (Republicans)

Subject: Strong Armed Non-Republican Americans Will Have To Go It Alone

To my way of thinking, Republican brats (Minority Leaders in the House and all) are interested in one thing and one thing only, that is to have this country run according to a Republican mandate. As far as they care concerned, anything else would be ‘uncivilized’. Therefore the rest of America, will have to work together along with the duly voted powers that be in Washington, non-Republican, to solve America's problem while Republican sit on the sidelines.

The problem for Republicans, not President Obama or the Democratic House is that the majority of Americans do not agree with the Republican position or their manifesto, which has also been referred to in recent times as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). They are still in denial, about what took place in 2008. Like ghosts who refuse to go to and remain in the Netherworld, they continue to haunt us even though they were 'buried' in the last mid-term as well and general election.

And despite the rebuke and repudiation by the American voters, they continue to hold America hostage in the hopes of resurrecting themselves from their well-deserved political graves.

Every day, it would appear, via the media in particular, that they engage in the politics of ‘obstruct and divide’. What normal people would want to divide their own nation. They are like battering rams in the hands of mad men, whose objective is to destroy and obliterate the wall of justice and freedom for all Americans and by ‘any means necessary’.

Republicans will not tolerate dissent being the totalitarian-types that they are, not even from a duly elected Democratic President. As far as they are concerned, the President and the Democratic led Congress all have to go, and they plan to make that happen soon.

What they hope to accomplish, by seeping Democrats from power, is to divide this nation up into 2 parts, with the larger portion, to include the wealth of the nation, the military .., ending up under the control of a Republican minority.

That’s right, let me repeat that if they can’t have it their way, they will settle for dividing this nation up into 2 parts, with the smaller part going to the majority of America’s citizens and minority Republicans at the helm and in charge of the major portion.

A Republican minority in power, would be just like it was before when a George H. Bush Jr. minority-led venal Republican Party controlled House, Senate and administration (except for some last hour wrangling the Republican camp nearly brought this nation to near collapse).

That’s right, no pun intended, a Republican minority cannot imagine an America where they are not in control of the Treasury, the Military, the Supreme Court, of late the Rupert Murdoch media machine, the American Christian church and of course, the Presidency?

The fascist Republicans that I know typically turn red and spit when they talk. They get excited when they recite their pre-rehearsed talking points that they periodically receive from Republican Central Command.

Rather than cooperate with the President, House and Senate leaders, or to sublimate their venal wills to that of the American majority
(for when they are not obstructing or in contempt, they prefer to sit on the sidelines and wait for the American House of cards to fall just as they have planned it).
Most Americans know very little about Republican think tanks that are scattered throughout this country. Most Americans believe that the Republican position comes out of nation’s capitol. They have no idea that Republican cells strategize every step that they will take, and what every Republican or Republican supporter should say when asked questions about Democrats, Republicans and the Republican Plan.

Before the late F. William Buckley passed away, I was in the audience when he spoke to a wide-eyed mostly Republican audience. Mr. Buckley, like most Americans was so smooth. And I will give him credit, for like most Republicans at the top of the Republican food chain, in particular the ones who create Republican policy, he was adroit, erudite and as cool as a Republican frost on a winter morning?

Just thinking about him and other Republican leaders, I can understand why men like John Wilkes-Boothe became President killers (a legacy that remains even until this day). Hopefully, the latest 'favorite son' from the Illinois Legislature will not experience a similar fate by another Republican assassin.

It would appear that the Republicans had just such an eventuality in mind, until someone showed the would - be Republican assassin’s of the 21st century, that there was another way to assassinate a President, but this time without using a gun.

And for those American voters, even Republican ones, that are considering replacing Democrats and Independents with Republicans, be they Representatives or even a President, just ask yourself, who do they have to offer that won't take America back to where it was just 2 years ago?
Just look at the ones that are in Congress now; student body Right is what I call them, they won't even countenance America first moderate Republicans.
They have never heard of a compromise that they liked, in fact they probably are not aware that the term compromise actually exists. Oh yeah, well they did go along with the historical Missouri Compromises, er herm, no surprise there. However, in modern times they only compromise that they are willing to make is one where they obstruct the will of the majority of the American people.

Now someone is thinking, why is Reverend Solomon lumping all Republicans mostly into the same camp with Radical Republicans. I actually know some Republicans, some of best friends (well before they read this manuscript) are Republicans. However, many of them refuse to speak up to the power-brokers in their own Party, despite their anti-American and if you will anti-Christian behaviors.

And if there is anything worse than a killer, it is the individual or individuals who stand by and watch someone murder someone else when it is in their power to stop the killing, and still they stand by. And that is exactly what the majority of Republicans are doing and have done even when they know that the wheels have come off in their Party and fascists are in control. Why won’t they speak up? Well, I suspect that the two most important reasons that they can think of is that they do not want to break ranks and because staying with Republicans is the best way to keep their wealth, no matter how they managed to come by it.

Cowards is what comes to mind? I have had to speak up and out to people whom I loved, individuals who were good and kind in one respect but on the other hand, they were jaundiced, closed-minded and narrow in their interpretations of most things. Like Republicans, with regard to certain issues, their minds were made up and facts meant nothing.

As I close, I simply ask that Republicans learn to behave like adults. Most of us were taught during the early periods of our lives, when we were being socialized at an early age, that you cannot always have ‘your way’. It would appear that the majority of ‘Republicans Gone Wild’, has never learned that lesson.

Even Solomon, the writer of the Ecclesiastes wrote: There is a time for everything. He never mentioned compromise, however, I am certain that a man of his reported wisdom would agree, that there is a time to get and a time to let go. Wieldy Republicans refuse to accept the notion of compromise, they believe, it is our way or the proverbial highway.

The majority of Americans, who like myself, grew up during the period that is often referred to as the Cold War, are familiar with terms like fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism … Most of us were conditioned to attribute these terms to other nations and Republics like the Soviet Republic or the Republic of China. We would never dream of the day when thinking in these terms that we would ever apply these terms to Americans, but that is exactly what too many on the republican side are, they are fascist, they are totalitarians, they are Republican-American fascists.

And just as Americans have done in the past, by sacrificing their sons and husbands in order to stop fascism by a foreign power, we must join together today and stamp out the fascism that exists inside of America's Republican Party. Why, because some of America's enemies are more likely to cooperate with the Administration in Washington and the will of the American people than American Republicans are likely ever willing to do. To be frank, the damage done to America was not done by an outside power, it began when Republicans led by George H. Bush Jr. abused their power!

The latter begs the question, who were America's real enemies from 1992 through year 2000? For me, it was an inside job led by a man who violated his oath of office, and abrogated his responsibility when he decided to serve only a portion of the American Constituency, the Republican Party from which he hailed.

Peace and Grace