Jul 7, 2007

Regarding Iran's Alleged Participation in the Iraqi Warzone: A Query By Mr. Akrin

But are its actions [Iran's] expansionist?

Of course not, and just as America's leadership has attempted to justify to the world, America's desultory and unwarranted pre-emptive actions in Iraq (which were reportedly done to protect America's citizens from Iraqi WMDs), Iranians believe that they have the right to protect and to defend their own citizens and neighbors and interests from adventuresome America; all of us can recall how those evil Iraqis planned to attack America with phantom WMDs just over 4 years ago<(-: Although, we know now that such was not the case, on the other hand Iranians really do have something to be concerned about - America just steamrolled a country that sits on its border, and America unabashedly continues to threaten the nation of Iran!

The brazenness of America's current leaders and their lack of respect for human lives and the standard of law, reminds me of the prophecies foretold in the book of Daniel. Could the visions that Daniel saw be more universal in nature? I really do wonder about the spirit that is currently driving this nation, is it Satan or is it God?

The U.S.A. would not tolerate such an attack on its neighbors from an outside aggressor - on either of its borders (Remember the Monroe Doctrine), that is without America getting involved, in order to protect American interests. America's illegal and preemptive actions in the Middle-East have affected not only Iraq, but every other country in that region, if not the world; no nation is safe.

It would appear that from a nuanced American perspective, the so-called third world nations do not have the same privileges, or the right to protect themselves from an outside aggressor as America does.

Yes folks, we have a double-standard when it comes to what America will do, and what other nations are permitted to do!

And all of us should remember what we have read in scripture, i.e., that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people [Prov. 14:34]! Americans must ask themselves, particularly Christian Americans, should our behaviors be defined by American military and economic power, and or our fears? Or should our nation, be submitted to the will of God. I believe that as a nation, we are sinning against God, our brothers and sisters in Iraq and every other nation in the world given our nation's rogue behavior and disrespect for international law.

peace & grace
The Rev

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