May 11, 2008

The Run for the Black House & The Reemergence of Black American Fascism!

I LOVE OBAMA? An interesting trend has reared its ugly head in parts of Black America.

I was in elementary school, in 1960, when Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy vied for the office of president of the United States of America. It was the first time I almost got punched as a result of a Presidential election.

I suppose that I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time when several of our students would run up to you and ask, who are you for in the election, the same individuals having forgotten that none of us, well a couple in the sixth grade, were of voting age yet? If you answered the question and gave the wrong name, you got punched.

The kids who were doing the punching were all black, and at times it would certainly appear that some of these kids did not get the, none of us are old enough to vote, or which candidate would really support black issues, memo. They weren't sure if it was Nixon or Kennedy that black Americans were supposed to vote for, and still they were going around the schoolyard interrogating their fellow students.

Depending upon which group happened to interrogate you, some students were punched more than once. This group of enforcers made it their job to see to it that at the healthy non-voting age of 8 and 9 years old, that you were supporting the right candidate, even though they would make a second trip and punch a student when they were told, you are on the wrong side and supporting the wrong candidate. Who knows? Perhaps they got punched already!.

Four decades later, black fascism has reared its ugly head in the black community all over again. Just over a year ago, it was okay to decide who you felt would be the best candidate to vote for during the current election cycle, even if that candidate happened to be white. Most black Americans a year ago, planned to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton, at least that is what we have been told. With the emergence of Senator Obama Hussein, who suddenly found viability, and was seriously being considered as a worthy voting choice, many blacks apparently switched sides. In States like S. Carolina, blacks voted overwhelmingly in the primaries, instead, for Senator Obama.

However, that is not the end of the story. All of the sudden, beyond supporting him, blacks began behaving in the manner that most white-eligible Americans voters have behaved in, during the past, voting exclusively for members of their race, regardless of their lack of qualifications.

Instead of blacks celebrating the fact that they have a viable candidate, and at the same respecting the right of their sisters and brothers to vote as they choose, some blacks have begun striking out at fellow blacks because they are not voting for the Right candidate, the black candidate, Senator Obama Hussein - at least not as their first choice.

It is as if Senator Obama Hussein was running for the Black House, and not the White House. So far, no one has been beaten in the manner that kids were punched at my elementary school were when it was determined that they were voting for the wrong candidate, the defacto candidate that has been selected by unknown voices in the black community, Senator Obama. And none of us have experienced tires being wrapped around our bodies and set afire. However, the virulent tone against blacks who are supporting Senator Obama Hussein as their Primary choice, is rising to a crescendo.

Tavis Smiley, a black man and Commentator who has served the black community well for a several decades now is under attack, given his support of Senator Hillary Clinton, and his failure to honor the coronated black candidate by some in the black community, who is seeking to occupy the Black House (to others it also known as the White House).

I stepped out of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System last week Pleasanton California, looking for my next public transportation connection. I boarded a bus that was being driven by a kind, exuberant, spiritual and affable driver who drove me the rest of the way to my destination. During the 15-minute trip, the subject of Senator Obama came up. Our one-sided discussion ended as quickly as it began, when bus driver Eddie informed me with all of the exuberance that he could muster the following: "I LOVE OBAMA"! My God I thought, love him?

During a fiery discussion on the Faith in Action blog last week, I expressed my feeling on the secondary topic of Senator Obama Hussein being a great role model for black Americans. Ironically, the original comment was made by a Caucasian woman. I explained that I believed that Senator Hussein would be an excellent role model, however, having said that, I also explained what my concerns were about him as a presidential candidate.

Suddenly, I found myself being lambasted, not by the Caucasian woman, but by a black American for supporting as one writer wrote, "Ms. Ann". For those of you who don't know, "Ms. Ann', is a pejorative that some blacks use when referring to white women. Following that insult I was castigated for preferring white people over black people. And the insults, and the hits continued until I was finally told to enjoy my life with friends like Ward Connerly, former Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley and other [uncle toms].

Black fascism in America: These are only a few examples, Tavises' and mine, that point to what has begun taking shape in black America. Black America, with respect to its voting record has historically been a monolithic black-voting community. Blacks tend to vote in the general election at the rate of 80 to 90%, for the same candidate.

I have been told by some blacks that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who I affectionately refer to as 'the Wright Reverend' is responsible for the split in the black community, for attempting to derail the Obama campaign. Black Americans like Maxine Waters, Maya Angelou, Tavis Smiley, Sinbad and others who are supporting the Clinton Campaign, watch your backs - some of our people are already calling us Uncle Toms (another favorite pejorative in the black community for blacks who are perceived as having cross over).

Frankly, I'm flattered and amused as I am certain that the rest of you must be, for we've been called many things, liberal, hate-mongers, black-racists and other pejoratives, but never Uncle Toms!

Black people, the White House in Washington DC is not the Black House, and black Americans should be allowed to scrutinize their candidates and to decide who they believe would be the best person for the job. I believe that of the two candidates, Senator Clinton is infinitely more qualified, more prepared, and ready to step in and address the problems that have been left behind by just another failed Republican administration in Washington DC. give the Clintons credit, they have experience and a record for cleaning up Republican messes!

Why is that a preference for one candidate has to be a referendum on another candidate, at least from the perspective of some black Americans? Have we forgotten Hillary's service to the America and the black community? Should we simply cast aside, without shedding a tear, for those who have at risk, stood with us as long as she has?

I suspect that the learning curve for Senator Obama will be too long. We have issues that need to be addressed today. And of those serious issues that need to be addressed domestically and abroad, so far Senator Hussein has not demonstrated in any way, to my satisfaction anyway, that he has the mettle to stand up to the white opposition in his own party, so what will happen when he faces the Republicans, or possibly some day a manipulative minority in the Congress and Senate?.

So far, Senator Obama Hussein has either distanced himself, or retreated in the following areas that one would believe ought to offend blacks Americans. He has retreated on the issue of his wife's heartfelt comments with respect to being a proud American for once. He backed off of his own comments about the lives of American troops that one could consider to have been lost in Iraq. He backed away from his comments with respect to marginalized gun-toting believing Americans. And in the face of adversity, he distanced himself from his pastor, church and faith of twenty years, all of which have been responsible for both Senator Hussein and his family being where they are today.

What will Senator Obama do when he has to face tough issues and make hard decisions? What will Senator Obama do when the real calvary comes, if he cannot stand up to the footmen in his own favorite-son troop, the Democratic Party.

I have shared with some blacks already that if Senator Obama has not delivered, to the satisfaction of some members in the black community one month after inauguration (assuming that he were to be successful at becoming America's second black President), that some of the same black Americans who are ripping away at those of us who have stuck by our original choice Hillary Clinton, will be calling Senator Obama Hussein, as well, an Uncle Tom by February 1, 2009।

Some of America's fascist black Americans who are supporting Senator Obama Hussein, have, exclusively two issues in mind. The two issues can be encapsulated in one phrase, 'black Americans'. I suspect that they are going to be as disappointed as their brothers and sisters in South Africa have been, many of whom believed that it was axiomatic that once they had a black President, that there conditions and the plight of black South Africans would be immediately turned around.

President Nelson Mandela served two terms as President of South Africa, and along with South Africa's current black President Mbeki, who is currently serving, neither of them have been able to alter the structural barriers that have persisted in Africa, and to change, to the satisfaction of South Africans, the desultory conditions of the majority black nation in South Africa.

Blacks still live in shanty conditions, and they are still the dominant group which compromises South Africa's permanent underclass. Blacks have not had, in many instances, their ancestral properties returned to them. Their are still problems with utilities and irrigation for blacks in outlying areas. And the list goes on.

Can the problem be attributed to President Mandela and President Mbeki's ineffectiveness as leaders? Perhaps it can be in part? However, I suspect that there are other reasons for the slow rate of progress in South Africa. When I made reference to the conditions in South Africa, in spite of having black Presidents, to a black American on YouTube, he responded that, "the USA is not Soweto". And he is correct, blacks represent somewhere between 94 and 95% of the South African population. Depending on who you believe, blacks represent only 10% of America's population. Think about that folks!

Black fascism in black America needs to be put to bed. All of us should be seeking to vote for the most viable candidate regardless of color or gender, and to come together and support the best candidate, that will hopefully prevail. And if we cannot do that, if anything then, we should not be voting at all. There is so much at stake in the world that transcends simply having a candidate who happens to be black in the Black House, a person whom blacks are hoping will address the two dominant issues in the minds of some blacks, the issues of 'black American'.

As I close, Senator Obama Hussein is my default candidate post Senator Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the nomination, just as Senator John McCain is the Republican default candidate for the Republican Reich. If Senator Obama should prevail and become the Democratic nominee and subsequently the President of the United States, black America, more than anyone else, will have to give him a chance to get up to speed.

And if he happens to prevail, the first one of you that I hear in 2009, that refers to him as an Uncle Tom, I will remind you then that with respect to yourself, the Wright Reverend has been right all the time. Why? The Wright Reverend only preached at the Trinity United Church of Christ four years ago, what some of you have been saying in private, as well as in public about the United States of America.

And let me remind some of you today, what I have already shared with others of you in person recently. None of the comments that were made by Senator' Obama's wife, his Pastor or his own comments hurt his campaign; what temporarily impacted his campaign was the simple fact that some white Americans are still unwilling to accept a black person's justified expression of their undeserved pain.

The same white Americans have historically expressed their fear or pain by taking it out on black Americans, and today against nations like Iraq and Iran. White American swill simply threaten, kill, murder, invade, drop fission and hydrogen bombs on nations that they perceive or imagine, have or may cause them pain.

Some white Americans are still unwilling to accept the feelings that the Wright Reverend expressed, which many of our black fascists have expressed in public and in private themselves. The Wright Reverend is not the hypocrite, many of you are, if not Senator Obama Hussein himself. We will see what happens, and I will either see you after the 2nd Tuesday in November of this year, or in February 2008. Either way, Clinton, Hussein or McCain, I will be listening to hear what you have to say then in 2009! However, until then, don't punch me, taze me or call me an Uncle Tom!

Peace & Grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Beware: all Americans, white, black or red, who invest their time and sacrifice their lives for black Americans, you should be made aware that at any time, there is a group of black Americans who will turn their backs on you at the drop of a hat or an Hussein!

Addenda: Beware: all Americans, white, black or red, who invest their time and sacrifice their lives for black Americans, you should be made aware that at any time, there is a group of black Americans who will turn their backs on you at the drop of a hat or an Hussein!

And for all Americans who have fallen in love with Senator Obama, just vote for him folks, don't fall in love with him. Have you noticed how high the divorce rate has been in America of late with people who were once in love? Those figures do not take into consideration the rate of separation among connubial couples, including individuals who fell in love at one time and thereafter separated when they failed, immediately, to get what they wanted!

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