Oct 3, 2010

Honored To Die For America!

Subject: Death by America, America's Laissez Faire Attitude Toward Killing

Many Americans consider it to be an honor to die for America, particularly when they are not the ones who are the ones who are doing the dying! It is okay with Americans, when it is someone else doing the dying, especially a real or imagined foreign enemy of America. And no matter what instrument was used to bring about the death of America's enemies, for example a cruise missile, drone attack, submarine attack ..., most Americans simply cannot fathom how anyone else would view 'death by America', as anything other than an honor killing.

This really is how the majority of Americans feel about it when death comes to individuals other than themselves, particularly, an American enemy and his or her family members. To an American, the deceased deserved to die if for no other reason, than they were not born, American. The latter causes them to be inferior!

Many Americans, including several of our Evangelical leaders and their followers, remind me of the Apostles James and John, who on one occasion requested of Jesus that 'fire be called down from heaven', the equivalent of modern day drones, cruise missile ... Jesus did not see things the way that his two followers saw them.

Jesus' pupils, just as many Americans have often done, concluded that we were the good guys and anyone who would not receive or agree with them were the bad guys. The latter made it very easy for them to seek to bring the mutants and their irritants to justice.

Again, it isn't young American women and men that are the ones who feel enamored at the prospect of being slaughtered, maimed or annihilated by the American military machine or anyone else, for America. Instead, it is the prescribed enemies of America, foreign governments, entire nations, soldiers, enemy combatants, terrorists, ordinary citizens of other nations who Americans are willing to have the wrath of God-America brought straight down on their heads.

Americans and the American government expect the enemies of America, and occasionally America's allies to understand that our nation is fighting for truth justice, and the only right way - the American way. So in other words, drink the kool-aid, shut up and die.

Americans believe that at all costs, anyone else should understand that Americans deserve to live- they've earned it, and other nations and people are the ones deserve no less than death at the hands of Americans. And, that the specter of attack or war, to include ensuing deaths, dismemberment, maiming or injury of either them or their loved ones by American drones, missile strikes, bombings or out and out war that follows is something that they can be proud of.

Their epitaphs, from an American perspective ought to read, "We Died for Truth, Justice and the American Way, and we did so at the Hands of the American Military machine or its allies". Besides that, you should be proud because, if you happen to be a victim of the American killing machine, we will do a fly-over in your honor or possibly lay a reef over your grave(s).

The way our government and most Americans see it, those victims who are sacrificed without retaliating understand, and are proud to sacrifice themselves on the altar of American sacrifice, because America came to bring freedom, by hanging, bye bye!
Most Americans are appalled and chagrined to learn that victims of American expansionism and hegemony dare to protest or retaliate against invasion by America, occupation by America or or even friendly fire.
In a similar manner in which we hear the voice of the late Reverend Jim Jones, encouraging his followers to die at Jonestown in Guyana, Americans say to their enemies, ‘die with dignity and be proud that you can do so at the hands of Americans’!

Earlier today, the President warned American citizens who are about to travel abroad, in particular to high-profile destinations, to be cautious. Why? Because there is reason to believe, the President indicated, that some ingrates, enemies of America are planning to do to Americans what we have been doing to them, when they travel overseas, particularly in Europe, what we have been doing to them now for about 75 years or more.

America’s strategy, beginning with George Bush Jr, and the current administration, to send America soldiers overseas to be slaughtered by the enemy in order to keep the theater of war and to prevent future deaths of the kind that occurred on September 11, 1992, is apparently not failsafe, as the powers that be would have us to believe.

I just had an unusual experience when I accidentally punched the wrong keys on my keyboard. I pressed the numbers 2992. As I began to correct my mistake I then considered, that America or some other nation will likely be doing the same thing in 2992, and as a result some smaller, less potent group or nation will be threatening, retaliating or killing citizens abroad if things don’t change.

And in 2992, the recipients of retaliation will be as appalled as Americans today, that the reactionaries, who the larger power, permitted to die in honor of the larger power as a result of military, would have retaliated.

In other words, the Bush Doctrine was, just as our predecessors was during the Cold War to have nuclear war fought in the European theater. Late President Ronald Reagan made a gaffe, when he said as much 3 decades ago. The Europeans weren’t jubilant over the prospect of dying. They realized that their Ally, America, planned to engage in war in their back and front yards, and once the war ended, their land decimated and their people, dead, sick or ill due to intoxication from nuclear fallout.

Europe, an ally then and now of the USA cried, no mas, do you think that we are stupid or something. The President quickly capitulated, however, the record was clear: America would participate in the desecration Europe and preserve America just as it did when the two previous world wards were fought in European theaters and America remained untouched.

Americans are appalled and perplexed over the very notion that the victims of American expansion and hegemony are upset, and on top of that they are considering a response to America’s attack on their people and their sovereignty.
Be proud to die at the hands of American bombers, attack planes, drones or missiles.
Why? Because you won’t know what hit you. Just think how long it took to die for the right way after ingesting poisoned Kool Aid. America, is merciful.

As I close, the attitude of our government and too many of American citizens is that we’re right, you’re wrong, suffer the consequences and we are going on our trip to Europe.

And to America's enemies and the rest of the world, these Americans say: drink the Kool Aid, ingest the nuclear fumes, die with dignity, because we are righteous you are also laying down your lives for a righteous cause, American leisure and consumerism.

Or do you expect the American citizens to sacrifice their trips abroad for the cause and to take this lying down?

As I close, can you think of a better cause to die for? Apparently America’s leaders can because they will seldom die for the cause that they believe that everyone else should be proud to die for the cause!

Peace & Grace and Drink.

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