May 26, 2008

American Foreign Policy Equals Whites With Guns & Military Superiority

America is essentially a rogue nation that
has been on steroids since its inception.
It is a State that does not respect other
foreign states or has it respected its own
minority citizens, particularly the ones who
do not and did not have an equal or superior
amount of killing force to confront dominant
white Americans and the white dominated
government. .

Those nations who have a sufficient amount
of force to confront
or to do damage to the
United States, America has historically
sought to neutralize.

Even those lesser States, like Iraq, Iran,
the DPRK, Syria and others, the USA
has invested trillions of dollars to neutralize
these nations and to ensure that they never
acquire the might or force to stand
up to the
unfair and uneven policies and practices of
the USA towards them!

To those who still consider America to be the leading nation in the world, even if it were true it is not because of the morality, justice or equal treatment under the law of America's own people or foreigners, it is because America has the military might to defeat or inflict serious damage on all nation nations the world combined and in tandem. And the other nations know that.

America's abeyance towards other people was not restricted to nations that are abroad.
America did not respect the nations that existed in America, the Arapaho, Iroquois, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Sioux...., or its own black citizens who were abused by the government in tandem with racist systems who sought to and did damage to both groups.

Why? Because neither group had the weapons or superior might to confront mainstream
white America's killing machine.

It is one of the essential problems with white America today, along with greed and self-interest. All 3 went considered together have plagued this nation before and since
America became an established nation.

And since America's inauspicious beginning up and until now, the legacy of
slaughtering other human beings has not dissipated, no not one iota! Just as America used its superior might to conquer natives as well as to subdue its own black citizens, in the same manner the U.S.A. has invaded nations, destroyed their leaders and sought to force its own will upon the people of Iraq. Will it ever end? Is it America's manifest destiny as some believe for America to dominate the world by any means necessary, and that in so doing God is the unseen force that is operating behind the scenes at the White House?

Lame duck and now forever defunct and failed President wannabe' George H. Bush, made it clear recently what his foreign policy consisted of, if anyone was ever in doubt. In reacting to Senator Obama, or if he was truly speaking to President Jimmy Carter's action to help alleviate the stalemates that by and large, have been initiated by the actions of the United States in the Middle-East, Cuba and elsewhere, George Bush Jr. made it clear that negotiating with rogue states and presumably rogue leaders is nothing more than appeasement.

My question is what has President George H. Bush Jr. shown himself to be other than a rogue leader, witness his actions since being in office, particularly in 2003 when he led an illegal and unjust war against Iraq until law - the Rule-of-Law did not matter a bit to this unprincipled rogue leader. And not only in terms of the illegal and presumptuous invasion and occupation of Iraq in deference to the will of the U.N., America's allies and the majority of the American people, consider his saber rattling towards the Democratic Republic of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Nicaragua, shall I go on.

I know that I will offend some by asking this question, but the question needs to be asked? It is essentially this, if George Bush and other American leaders did not have superiority weapons might (not balls), how many Americans still believe that America, an infant 232-year old nation would have behaved in the past, and what would be the difference in terms of how it is behaving now? Why is the United States of America a nation that claims to believe in peace, the number one weapons seller and exporter in the world? Are we really trying to alleviate war and to bring about peace?

Well we certainly are if the proliferation of weapons by a State that harbors the most weapons of any other nation and most other nations combined is the solution that will, as some believe, bring about peace. To those guns bring about peace believers we can ask one simple question, given the nuclear bombs that been dropped, all of the past and recent wars and invasions, how come we still do not have peace?

Is George Bush Jr. solely to blame for America's elitist and arrogant attitude towards other nations and those that America considers to be of inferior stock? When you think about it, he is not alone in his musings. The worst thing that ever happened to the world was for white Americans to acquire guns and other weaponry, artillery, bombers, military satellites, cruise ships, frigates, destroyers, eaves, fissile bombs, submarines, hydrogen bombs and its current arsenal of more sophisticated conventional and nuclear weapons.

When I was growing up, our leaders have America and the world believing that the Soviet Union was the world's number one threat, or nation of mass destruction. Now that the Soviet Union has disappeared and America is no longer able to hide behind the mask of 'we are just an innocent nation here to defend ourselves and the world against the evil atheist Soviet Empire, that's all, most of the world realizes that America is the nation that represents the greatest threat to every other nation and individual of the world!

Every nation that is unwilling to comply with the spoken and unspoken mandates of the United States, is subject to interference, destabilization, pre-emptive attack, surgical strikes, invasion, war and occupation by the United States of America. I predict that sooner than one might think, America's edicts to other nations will be even more pronounced than they are; it all depends upon the next grade of weapons that are produced from the American weapons drawing board.

America continues to spend trillions of dollars each year to develop new weapons systems or to improve upon older systems. One can only wonder if America had invested as much energy in seeking to procure peace, would America be in the position that it is in now, where even America's allies and other nations who were once friendly to the United States share skepticism about America's short and long-term objectives.

Given today's weapons superiority, too many in the white community, particular leaders like George Bush Jr., have little incentive to negotiate in a principled manner with any dissenting individuals or nations in the world, no matter why those nations feel aggrieved - usually due to actions by the United States of America. And where have we witnessed this before? We have witnessed the same internally, both past and present.

America's policy reasoning is essentially this when it comes to dealing with geopolitical issues, particularly where an American foe has tired of America's incessant meddling in said country's internal affairs. America is a menacing nation, one that behaves much like what it accuses other nations of being, a rogue nation.

America, unlike most (and I wouldn't refer to those nations who are tired of America's incessant interference as being rogue), is a rogue nation on steroids, masquerading as a just an even broker. The latter is simply untrue.

And as long as America is armed, the consensus among too many Americans, particularly those who hold the reigns of power is that we don't have to talk to infer nations, because we have overwhelming military support and might on our side. America's pseudo Christian ministers like the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee and others, are on the so-called 'just war' bandwagon. When you consider Iraq, Aquinas must be turning over in his grave for where is the 'justification' for the illegal war in Iraq?

I have had some Americans say to me Reverend; the bible says that there is a time to fight. My answer to them with respect to the war in Iraq is simply, by any standard, this was not the time for America to fight, murder, disrupt or to destabilize a nation and its people. When you consider the undeserved causalities in Iraq, keep in mind that we are talking about a country with a population that is less than the state of California.

America is a bully on steroids, a nation that not only lacks the will to talk to inferior nations, America an elitist rogue state will oftentimes ignore the will of its dissenting allies when they caution America, and beg America to give diplomacy a chance.

Prior to going into to Iraq, America gave diplomacy a chance. America ordered Hans Blix and the Weapons Inspectors out of Iraq, despite the U.N.'s protests to the contrary. Why? Bush had created a pretext for war that was about to be disproved. And seeing how he was bent on attacking Iraq, come hell or high-water, he had to get the inspectors out of Iraq before they could fully expose George Bush's exaggeration about wmds in Iraq.

Why did slavery and racism last for so long in America? In addition to rampant white racism in America, white Americans and the white American government had guns and weapon superiority. Why did America refused to negotiate in a profound manner or to keep its word on those occasions when settlements were supposedly reached with native Americans? Once again it was because white Americans and the white American government knew that it had superior guns, weapons and military might in order to overcome and force its will upon the native Americans.

Power has had a deleterious effect upon the white American psyche. It has created a 400-year persistent attitude that says that as long as we have superior weapons and military might, that America will never cow tow to the lowly or the great unwashed, no matter how right they may be in their assertions.

Who will stand up and say that it is time for America to change its attitudes, its policies and to reduce its weapons strength? Obama, thought about it, but he has already backed down. Why won't America change voluntary? There are two reasons. One, given America's historical mistreatment and interference in too many other nations of the world, America is afraid to allow other nations of the work to see America in a weakened state. The other reason is simply this, as long as America can maintain superior force and might, America will never have to change, everyone else and every other nation will have to change or comply with the will of non-appeasement American hegemony and rogue leaders.

Until then, America will never negotiate with any people or nation in good faith - all that will ever matter is American interest! The world and the United Nations made an incredible mistake by permitting America to look the other way, as it permitted America to arm itself as it did. And certainly now, the United States looks even upon the 192 United Nations organization with contempt!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Had God intended for man to 'live by guns alone', a gun would have been a human appendage!

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