Jul 19, 2007

Should America Stand Up To Pakistan? The Rev's Reply to Mr. Arkin

Regrettably, America does not see a contradiction
in demanding that every other nation of the world (including Pakistan) compromise their principles, in order to make them comport with the American belief system.

America has been asking President Mushareff to turn on his own people for years. Mushareff keeps trying to balance the demands and the pressure that he feels from both sides, the American and the Pakistani sides.

The question is which side will win out in the end. Should America stand up to Pakistan?

Answer: Shame on you Mr. Arkin for posing such a question, for Pakistan is not responsible for Osama Bin Laden or al-Qeada, that honor goes to America; we created that problem.

And, from all indications we are going to be responsible for creating even more enemies of this type in the future, if we are not willing to compromise and change our own policies (just as we are asking others to do). In other words, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, we need to make some changes ourselves in America, instead of continuing to create problems and enemies abroad that are of our own making!

The Rev

Addenda: To many individuals the Rev will sound unpatriotic. However, the Rev believes that it is important for Americans to be honest about America's contribution to its own problem. We have created many of our own enemies.

And, we should not continue to go around the world threatening nations simply because they have a belief system that differs from our own, or because some of their citizens do not believe in the American belief system. President George H. Bush got in trouble from describing black Americans who fought for their rights as 'freedom fighters'. It would appear that the tables have turned. A nation that celebrates its freedom, has been busy denying other nations of the world, and its the same right to pursue their own destiny!

The only thing America stands to loose is a bit of consumerism, and its pride in being a world-wide hegemon!

Jul 18, 2007

The Rev Regarding America & War: In Response to Peter & Bukko

The whole world can't be run like two camps - those who are with the US, or those who are with the terrorists.

Right on: peterwilliams

And when you take into consideration American jingoism, any Americans who are considering starting a family during the next decade, might want to think about it again.

For it appears that you would be raising a solider if you were to do so, one that would have to fight in the American Intercontinental Million Man Army during the New American Century. Well, that is if the Bill Kristols and others of his ilk have their way and America continues to take on the world.

And the tragedy of the latter is that the ones who are pushing for American world-wide domination through war and economic strangulation, won't go and fight themselves!

At the same time, it gives me hope to see people like The Rev., Dimitry et. al. who have some humanity. I hope your views prevail, mates!

Thank you Bukko in Australia,

Our society continues to be more marginalized, given the dominance of America's Communist (Republican) Party over the past 6 years.

However, the shades that had been pulled down over the eyes of many Americans (for the past years) are slowly beginning to be lifted. Most Americans are beginning to see that the dark shadow that prevailed over this nation, also for the past 6 years is beginning to be penetrated with light.

Even some staunch conservatives in Congress are begrudgingly coming out of the shadows in protest of the prolonged and ongoing Bush debacle in Iraq, which in a broader sense was an attack not only on Iraq, but on 'the entire world'!

And to another writer, #43 may be the Commander-in-Chief of the military, however, keep in mind that the military and the Commander-in-Chief are supposed to be subject to the will of America's civilians. Someone apparently forget to tell #43!


Addenda: I believe that people, are more important to the heart of God than nation states!

Jul 17, 2007

Another Proposed Surge: The Rev's Response to Mr. Arkin

Surg-ical or Ethnic Cleansing...

that is what it will come down to in order for the U.S.A. to ever secure a win, in my opinion, in Iraq!

The reason the United States cannot win in Iraq, other than declaring itself the winner is because the world-wide community and most Americans cannot stomach the thought of America engaging in more surges or operations that would be tantamount to American genocide.

In order for America to accomplish its truculent and self-serving aims in that part of the world, many more lives, including many more innocent individuals would have to be snuffed out. And then what? America is simply stuck in Iraq, and Washington does not want to loose face!

The U.S.A. should declare itself the winner (Saddam is gone), reduce its number of troops, allow the Iraqi government to take the lead while the U.S.A. (or a UN force) could intervene and play a backup role. Then the troops will be free, and the U.S.A. can go and pick on another nation like Eritrea, surely they must be threatening us somehow!

Britain, is removing another 500 of its soldiers, hmm. We need to have a political surge take place in Washington DC. Ay ay surge!

The Rev

Addenda: Every American should know now just how the people of Israel must have felt when they were being dominated by Rome, the precursor of the American Republic, during the 1st century C.E..

The fact is that the U.S.A. military strength and killing power dwarfs the killing power of all of the empires that Daniel saw and referred to in the book of Daniel, put together. When you pray about your minor issues and concerns tonight, think about the conquered people of Iraq and what they are going through - for, our nation is responsible for their pain - and many Iraqis are praying to God for an answer!

Jul 9, 2007

What About Iran's Involvment in the Iraqi Conflict? My Response To Jeremy

Jeremy said: They [Iran] may not have desires to expand their borders, there ambition is much more dangerous. They wanna expand their fascist,apocalyptic and murderous interpretation of Islam


If that is the case, we could teach them a few things about how to expand their fascist, apocalyptic and murderous interpretation of Islam, just as we have done historically, and have been doing with Christianity - perhaps we are simply getting a taste of our own medicine and that frightens you!

If you are correct in your assessment, their desire is simply to do what Christians have been doing for centuries! America has misused Christianity for centuries, in order to spread its secular-political influence around the world.

And the only thing that America has been saying to the world of late is that we have superior military power, we are the king of the hill and just try to knock us off if you can - for we are not going to change and we are not doing down without a fight!

If that's what you want fine, but some of the rest of us would prefer to work with other nations of the world towards a just peace for all people, and for every other nation of the world!

Posted by: The Rev


Our current leadership in Washington has in all likelihood determined the manner in which America and its allies will probably be forced to live for the remainder of the century.

#43 told them to bring it on, and they have done just that. And now every American citizen will be subjected to monumental scrutiny by its own government, as well as 9/11 style attacks on America's streets. Why? Because our current leadership in Washington did not know the real enemy that lied within - and that enemy was not the majority of America's rank and file citizens. Also, the real enemy is not a group of so-called terrorists who reside on the other side of the world.

I do not mean to wax apocalyptic, however, America clearly needs to change course, for being the world's bully-nation is not working. It is bad enough that we have to avoid our own home-grown terrorists/criminals in and out of our homes, soon America's citizens will have to also encounter international terrorists, criminals and government agents in their neighborhoods and homes.

Further, I can recall the days, just a year or so ago, in Washington DC, when many of the District's street corners were occupied by large jovial elephant and donkey caricatures; the figures had been placed on each corner in order to create an air of jocularity in the city for Washington residents and visitors.

In that spirit, the Rev can also envision a day that is coming soon, when all over America's streets and causeways will be filled with highly-advanced and programmable Robocop type figures and drones(Remember the movie?). America's Robocops, will have been disbursed by the American government, probably via the Office of Homeland Security in order to continue the anti-terrorist fight on American streets that our current administration in Washington is bent on perpetuating. These bomb-sniffing, people watching, surveilling techno-robots will be present on street corners all over America - simply, because America refuses to change its illegal an ungodly course in the world.

America's rogue behaviors and actions in the world have come under deep scrutiny by other nations of the world, including America's historical allies. America, must also change its ways! For America's ways, are not God's ways either!

Jul 7, 2007

Regarding Iran's Alleged Participation in the Iraqi Warzone: A Query By Mr. Akrin

But are its actions [Iran's] expansionist?

Of course not, and just as America's leadership has attempted to justify to the world, America's desultory and unwarranted pre-emptive actions in Iraq (which were reportedly done to protect America's citizens from Iraqi WMDs), Iranians believe that they have the right to protect and to defend their own citizens and neighbors and interests from adventuresome America; all of us can recall how those evil Iraqis planned to attack America with phantom WMDs just over 4 years ago<(-: Although, we know now that such was not the case, on the other hand Iranians really do have something to be concerned about - America just steamrolled a country that sits on its border, and America unabashedly continues to threaten the nation of Iran!

The brazenness of America's current leaders and their lack of respect for human lives and the standard of law, reminds me of the prophecies foretold in the book of Daniel. Could the visions that Daniel saw be more universal in nature? I really do wonder about the spirit that is currently driving this nation, is it Satan or is it God?

The U.S.A. would not tolerate such an attack on its neighbors from an outside aggressor - on either of its borders (Remember the Monroe Doctrine), that is without America getting involved, in order to protect American interests. America's illegal and preemptive actions in the Middle-East have affected not only Iraq, but every other country in that region, if not the world; no nation is safe.

It would appear that from a nuanced American perspective, the so-called third world nations do not have the same privileges, or the right to protect themselves from an outside aggressor as America does.

Yes folks, we have a double-standard when it comes to what America will do, and what other nations are permitted to do!

And all of us should remember what we have read in scripture, i.e., that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people [Prov. 14:34]! Americans must ask themselves, particularly Christian Americans, should our behaviors be defined by American military and economic power, and or our fears? Or should our nation, be submitted to the will of God. I believe that as a nation, we are sinning against God, our brothers and sisters in Iraq and every other nation in the world given our nation's rogue behavior and disrespect for international law.

peace & grace
The Rev