Jul 19, 2007

Should America Stand Up To Pakistan? The Rev's Reply to Mr. Arkin

Regrettably, America does not see a contradiction
in demanding that every other nation of the world (including Pakistan) compromise their principles, in order to make them comport with the American belief system.

America has been asking President Mushareff to turn on his own people for years. Mushareff keeps trying to balance the demands and the pressure that he feels from both sides, the American and the Pakistani sides.

The question is which side will win out in the end. Should America stand up to Pakistan?

Answer: Shame on you Mr. Arkin for posing such a question, for Pakistan is not responsible for Osama Bin Laden or al-Qeada, that honor goes to America; we created that problem.

And, from all indications we are going to be responsible for creating even more enemies of this type in the future, if we are not willing to compromise and change our own policies (just as we are asking others to do). In other words, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, we need to make some changes ourselves in America, instead of continuing to create problems and enemies abroad that are of our own making!

The Rev

Addenda: To many individuals the Rev will sound unpatriotic. However, the Rev believes that it is important for Americans to be honest about America's contribution to its own problem. We have created many of our own enemies.

And, we should not continue to go around the world threatening nations simply because they have a belief system that differs from our own, or because some of their citizens do not believe in the American belief system. President George H. Bush got in trouble from describing black Americans who fought for their rights as 'freedom fighters'. It would appear that the tables have turned. A nation that celebrates its freedom, has been busy denying other nations of the world, and its the same right to pursue their own destiny!

The only thing America stands to loose is a bit of consumerism, and its pride in being a world-wide hegemon!

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