May 4, 2008

Senator Obama Turns His Back On Everyone and Everything That Made Him What He Is Today!

In August 1963 The Reverend Dr. Billy Graham was invited to join Dr. Martin Luther King on stage during the March on Washington. The two of them would preach together telling America that racism was wrong. However, it never happened. Why? Because the Reverend Billy Graham by his own admission declined.

The white Reverend Dr. Billy Graham has not only criticized Jews, he also believed, at the time, according to his own confession that Dr. Martin Luther King was 'the trouble-maker'. His son the Reverend Franklin Graham has toned it down a bit of late, however, he has been known to be as critical of Islam.

For 400 years, the white church in America has produced racist presidents, supreme court justices, governors, sheriffs,clerics, teachers, universities, jailers and other institutions. The one truly white Civil Rights President of the 19th century, President Abraham Lincoln, was not a part of the white church - and that may explain the reason why!.

On the other hand the Black Church has produced among many others, Nobel Laureate and Civil Rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King - the only man in America to have a Holiday named after him. In addition to Dr. King and millions in between, the black church has given the world the likes of Rosa Parks, and of late Senator Obama Hussein.

Twenty years of Senator Obama's molding and shaping did not come from the white side of town, it happened as a result of the Pastoral Care and teaching that he received in a black church in the city of Chicago Illinois। Senator Obama's model family, consisting of two scholars, both he and his wife, and his two lovely daughters were shaped in a black church. And folks, that church led by the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright must not have been such a bad place after all, given that it produced the likes of the Hussein family.

Now white America on the other hand believes that in order to be acceptable to them, (and frankly who cares about that anymore other than Senator Obama apparently) that Senator Obama should do what he has been doing, turn his back on civil rights (they say that he doesn't carry any civil rights baggage), his wife, his pastor and now his faith.

And so far, as a result of capitulating to white America he has distanced himself from his wife's heartfelt comments (about why she was proud to be an American) as well as his pastor, the civil rights movement (that many of us are proud of) his pastor his faith, his and his church of two decades.

Can anyone tell me then how Senator Obama will stand up to the pressure of the white community when he will be expected to deal with both national and international issues that have to do with other than white issues? Will white America do to him what they did when they put pressure on former President Jimmy Carter to punish and get rid of former Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Andrew Young, when he agreed to meet with the late Palestinian leader? And does anyone remember, after President Carter capitulated, America got rid of him just as they will likely do with a President Obama?

When and where does this kind of pandering stop? And what will take place when Senator Obama seeks to deal with the social inequities in and outside of his native land? Will he capitulate much like the two black Presidents in Africa have done and are doing, where conditions have not changed much for the majority of South Africa's black citizens, just so that they could do as they have done too, to appease Africa's white minority'? Will Senator Obama have the backbone to stand up to the white supremacist policies of the USA, when it is time to deal fairly with all of the Arab, Muslim and disenfranchised states in the Americas e.g., Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia...?

America and the world is crying out for strong leadership, of the kind that is much stronger than what we have witnessed by the current administration in Washington, or any Republican Administration going back to Abraham Lincoln.

Based upon Senator Obama's handling of recent affairs, that have been blamed upon the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama has proven so far that he cannot handle the heat. Or on the other hand, wake up black America, does Obama really believe what he has been saying, of late, regarding the Wright Reverend. Now who believes that in 2 decades, Senator Obama has not known the heart of the Wright Reverend?

The majority of blacks that I know feel exactly as the Wright Reverend Jeremiah feels, and they have expressed many of the same sentiments. The fact is that the majority in the black community, and I believe that Senator Obama isn't any different - are trying to be polite and holding back their true feelings in order to get this mixed man who claims to be black elected. What has transpired? Prior to Senator Obama showing up, black America was set to vote for Hillary Clinton, the wife of America's first black President.

I suspect that the mistake that Representative Dennis Kucinich, and Representative John Edwards made with the black community was that they did not have black skin, for when this man with colored skin (close enough) showed up, black Americans abandoned them like roaches running away when someone turns on the light, in this case the dark!

The positions of these two candidates were exactly the same, if not more favorable in the most fundamental areas that related to black Americans, as Senator Obama's reportedly were. I'm not so sure what this half-white, half-black man believes now. Perhaps he really believes the things that he has been saying about the Wright Reverend. Will he use words like ridiculous, when referring to the outlandish and ridiculous things that President George Bush has been saying since he began his campaign 9 years ago?

Senator Obama has stuck his big toe in the crucible of white supremacist angst. He believed that he could preside over a white power structure with its euro-centric venal, hegemonical, supremacists values. When he spoke from his heart in San Francisco several weeks ago about the gun toting, common religious citizens of America, he experienced his second hiccup. The first was when he said that American troops... gave their lives for naught. He meant it, however, when confronted - he backed up off of that statement

Given the San Francisco faux pas, once again white America said, now wait a minute, what did you say? White America did to him what he did to his pastor at first, they began to distance themselves. Forget that he was the same man that they loved a few days before, all it took was a bit of misspeak and they distanced themselves again. So what can you say Obama, that will prevent the shoe from falling? They loved it when you said great things about late President Ronald Reagan who deceived America with respect to covert operations in Guatemala and with the Contras.

Ronald Reagan was never asked to apologize. And consider what President Bush #43 has been doing for the past 7 years? He finally admitted in one specific scenario that he misled the country, however, he hasn't apologized for anything either.

What has Senator Obama's reaction been? Instead of standing up, Senator Obama ran after his new white friends crying, 'I didn't mean it and just give me another chance' - 'I take back what I said, I was wrong'. And this week he did the same thing again in order to appease his new white friends, he turned his back on his Pastor, his faith, his values and the church that groomed both he and his family, and the church and Pastor that helped to foster his family's growth over the past twenty years. Why did he do it? I suspect that his reasons were altruistic enough, however, the problem Senator Obama with that is, you can't keep backing down forever.

As I close, I considered the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church of years past, upon viewing the sanctuary of Trinity UNCC on television last week. Even though the Wright Reverend is taking the heat and some blacks are blaming him for Senator Obama's current dilemma, the fact of the matter is that the same spirit that caused the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church is still alive and well in America today.

These same individuals, I believe, if Obama were to become President would bomb Trinity UNCC with the Wright Reverend, the congregation, Senator Obama, his wife and two little girls inside of it, particularly if were and try to elevate black and brown from people all over the world and fight for social justice issues. And if he were elected, every cabinet member, supreme court justice or any other Presidential appointment would be subjected to the deepest scrutiny. He has proven that he cannot stand up to manipulation!

I am not against Senator Obama as some have already said. If Senator Clinton does not prevail as the Democratic nominee for President, just as Senator John McCain will be the default candidate on the Republican side, Senator Obama will be my default candidate as an independent voter. However, and having said that, Senator Obama, if I were you I would step back and look at this whole scenario all over again. I cannot think of any job that is worth turning your back on your values, wife, pastor, civil rights benefactors or your faith (your church)? You will never be permitted to stop dancing, and the tail will be wagging the dog!

America is not ready for a President of any color that is going to stand up and tell the truth, which explains why the current President lies with impunity in order to satisfy his base!

There are other ways that you can help humanity, however, for now - you might want to go home, rejoin your church and be with your lovely wife and beautiful children. Black America is as proud of you as it was of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and all other blacks who have served in Congress, academia, sports or on the international stage!

Remember what Alma said, and why she did not want General Colin Powell to be President? America didn't kill him, however, one could could argue that President George Bush and the Republican Party killed him politically when he would not dance! What does white America have in store for you and yours, I wonder?

Peace & Grace
The Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: To Senator Obama, what has always been buried deep down inside of them,
is still present in a lot of them. We are not your enemies, we are your
friends. And like OJ or Colin or Condoleeza, when they are finished using all of you up, we will be there your safety net (which includes black America, the civil rights movement, your family, your church and the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright) we will all be there for you!

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