May 28, 2008

I Will Be Looking For A Independent Candidate To Support: If Hillary Does Not Prevail!

Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and see now, and know, and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it. Jeremiah 5:1

The Reverend has made up his mind. If Hillary Clinton fails to prevail and become the Democratic nominee for President, I will be looking for an independent candidate to support as President of the United States of America.

I quote author Derrick Bell who once wrote, ‘if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting’. Any candidate other than Hillary Clinton will not attempt to make the radical changes that need to be made if the USA is to escape from its past mediocrity and service to its outdated domestic and foreign policies and principles.

Senator McCain has made it clear on numerous occasions that he intends to continue with the policies of the past. Senator Obama Hussein talks a good game, however, he has done more retreating on things that matter than he has stood up for; the only thing that I know that he plans to do for sure is to support Israel. Senator Clinton is the only Presidential candidate that appears to recognize that what truly matters in the whole scheme of things is to do the right thing, as opposed to doing the politically correct thing; the latter is what her competitors are doing.

I have already been referred to in a disparaging way by some members of the black community who feel that I should embrace Senator Obama Hussein wholesale, simply because I am black. That is an assertion that I reject wholesale, and having said that, with respect to justice and righteousness for all people, I hold Senator Obama to a higher standard. Why?

Given what black Americans have experienced in America, if any individual should stand up and speak up for social justice without waiver, it ought to be a black wannabe leader. A black leader ought to stand up for what is right even if it means that he won’t be elected President in the land of the free and the home of the slave. Former Representative Shirley Chisholm, and two brilliant civil rights leaders, the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton certainly did.

Were they elected? Of course they were not elected, however, the fact that they were not elected had little to do with their competencies, and neither of the above was elected because America had yet to deal with its own issues of truth, racism and social duplicity. Senator Obama Hussein’s appeal as many in the press have written is that he does not carry the civil rights baggage of his predecessors. My response to that has always been, and why not? Isn’t that what America is supposed to be about. He should be able to look into the crystal ball and see his future because the people that are supporting him the most vociferously blacks and whites are doing so for impure principles and based upon unsound reasoning.

Whites, because you are not like other blacks and you are not for civil rights, and blacks are supporting you mostly because you are black. Hillary is by and far the best person for the job, she has stood up for unpopular issues in the past. She was damaged for doing do so however, even in these waning hours, and given all of the mistakes made my her husband which have impacted every Democratic nominee since, Vice President Gore, Senator Kerry and now the wife of President Clinton, she is still 3rd in line so far to be President.

Senator Hillary Clinton remains my choice, I chose her because she is by far the best person for the job and because I respect her. And if she does not prevail, I will be seeking another canditorial choice, however, I will not vote for either of the 2-front runners who will do nothing more than provide us with what we have already been getting in the past! Senator McCain has been a prisoner of war, Senator Obama Hussein (and his finally proud to be an American wife) have been prisoners of war given the sides of them that are black, yet neither of these two candidates are willing to speak up and fight for justice without wavering!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon
Book Reference: Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism, by author Derrick Bell, 1992!

Addenda: A person who has already been doused in the fire ought to resolutely stand up in the face of all opposition for what is right, Senator Clinton is the only one that has done that so far!

May 27, 2008

Obama Retreating Again?

If he cannot run with the footmen, what will he do when the cavalry comes to town?

So far he has retreated or distanced himself in the following instances (frankly, I was hoping for something other than the usual):

1) He retreated and distanced himself, initially, from his wife’s heartfelt comments with respect to finally being a proud American.

2) He retreated from his own comments about the lives of American troops that have been wasted in Iraq.

3) He retreated from his own heartfelt comments about the religious gun-toting marginalized in America.

4) He has retreated and distanced himself from a 20-year relationship wish his pastor and his faith (what group of individuals have the power to force any man or woman into turning his or her back on their faith)?

As of late he has retreated from his original comments with respect to negotiating with world leaders in order to end geopolitical stalemates and to effectuate peace!

I’ve said it over and over that in time this would likely have made a good President. However, as it stands today he has a lot more to learn. Why Senator Obama was so arrogant in the first place in his put forth effort to leap-frog over a more qualified and experienced candidate in the person of Hillary Clinton does not bode well in my mind?

He needs more preparation; he is not ready to lead yet. He will be making the same kind of boondoggles that we have witnessed already from our current crop of inchoate leaders and leadership. And just consider all of the damage that they are responsible for over the past 7 years.

My advice to Obama is simply to do this; Stand down. If you were to become President you will face an extended learning curve. How would it have hurt you, if you had from the onset simply set out to be a vice president during which time you would have spent an equal amount of time learning how to operate in the top post?

So far, Senator Obama has shown that he does not have the mettle to stand up to the real opposition that will not only be coming from the Republican Party, if he were to be nominated as the Democratic Party nominee, but from all of America and the world.

Who am I supporting? I am supporting Hillary Clinton. She is the best ‘wombed-MAN’ for the job. She is the unparalleled choice in this election cycle, from my point of view. And she would have been an unparallel choice in the previous two general elections. I am praying for a miracle. There is too much at stake, we cannot spend the next 4 to 8 years waiting on yet another novice leader to come up to speed.

Having said that, Obama is not solely responsible for what is taking place. This attempt to dump Hillary Clinton that is shared by Republicans, Representative Lewis and others who have prematurely on the Obama bandwagon prior to giving all of the Democratic and Independent Voters a chance to register their choices for President, proves that they are all unworthy of the responsibility of leadership themselves.

From my vantage point Democrats are behaving like Republicans, in an irresponsible manner By the end of the Democratic primaries Hillary Clinton will have garnered the popular vote. This reminds me of the 2000 election between Gore and Bush? Hopefully Super delegate Vice President Gore will do the right thing and ‘cool down the globally warming party (pun intended)’ and vote for the people‘s choice to be the Democratic Representative. And if we are lucky those amorphous changing with the wind Super delegates who have acted impulsively beforehand in jumping on the Obama wave, will cool down, reverse themselves and support Senator Clinton – the people’s choice.

America needs leadership that can stand up and make the tough decisions, not another coward or ideologue that cower according to the winds of political change! America’s historical policy of not talking with its enemies and misrepresenting itself when it does talk, consider America’s talks and treaties with Native Americans, need to be done away with once and for all Senator Obama.

If you think about it, America spent approximately 350 years or more also refusing to talk to blacks Americans, even during the time when we became de facto American citizens. American’s government sanctioned policies of racial hatred towards blacks was wrong all during that time, however, the government didn’t want to talk about it. The government and the people of America had to be forced into change. I suspect that it was the other nations of the world recognize now is that America has to be forced into change – American’s don’t listen!

So far I have not witnessed anything to make me believe that the Senator will speak up to white ideologues who insist on using America’s overwhelming military and economic might to conquer its foes, as opposed to addressing the issues that are responsible for America having so many foes in the first place. America’s allies have wished that America would learn to talk as opposed to invade and kill. America would prefer to sacrifice the sons and daughters of its citizens as opposed to engaging in principled negotiation first.

American’s current ‘policy of unprincipled negotiation’ works like this; we will tell the, the other nations, the conditions that you will agree to beforehand. And only after you agreed to consent to those conditions beforehand, will we agree to meet and officially accept America’s demands. For 50 years Cuba and Field Castro have refused to capitulate to the American demands, one can only admire Cuban fortitude particularly given its close proximity to America. Senator Obama needs to be more like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez and speak truth to power and to stop capitulating.

And to all of my self-righteous authoritarian male critics, who do not believe that a woman could or should lead this nation, typical authoritarian and religious types, just consider the woman who raised you and ran the house that you grew up in. Just imagine if she had not been there and your pop had gotten away with making every decision – most of us wouldn’t be where we are today?

America has endured male ‘ruler ship’, seldom leadership (with a few exceptions) in Washington for over 2 centuries. Now it is time for capable and qualified leadership to take over at the helm, the male candidates that have run for office in both parties during the last 2 general elections and the mid-term elections prove that there is a paucity of leadership among American males.

Besides, women are the majority in this nation and I suspect that they would do a far better job in a majoritarian society, certainly better than what we have witnessed over the past 7-lost years in America! We will never get those years back!

I also suspect that men have sold their ‘birthright’, if it was their right to lead in the first place oh so long time ago. For having confused ruler ship with leadership, not just in America but male leaders from all over the world, women and most nations have experienced the tyranny of male leadership. Men love to fight by nature; 21st century leadership will require able problem-solvers.

With either a President Hussein or McCain, I suspect that America and the world will simply be going back to the future, and continuing to repeat the same mistakes being made that have historically been made since the inception of this nation and before and since men were in charge.

And if you think about what George Bush referred to last week as a policy of appeasement, simply consider where his policies of misrepresentation and stand-off have gotten us over the past 7-years. Has he done one thing in 7-years to melt the ice between Cuba and the United States other than to say, here is the offer take it or leave it. And who suffers, the people of Cuba suffer.

Does Bush care? He cares about Cuban women and children as much as he seems to care about all of the homeless and uninsured in America.

Senator Obama need to be bigger than Bush and many of his predecessors, I don’t expect anything different from Senator McCain. America and the world simply do not need more of what it has been getting; the United States and the world needs Senator Clinton to take over the reigns.

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

: My compliments to all Americans who have looked past color in selecting Senator Obama as your choice to be the Democratic nominee for President. Your attitudes and behavior have proven that Americans are ready for a change.

And just as many of you have voted for a person of a different race to represent America, I have done the same. We can all be proud that our decisions were not based on the mistakes of the past wherein Americans typically voted for their selections based upon color and gender!

May 26, 2008

American Foreign Policy Equals Whites With Guns & Military Superiority

America is essentially a rogue nation that
has been on steroids since its inception.
It is a State that does not respect other
foreign states or has it respected its own
minority citizens, particularly the ones who
do not and did not have an equal or superior
amount of killing force to confront dominant
white Americans and the white dominated
government. .

Those nations who have a sufficient amount
of force to confront
or to do damage to the
United States, America has historically
sought to neutralize.

Even those lesser States, like Iraq, Iran,
the DPRK, Syria and others, the USA
has invested trillions of dollars to neutralize
these nations and to ensure that they never
acquire the might or force to stand
up to the
unfair and uneven policies and practices of
the USA towards them!

To those who still consider America to be the leading nation in the world, even if it were true it is not because of the morality, justice or equal treatment under the law of America's own people or foreigners, it is because America has the military might to defeat or inflict serious damage on all nation nations the world combined and in tandem. And the other nations know that.

America's abeyance towards other people was not restricted to nations that are abroad.
America did not respect the nations that existed in America, the Arapaho, Iroquois, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Sioux...., or its own black citizens who were abused by the government in tandem with racist systems who sought to and did damage to both groups.

Why? Because neither group had the weapons or superior might to confront mainstream
white America's killing machine.

It is one of the essential problems with white America today, along with greed and self-interest. All 3 went considered together have plagued this nation before and since
America became an established nation.

And since America's inauspicious beginning up and until now, the legacy of
slaughtering other human beings has not dissipated, no not one iota! Just as America used its superior might to conquer natives as well as to subdue its own black citizens, in the same manner the U.S.A. has invaded nations, destroyed their leaders and sought to force its own will upon the people of Iraq. Will it ever end? Is it America's manifest destiny as some believe for America to dominate the world by any means necessary, and that in so doing God is the unseen force that is operating behind the scenes at the White House?

Lame duck and now forever defunct and failed President wannabe' George H. Bush, made it clear recently what his foreign policy consisted of, if anyone was ever in doubt. In reacting to Senator Obama, or if he was truly speaking to President Jimmy Carter's action to help alleviate the stalemates that by and large, have been initiated by the actions of the United States in the Middle-East, Cuba and elsewhere, George Bush Jr. made it clear that negotiating with rogue states and presumably rogue leaders is nothing more than appeasement.

My question is what has President George H. Bush Jr. shown himself to be other than a rogue leader, witness his actions since being in office, particularly in 2003 when he led an illegal and unjust war against Iraq until law - the Rule-of-Law did not matter a bit to this unprincipled rogue leader. And not only in terms of the illegal and presumptuous invasion and occupation of Iraq in deference to the will of the U.N., America's allies and the majority of the American people, consider his saber rattling towards the Democratic Republic of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Nicaragua, shall I go on.

I know that I will offend some by asking this question, but the question needs to be asked? It is essentially this, if George Bush and other American leaders did not have superiority weapons might (not balls), how many Americans still believe that America, an infant 232-year old nation would have behaved in the past, and what would be the difference in terms of how it is behaving now? Why is the United States of America a nation that claims to believe in peace, the number one weapons seller and exporter in the world? Are we really trying to alleviate war and to bring about peace?

Well we certainly are if the proliferation of weapons by a State that harbors the most weapons of any other nation and most other nations combined is the solution that will, as some believe, bring about peace. To those guns bring about peace believers we can ask one simple question, given the nuclear bombs that been dropped, all of the past and recent wars and invasions, how come we still do not have peace?

Is George Bush Jr. solely to blame for America's elitist and arrogant attitude towards other nations and those that America considers to be of inferior stock? When you think about it, he is not alone in his musings. The worst thing that ever happened to the world was for white Americans to acquire guns and other weaponry, artillery, bombers, military satellites, cruise ships, frigates, destroyers, eaves, fissile bombs, submarines, hydrogen bombs and its current arsenal of more sophisticated conventional and nuclear weapons.

When I was growing up, our leaders have America and the world believing that the Soviet Union was the world's number one threat, or nation of mass destruction. Now that the Soviet Union has disappeared and America is no longer able to hide behind the mask of 'we are just an innocent nation here to defend ourselves and the world against the evil atheist Soviet Empire, that's all, most of the world realizes that America is the nation that represents the greatest threat to every other nation and individual of the world!

Every nation that is unwilling to comply with the spoken and unspoken mandates of the United States, is subject to interference, destabilization, pre-emptive attack, surgical strikes, invasion, war and occupation by the United States of America. I predict that sooner than one might think, America's edicts to other nations will be even more pronounced than they are; it all depends upon the next grade of weapons that are produced from the American weapons drawing board.

America continues to spend trillions of dollars each year to develop new weapons systems or to improve upon older systems. One can only wonder if America had invested as much energy in seeking to procure peace, would America be in the position that it is in now, where even America's allies and other nations who were once friendly to the United States share skepticism about America's short and long-term objectives.

Given today's weapons superiority, too many in the white community, particular leaders like George Bush Jr., have little incentive to negotiate in a principled manner with any dissenting individuals or nations in the world, no matter why those nations feel aggrieved - usually due to actions by the United States of America. And where have we witnessed this before? We have witnessed the same internally, both past and present.

America's policy reasoning is essentially this when it comes to dealing with geopolitical issues, particularly where an American foe has tired of America's incessant meddling in said country's internal affairs. America is a menacing nation, one that behaves much like what it accuses other nations of being, a rogue nation.

America, unlike most (and I wouldn't refer to those nations who are tired of America's incessant interference as being rogue), is a rogue nation on steroids, masquerading as a just an even broker. The latter is simply untrue.

And as long as America is armed, the consensus among too many Americans, particularly those who hold the reigns of power is that we don't have to talk to infer nations, because we have overwhelming military support and might on our side. America's pseudo Christian ministers like the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee and others, are on the so-called 'just war' bandwagon. When you consider Iraq, Aquinas must be turning over in his grave for where is the 'justification' for the illegal war in Iraq?

I have had some Americans say to me Reverend; the bible says that there is a time to fight. My answer to them with respect to the war in Iraq is simply, by any standard, this was not the time for America to fight, murder, disrupt or to destabilize a nation and its people. When you consider the undeserved causalities in Iraq, keep in mind that we are talking about a country with a population that is less than the state of California.

America is a bully on steroids, a nation that not only lacks the will to talk to inferior nations, America an elitist rogue state will oftentimes ignore the will of its dissenting allies when they caution America, and beg America to give diplomacy a chance.

Prior to going into to Iraq, America gave diplomacy a chance. America ordered Hans Blix and the Weapons Inspectors out of Iraq, despite the U.N.'s protests to the contrary. Why? Bush had created a pretext for war that was about to be disproved. And seeing how he was bent on attacking Iraq, come hell or high-water, he had to get the inspectors out of Iraq before they could fully expose George Bush's exaggeration about wmds in Iraq.

Why did slavery and racism last for so long in America? In addition to rampant white racism in America, white Americans and the white American government had guns and weapon superiority. Why did America refused to negotiate in a profound manner or to keep its word on those occasions when settlements were supposedly reached with native Americans? Once again it was because white Americans and the white American government knew that it had superior guns, weapons and military might in order to overcome and force its will upon the native Americans.

Power has had a deleterious effect upon the white American psyche. It has created a 400-year persistent attitude that says that as long as we have superior weapons and military might, that America will never cow tow to the lowly or the great unwashed, no matter how right they may be in their assertions.

Who will stand up and say that it is time for America to change its attitudes, its policies and to reduce its weapons strength? Obama, thought about it, but he has already backed down. Why won't America change voluntary? There are two reasons. One, given America's historical mistreatment and interference in too many other nations of the world, America is afraid to allow other nations of the work to see America in a weakened state. The other reason is simply this, as long as America can maintain superior force and might, America will never have to change, everyone else and every other nation will have to change or comply with the will of non-appeasement American hegemony and rogue leaders.

Until then, America will never negotiate with any people or nation in good faith - all that will ever matter is American interest! The world and the United Nations made an incredible mistake by permitting America to look the other way, as it permitted America to arm itself as it did. And certainly now, the United States looks even upon the 192 United Nations organization with contempt!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Had God intended for man to 'live by guns alone', a gun would have been a human appendage!

Memorial Day 2008 In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave!

There should be a special memorial celebration someday when white America will be forced to honor all of the Native, Black and Asian Americans who fought for the freedom and preservation of America, during the same period when they were being egregiously discriminated against by white Americans, and while some of them were still slaves.


Memorial Day 2008 In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave!

Today, I knew better, however, I decided to attend a Memorial Day celebration at Chabot Park in San Leandro California, anyway.

Veterans who served in WWII, the Vietnam, Korean and Iraqi invasion and occupation war were honored. We all stood for the presentation of the color guard, and eat your heart out Senator Obama, I took my hat off. I stood there thinking of my dad and his fellow black comrades who were shipped off to fight against Hitler during WWII, only to return home and be subjected to the same racist conditions that they were exposed to before they left America to fight for someone else’s freedoms.

Towards the end of the program and just prior to the picnic, a white American who served in the Vietnam War proclaimed that America is the greatest nation in the world. And he went on to explain why America was without peer as far as other nations of the world were concerned. He explained how in America an individual is free (not a biblical concept by the way) to do whatever he wants to do.

Despite his faux pas, he wouldn’t close his mouth and sit down. The last phrase that
emanated from his lips prior to his wife having him to sit down were, “and Africa is crazy”. I spoke to a friend who attended the affair along with me, who had been a fan of Reverend Hagee up until the remarks that he released earlier in the week with respect to Hitler being an instrument in the hand of God to bring about the repatriation of Israel to its homeland. My friend and I had talked earlier in the week about the new-fangled white ministers who have suddenly decided to come over and to be nice to black people.

I explained that it was unfortunate that many of them failed to show up when Dr. Martin Luther King went to his cross. I also reminded him what the scriptures read, that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. In other words, platitudes do not matter; neither does pseudo-ingratiation matter. I encouraged him again to be cautious when dealing with white ministers, particularly those who show up on America’s airwaves.

I explained that in one singular instance that we had witnessed that what was in this veterans heart, just as what was in Rev. Hagee’s heart came out! This man made his desultory comments in deference to the dozen or so African-Americans who were in the audience. Before leaving, I stopped to thank the minister for the service and for providing us with a wonderful picnic meal. You see, this was a church-sponsored event. The gentleman who made the off-color remark(s) was sitting directly in front of the minister at the picnic table. He never looked up at me. I suppose that it was a good thing that he didn’t or else what was in my heart might have come out.

We have a long way to go in terms of race relations in this country. And he have a long way to go in terms of getting some Americans to understand that the America that has been the land of the free for them, has been the land of the slave for other Americans, and no amount of condescension or any caustic remarks like, you ought to be glad that you are here despite what we did to you or your ancestors will ever help to make things any better.

There should be a special memorial celebration someday when white America will be forced to honor all of the Native, Black and Asian Americans who fought for the freedom and preservation of America, during the same period when they were being egregiously discriminated against by white Americans, and while some of them were still slaves.

Well this represents two in a row for me; in 2007 I attended a similar church service in Vienna Virginia at the McLean Bible church. This year, 2500 miles away I experienced the same sentiments being shared in San Leandro California no less.

Next year, on Memorial Day and Veterans Day I will simply go to the beach or Lake Tahoe and honor the memories of loved ones I know who served the United States and fought for freedom and justice and protection for a nation that discriminated against them while they were doing so!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

When will the other 50% of white America experience a flushing out or a change of heart? I will be the first to admit that many white Americans already have experienced a change of heart, and not a simple exhibition or show of a change in behavior in spite of what still lies comfortably embedded in their hearts.

May 17, 2008

Senator Obama & White America: Blacks Are Allowed To Feel And To Express Their Emotions!

Thank God for Bishop Tutu and Bill Moyers.

First of all Bishop Tutu correctly stated, I don't know what all of the fuss is about with respect to what The Wright Reverend said, because most black Americans feel exactly the way that The Wright Reverend Jeremiah does.

Thank you Bishop, I have been challenging black Americans with respect to your position, because I have heard so many black Americans, over my lifetime, express similar sentiments as those which were put forth by the Wright Reverend. To watch some of these same black Americans, all of the sudden get religion 'so to speak', and to turn on Reverend Wright just because they want to get Senator Obama, a black man, elected is hypocritical as well as frightening. Senator Obama should have spoken up more vociferously in favor of his wife's comments, his own previous comments and the Wright Reverend's comments.

I believe that people ought to be consistent, regardless of their racial group. Black people and even Obama, ought to be consistent. A simple retort that Senator Obama could have used, when it came to remarks made by both his wife and The Wright Reverend that he distanced himself from, could have been put into the form of a question। He could have simply asked their critics and his for that matter?

If the shoe were on the other foot white America, and you had experienced what blacks and their ancestors experienced in this country, what would you be doing or saying?
Then I would only wish that I could be there to answer for them। Their answer ought to be, that even when less was done to us or our ancestors, we broke away and went to war with our native country (the English), invaded and took land from other free people (native Americans), killed, murdered, raped and enslaved (black women and girls)..., and in modern times have dropped fission, hydrogen and chemical weapons on other people, or invaded their countries, deposed their governments and hung their leaders, some who haven't done a thing to us - we simply start a rumor, and then we kill।

And some white Americans have the audacity to believe that black Americans aren't permitted to simply speak out loud about their pathos or to the oppressors who were and are responsible for it? Black Americans cannot speak from their hearts? Many black Americans would be much healthier if they were to ventilate and say, I hate what your racial group did to ours, and I hate what some of you are still doing and trying to our racial group today.

And Bill Moyers, thank you for providing a fair and a balanced opinion with regard to the whole matter। It is always refreshing when someone from the opposite racial group will simply stand up and state the obvious. You are so correct that the media has taken a sound-byte from a whole sermon that was given 4 or 5 years ago, and repeated portions of the sermon that will stir up the ire of whites, without presenting the entire sermon within its complete and historical context. That tells you a lot about the media. It sounds much like something that politicians like George Bush would do.

Should blacks hate America for buying them, enslaving them, forcing their ancestors to work without pay, raping and molesting underage girls and black women and for a government that worked in tandem to provide advantages for one class of Americans over another (even before it officially became a government and up until recently), and helped to create a permanent black underclass in America...! Why yes we should hate America. The ironic thing is that we don't have America, we hate white injustice!

And for those who say, well if you don't like the manner in which will we mistreat you, then why don't you simply get out (God knows I've heard that more than once) and go back to where you came from? Why don't you go back where you came from? It is the unjust who should be punished, or forced to leave. We don't have to leave, you may have been occupying America (for more than 100 years ala John McCain), however, and at the end of the day, this is still not your country! I consider myself to be a guest of the native Americans. If they asked me to leave, I would!. I will never respond to squatters!

My favorite new phrase for those who like to say, black Americans hate America, is as follows: Some individuals hate their jobs, however, they still go to work everyday. I'm certain that many Americans can relate to that. Is it only white American that is permitted to express its deserved emotions. You folks express hatred and animus towards people who haven't even done anything to you. The truth of the matter is, you can hate something, even get angry with it (see the canon) and still choose not to respond in kid.

My point is, even though blacks hate American injustices and they should, we haven't nuked, bombed, invaded or enslaved you; we continue to appeal to your sense of justice and fair play - simply behave in a fair manner if you can - as you know, whenever we compete on a level playing field, we always win!

For many in the white racial group, so many of you keep playing games, just as you have done with the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright. A black man preaches one sermon and there you go, "get the guns"! Thank God for the civil ones among you who have turned away from white wickedness and white supremacy. For the rest of you, if the canon is true, You Will BE Judged for your misbehavior just as everybody else will be, just as the Wright Reverend preached in his sermon. Or do you also believe like some of you behave, that you are also exempt from God's justice too?

Now my favorite scriptures to quote for those Americans black and white who say, Reverend, you're not supposed to hate. I will refer you to Proverbs the 6th chapter. It reads as follows:

16These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

And certainly, white America has been, and some still are guilty of all six.

Conclusion: Take it up with God! I hate what you did to our people, our mothers, our children and to me - it was wrong, and if you're still doing it - it is still wrong!

And I do not have the problem, the Wright Reverend does not have the problem, neither did Dr. MLK have the problem. Some of you and many of your ancestors were the ones who were full of hatred towards me, my people and others, it is not the other way around. Black people, it is not only okay to hate injustice, (God apparently does), it is healthy to hate it!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: If you want to learn more about hate, contact the NAACP Headquarters in Baltimore Maryland. Ask them about the amount of electronic hate mail that they have been receiving on a daily basis for the past decade along from loving white Americans. And white America is upset given a soundbyte, that was taken one one man's sermon 4 years ago? Jesus even said that if a man didn't hate father, mother..., he is not worthy of me. Blacks obviously don't hate whites, we are still marrying their daughters!

May 15, 2008

Senator Obama & Black Role Models Volume 7

36 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 7:57 pm
@Rev Solomon,
You still misread or won’t address what I ask you so i’ll just respond to your last posts। In the words of that great American bard, Kanye West, “Ward Conelly hates black people”. How else would you describe his nefarious attempts at killing affirmative action. And as for Farrakan, he helped create a climate of hatred and hostility toward Malcoln X that led to his death and he gets no free pass on that.

I don’t think that the Clintons freed the slaves but lets look at their records।I’ll give Bill a couple of things. First he understood the power of black media with his appearance on Arsenio Hall. Also the economy was very good for the black middle class and there was not a war and the problems now with housing, gas prices and the credit crunch. But lets go deeper.He left the campaign trail to sign a death warrant for Ricky Ray Rector, a retarded black man to show that he was tough on crime.

He screwed Lani Guinier(a friend of his)by denying her even the opportunity of a hearing to serve as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department.
It was Bill Clinton who signed the Anti-Terrorism and Death Penalty Act that severely limited appeals for death row inmates।(Thank god for The Innocence Project!!)

It was Bill Clinton who signed the Welfare Reform Bill which had the gall to call itself the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, but he never said a word about the hateful public relations campaign against poor black mothers that accompanied the introduction and passage of that bill।

Since you are an astute scholar on African issues, why have not you mentioned your beloved Bill and then Secretary of State Madeline Albright hemming and hawing and refusing to use the word “genocide” while 250,000 Tutsis were being massacred in Rwanda? He went all out to stop the genocide in the Balkans। What color skin was valued more by your beloved Clinton administration, the whites in the Balkans who were helped or the black Tutsis who were ignored?

I have no problem with Bill telling people to vote for his wife. But for him to say that Obama’s campaign is a “fairy tale” or that America would be “rolling the dice” to vote him or calling Obama a “boy” is highly offensive Let me follow this post further with your choice, Hillary।

# 37 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 8:21 pm
@Rev. Solomon,
Hillary is playing the race card way better than I ever could Rev। Solomon. Let’s review her campaign. First and foremost she thought that this was going to be a coronation. Then Iowa struck. She refused to apologize for her war vote but then it was to late. Obama was off to the races.

She tried to attack him on minor issues on basically the same heath care plan which also failed। On personality and character, no contest. He’s elegant, talented and intellectually quick on his feet. She lost that round also.

Then she trid a silly plagiarism charge that went nowhere. Then she tried the experience card. Past against future in a change election. Right. I can still hear that Bosnian sniper fire.
Obama has had some stumbles also with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Michelle Obama’s comments about never have been proud of America and Barack’s own guns-and-God condescention toward small-town whites।

Then she joins with McCain with this bogus gas tax holiday that took the spotlight off of the amazing Rev। Wright and his buffon show at the National Press Club. Just this past Wednesday in an interview with USA Today on why she should be the nominee instead of Obama, she cited an Associated Press article “that found Senator Obama’s support….among working, hardworking Americans, WHITE Americans,is weakening again. I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on”.

That is a hell of a rationale to take to the superdelegates. Translation: There’s no way that white people are going to vote for the black guy। In November you will be sorry. But to let you tell it Rev. Solomon, I’m the racist one.

# 38 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 9th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Common Sense,Go back and review your own threads, and compare them against what has been written in aggregate on this blog. You are the only one who is using terms like Ms. Ann, Whitey…., and basing your arguments on race instead of substance!

I am not an apologist for Hillary Clinton, and I gurantee you that you are far more fond of Senator Obama, than I am of Senator Clinton. I have simply repeated what I have done in every election, gather information, analyize the information and decided who I believed would be the best candidate. And if you will be honest about the demographic and democratic shift among black voters, are you trying to tell me that it has not been based mostly upon Obama’s race? I was speaking to a black busdriver the other day, and he belted out, I LOVE OBAMA! Love him? Hmm!

And before you answer, along with Senator Clinton’s apparent expectation of being corronated by black Americans, if the polls are correct blacks intended to vote previously en masse for Senator Clinton. If black Americans who are leaning towards Obama now, as I understand at the rate of 90%, and changed their position because they feel that Senator Obama is the best candidate, who can argue with that?

However, if blacks changed their votes simply because Obama is black, then as I have alluded to, many blacks are voting based on race, and simply repeating the mistakes of the past, i।e, voting according to race and gender. There is so much at stake both domestically and in the world, that a cavalier approach of voting in this year’s election according to any other variable than what is best, could have devastating long-term effects. GB is leaving the nation and the world in a mess!

Gas prices, food prices, wars, invasions, uninsured Americans, home-foreclosures, impending recession, occupations & invasions in other nations…!

We need someone who can turn America’s domestic and foreign policy agenda around। Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba…, all need someone strong in office, as well as America, the DPRK and who did I miss?

I suppose that Maya Angelou, Maxine Waters and many others must not have gotten the memo, that their candidates is running a racist campaign।

Let me try this another way, you do not have to hate Senator Clinton in order to support Senator Obama। You clearly have a lot of animus saved up for Senator Clinton. All that I have done is to analyze the candidates who are running for the President of the USA! I don’t have any animus towards Senator Obama!

# 39 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 10th, 2008 at 12:57 pm
Why is it that in choosing to vote for one candidate, that there has to be a referendum, by some, on everyone and everything else?

With respect to my having cherry-picked which ’strawmen’ questions I chose to respond to or not, what difference would it make.? May I simply stipulate that I do not agree with everything thatBIll Clinton did (NAFTA, GATT…), nor do I agree with everything that Hillary Clinton did (her vote to fund the Iraq war)। With respect to Guinier, who nominated her?

My issue with you is that are attacking other seasoned voters, some of us who happen to be voting for the same person that you are voting for if he prevails, because we won’t despise our picks and the people that we have chosen first, to serve as President of the USA। Again, we are not the ones who are name calling and using pejoratives to describe other candidates.

If someone had employed the perjoratives that you have in reverse against Senator Obama or yourself, you would be screaming racism, or if it happened at work you would be contacting the EEOC!

# 40 Common Sense Says: May 10th, 2008 at 5:22 pm
@Rev. C. Solomon,
As tempted as I am to respond to your posts, since tomorrow is Mother’s Day I’ll save my incendiary, racist, inflammatory remarks for next week or on the next post where we disagree। I want to take this time to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the black women who have had an impact in your life. And the white mothers too.(And that didn’t even hurt Rev.)

# 41 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 13th, 2008 at 12:36 pm
Common Sense,
And what will you say to the white mother’s, Happy Mother’s Day Miss Ann?
I’m sure that your mother did not raise you to be so narrow, caustic and abrasive, and you’ve proven that it takes time to mature. Someday, you will learn to carry on a dialogue, without lashing out at people or peppering the dialogue with racist repartee! Isn’t that what black Americans have been saying to our counterparts for years?
Deal with your pathology Common Sense।

# 42 Common Sense Says: May 13th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
@Rev. Solomon,
Even you in your indignation and quick to label me(as I am you), fail to see the wit, humor or in an abstract way, declaring peace on Mother’s Day! Rev।, it does not take a genius to see that your posts are being monitored.I cannot even take a day off from replying to you and wishing black and white mothers a happy Mother’s Day without you taking it to the alley.

Let me congratulate you and Miss Ann on her stunning, spectacular, game-changing, election-changing win in the great, open-minded, all men are created equal state of West Virginia। There are truly no race problems in America. Land of the free, home of the brave. I know you have your hand over your heart as you read this. I know you will sleep well tonight!! All is well in the world.

# 43 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 15th, 2008 at 6:23 pm
Common Sense
I see that you are still fixated on race, and the venal and subtle use of perjoratives which expose your underlying motives! Your writings do not reflect the attitude or the tenor of the candidate that you appear to support - he is not a racist. You also have some deep-seated psycho-social/projection issues it would appear !

I will leave you with this quotation (hope it helps):
It seems to me that every experience I have, possesses meaning and significance. I can see the focus of that which happens to me upon the screen of my life and can understand that the messages are coming to me, and they will be prepared to go out from me as I seek to guide and lead and develop those who need my help.Mary McLeod Bethune
You need help Common Sense!

Peace & Grace,
Rev. C. Solomon
Addenda: Who was right? I don't know, however, in my position the youthful 'Common Sense' is a black racist. On one hand he wants Senator Obama to win, and he is laughing it up over the white candidates that are supporting him. Those white voters who are not supporting Senator Obama, he refers to as 'whitey' and Ms. Ann. I still believe that if Senator Obama were to prevail, and if he did not respond to the issues of black Americans as quickly as individuals like 'Common Sense' expect, that soon after Senator Obama would be installed into office, 'Common Sense' would be calling Senator Obama 'Uncle Tom'!

May 14, 2008

Senator Obama, Black America & A Systematic Approach: Or Another Kerry or Gore Failure!

Senator Obama, Black America & A Systematic Approach:

As the election cycle drudges onward, more and more it is becoming clear to most Americans that having a neophyte to serve as the President of the United States, of the kind that we have had for the past 8 years simply does not make any sense at all. And when you take into consideration the state that the nation is in, that will be turned over to another inchoate President, it simply would not make sense to repeat a similar mistake all over again and put someone in office who will have to be permitted, more or less, a reasonable learning curve. How long would it take? Eight years in office did not help Bush, however, four more years of preparation could prove to have many dividends for Senator Obama.

Black Americans, the majority of them, who switched from supporting Hillary Clinton, who was apparently black America's default candidate to Senator Obama Hussein recently, simply put want a black leader to preside over this nation. And it is understanding given the politics of race in this nation. Blacks have been the recipients of economic and political disenfranchisement, despite their contributions of labor and service to this nation from the first day that blacks arrived on these shores.

The face of political and economic disenfranchisement for black Americans, has always been white. After 232 years of white-faced leadership, blacks believe that if America were to place a leader with a black face in office as President of the USA, then suddenly all of their problems would go away. The problem with that fortuitous conclusion is that it is simply a pipe dream. If Black Americans were simply to consider what has taken place in South Africa, a nation with a 96% black majority, not much has changed in spite of South Africa's current and past black Presidents, Mandela and Mbeki.

The two Presidents were not able to change South Africa overnight, and they are a long way from completing that arduous tasks. There has not been a universal redistribution of income। Ancestral lands have not been returned en masse to to the majority in the black nation of South Africa. Black Africans continue to suffer disproportionately, while they continue to exist in shantytowns and ghettos with poor utilities and other services. Why? Two factors really, the obvious being that there are structures in place that would prevent any leader, white, black or Indian in South Africa, to simply walk in and do what he or she wishes to do.

White Afrikaners still hold the reigns of power, and they still control the wealth and the majority of economic institutions in South Africa। The second factor is the learning curve. As accomplished as both Presidents are, both men of skill, education and knowledge, the factor of the learning curve overrides a petulant desire to simply walk in and 'change things'.

The mendacious black tergiversators, in the African-American community in the majority white United States of America, which I often refer to as, the land of the free and the home of the slave, will still control the reigns of power, the institutions and the wealth of this nation no matter who becomes President.

It is neither axiomatic or automatic that if Senator Obama or any other black leader were to prevail and become President of the United States, that he or she would have to deal with a learning curve, as well as the structural white norms that are already inculcated within the American mixed-society. If Senator Obama were to prevail, I suspect that the hopes of black America will still be dashed, when after 2 to 400 years of waiting, they still won't get what they want, not immediately anyway.
There is another very serious issue to be considered here, and it has to do in part with race. Will the majority of Americans place their confidence and trust in a black leader, or will his poll numbers begin at say 25% support, and steadily decline to zero or the dreaded "No Confidence" in his first year in office? Simply put, white Americans are hard-wired not to trust anyone but their own. What will this portend for America's domestic policy, one has to wonder. I don't have any prescient knowledge of what will happen, however, this is what I believe will happen, and I've experienced it before myself with white Americans.

Let's assume that Senator Obama becomes the President. On every issue, the government will proceed as normal, their will be cabinet meetings, the President will meet with his cabinet and go about the issue of tending to government business. However, there will be an undermining of his authority as President. The white Americans who will pay lip service and refer to him on a political basis as Mr. President, will listen to hear what he has to say, and if it displeases them, they will refer to their official and unofficial caucuses, and decide how to navigate around the President with say an Executive Order, or a direct order.

What would this portend for America internationally? It wouldn't take long before foreign governments will represent the Black President of the USA, does not have the support of the American people who make the difference. Are who are the American people that make the difference? They are the ones with power, and power, compensatory, condigned or conditional, can be represented in terms of wealth, political power or the real control of the military and the voting masses.

I believe that Senator Obama would become a lame-duck President very likely on his first day in office. Of course there will be a polite rendering of, well, let's just wait and see, however, just as Senator Obama has chosen to retreat on certain issues that pertain to his personal feelings, those of his wife, his pastor and his church, I suspect that he will capitulate again when he is told, THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT!

Sure he will have an impotent black minority supporting him, however, he will sustain the same kind of behavior from the black community if they don't get what they want quickly, jobs, capital, affirmative action type preferences, reversals of the past historical legacy of racial animus and equal access to all of the opportunity structures in this nation. White Americans might attenuate and accept a few ignoble gestures from a black president to the black community, however, they will only tolerate so much largess.

Cutting to the chase, where do I really stand on the Senator Obama Presidential hopefuls candidacy. I believe that he should have helped to solidify the system that he is taking advantage of in order to accomplish his dream of being President. Senator Obama, and many black Americans should have worked to solidify the Democratic Party, and Senator Obama should have waited his turn. I believe that Senator Obama needs to learn a lot more before seeking the office of President. Just consider all of the guffaws and faux pas' of President George Bush. Has this nation ever had a more incompetent leader.

Ambassador Alan Keyes, when running against then candidate Bush said, 'The man does not have the mental capacity to be President', and President Bush has definitely proven that in my opinion. On the other hand, does Senator Obama have the mental capacity to be President, I would answer yes. However, just having the mental capacity is not enough, not only as far as Senator Obama is concerned, the same rule should apply no matter who desires to seek the office of President.

But even after you've proven that you have the mental capacity, there should be a reasonable period of time and training in order to hone your craft. Most educational institutional and corporate institutions have a tenure or executive track program. Candidates are expected to join, or be hired, and afterward learn as much as they can, while being considered for promotion. Senator Obama could have satisfied the executive track program by putting his ticket into the hat to become a vice president. In that capacity, he could have learned and practiced the nuances that are all associated with being President.

Why is that Americans like George Bush and Obama Hussein in recent times have been so truculent, if not arrogant, by presupposing that just anyone can step up one day and say that I want to be the President of the United States of America. If the American people are willing to vote for them, shouldn't that be enough. The American people voted for George Bush two times, I REST MY CASE!

Obama, wait your turn and if you truly value the office that you are pursuing, invest the time to prepare for doing that job, our lives, our children's lives, our security and our livelihoods are all at stake. And this risk aversive experiment of yours, that is being supported primarily by sychophants who are less than politically astute, and who do not understand how American as well as geopolitical politics works, are neither serving the nation nor a very unstable world very well!

As I close, I would like to see a self-deprecating Senator Obama stand up and say that I am going to do all of us a favor, and go and spend a bit more time getting prepared for such a serious understanding. For now, make yourself available to be drafted as a vice presidential candidate, who wants to prepare to be the best president, America's 1st black president, that this nation has ever seen. Otherwise, if you were to be elected and fail due to presumptuousness, neither blacks nor whites will ever support a minority candidate again en masse, anytime soon!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon
Addenda: I believe that Obama is about to ruin something that could have been very good. I believe that right now his timing is slightly off! Depending on the outcome, minorities may or may not ever get an opportunity like this again. What we all should learn from this experience is the wisdom of building sustaining broad-based colations, and how to work in collaboration within those coalitions. The scholarly Senator Obama should be able to see the bigger picture.

If I were he, I would again simply make myself available to be vice president। In the interim I would call together other scholars and civil rights leaders, and examine what we did right and what we have done wrong. I would call all in all of those that I have offended, or have been offended with me along the way. And from all of the information garnered, whether selected Vice President of the United States or not, over the next couple of years, I would build a machine and myself in a lasting manner, that would provide social justice leadership for this nation into perpetuity!

Wisdom dictates that often, the ones who appear to be your enemies can be your best friends! Obama needs to build a broad-based machine that can produce future presidents!

May 13, 2008

The Rev Fights With A Black Fascist Obama 1st Supporter

Where it all began.

The Rev said to Tlallen29

Jesus taught, fed & worked miracles for years, the crowds followed him everywhere that he went. By the time that he was crucified on the cross, all of the beneficiaries, like blacks in America today, were MIA. Hillary is experiencing the same from the black community. A vote for Obama does not necessitate a referendum on one who served black people. Read John 7:8, did Jesus lie, he went to the feast. Stop being black fascists. There is nothing wrong w working via a system.
To be called Black Fascists... from someone who just likened Hillary Clinton to Yeshua the Messiah... is disturbing at best. You obviously don't do your homework on Hillary. The fact you feel that she was betrayed speaks to the mindset that she was OWED our votes. At 56 Im not surprised but saddened by your ignorance. Have we NO elders with wisdom to look up to anymore? You should be ashamed... but I don't think you are intelligent enough to be.
Thallen29, I've been called worse. Look up the word fascist. You and your sycophants cannot be permitted to force your will upon black people, any more than Hitler or America sought to force its will upon jews and black people. Support of one candidate does not require a referendum upon another one. Obama is a default candidate for many of us - we have not tried to destroy him, as some of you have tried to destroy Clinton. You seem to be rather obtuse yourself - I hoped you were teachable!
me and my sycophants... are forcing our will upon black people. amazing analysis. Perhaps she will let you shine her shoes and drive her to the piggly wiggly when the campaign is over
Hitler? really? For exercising my God given right to free speech? Oh wait.. I was almost surprised by that comparison until I remembered you likening Hilary Clinton to God...
Tlalen, let me help you. He has not been hurt because of black leaders. He was subjected to scrutiny in a white crucible by whites and he wilted. You've experienced the same crucible. We are not a monolithic community, it is okay for blacks to scrutinize the retreating Obama who has already run away from 5 issues that matter. What will he do when he faces the Republicans or if he were elected Prez? Stop behaving like black fascists. You will turn on him also, if you don't get what you want?
Your help is neither required nor wanted. You are right, he hasn't been hurt specifically because we aren't monolithic. The motives behind the attempt is what doesn't sit well with me. To be honest with you sir and I use that term loosely, Im pretty detached at this point as I know the truth of this government and its direction REGARDLESS of the puppet it uses. I'll behave in any manner I see fit and if that bothers you ... simply leave my page. Not a hard concept.
Thallen. A wise man can learn more from a fool than a fool can from a wise man. Any man who is not interested in help himself should not be spewing his venom to other people. Open up 56 year old man, it has long since been time for you to do so! Study the black South African presidencies and you might learn something. BTW don't destroy your own people who have differences of opinion!
thats hilarious as YOU came to MY video in the way that you did... but somehow Im the ignorant fool. While I respect your age I don't respect your approach. Frankly I don't care for your opinion although you are entitled to it. Again you are not telling me anything that I haven't considered so please just go your way in peace.
Tlallen29, Whites are laughing their hearts out. They have been trying to destroy black leaders & the Clintons for years, and you, Senator Obama and your ill-informed friends are doing it for them. The good thing about all of this is that Bill Cosby has some company now. Has everyone that has served us before, who does not capitulate to the will of blacks, as Obama capitulted to the will of whites, suddenly become an Uncle Tom? Your immediate gratification generation gives me pause!
Number One: I don't live my life according what will or will not amuse a specific racial group. If you do, thats totally on you. Luckily for my "immediate gratification generation" we don't have to deal with your "Massah been Good to us" generation mentality as we can actually think for ourselves. If you think that for one second Clinton is all for you... when she is stressing the importance of her white blue collar voters as we speak... you are insane.
only pause... darnit I hit the STOP button....
revsolomoncThalen, stop being churlish my man, and be teachable yourself, isn't that the point of this whole exercise? Develop a worldwview, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Africans, Hawaiians, Cubans, Bolivians all need our help. Your vitriol and vituperation suggests a deeper pathology my friend. We are in theory all fighting for the cause of freedom & justice. Our theme, ought to be, to pursue different passions for different people. More growth awaits you. Sorry to slam you bro, but you need to be slammed!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Check out Tlallen on YouTube. Honestly, he seems like a pretty cool and postive brother to me. I am simply trying to get him to have some tolerance for the other cool brother's and sisters in the world, who happen not to share all of his opinions! I am also trying to get him to see that some of us who Hillary Clinton is our first choice, also plan to vote for Senator Obama as our default candidate, and therefore to stop being so intolerant!

The Rev's Dialogue With 'A Conservative!

The Rev's Dialogue With 'A Conservative!
JBTG33 said:
I have spent most of my life working in the inner-city. I see how the system works. The government has created more poor people, by making the poor dependent on the government.

I believe in helping my fellow man, but not the way the government does it. the more socialistic we become, the more people rely on the government. What has the government done to earn my trust? Why should I willingly give the government more of my hard earned tax dollars?

The Rev Responded

One caveat, the government created more poor people by giving preferential treatment to one class of American citizens over the other. That trend lasted for more than two centuries, that is why we have an institutionally created underclass. Remember what Hegel said about man's inhumanity to man: the ownership of property & the pursuit of power through class struggle? Visit ward 7 or 8 in the District, and you will see the working poor struggling in the shadows of the Federal Gov't!

The fact is that there has been and is enough wealth to provide a decent living wage for all Americans who want jobs. The uneven distribution, has nothing to do with dependence, it has everything to do with greed, and bad policy. Limbaugh said it best, 'tax us [the wealthy] and we will still have our chauffeurs, swimming pools et al'. I said, exactly! Many Americans are loosing $ in stock & investment funds। God's comeuppance perhaps, for building bigger barns while others suffer in squalor?

The discussion in its entirety:
JBTG33 said:
I hear you loud and clear....another election with not much to pick from.
Ambassador Keyes is an erudite black man. He was dispatched to Illinois several years ago in order to defeat the Obama Candidacy. Sadly, afterward, the same conservatives who sent him to Illinois, turned on him, referring to him as a lunatic. Currently, they plan to do the same thing to the man that he defeated, Hillary Clinton, Black leaders and the social justice movement. Ambassador made a mistake by allowing himself to be used! Comeuppance?

Wow, must be neat to have the inside information.

JBTG33, I've spent years in Washington DC working with Conservatives and so-called liberals. And what qualifies you to be a cynic?

I have spent most of my life working in the inner-city. I see how the system works. The government has created more poor people, by making the poor dependent on the government. I believe in helping my fellow man, but not the way the government does it. the more socialistic we become, the more people rely on the government. What has the government done to earn my trust? Why should I willingly give the government more of my hard earned tax dollars?

JBTG33 One caveat, the government created more poor people by giving preferential treatment to one class of American citizens over the other. That trend lasted for more than two centuries, that is why we have an institutionally created underlcass. Remember what Hegel said about man's inhumanity to man: the ownership of property & the pursuit of power through class struggle? Visit ward 7 or 8 in the District, and you will see the working poor struggling in the shadows of the Federal Gov't!

I believe that Ambassador Keyes would make an excellent cabinet member or adviser. I remember when he spoke, over a decade ago, to our prospective barristers at Stanford. He and others on the panel did a yeoman's job. On the other hand he is a polarizing figure, not many Americans would be able to tolerate his shoot from the hip machine gun-style repartee! Those who believe that Senator Obama is elitist, would have a very difficult time if Ambassador Keyes were their opponent!

JBTG33 There are over 300,000 registered lobbyists. Many lobbying organizations, former Representatives & Senators, have offices located on "K" Street in Washington, literally a stone's throw from the White House, and not too far from the Hill! It is their dependency on the gov't that has resulted in an inequitable distribution. These individuals receive government handouts on an almost daily basis.

Get the government out of the picture and you eliminate the lobbyists. The government is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The fact is that there has been and is enough wealth to provide a decent living wage for all Americans who want jobs. The uneven distribution, has nothing to do with dependence, it has everything to do with greed, and bad policy. Limbaugh said it best, 'tax us [the wealthly] and we will still have our chauffeurs, swimming pools et al'. I said, exactly! Many Americans are loosing $ in stock & investment funds. God's comeuppance perhaps, for building bigger barns while others suffer in squalor?

I'm not rich. I just work hard and take care of my family. I am not envious of the rich, I'm glad that there are rich people, they create jobs for the rest of us. The "soak the rich" idea is stupid and not fair, what did the rich do wrong?

jmtg33, In consideration of comments made by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, University Professor at Georgetown University. He said something that you might want to consider. He spoke to the issue of episodic benevolence, in contrast to structural imbalances, not an exact quote. All Americans are willing to share, mostly, in the face of an immediate disaster. The real disaster in America has persisted so long, that most Americans accept it as a condition. We need to address the structural barriers.

Americans are by nature, willing to help their neighbor. Its not the government job. It's a personal choice. How on earth did we survive with out income tax? Income tax didn't start until the early 1900's.

jbtg33, A man wrote me saying, it is not racism that keeps blacks poor, blacks simply need capitalism. I reminded him of Mr. Bush's comments about New Orleans, he attributed the problems of Orleans to a history of white racism. Racism (individuals & institutional) kept a permanent underclass from capital. Consider the hundreds of years of labor by black slaves, who has the capital? Consider the years of disproportional pay due to racism? Who kept the capital? Structural imbalances built..
Go to school work hard, don't rely on the government to solve your problems. Rely on the government and you will always be poor. With all the programs, why are there so many poor people? The government has taught them to be dependent. Do we teach our own children to be dependent? I don't.

REV, you seem very educated, have you ever worked in the inner city? I have, I know what I'm talking about. It's not as complicated as most want to believe.

jctg33, Much like the stimulus package that the President is offering today, in order to stimulate the economy, the benefits of the forementioned projects were an invaluable aid to stimulating the American economy, its people and eventually production. Or, consider Japan or China incorporated. Our government is more involved than you are apparently aware with with respect to stimulating and protecting a segment of corporate America. We need to restructure policies & standards for the benefit

jbtg33, Finally. The WPA, TVA ..., where these welfare programs, handouts, socialism or other? Answer. In a Republic, the government is supposed to represent the people. The historical legacy of disproportionality in America, has never been addressed by the government that is supposed to represent the people. When we get America working properly, the crime rate goes down, monies being spent for security can be used for other purposes, a spirit of collegiality will develop with all groups!

Those were, work for your welfare programs that did not pull us out of the Great Depression. FDR is rolling over in his grave because of what he started.

continued..., After 911, when the tourist & travel industry were hurting, airline executives begged for relief. Senator McCain after reviewing their proposals inquired, are you nuts? The executives hadn't made one sacrifice, despite asking their employees for concessions. The American taxpayer has voted and supported corporate America for years with tax breaks..., and in return corporate America is moving business overseas, and evading the tax code. Compare their salaries & yours!

jbtg33 Have you ever toyed around with macro or micro-economics. If not, give it a shot. You are merely repeating something akin to a protestant work ethic, and there is nothing wrong with that. I have been on both sides, I've lived in cars and I've lived on the country club grounds. We have some systemic problems with our economy. And as a result, the working poor, many of whom work as many as 3 jobs are not making any headway. The problem with the American economy centers around greed!

I disagree, there are 3 things you need to do to avoid poverty. 1.finish high school 2. Don't get married until you are 21. 3. Don't have kids until you are married. It is really that simple. Kids growing up without fathers is a way bigger problem then rich people being greedy.

Your conclusion is oversimplified, the majority of earned-wealth that residing in savings..., was put there by illiterate blue collar workers and semi-illiterates. The majority of young people today aren't getting married at all. However, whatever happens, if you can't earn a living wage, none of what you mentioned matters. Not just poor, the Mid-Class hurts! People are working, 2 and 3 family-members, and just getting by. Look at some sociometric studies, rather than postulate!

JBTG33The problem with the healthcare industry is the same with affordable housing, food, gasoline, insurance! A common denominator is greed, and neither the government nor the greed barons are willing to do anything about what they both approve. The gov't cannot afford exorbitant medical and pharmaceutical costs, and neither can the people. There is sufficient wealth being generated to pay a living wage. Necessary controls are needed for those who won't control themselves. People work hard!

Americans have got to be the biggest bunch of whiners in the world. We have so much. Our poor people are fat! We are living at a higher standard and longer then ever before. Things could always be better, and if you want things to improve, look at yourself first. What can I do to improve my life? People are being trained to look to the government first.

You may be right. However, some individuals are justified I suspect. We made a mistake by outsourcing our futures to corporations. The same Americans who turn to corporations now for jobs, while depleting their own entrepreneurial abilities are hurting. Small businesses are the answer. Never again can we give power to corporations who work in tandem with corporations. We are heading in the direction of an American version of a Bolshevik Revolution based upon class struggle!

jbtg33 I was told that there is nothing wrong with greed. I countered, there is only so much and when a person or group takes a disproportionate share, someone else misses out. The average America might earn 2 to 3M in a lifetime. Other Americans earn that in a day, week or month. Why should one earn $400M w stock options per annum, and a 40 hour week employee earn a slave wage? If you are a believer, Jesus' ministry had both a spiritual & social dimension to it. We can put everyone to work!

Everyone who wants to work, works. I'm a Christian myself, who is generous with my money. I would like to choose who gets my money. I have never made more than 50k a year in my life, I have everything I need. The greedy will have their judgment day, until then, let them provide jobs for the everyday Joe.

Yes, and I know individuals, working poor, who are working 3 jobs. Now ask yourself, what is wrong that an individual has to make 3jobs to make it, when he or she is not living by conspicuous consumption. The Middle-Class is hurting, given all of the breaks that are given to the elites and the corporate classes who are driving the prices up. Someone has to change that. If people won't take responsibility, a reformed government will have to.

JBT33, Then you concur with the statement made by Ronald Reagan years ago when he said: Government is not the solution to problems, government is the problem. You are not understanding or accepting the role that government has played, and still plays to impact the poor on one hand, and to benefit the wealth on the other hand. Like the story of the men in the Bible with talents, the government behaves in the same manner, those who have should get more & those who do not have, take that too!

If government can solve our problems, why are there more poor people than ever before?Like Charles Barkley once said "Black people have been voting democrat for 50 years and are still poor" Now we have two big spending/ big government parties trying to out promise each other. There is only one republican left, his name is Ron Paul. We need to listen to him.

It is because for over 300 years the government did everything that it could to produce social uplift for one class of Americans over the other class. Today we live in a capital intensive society. You know yourself that capital has been kept away from black Americans for practically 300 years. You don't understand the role that government is playing to impact the success of all Americans including you! And as Charles told his grandma, "I'm Rich". If either party will address the imbalances

JBTG33,Which entity is responsible for the huge tax bite, and how has that impacted middle and upper-middle class hard-working Americans? With respect to the unemployed, it is the norm for a relative percentage of Americans to be unemployed at any given time. Having said that, millions of Americans, some who have recently been displaced in the Mid-West have learned that there are at times when finding work is not as easy as you claim. Why did Japanese execs refer to Amer execs as gangsters?

jbtg33 The danger of assumption is that all too often conclusions are based on false and skewed assumptions. I suspect that you are blinded in that you apply too much of your personal experience, in interpreting or translating the broader perspectives. Given the recent changes in the Rustbelt for example, downsizing, plant closings et al, there are many Americans who simply cannot find employment. For every manufacturing job 7 to 8 ancillary jobs are created or lost. You are generalizing!

My conclusion: We both agree on at least one point. The government creates problems for the working class. I believe that the government is obligated to do something about the problems that it helped to create, jbtg33 does not!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: I believe that we now have all of the above boiler plates in consecutive order, however, at times both of us created more than one boiler plate in chronological order! Some boiler plates are in groups, however, if you skip down, you should be able to readily pick out the corresponding response!

May 11, 2008

The Run for the Black House & The Reemergence of Black American Fascism!

I LOVE OBAMA? An interesting trend has reared its ugly head in parts of Black America.

I was in elementary school, in 1960, when Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy vied for the office of president of the United States of America. It was the first time I almost got punched as a result of a Presidential election.

I suppose that I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time when several of our students would run up to you and ask, who are you for in the election, the same individuals having forgotten that none of us, well a couple in the sixth grade, were of voting age yet? If you answered the question and gave the wrong name, you got punched.

The kids who were doing the punching were all black, and at times it would certainly appear that some of these kids did not get the, none of us are old enough to vote, or which candidate would really support black issues, memo. They weren't sure if it was Nixon or Kennedy that black Americans were supposed to vote for, and still they were going around the schoolyard interrogating their fellow students.

Depending upon which group happened to interrogate you, some students were punched more than once. This group of enforcers made it their job to see to it that at the healthy non-voting age of 8 and 9 years old, that you were supporting the right candidate, even though they would make a second trip and punch a student when they were told, you are on the wrong side and supporting the wrong candidate. Who knows? Perhaps they got punched already!.

Four decades later, black fascism has reared its ugly head in the black community all over again. Just over a year ago, it was okay to decide who you felt would be the best candidate to vote for during the current election cycle, even if that candidate happened to be white. Most black Americans a year ago, planned to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton, at least that is what we have been told. With the emergence of Senator Obama Hussein, who suddenly found viability, and was seriously being considered as a worthy voting choice, many blacks apparently switched sides. In States like S. Carolina, blacks voted overwhelmingly in the primaries, instead, for Senator Obama.

However, that is not the end of the story. All of the sudden, beyond supporting him, blacks began behaving in the manner that most white-eligible Americans voters have behaved in, during the past, voting exclusively for members of their race, regardless of their lack of qualifications.

Instead of blacks celebrating the fact that they have a viable candidate, and at the same respecting the right of their sisters and brothers to vote as they choose, some blacks have begun striking out at fellow blacks because they are not voting for the Right candidate, the black candidate, Senator Obama Hussein - at least not as their first choice.

It is as if Senator Obama Hussein was running for the Black House, and not the White House. So far, no one has been beaten in the manner that kids were punched at my elementary school were when it was determined that they were voting for the wrong candidate, the defacto candidate that has been selected by unknown voices in the black community, Senator Obama. And none of us have experienced tires being wrapped around our bodies and set afire. However, the virulent tone against blacks who are supporting Senator Obama Hussein as their Primary choice, is rising to a crescendo.

Tavis Smiley, a black man and Commentator who has served the black community well for a several decades now is under attack, given his support of Senator Hillary Clinton, and his failure to honor the coronated black candidate by some in the black community, who is seeking to occupy the Black House (to others it also known as the White House).

I stepped out of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System last week Pleasanton California, looking for my next public transportation connection. I boarded a bus that was being driven by a kind, exuberant, spiritual and affable driver who drove me the rest of the way to my destination. During the 15-minute trip, the subject of Senator Obama came up. Our one-sided discussion ended as quickly as it began, when bus driver Eddie informed me with all of the exuberance that he could muster the following: "I LOVE OBAMA"! My God I thought, love him?

During a fiery discussion on the Faith in Action blog last week, I expressed my feeling on the secondary topic of Senator Obama Hussein being a great role model for black Americans. Ironically, the original comment was made by a Caucasian woman. I explained that I believed that Senator Hussein would be an excellent role model, however, having said that, I also explained what my concerns were about him as a presidential candidate.

Suddenly, I found myself being lambasted, not by the Caucasian woman, but by a black American for supporting as one writer wrote, "Ms. Ann". For those of you who don't know, "Ms. Ann', is a pejorative that some blacks use when referring to white women. Following that insult I was castigated for preferring white people over black people. And the insults, and the hits continued until I was finally told to enjoy my life with friends like Ward Connerly, former Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley and other [uncle toms].

Black fascism in America: These are only a few examples, Tavises' and mine, that point to what has begun taking shape in black America. Black America, with respect to its voting record has historically been a monolithic black-voting community. Blacks tend to vote in the general election at the rate of 80 to 90%, for the same candidate.

I have been told by some blacks that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who I affectionately refer to as 'the Wright Reverend' is responsible for the split in the black community, for attempting to derail the Obama campaign. Black Americans like Maxine Waters, Maya Angelou, Tavis Smiley, Sinbad and others who are supporting the Clinton Campaign, watch your backs - some of our people are already calling us Uncle Toms (another favorite pejorative in the black community for blacks who are perceived as having cross over).

Frankly, I'm flattered and amused as I am certain that the rest of you must be, for we've been called many things, liberal, hate-mongers, black-racists and other pejoratives, but never Uncle Toms!

Black people, the White House in Washington DC is not the Black House, and black Americans should be allowed to scrutinize their candidates and to decide who they believe would be the best person for the job. I believe that of the two candidates, Senator Clinton is infinitely more qualified, more prepared, and ready to step in and address the problems that have been left behind by just another failed Republican administration in Washington DC. give the Clintons credit, they have experience and a record for cleaning up Republican messes!

Why is that a preference for one candidate has to be a referendum on another candidate, at least from the perspective of some black Americans? Have we forgotten Hillary's service to the America and the black community? Should we simply cast aside, without shedding a tear, for those who have at risk, stood with us as long as she has?

I suspect that the learning curve for Senator Obama will be too long. We have issues that need to be addressed today. And of those serious issues that need to be addressed domestically and abroad, so far Senator Hussein has not demonstrated in any way, to my satisfaction anyway, that he has the mettle to stand up to the white opposition in his own party, so what will happen when he faces the Republicans, or possibly some day a manipulative minority in the Congress and Senate?.

So far, Senator Obama Hussein has either distanced himself, or retreated in the following areas that one would believe ought to offend blacks Americans. He has retreated on the issue of his wife's heartfelt comments with respect to being a proud American for once. He backed off of his own comments about the lives of American troops that one could consider to have been lost in Iraq. He backed away from his comments with respect to marginalized gun-toting believing Americans. And in the face of adversity, he distanced himself from his pastor, church and faith of twenty years, all of which have been responsible for both Senator Hussein and his family being where they are today.

What will Senator Obama do when he has to face tough issues and make hard decisions? What will Senator Obama do when the real calvary comes, if he cannot stand up to the footmen in his own favorite-son troop, the Democratic Party.

I have shared with some blacks already that if Senator Obama has not delivered, to the satisfaction of some members in the black community one month after inauguration (assuming that he were to be successful at becoming America's second black President), that some of the same black Americans who are ripping away at those of us who have stuck by our original choice Hillary Clinton, will be calling Senator Obama Hussein, as well, an Uncle Tom by February 1, 2009।

Some of America's fascist black Americans who are supporting Senator Obama Hussein, have, exclusively two issues in mind. The two issues can be encapsulated in one phrase, 'black Americans'. I suspect that they are going to be as disappointed as their brothers and sisters in South Africa have been, many of whom believed that it was axiomatic that once they had a black President, that there conditions and the plight of black South Africans would be immediately turned around.

President Nelson Mandela served two terms as President of South Africa, and along with South Africa's current black President Mbeki, who is currently serving, neither of them have been able to alter the structural barriers that have persisted in Africa, and to change, to the satisfaction of South Africans, the desultory conditions of the majority black nation in South Africa.

Blacks still live in shanty conditions, and they are still the dominant group which compromises South Africa's permanent underclass. Blacks have not had, in many instances, their ancestral properties returned to them. Their are still problems with utilities and irrigation for blacks in outlying areas. And the list goes on.

Can the problem be attributed to President Mandela and President Mbeki's ineffectiveness as leaders? Perhaps it can be in part? However, I suspect that there are other reasons for the slow rate of progress in South Africa. When I made reference to the conditions in South Africa, in spite of having black Presidents, to a black American on YouTube, he responded that, "the USA is not Soweto". And he is correct, blacks represent somewhere between 94 and 95% of the South African population. Depending on who you believe, blacks represent only 10% of America's population. Think about that folks!

Black fascism in black America needs to be put to bed. All of us should be seeking to vote for the most viable candidate regardless of color or gender, and to come together and support the best candidate, that will hopefully prevail. And if we cannot do that, if anything then, we should not be voting at all. There is so much at stake in the world that transcends simply having a candidate who happens to be black in the Black House, a person whom blacks are hoping will address the two dominant issues in the minds of some blacks, the issues of 'black American'.

As I close, Senator Obama Hussein is my default candidate post Senator Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the nomination, just as Senator John McCain is the Republican default candidate for the Republican Reich. If Senator Obama should prevail and become the Democratic nominee and subsequently the President of the United States, black America, more than anyone else, will have to give him a chance to get up to speed.

And if he happens to prevail, the first one of you that I hear in 2009, that refers to him as an Uncle Tom, I will remind you then that with respect to yourself, the Wright Reverend has been right all the time. Why? The Wright Reverend only preached at the Trinity United Church of Christ four years ago, what some of you have been saying in private, as well as in public about the United States of America.

And let me remind some of you today, what I have already shared with others of you in person recently. None of the comments that were made by Senator' Obama's wife, his Pastor or his own comments hurt his campaign; what temporarily impacted his campaign was the simple fact that some white Americans are still unwilling to accept a black person's justified expression of their undeserved pain.

The same white Americans have historically expressed their fear or pain by taking it out on black Americans, and today against nations like Iraq and Iran. White American swill simply threaten, kill, murder, invade, drop fission and hydrogen bombs on nations that they perceive or imagine, have or may cause them pain.

Some white Americans are still unwilling to accept the feelings that the Wright Reverend expressed, which many of our black fascists have expressed in public and in private themselves. The Wright Reverend is not the hypocrite, many of you are, if not Senator Obama Hussein himself. We will see what happens, and I will either see you after the 2nd Tuesday in November of this year, or in February 2008. Either way, Clinton, Hussein or McCain, I will be listening to hear what you have to say then in 2009! However, until then, don't punch me, taze me or call me an Uncle Tom!

Peace & Grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Beware: all Americans, white, black or red, who invest their time and sacrifice their lives for black Americans, you should be made aware that at any time, there is a group of black Americans who will turn their backs on you at the drop of a hat or an Hussein!

Addenda: Beware: all Americans, white, black or red, who invest their time and sacrifice their lives for black Americans, you should be made aware that at any time, there is a group of black Americans who will turn their backs on you at the drop of a hat or an Hussein!

And for all Americans who have fallen in love with Senator Obama, just vote for him folks, don't fall in love with him. Have you noticed how high the divorce rate has been in America of late with people who were once in love? Those figures do not take into consideration the rate of separation among connubial couples, including individuals who fell in love at one time and thereafter separated when they failed, immediately, to get what they wanted!