May 10, 2008

Black Liberation Theology: The Rev Comments To Television Host Glenn Beck!

Re: Black Liberation Theology.

Glenn Beck, in your own inimical way and customary style, you have once again proved yourself to be a nitwit! It has not been lost on this viewer that you employed a black man to sponsor your dribble.

I would like to speak to your point about blacks who hate America. Let me answer you this way, there are a host of Americans who hate their jobs, however, they don't burn down their place of employment - they go to work everyday. Black Americans hate white hegemony, in both past its past and present forms. We would be very unhealthy people, if we did not (see my final comment)It would be pathological indeed for any individual or group of people who would not hate being mistreated, particularly, when the mistreatment that they refer to happens to be taking place in the present, and not a simple historical mistreatment from the past. Most white Americans would share a similar sentiment had, and if the shoe were on the other foot, particularly if their sons and daughters were the recipients of similar mistreatment, bigotry and disfavoritism! When will you folks stop living in 'Graceland', wake up and admit to where we are living in the present? The Constitution, the Amendments and the Bill of Rights did not promise that things would get better, instead a promise was made to all Americans of being endowed with certain inalienable rights. If our 1st President, George Washington had been a contemporary of President Abraham Lincoln, move over Jefferson Davis, President George Washington (in order to perpetuate his life as a slave pimp) would have been the president of the Confederacy, and perhaps the commander of confederate troops; move over Robert E. Lee. Had you been alive then, I wonder which side you would have fought on, it is obvious given the fight that you are putting up now?Stop playing the blame game yourself Beck, many of the structural imbalances remain in place today, that hurt black Americans over a 300 year stretch. Stop exploiting our pain in order to garner a paycheck. What was the aggregate worth of your tax breaks over the past 7 years? It is healthy for black Americans to hate evil and injustice. Don't forget, there were 6 things, according to the canon, that God hated, and the 7th was an abomination! You folks, the bad ones of you, are abominable!

These comments were sent to Glenn Beck, following his program that cynically attacked Black Liberation Theology.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: If you take into consideration how white Americans have addressed their real or perceived oppressors by dropping fission and hydrogen bombs, invading and occupying their nations, deposing and murdering their leaders, the black American reaction to actual white hegemony, pales by comparison. We haven't dropped the bomb on them, we persist in seeking to working out our differences through peaceful negotation and dialogue - they've never done that, not even with their country of origin!

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

Addenda: Most Americans, and it is changing, do not believe that blacks have the right to be angry and for some to hate - given the black experience in America.

And what behavior does the majority culture typically engage in when it feels aggrieved or abused (whether real or not)? The majority culture builds prisons, implements the death penalty, bombs nations, strengthen NRA laws, destabilizes nations, engages in economic strangulation...!

Are feelings limited only to the majority culture? Is it true as some would have you to believe that only the majority culture has the right to fell. Of course we hate those who enslaved, discriminated against, raped, murdered, harassed,!

There are 6 things that God hates, according to the Canon, and the seventh is an abomination. America has been and is pretty much guilty of all seven!

See Proverbs 6!

Should we be denied the right to feel?