May 10, 2008

Transitioning: My Dialectical Materialism!


I wish to say something, but I am not certain what it is. It has to do with life, who I am and how and why I have been living as I have been living so far.

I am so proud of my achievements and accomplishments in my life. I have reached the heigths in terms of my accomplishments, and I'm not finished soaring yet.

On the other hand, I recall some of the negative and toxic forces and people in my life, who seemed to be more interested in destroying my life and person, than they were in straightening out their own.

We are here, I am here. Do we know how we got here? Or do we simply believe that we know how we got here and what our purpose is for being here and for being? For some, they would declare that it is the former, as for me and with respect to my conclusion about the rest, I suspect that it is latter.

There have been those things that have been good for us, and at times there has been that has been good which has also been bad. I am in a transitional phase, having long become bored with old time religion. However, I give old time religion its respect in this sense, it was a catalyst, and apparently a first step to get me going. It helped me to reach up and out to something that transcends my understanding and my person. And for that reason I give old time religion its eternal respect.

However, and like everything else, it would appear, that all things lead to something else. What is next? I believe that humans must, or at least me, ought to put old time religion in its proper perspective and to see it within a proper context. Old time religion is not the answer for everything. Science has outstripped it and corrected many of its errors. Our indispensable educational institutions which at times run into conflict with the teachings of old religion have made a fundamental contribution to shaping each one of us.

Should we live our lives being overly influenced by myth, mysticism and unproven religious ideas, or is it better for an individual to seek after truth, while viewing religious dogma as being only one of life's possibilities, that represents truth. Truth is bigger than religion, and religion does not have all of the answers. Some individuals arrived at the place where I am now, long before I got here.

However, it is refreshing to have the weight of religion and the toxic humans that were once a part of my life and religion relegated to a place in obscurity, and to instead experience a place of refreshing and enlightenment, while I live, and continue to seek all that is true - let's call it perhaps a tree of life or actualization!

I am concerned about my sisters and brothers, particularly black Americans who have staked everything in their lives on religion, those who are guilty। Their religious forms have been reshaped, lost, reacquired, turned upside down, flipped over..., and many black Americans are simply still waiting for that day when they will be freed from lives of imposed, superimposed and self-imposed life degradation.

I suspect that many can be transformed and liberated in an instant, right here on planet Earth. However, it will require courage. Courage does not mean that you have to devolve into mendacity and mediocrity or licentiousness or to reject everything that you have been taught or shaped by, however, our present religious forms have devolved wherein despite the appearance of piousness, at most of our religious institutions, are like many other human institutions that have devolved into gainsaying, debauchery and clerical hegemony!

The latter represents more of institutional bondage as it were, as opposed to experiencing planes or spheres of reasonable freedom!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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