May 17, 2008

Senator Obama & White America: Blacks Are Allowed To Feel And To Express Their Emotions!

Thank God for Bishop Tutu and Bill Moyers.

First of all Bishop Tutu correctly stated, I don't know what all of the fuss is about with respect to what The Wright Reverend said, because most black Americans feel exactly the way that The Wright Reverend Jeremiah does.

Thank you Bishop, I have been challenging black Americans with respect to your position, because I have heard so many black Americans, over my lifetime, express similar sentiments as those which were put forth by the Wright Reverend. To watch some of these same black Americans, all of the sudden get religion 'so to speak', and to turn on Reverend Wright just because they want to get Senator Obama, a black man, elected is hypocritical as well as frightening. Senator Obama should have spoken up more vociferously in favor of his wife's comments, his own previous comments and the Wright Reverend's comments.

I believe that people ought to be consistent, regardless of their racial group. Black people and even Obama, ought to be consistent. A simple retort that Senator Obama could have used, when it came to remarks made by both his wife and The Wright Reverend that he distanced himself from, could have been put into the form of a question। He could have simply asked their critics and his for that matter?

If the shoe were on the other foot white America, and you had experienced what blacks and their ancestors experienced in this country, what would you be doing or saying?
Then I would only wish that I could be there to answer for them। Their answer ought to be, that even when less was done to us or our ancestors, we broke away and went to war with our native country (the English), invaded and took land from other free people (native Americans), killed, murdered, raped and enslaved (black women and girls)..., and in modern times have dropped fission, hydrogen and chemical weapons on other people, or invaded their countries, deposed their governments and hung their leaders, some who haven't done a thing to us - we simply start a rumor, and then we kill।

And some white Americans have the audacity to believe that black Americans aren't permitted to simply speak out loud about their pathos or to the oppressors who were and are responsible for it? Black Americans cannot speak from their hearts? Many black Americans would be much healthier if they were to ventilate and say, I hate what your racial group did to ours, and I hate what some of you are still doing and trying to our racial group today.

And Bill Moyers, thank you for providing a fair and a balanced opinion with regard to the whole matter। It is always refreshing when someone from the opposite racial group will simply stand up and state the obvious. You are so correct that the media has taken a sound-byte from a whole sermon that was given 4 or 5 years ago, and repeated portions of the sermon that will stir up the ire of whites, without presenting the entire sermon within its complete and historical context. That tells you a lot about the media. It sounds much like something that politicians like George Bush would do.

Should blacks hate America for buying them, enslaving them, forcing their ancestors to work without pay, raping and molesting underage girls and black women and for a government that worked in tandem to provide advantages for one class of Americans over another (even before it officially became a government and up until recently), and helped to create a permanent black underclass in America...! Why yes we should hate America. The ironic thing is that we don't have America, we hate white injustice!

And for those who say, well if you don't like the manner in which will we mistreat you, then why don't you simply get out (God knows I've heard that more than once) and go back to where you came from? Why don't you go back where you came from? It is the unjust who should be punished, or forced to leave. We don't have to leave, you may have been occupying America (for more than 100 years ala John McCain), however, and at the end of the day, this is still not your country! I consider myself to be a guest of the native Americans. If they asked me to leave, I would!. I will never respond to squatters!

My favorite new phrase for those who like to say, black Americans hate America, is as follows: Some individuals hate their jobs, however, they still go to work everyday. I'm certain that many Americans can relate to that. Is it only white American that is permitted to express its deserved emotions. You folks express hatred and animus towards people who haven't even done anything to you. The truth of the matter is, you can hate something, even get angry with it (see the canon) and still choose not to respond in kid.

My point is, even though blacks hate American injustices and they should, we haven't nuked, bombed, invaded or enslaved you; we continue to appeal to your sense of justice and fair play - simply behave in a fair manner if you can - as you know, whenever we compete on a level playing field, we always win!

For many in the white racial group, so many of you keep playing games, just as you have done with the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright. A black man preaches one sermon and there you go, "get the guns"! Thank God for the civil ones among you who have turned away from white wickedness and white supremacy. For the rest of you, if the canon is true, You Will BE Judged for your misbehavior just as everybody else will be, just as the Wright Reverend preached in his sermon. Or do you also believe like some of you behave, that you are also exempt from God's justice too?

Now my favorite scriptures to quote for those Americans black and white who say, Reverend, you're not supposed to hate. I will refer you to Proverbs the 6th chapter. It reads as follows:

16These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

And certainly, white America has been, and some still are guilty of all six.

Conclusion: Take it up with God! I hate what you did to our people, our mothers, our children and to me - it was wrong, and if you're still doing it - it is still wrong!

And I do not have the problem, the Wright Reverend does not have the problem, neither did Dr. MLK have the problem. Some of you and many of your ancestors were the ones who were full of hatred towards me, my people and others, it is not the other way around. Black people, it is not only okay to hate injustice, (God apparently does), it is healthy to hate it!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: If you want to learn more about hate, contact the NAACP Headquarters in Baltimore Maryland. Ask them about the amount of electronic hate mail that they have been receiving on a daily basis for the past decade along from loving white Americans. And white America is upset given a soundbyte, that was taken one one man's sermon 4 years ago? Jesus even said that if a man didn't hate father, mother..., he is not worthy of me. Blacks obviously don't hate whites, we are still marrying their daughters!

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