May 9, 2008

Senator Obama and Black Role Models: The Dialog Continues Volume V!

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# 29 Common Sense Says: May 9th, 2008 at 8:14 am
@Rev. Solomon,
I’ll concede that we as a people have a lot of internal problems and struggles that only we can solve, that only we can address. And the conditions that native Africans and people of the Carribean and other third world countries leave behind when they come here may be a catalyst in their successes in America. But I am watching said folks just as I keep my eye on whitey and here’s why.
How many times have you been in the presence of African or Carribean people and you were not placing an order at a restaurant that needed translation from the front desk back to the cook, but rather having a conversation and right in your face they swich from English to their native tongue when speaking to another person of their culture that is also conversating with you? Don’t get me wrong, it is quite the accomplishment to be able to speak many languages, but if you are having a open and honest dialog, why do that? That shows a lack of regard for the person you all are talking to or that you have something to hide. Also why do most people of African or Carribean desent attend mostly white churches? What I say is fact and as a Rev. you know this. I’m watching everybody who is not African-American and go by their deeds towards us.
It seems that you may have been traumatized by your blackness in some way, but you are not alone. I understand that their are other victims of thistrauma such as Clarence Thomas, Ward Connelly, Larry Elder and Armstrong Williams. Maybe a cure can be found.
Rev., we just don’t see eye to eye and that’s not a bad thing. In ending, i’ll make you happy by quoting a famous white man, William Shakespeare, to describe you. From Hamlet(and I made it gender correct)”The man doth protest too much, methinks.” Peace Rev.
# 30 Rev. C. Solomon Says: May 9th, 2008 at 10:48 am
Common sense,
You have simply taken a position, and you are stuck in your position; facts won’t matter to you apparently, at least not the ones that I have presented. You would accuse Toussaint ‘l Overture, Nat Turner and Frederick Douglas of being whitey lovers. The fact of the matter is that you wouldn’t know a black revolutionary if he stood right in front of you.
Remember that information is the basis for making decisions, you need to acquire a lot more information before drawing conclusions - your conclusions are skewed because they are based upon flawed assumptions.Its funny that you accuse me of loving whitey, when a white separtist group on the internet has targeted me for my comments white racism and the schizophrenia of whites who invoke the cross, Jewish Bible and Jesus Christ, and still they hate Jews, and blacks!
It is you that has the problem with blacks like the Wright Reverend, me and others who do not see eye to eye and fall all over the mixed candidate that you are so crazy about. Frankly, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate him as a 5 right now, Hillary a 7 and McCain a 2, however, I expect that Hillary and Obama will continue to grow, whether either becomes President or not. It is very apparent that when you draw, even an unsound conclusion, that your mind shuts down, and facts cannot seep into the bedrock of your hardened mind.
You are young and you clearly have a lot to learn. Go back and begin with the Harlem Renaissance, review the Abolitionist Movement in our nation, Consider the Civil Rights Movement, the March on Washington, Selma…, even the Proletariat Movement when Chairman Mao reached out to blacks in this nation…, and you will find that people of all races stood with us; more people in the world stood with us than the few in our nation who were against us. Ask why miscegenation laws and statutes were invented in our nation, it was because whites and blacks were getting together and a minority didn’t like it. You have your own set of miscegenation ideas in your head - you don’t want us to get together!
Read the works of Alexis de Tocqueville that Mumia referred to in his radio address, both volumes of Democracy in America should be helpful for you. In the 19th century de Tocqueville wrote about America, the good and the bad, including its mistreatment of black and native Americans. Should I hate him too, Jennifer Baker later found comfort in the hands of the French. Francois Mitterand, when he visited the USA about a decade or so ago, his first stop in America was to Dr. MLK’s gravesite, upon which he laid a reef.
To give people credit who have stood, fought and died for social justice is not to denigrate our own people, you have ignored my comments with regard to the blacks who have contributed positively to our nation and historical legacy. I do not criticize you for being black, I simply recognize that you have to grow through anger, and your apparent pathology at some point, that is if you intend to contribute anything positive to the cause of freedom and justice for ALL PEOPLE regardless of their skin color or ethnicity!
It will take consensus-building in order to destroy the vestiges of venal hatred that exists around the world and persists within white supremacist hegemonical Americans.
I would recommend that you find an Afro-American studies department in your area and enroll in it quickly, as well as an anger management class; the latter should be useful as well. Also, learn more about the disparate people in this world who have suffered just as we have, it should help you to get past your victim’s status, and give you a new perspective on what it will take to fight against all injustice. A good place to start?
The next time you’re in say American confiscated Hawaii, do as I did and stop in and visit their museums, talk to and observe the natives there and visit their ghettos, not just the beaches or tourist traps. That’s right, ghettos in Hawaii, many Hawiians live in squalid conditions. Why? The Hawaiians experienced both white and Japanese imperialism! The natives have been reduced to servitude within their own paradise, particularly after the Americans deposed their Queen and essentially took Hawaii, just as they took America, and now Iraq …! When I last visited Maui, all day long they played songs like, ‘Yawl Gone Make Me Loose My Mind Up in Here!
Many native Hawaiians work in the service industry, they are the busboys and maids and chauffeurs in their own land. They have grievances, however, there is something very unique about them and you could learn from - they don’t attack their own, they seek to build consensus. I still hear from some of them on a periodic basis, asking us to do what we can to help them.
Again I say unto you, evolve common sense, your worldview is to narrow. Get out of Harlem, and see the world. Ironically, a white man who grew up in Harlem, and I said that metaphorically to you, ended up with some of your apparent symptomology after growing up in Harlem. During his formative/prepubescent years, he thought that the white people were the minorities. He had tired of being victimized by blacks. It works both way Common Sense, we are not always just ourselves! Can you form your lips to say that, without following it up by your trenchant beliefs and comments that the Rev is simply a whitey lover. And I do love white people I spent Christmas this past Christmas day with white Americans who have spent their lives fighting for social justice.
And if that bugs you, I would say what Jesus said to his disciples in a very familiar story…, you did not offer to wash my feet! After you have developed a broader world-view and context beyond the limited one that you currently thrive in and rely upon, you will have a better sense of why we need to build consensus (out of common sense) with other people, and the importance of recognizing the imminent good or bad in all people, regardless of their color. If you are a believer, you will recall that Paul had to withstand the bigoted chief Apostle Peter to his face, just as I am having to do with you!
And when you are converted strengthen the brother, Peter evolved and was later known to send messages to believers like, ‘grow in grace’. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz grew in grace, he left his anger behind after he recognized that he had based his conclusions on a very narrowly focused perview of his narrowly focused world! There is nothing wrong with loving white, polynesians, latino, chicano, se asian, natives, teutons…, or YOURSELF (in a healthy manner)!
Be not like the Apostles that preferred to call fire down from Heaven (remind you of America’s UAVs…), and kill people who won’t receive you or the flawed parts of your assumptions!
Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

And instead of strengthening the brethren as Jesus told Peter to do once he was converted, consensus needs to 'strengthen the brothers'!

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