Jul 17, 2007

Another Proposed Surge: The Rev's Response to Mr. Arkin

Surg-ical or Ethnic Cleansing...

that is what it will come down to in order for the U.S.A. to ever secure a win, in my opinion, in Iraq!

The reason the United States cannot win in Iraq, other than declaring itself the winner is because the world-wide community and most Americans cannot stomach the thought of America engaging in more surges or operations that would be tantamount to American genocide.

In order for America to accomplish its truculent and self-serving aims in that part of the world, many more lives, including many more innocent individuals would have to be snuffed out. And then what? America is simply stuck in Iraq, and Washington does not want to loose face!

The U.S.A. should declare itself the winner (Saddam is gone), reduce its number of troops, allow the Iraqi government to take the lead while the U.S.A. (or a UN force) could intervene and play a backup role. Then the troops will be free, and the U.S.A. can go and pick on another nation like Eritrea, surely they must be threatening us somehow!

Britain, is removing another 500 of its soldiers, hmm. We need to have a political surge take place in Washington DC. Ay ay surge!

The Rev

Addenda: Every American should know now just how the people of Israel must have felt when they were being dominated by Rome, the precursor of the American Republic, during the 1st century C.E..

The fact is that the U.S.A. military strength and killing power dwarfs the killing power of all of the empires that Daniel saw and referred to in the book of Daniel, put together. When you pray about your minor issues and concerns tonight, think about the conquered people of Iraq and what they are going through - for, our nation is responsible for their pain - and many Iraqis are praying to God for an answer!

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