May 9, 2008

Senator Obama: The Dialogue Continues Vol. 6

Discussion from the Faith In Action Blog:

# 31 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 1:51 pm
@ Rev. Solomon,
Believe it or not Rev., i’m not angry at all. I’m just proud to be a black man in America. I’m proud of my father(who with my mother raised 5 kids and they have been together and married 48 years), proud of all of my grands who came from N. Carolina and Va., proud of various uncles, aunts, cousins who as positive black people helped mold me. Trust and believe, I have no esteem issues.
I respect Rev. Wright and admire him actually. I just don’t like his sabotage of Obama’s campaign, and that is what it was. Pride is a powerful thing and there are a lot of us who are incapable of seeing the big picture. If you live long enough, it is a natural order of nature that you will have more book and life knowledge than someone younger than you. But being an elder does not make you automatically correct in your views. Sometimes(as to use mother wit) you have to be able to see a long way. It was out of jealousy, envy and pride that allowed the Rev. Wright to allow himself to be used as a pitiful pawn in the attempt to undermine Obama’s campaign. If he had been able to, see a long way, then i’m sure he would have realized the error of his ways. His Bill Moyer interview showed his character and it should have ended right there, but no, he wanted to extend his 15 minutes of national fame so whoever offered him a chicken box and a microphone, he gladly would perform his minstrel show for. That’s what is was at the National Press Club, nothing but an ol’ fashioned minstrel show. Al Jolson would have been proud.
I also see you pick and choose what topics you choose to respond to. Still waiting,but not holding my breath on the “Never Forget” question I posed to you as well as why to African/Carribean switch tongue in front of you in a conversation, or why they attend mostly white churches. I know that you can’t or won’t answer that but you are quick to quote african/carribean issues or leaders. Simple questions Rev., enlighten me if you can or are some of your friends reading your posts? Say no to censorship! We are not being profane here and Mr. Brown III has let us express our opposing views. If he does not mind why should you unless you are writing for not only yourself, but also for the approval of others.
Also it was evident that you support Hillary. Why can’t you support her without bashing Barack? A measured analysis of both and then choose whoever you like. No problem with that. But all of the negativity, ugliness and pure bullcrap(Rev. Wright issue) have been facilitated by the media, the Clintons, or people who really are racist and cannot or will not accept that a BLACK man is on the verge of history.
Maybe if you use a different name on this post, you can really speak your mind and let the inner black that I know that is in you come out. Until then on this particular post we just don’t agree. You have made a few good points and I have conceded that, and also thank you for some points of references in some of your rants. It is not me Rev. that has a closed, one way view of things. After a certain age it is said that people get set in their ways, that it is hard to change. Wait..I take that bake. I did not mean to say change. Change is what the opponent of your choice for the presidency is offering. Sorry about that.
# 32 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
Wait…I take that back.
# 33 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
Wait…I take that back. Typo.
# 34 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 9th, 2008 at 4:37 pm
Common Sense,
You are supporting Barack Obama, my default candidate, however, afterward you go on a rampage against other eligible voters who have legitimate questions and concerns about their candidate and are free to vote for which ever candidate that they care to vote for in this election cycle.
I will remind you as I often have had to remind my housemate, on more than one occasion, that I am voting for Obama, however, he is not my first choice! And much like you, he is still not satisfied, and constantly launches into very nasty and disrespectful attacks on Senator Clinton, having forgotten all that both she and her husband have done for the cause of social justice in America and the world, for about 30 years now!
In the early 80’s there was a book circulating that was titled, White Racism. For the benefit of some of my people, someone is going to have to write a book called, Black Racism, if someone has not done so already!
Which black American was a college roommate, for a while, of Senator Clinton? How quickly do you two and many others like you forget and turn on people, including your own who have fought for you. And you pejoratively refer to her as Ms. Anne; and without knowing me you toss me into the former UC Berkely Chancellor’s camp - a nice man by the way, who is black and happens to share a difference of opinion. Why don’t you go and burn a black cross in his yard?
I used to date the sister of one of a most prominent civil rights’s attorney in the Midwest. At times he and I would talk. One day the subject of hatemongering came up. He said that the majority of hate mail and threats that he received came from black people, his own people. Who killed Shabazz? And what black church conference ordered Dr. MLK to shut up?I suspect that you may not recall what turned black business mogul JD Gadsen around, away and from criticizing Dr. King in Birmingham 4 decades ago?
No matter what my barrister friend did, particularly on occasions when he had to explain to his own people that the cases that they presented lacked sufficient evidence, not merit, and would not stand up in a court of law; much like you have shown a propensity for doing, they immediately turned against him! His family was subjected to persistent threatening phones calls from his own people!
When I consider all of your explanations with regard to the Wright Reverend’s motives for wanting to hurt Senator Obama, I say prove it, don’t slander a man! Many black Americans in the post and ante-bellum South turned in their sisters and brothers based on venal and unsubstantiated rumor and conjecture.
You are not silencing the Wright Reverend, even though you apparently want to quiet anyone else, apparently, who has the audacity to defend the Wright Reverend’s right to speak, or to question the mettle and toughness of Senator Obama.
When Minister Farrakhan returned from the Middle-East years ago, I attended his Press Conference at the National Press Club, on 14th Street I believe it was, in Washington DC. A lot of Americans did not want him to speak either, I ‘m pleased that he did. When Reverend Browning, from the AME Church there in MD, and other ministers returned from the Middle-East, they shared what most white Americans would not have wanted them to disclose. However, they told the other side of the story with regard to the mistreatment of the Palestinians, and the arrogance, selfishness and elitism of Sharon and company in Israel!
With regard to all of your other questions, we are going in circles. I’ve eaten in various ethnic restaurants, and the individuals in those restaurants that I have been in do not behave any differently than the staff in African American restaurants. Our people also greet you with restaurant appropriate patois, and when they return to the kitchen areas, they also revert to their first language, an American black dialect customarily punctuated with African American idioms. So what is your point?
Anthrophobia? Are you afraid of people? Do you have something bad to say about everyone? You need to refocus on your real enemy! I can only imagine what you will be saying when the conservatives take Obama a part!
Is it true that some individuals from the West Indies look down on American blacks? Answer: Do some African Americans look down on individuals from the West Indies, or black people in their own country who do not share their points of view?
# 35 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 9th, 2008 at 4:59 pm
BTW common sense,
You should be proud of your parents, they are your best role models.
With respect to something else that you wrote, Freudian slip likely, I concur:
“Pride is a powerful thing and there are a lot of us who are incapable of seeing the big picture”, you were referring actually to yourself. Isn’t it pride that is eating at you on the inside? If a black man runs the next time, should everyone vote for him? Remember, not every black person voted for Sharpton, Jackson or Chisholm?
I am pleased to hear that you really understood what the Wright Reverend was saying, given that he expressed the sentiments of most black Americans that I know and have heard speak in that one sermon. You and I know that the majority of black Americans say the same things in private!
I explain to those who say that black people hate America as some have accused the Wright Reverend of doing, the following: many Americans hate their jobs, however, they still go to work everyday. Black Americans in other words have zero intentions of destroying America.
You may be shocked to know that I understand that whites have not experienced what blacks have experienced in this country, and based on their experiences, and the prism that they view America through, America is the greatest country in the world from their perspective! If the tables were turned, however, they would be the ones who would see America for what it is, a bifurcated class-structured society!
The white Americans who understand that blacks have had a completely difference experience in America, just as blacks hate the evil that America does and has done to black Americans, realize that so would a white American hate the evil had he experienced similar circumstances. There are 6 things that God even hates!
We would be liars, if we did not admit to hating the injustices that arise from American white supremacy and white supremacists! The Wright Reverend told the truth!
BTW many Africans and other nationals believed that HIV was created at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta GA. Far fetched? It is certainly plausible!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: This is what often occurs when happens when humans attempt to engage in political discourse. Which one of us is right? It's all relative, and at times a necessary exercise!

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