May 7, 2008

Senator Obama: White Americans Do Not Want Afro-Sheen In the White House!

The conditions by which Senator Obama Hussein, can become President of the United States of America.

From the American biblical handbook for blacks & black would be Presidents: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life, his pastor, his church or his black faith — he cannot be my disciple or President. And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me (white values) cannot be my disciple or President of the United States.

Obama taking the oath (with a few additions for blacks) of office: Obama Hussein, will you hate your father, mother, wife, children, civil rights leaders, pastor, heritage, black values and solemnly swear to uphold the office of the United States of America while living in 'the 'white' House'?
Senator Obama with his hands on the white bible responds: I will!

Introduction: I had the pleasure of meeting author Harold Cruse in the early 90's at an appearance that he made at Stanford University. Along with his brilliance, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to a kind and articulate 21-st century brilliant mind. And the other thing that made him so special was, he was proud to be who he was.

As author Harold Cruse explained in his book the Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, blacks still struggle over whether they should assimilate into the American white culture, or return to Africa (in 21st century terms Africanism)?

Screenplay: Act I Scene I at the Obama House:

the girls: But daddy, why do we have to leave our church? I love papa Wright, and my friends are there...

Senator: Well girls, it's complicated. Daddy wants to be President..., and well,
papa Wright did something very bad

the girls: What did papa Wright do daddy?

Senator: It's complicated: I know that this is the only church that you two have ever known, and that the church has helped our family for over 20 years, under the guidance of papa Wright, and that we would not be where we are today without his guidance, but papa Wright did something very bad.

the girls (in tears) But what did papa Wright do daddy?

Senator: It's complicated: Girls, sometimes in life you're wrong, when you're [Wright], and
you are 'Right', when you are actually wrong.

the girls: Well, which one was papa Wright daddy? Was he [Wright}, or was he wrong?

Senator: It's complicated, but..(interrupted by the girls)

the girls: But daddy, didn't you always tell us to stand up for what was [Wright}, regardless of what others had to say.

Senator: It's complicated

Act I Scene II Six months later: (At the Obama house).

the girls: Dad, I'm sorry that you lost the election, because I know that you really
wanted to be President, however, can we return to our church, our friends, our
values and our friends now?

Senator: It's complicated: Girls sometimes in life you don't always get what you want.

Curtains close!

I. Black Pathology And The Bifurcated Black:
Black Americans have been asked to deny their blackness, black values, black perceptions of events, those who helped us, and black images since being brought to America. Simply put, blacks have always been told that in order to succeed in mainstream America,that they must give up their blackness.

In South Africa in the early 1990's, former president Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in jail (for being black) was told that he must distance himself from the ANC and the communists who never waivered in their support of him, that is if he ever wanted to be accepted by White America who before, supported his captors. To Mandela's credit, however, he refused.

In America a man who would be President, General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, decided not to run for President, his wife realizing the associated risks if he were to stand up and be the man that he apparently was on the inside. I listened to then defrocked Secretary Secretary of State speak at a DIA Conference at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC several years ago. All I can is, what a waste by the United States of a sound and brilliant mind, instead the nation was left with George Bush and Dick (I don't care what Americans think) Cheney!!

II. Why Blacks Abandon Their Culture, Their Blackness & Themselves:
Our high school class Valedictorian and former National Poet Laureate, Rita Dove, who now teaches at Virginia State University, reminds me of the kind of black that abandons her own community. Even though we all voted for her to be class Valedictorian at Buchtel High School, factually, except for a small core group of blacks, she didn't have much to do with any of the rest of us.

It was even more peculiar given that she lived 3 doors over from me on Winton Avenue in Akron Ohio. Across the street and one door over resided another American luminary that will be familiar to some, Mr.Thaddeus Garrett. Thaddeus was a few years older than me, however, after he became Superintendent of Ohio Schools, and later an adviser to first President, George Bush 41, he never changed, and in fact neither did the remainder of the Garrett family-members.

During a visit to Akron last year, I worshiped with the Doves at the AME Church in Akron on Prospect Avenue, Akron's oldest Congregation. I expressed my genuine appreciation and profound respect to the patriarch of the Dove family, for the Dove family.

It may have been shyness, however, during our high school days I never found Rita to be very friendly at all, She reminds me much of Dr. Rice, a former colleague at Stanford University where I served as an executive with African American Staff & Faculty. Condoleza never showed up for one meeting! If we needed something from her, we would have to track her down, and at times she failed to respond.

Many successful blacks have abandoned the black community altogether, they live among whites and they behave as if they are white and not black. Given their dysphasia, they no longer speak, walk, think or talk black. There is such a thing as black flight in addition to white flight.

General Colin Powell, Doctor Condoleza Rice, Supreme Court Justice Thomas and now Senator Obama have had to make the choice. I suppose that Senator Obama and his family will soon become Episcopalians, or join some other mainstream and acceptable white American denomination, if Obama is to fulfill his dream of becoming President.

Factually, whites aren't crazy, they have a lot vested in their white money-laundering scheme which is more affectionately known as the American enterprise system. America is a nation that is dominated by a majority white culture, one that was created by and for white people. To their credit, they will accept black leadership of late on condition that black prospective black leaders disavow blackness and instead accept white values.

Former Ambassador Andrew Young learned that abandoning black, applied domestically as well as internationally, given his repudiation after his planned meeting with the leader of the PLO, Yasser Arafat।
Jesus taught something very similar himself, that in order to be his disciple, that his disciples must reject (hate their families, values and friends)। Perhaps that is where America got that idea, from the same canon that taught slaves to be good servants and to obey their masters. America insists on the same initiation abandonment requirement for its darker hued minority citizens, and many blacks have acquiesced.

To the credit of half of white America, they outstripped the canon in saying that the slave towards master relationship, is inane and unacceptable. Discrimination, now that is another thing. However, having said that, elitism is not unique to whites! I've provided you with examples of some apparent elitists that reside in the black community, and there are many more of them.

III. Should Blacks Assimilate or Go And Create New Akeebaland?
In the 21st century there has yet to be a serious discussion about pan-Africanism. Isn't it time for blacks to consider for the sakes of their sons, their Senatorial daughters and for themselves, whether or not it is time to consider the creation of New Akeebaland? Whites will recognize the inherent value of blacks, and blacks will recognize their own value and have a sense of pride once they establish their own enterprise system, as well as a place where their sons and daughters will not only feel valued, but recognize on a daily basis that they are somebody.

Perhaps returning to the continent of Africa is not for us, however, finding and settling in a territory where we can be free to be ourselves and build our institutions, is that so far fetched? Less than two centuries ago, settlers mounted up in their stage coaches and headed west, looking for a place where their families could grow and thrive in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the slave!

And as recently as the 20th century, mid-century blacks made a mass migration from the south into northern industrial cities, where they flourished for approximately 70 years, until the rug was pulled from under them. And why did blacks migrate north, they did so in order to work and build their families? Another migration, if nothing else but to create income, and to establish a black free zone seems to me would be worthwhile.

When you consider our amassed wealth, our educated classes of citizens, our skilled technical and semi-technical class, our farmers, our preachers, our civic leadership..., is it so far-fetched that we should not make a mass migration to a new found land? Consider the positive impact that such an undertaking could have on our children. The capitulaters would be free to remain behind of course!

Where would we go, to New Guinea and perfect what Jim Jones attempted to do with a majority group of black people, of course leaving kool-aid and too much religion behind? Or, should we all purchase land and migrate to an underdeveloped state in America, say Montana or Nevada? Or, on the other hand should we overtake a major state like California or even New York, and claim all of its constituents? Our black nation or state would be as such, among the 8th and 9th largest economies of the world, if we were to do it right.

A couple of decades ago, a massive group of Cuban exiles, came by boat to America. Subsequently, they took over the city of Miami, by combining their limited wealth and by amassing massive political power in the Florida panhandle.

IV. Where Would A Black President Lead Us to Assimilation or Capitulation - As Obama Has Already Demonstrated?
Ironically, Senator Obama has taught his children to never back down, and to be proud of their heritage and who they are as individuals. And of late he has clearly disavowed his wife's heartfelt feelings when she said that she was proud for once to be an American. He has already abandoned his own beliefs which were expressed in the city of San Francisco about the gun toting religious marginalized class of Americans, American youngsters who died in Iraq for naught, and after that, the civil rights movement and its leaders, his pastor and his church and faith of twenty years (that shaped both he and his daughters and wife to be the people that they are today).

And why did he turn his back on his values and his heritage? He did so in order to preside over a white power structure that is not ready for Afro-Sheen in the White House. In other words, the Golden Prize for him is to covet what white people have, even if it means abandoning the culture that he claims. I believe that we can build something better, a society that believes in true social justice, where men like Obama, The Reverend Jackson or Sharpton or the new breed of up and coming leaders, and others can come and freely preside.

In fact remember white flight, I suspect that if all of us moved into any one state in America, all of the racist whites would move out and give it the state to us!

V. Is It Suppose To Cost This Much- Are We To Hate Everything That We Are & Love?
Mrs. Obama has to be thinking, I never thought it would cost this much, that we would give up our beliefs, our friends, our values, our faith or our church. Senator Obama chose a job over fidelity to those whom he loved, and those who love him. I do not believe that Mrs. Obama can keep up the pretentious ruse for four years, I suspect that Obama can!

He has submitted to an exclusive American mandate for blacks which stipulates that except you hate yourself, your wife, your mother, the civil rights movements, your pastor, your church and your faith, and take up the American white cross and follow it, then you are not worthy of to be an American or the President of the USA. At the cessation of an Obama Hussein presidency, will blacks still be singing, I'm Black and I'm Proud, or on the other hand will they be singing, Assimilated and now I have a Job?

Black Americans must be reminded again that the last black to be seriously considered for the office of President of the USA, General Colin Powell acquiesced, albeit he spoke up for affirmative action. Seven years later, given his failure to fully take up his white cross, this former undeclared Presidential candidate, was later fired by the Bush Administration and relegated to the proverbial scrap heap of life. Why? Because he failed to capitulate!

He is no longer to be found among the mainstream Republican white elite, in spite of his prestigious Great Falls Virginia address. I suspect that Obama will share his fate if he ever were to become President, and to do as some blacks expect him to do, to speak up for social justice. That's correct, most blacks believe that he is playing along and being quiet in order to win the election, however, once he is elected, suddenly Superman will emerge from the phone booth and Obama will use the power of the Presidency to fight for social justice. If the past month or two are indicators of what Senator Obama will do in the future if elected, don't hold your breath brotha's and sistah's!

Even if he were to prevail and become President of the United States, he will have to reckon with whether or not being President of an American predominately white-controlled state, means more than being a father and husband, one who stands up for what he has taught his daughters to believe in, and his commitment to his wife and her values!

For Obama has proven over the past 4 months that just as he failed to speak up for his wife, civil rights leaders, his pastor and teacher of 20 years who helped to shape both Obama and his family that he will back down in the future when the pressure is on.

And so far, he hasn't been able to run with the footmen, what will he do when he comes face to face with the Republican take no prisoner's Calvary; they are chomping at the bit and waiting to have at the dissembling Senator.

I believe that a win for Obama would represent a loss for his family as well as his dignity and those who believe in social justice, if he has any dignity left, simply because white America does not want Afro-Sheen in the White House - and he will wilt under the pressure just as he has already demonstrated that he will do. Senator Obama, there is a reason that they call the White House, the white house! It was meant to be a habitation for white leadership.

Wake up Obama, your family, your daughters and your wife mean much more than sacrificing your dignity and values in order to be the President of a failed state - enough of them are not ready yet for a black President! So far you have shown that you love white values more than you love your wife, family, pastor, church, faith or the civil rights organization that are all responsible for making you the man that you are supposed to be today!

I will close with an often told political story of an animal train that was on its way from the east to the west. Along the way the train crashed, and it appeared that all hope was gone and that the animals would perish. However, one sagacious animal, a chicken came up with an idea of how the animals could survive. The chicken explained to the pig, I can give some eggs, if you will provide some bacon and then all of us will have something to eat. The pig reflected, well that would be good except for one thing, you would only provide a few paltry eggs, but for me, it would require a commitment of my life. In a post-20th century American election environment, Obama has been asked to give a full commitment, the white community is offering only a few eggs! Obama should stand up, or sit down!

Peace & Grace
The Reverend C. Solomon

Book References (the greatest book I've ever read):
The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual
by Harold Cruse.

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