May 3, 2008

Senator Obama " Needs to Get Out of the White Man's Cesspool & Stop Eating With Whoremongers!

Senator Obama " Needs to Get Out of the White Man's Cesspool & Stop Eating With Whoremongers!

Proverbs 6:16-19 (King James Version) These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18An heart that devise wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19A false witness that speaker lies, and he that swath discord among brethren.

All of the above easily apply to America.

Introduction: In the eyes of fifty percent of white Americans, both Senator Obama and the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright are both two angry Negroes. And the other fifty percent of white America is waiting to do to Senator Obama what Obama has done to the Wright Reverend, 'distance themselves, Bork or swift boat him'!

I wonder about Obama and the psychological implications of a man who happens to be both white and black, however, he is running as a black man in order to get elected as President of the United States, how does he reconcile the two polar opposites?

Recently Obama caved into white angst, not only did he divorce himself from his pastor, he also resigned from his church of twenty years (which represents his Faith). Hasn't it been enough already that giving into whites or his white side, that Senator Obama has divorced himself from any civil rights baggage? What next, will he have to get a divorce from his black wife or his mixed children, in order to be accepted by some white Americans?

1). White Americans Have Always Acted as the Black Man's Jury:
Reverend Wright, who I affectionately refer to as the Wright Reverend is correct given his stance that he will not be judged by an America that has been guilty of the worst atrocities known to humankind, and in just a 400 year period. What America has done to native and black Americans alone makes what Hitler did to Jews, in a much shorter period of time, look like child's play.

Since its inception when America's racist governments gave preferences to one set of citizens over the other, to bombing of black churches, discrimination in the work place and the military, and in communities and courts, raping black females (adults & girls) not to forget slavery and lynchings - America does not have the right to call itself a jury that is qualified to pass judgment on the Wright Reverend Jeremiah Wright or any other black person!

2). Any Black Individual Who Speaks Up Will Be Crucified in the Same Crucible:
Two weeks ago in San Francisco, Senator Obama spake from his heart, in view of the Pennsylvania Primary. Senator Obama explained the reason that some Americans held on to their guns as well as for their belief in God. And what was the white jury's response, even those who were thinking about voting for Obama?

The hanging jury all came together and attacked Senator Obama in the same manner that it attacked the Wright Reverend given a sermon that he preached to his congregation four years back - and Senator Obama capitulated. That fact has been lost on Obama that white America has done and is ready to treat him just as they have treated his pastor and has he has treated his former pastor - who he recently divorced. In their eyes Obama is no different than the Reverend Wright, even though Obama is half-white.

3.When A Black Man or Half Man Is Forced to Forfeit His Values:
Blacks have been forced to give up their rights, values and beliefs for centuries in America to individuals who have enslaved, raped, murdered, lynched and discriminated against black people, that is if the blacks, half blacks mulattoes wanted a modicum of peace, while being discriminated against, raped or enslaved.

Obama has distanced himself as well from his Civil Rights baggage and Civil Rights leaders who secured his freedoms and civil rights. What must Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luther King, posthumously, be thinking? Now white America, the same white Americans, many of whom are members of the largest Church in the world, the Catholic church, demands that Obama leave the black church if he is to be accepted. How many white Americans have departed from the pedophile-prelated Catholic Church?

4). When You Speak Other Than White-Speak:
When any person, leader in America or the world speaks out against white oppression they are labeled as crazy, deranged or full of hate. The Wright Reverend has been cast into the same pool of the deranged along with President Mahmoud Ahmadinajab of Iran, Fidel Castro of Cuba and others in and outside of America, who have spoken up about the wrongs of the American apartheid system, past and present.

Most black people that I know, have spoken in private as vociferously and as sincerely as The Wright Reverend has done in a church sermon. Many of the same black Americans like Obama are willing to kiss up to many in white racist America, and to turn their backs on the man who represents the embodiment of their beliefs, the Wright Reverend. Whites still believe that blacks ought to be thankful that they are Americans no matter how they got to be Americans, and no matter how they are treated by White America.

Their attitude is the same as it was and is for Saddam Hussein and the people of Iraq or a President Mahmoud Adhadinajab; how dare you speak your values, give your perception of matters or speak truth to American condigned power?

5). Social Justice & Black Values - not Schizophrenia:
Black values relate to social justice values, of the kind that Jesus even spoke about to the Republic and those who were in power in his day. From a black or Reverend Wright perspective, whites in this country have behaved as venal leaders in other venues, even African leaders have behaved; blacks don't pull punches. Or, as one of the former members of my church would often say, blacks call a spade a spade. The fact that America has been a duplicitous nation from the onset saying one thing and doing another, is factual.

Although America talked about civil rights for all people, the best it has ever done has been after it was been forced to live up to its creeds, by those that it discriminated against the most, black Americans. Blacks are not crazy when they paint an accurate portrait of what America is really like and has been like. The America that whites speak about represents their delusional perceptions of what America is like and always has been, however, it has only been that way for them!.

6). The Black Church is Bad As Far As Too Many Whites Are Concerned:
In the beginning, when Bishop Allen and others were allowed to pastor black churches, white administrators and overseers were placed over black churches, and many times they would sit right in the pulpits and listen to the sermon, if they did not preach the sermon themselves. The objective was to make sure that Black Liberation Theology would not be taught, and instead a sanitized version of the Gospel, Christian and American, would always be taught in black churches. During the 20th, not the 17th or 18th century, black churches have been torched and bombed by white American Christians.

7). Why Can't Blacks Hate America? People Hate Their Jobs But They Still Go To Work!
In Proverbs the 6th chapter, the poet wrote that there are six things that God hates and seven are an abomination unto him. Included among the list are those who shed innocent blood (how about George Bush in Iraq), and a liar (how about - George Bush's tale of an imminent Iraqi Threat in 2002 and 2003 to the United States). White Americans have the audacity to tell black Americans that they cannot hate America. Sure we can!

We can hate America just as much as white colonists hated King George the Third of England and the English Monarchy. And if whites were to argue then that they did not hate King George or England, then we don't hate America or King George 43!

Finally, Senator Obama is wrongly running away from a Civil Rights movement that is responsible for him being where he is today, both his black and white side. He has also run away from his Pastor who has been vilified even by him, again, just as Senator Obama was vilified a few weeks back for speaking his mind with regard to 'displaced, gun toting Christian 'ner do well folks in mainstream America'; and now he has run away from his church?

A psychological profile of this man suggests that he is a man who is highly confused and 'clearly on the run'. He has also denounced his whiteness altogether, by claiming that he is a black man and America has already jumped on his black wife for speaking her mind - he distanced himself from her heartfelt comments. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh?

Who is Obama? He is a good man who has tried to do something good, however, if giving up who you are and the ones from whom you have benefited the most, the civil rights movement, your pastor, your church and what next, your wife, then what job in the whole world is worth that? America is not ready yet Senator Obama! Therefore, in the words of Spike Lee's movie Jungle Fever, spoken by the late Civil Rights Activist and Actor Ossie Davis, "get out of the white man's cesspool and stop eating with whoremongers", they are not ready for a decent, black or a half black and half white man!

Many in white America, have not changed over a 400 year period, their minds are hard-wired, and some probably never will change. Besides, many of the Wright Reverend's critics are simply waiting to do to you what they insisted (and you capitulated) you to do already to the Civil Rights Movement, Minister Farrakhan, your pastor, and soon your wife and yourself!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon
Caption take from Spike Lee's film: Jungle Fever

Addenda: Senator Obama, its not time yet - do not allow yourself and your principles to be compromised. I strongly recommend that you withdraw from, and that you wait a while longer. In in the interim use your power and influence to do what white America never will do, help to solve the problems of all of America's underserved and the world! And, stand up for civil rights, social justice, your faith, your pastor, your wife, yourself and your kids - for when they grow up America is going to come after them! Remember the girls who were killed in the Birmingham church by a white jury of 'er do wells', these folks are not ready yet!


crisco said...

I am white man and attend a white Reformed Church in the middle of white South Orange County. And yet, I now see Jermiah Wright as offering a critique to America of what is going to our country. A message of dissent. It might be right or wrong. But dissent cannot censored becuase dissent is shapes America. If Bush listened to dissent, than Bush's legacy would have been a good president instead of one of the worst president in America. Bush does not listen to dissent and that is why America is such in a bad shape.

Rev. C. Solomon said...

I appreciate your candor.

Consider the attitude of Bush and his Cabinet-members, Cheney and former Secretary of Defense, i.e.,

1). Bush cares about his base, he said it, and what they think!.
2). Cheney flat-out said, I don't care what the American people think.
3). Mr. Rumsfeld would not cooperate with other Cabinet members, he did not care what old European allies had to say, or what the commanders and generals who served under him had to say.

When you combine the 3 together we can see that America has been under the control of a 3-headed dragon, of the kind that was referred to in the Books of Daniel and Revelations.

I don't know how we can fix America, particularly if America like a sick patient, will not consider anything that has been said by physicians.

The prophet's Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah... right down to Jesus were persecuted, villified and killed for doing what the Wright Reverend has done - speak truth, sometimes colorfully as ministers will do, to power!

Thank you for your comment!

BTW, consider the eschatological implications of the United States occupation of Babylon..., where do we fit among Daniels vision of the world's empires, past and present!

P.S. The professor of my pastoral care course was a member of a Reformed Church, I believe in Pennsylvania!