Oct 30, 2010

President Obama Hussein and the Democrats: The Choice of Republicans

Subject: Somebody Has to Pay (For the Leftover and Out of Control Deficit Spending and Debt Left Behind by George Bush and the Republican Party!

I heard that our current President is and was a millionaire before he took over following G.W. Bush Jr., but does he have enough to pay the Republican bill, he better be able to. Why? The shrewd Republican Party think tanks decided that it would be a democrat, in this instance, the President of the United States of America, Barak Obama Hussein, who would be the scapegoat for Republican malfeasance and the bankrupting of America, and that he would have to pay.

In an ironic twist, the American people elected him to be president over the wishes of the republicans, and the Republicans decided that he would have to pay for it, get it!

President Obama has become the poster child for Republican irresponsible and out of control spending, all of which took place under the previous administration. It was as if he has been President since for the past decade, and now is being blamed for trying to come up with ways to pay their bills. The Republicans are so shrewd, that they have turned President Obama into a sacrificial lamb. In the eyes of too many Americans, it is as if he was and is responsible for the outlandish spending behavior, and running up the national debt, by President Bush Jr. and the Republicans.

And pay he did, and as a matter of fact, he is still paying in more ways than one for their misbehavior and mistakes. Folks, you have got to give it to the Republicans, they are good, and they are a tough act to follow!The poor democrats have never been able to match the wily ways of the Republicans. In fact, Republicans will steal from an old lady, and turnaround and blame her for having been robbed!

But now, it's Obama's turn to pay for someone Else's crime, for not only is he paying the bills that were left behind by the Republicans and former President George H. Bush Jr., he is paying in terms of character assassination, creditability and criticism, mostly by the party that bears the responsibility for the problems that Americans are experiencing today.

Some Americans hate him, believing that he is the reason that America has been experiencing the problems that it has been, for over the last 10 years. And what of George Bush Jr., that Republican dude got away clean. Today, he was present in Texas Stadium to watch the San Francisco Giants plan his old team, that he was part of The Texas Rangers. Once upon a time they were known as the Washington Senators, or was it the Washington Republican Senators.

Sooner or later, someone had to pay for the out of control reckless deficit spending and warmongering by George H. Bush Jr., America’s 43rd president, and the Republicans. And it is costing Obama dearly. How would you like to be a fly on the wall in his household. He must be thinking, "am I crazy, or am I being blamed for attempting to pay the enormous bills that someone else made'.

Every parent has had to do that for their kids at some time or another, whether it was to pay for the neighbor's broken window that their child broke, or for the serious injury that was done to someones property or person by their kids. But Obama paying for George Bush Jr. and the Republicans bill, and then being dinged by the Republican creditors? Now that would be a bit too much to bear by any reasonable standard!

But from a Republican point of view, for the president and party that walked away from their responsibilities, having created all of what Americans and Americans have been enduring since he became President along with his cast of Merry men and women, nearly ten years ago now, believe that the ones who should pay economically, politically and as a result of Republican character assassination ought to be President Obama and the Democrats. Hasn't America experienced this scenario before by Republicans?

The last Muslim leader who bore a similar Muslim name, and crossed the Republicans was caught and turned over to the people of his country to be hanged. Obama must be feeling about the same way right now, because the Republicans used the same tactics when going after him. I wonder if he will go and hide in a hole underground. Obama, my brother, I didn't vote for you because I didn't feel like you were ready yet, and I still believe that I was right in my thinking. Do you get my drift? You weren't ready to deal with what comes along with being president, by America's enemies, the Republicans and that is what they are in my opinion, America's true enemies.

And what these scoundrels are doing to Mr. Obama, ought to be outlawed for it is well, let's just say un-American, that is if you are not a Republican. Man, those dudes will go after an American president, just like they will go after a leader in the Middle-East, especially one that has a Middle-Eastern name. For them, what they are doing is only par for the course, just ask Bill Clinton, a man that they pushed to be impeached, and he was impeached.

And what was his real crime, he got caught doing what many of his accusers had been and were doing at the time, sleeping around, and he didn't have a foreign sounding name, but no matter. Clearly it was not sleeping around that caused them to go after him, that was only a ruse. For on the day he became president, they set out to get him, a President people, a President!

From Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky and Judge Starr, they did everything that they could to obstruct President Clinton, right down to the day that he was impeached in the House. Even the late co-founder of the Conservative movement warned his own party about obstructionism, something that his Grand Old Party was certainly guilty of from the time that Mr. Clinton became President Clinton.

I suspect that Barry was surprised and embarrassed, when he was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, only to find it out that President Ronnie Reagan was doing and end around him, given the Contragate Oliver North scandal/cover up. Man, Republicans are something else, they consider Reagan and Ollie North to be heroes, despite the fact they broke the law.

Can you imagine, if a President from the democratic party, or a democratic Ollie North had behaved in the manner that those two did? Can you say, burned at the stake? I'm not afraid of them, Republicans; but when one comes around you, all I can say is to guard your wallet, hold on to your keys, and take a bath and spray on some disinfectant for those dudes do not play - move over Deadwood Dick and Jessie James when the Republicans are around.

What the Republicans have done and are doing to this President and the Majority Party in Congress, reminds me of the attitudes and behaviors of other criminals both in America and abroad, they commit the crimes and then turnaround and blame the system or someone else for the crimes that they commit. I will say it, UBL has nothing on these crooks!

It is as if the Republican’s have experienced a sudden lapse in memory or is it. Correct me if I’m wrong, however, when Bill Clinton left public office America had a surplus, and the country was at peace wasn't it? And as I recall, shortly after Bush and the Republicans took over following Bill Clinton, government spending went out of control. I can still remember the faces of all of the laid off Americans in Ohio, who gave Bush a second chance and reelected him to office for a second term.

And where are the Buckeyes now? The Buckeyes, like most Americans are hurting even more, and I am not talking about the Buckeyes football team.And Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio, wants to be Speaker of the House.
Why that bum has been unable to do anything to help all of the laid off workers in his home state, so what could he do that would be of an any value for the rest of America, I ask you?

Another thing, where is the man who presided over one of the greatest economic crisis in American history, former President George H. Bush Jr., he is believed to be on his Texas farm, sitting back and enjoying himself, in the manner that most Republicans have been doing while someone else is sorting out the mess that they left behind, and taking heat from the Republicans and the rest of the American public for doing what Republicans refused to do, pay their bills.

The Republicans wanted war, but like most things that the Republicans want and wanted, they didn’t want to pay for it, not even for the cost of war. Similar to the Publicans, that were often written about in the Christian Bible, Republicans believe in collecting taxes, however, there problem is that they don’t believe in paying them.

One of their own, Senator John McCain of Arizona, a man who served his country and was a former prisoner of war, rebuked his fellow Republicans for demanding tax breaks during a time of war, which was their first order of business when they assumed the power in Washington along with George H. Bush Jr. Once the gavel, and the treasury were turned over to them, America fell into decline, as they prospered and continue to prosper, while America and most Americas continue their descent.

Senator McCain once said to his fellow Republicans, shouldn’t we forego the tax breaks that we have demanded during a time of war, and stand in solidarity with the men and women who are fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and help to pay for it? Shouldn’t we make a sacrifice too, he asked? And he asked, only to be silenced by his Republican peers!

To that end, most Republicans were quiet about the wars that they started, until President of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, spoke out and claimed the war for Republicans. Michael, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, proclaimed, “the war in Iraq is President Obama’s war”. But nay said Republicans like Senator McCain and others who cried foul, the war(s) is our war. They why wouldn’t you pay for it, I ask?

Republicans were outraged that one of their own, a man that many of them suggested should turn in his resignation for handing over the responsibility for the War In Iraq to Democrats, even though Senator McCain and the Republicans, to this day, refuse to pay for the war. Are Republicans, like most of us suspect, simply lunatics.

Despite their claims of ownership of America’s recent wars, they continue to shout, “nay, let someone else pay and take responsibility for our mistake of getting America into an unjust war. And sadly, the person and the party that is paying, in more ways than ones, are Obama, the democrats and you and me.

President Obama has taken the heat for what he did not do, start a war in Iraq and Iran. And, since he is the President that followed George H. Bush Jr, and believes that responsible people, organizations and governments should pay their bills, he has had to come up with creative ways to get the economy going so that the bills can be paid.

And, he is paying a political price for paying the bills that were left behind. How dare he spend so much money is the Republican mantra of late? The fact of the matter, he is not spending money, the Republicans and George W. Bush did that, and they did so on credit, having ignored the fact that some day the bills would have to be paid?

And who are they, Republicans, angry with? They are venomously angry with the man and party that is making every effort to pay the bills, that they left behind, while they sit by on the sidelines and throw stones.

It begs the question, why won’t Republicans ever take responsibility for what they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if would deny, that it was a Republican who was responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth, took the life of an American hero President from Illinois, just as the Republicans are trying to destroy an American hero President from Illinois, just over a century later. Will Republicans ever stop destroying American President’s, it is as if they have no respect for the office.

Ladies and gentleman, if the Republicans aren’t the most irresponsible group of irresponsible malcontents on the face of the earth, then tell me, what group is? I can’t think of a group that spends more of its time and resources trying to cover up their own malfeasance than Republicans do, and to boot, neither do they bear any shame nor take any responsibility for what they have done and are still doing to America or any other nation or people of the world. It is as if they are above the law, reason, rationalism, responsibility or accountability.

To that end, it would be nothing other than a sham, if the American voters fall for yet another ruse and cover-up by Republicans, and vote the Democrats from their leadership positions in Washington and from control of the House and the Senate.

One can only guess what America and Americans can expect next, that is if Republicans were to gain a majority in Congress and 2 years later, the Oval Office, or can we? My guess is that we will experience more of what we did when Republicans, dating all the way to Republicans like Richard Millhouse Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush Sr. or Jr. were in power, lies, spying, cover-ups, trickle-down, and who knows, perhaps another assassination or at least an attempt to do so, if they do not get their way. Not much ever seems to change with them.

Will a Republican ever do anything more than attempt to smear others or wrest the control of power away from other Americans, just as they have been doing with President Obama, or Nancy , Speaker of the House?

If you were wondering the real reason why President Obama has had to spend so much money, the answer is simple, he is paying someone else’s bills. Folks, someone has to pay the bills left over by Republicans. If you listen to them, they weren’t co-regent with President George Bush Jr., the man who was sinking America into an economic abyss, so why should they pay?

If America is would just be patient, President Obama and the Democrats will return America to solvency. On the other hand, however, if America prefers the Republicans to have the Republicans in power again, over the Democrats, a party that refuses to take responsibility for its prior or current malfeasance, then Americans will get what they deserve, and pay the cost for another mistake by putting Republicans in charge of the American treasury and checkbook. And I approve this message!

Finally, keep the Republicans bums, Republicans out of office and if possible off of America’s airways, for they are unrepentant, and have learned nothing over the past decade, and the rest of us will pay dearly for what they have up their sleeves next.
Remember, it was only of late that they finally owned up to the fact they owned the trumped up war in Iraq, and still nearly a decade later they still refuse to pay for it and I don’t believe that they ever will.

But having said that, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will pay, and isn’t that what this is supposed to be all about, the American people, and not a Party that lost its way since the time that it tried to assassinate an American president, one who hailed from the great state of Illinois? I say, keep the Re-Publicans (non-taxpayers) out of office, and send them back where they belong, not Washington DC!

Why should we send back? It is simple, Republicans don't care anything about the country, Republicans simply want to protect their financial interests, and America is their tax-breaks money-making war machine!

Rev. C. Solomon

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