May 27, 2008

Obama Retreating Again?

If he cannot run with the footmen, what will he do when the cavalry comes to town?

So far he has retreated or distanced himself in the following instances (frankly, I was hoping for something other than the usual):

1) He retreated and distanced himself, initially, from his wife’s heartfelt comments with respect to finally being a proud American.

2) He retreated from his own comments about the lives of American troops that have been wasted in Iraq.

3) He retreated from his own heartfelt comments about the religious gun-toting marginalized in America.

4) He has retreated and distanced himself from a 20-year relationship wish his pastor and his faith (what group of individuals have the power to force any man or woman into turning his or her back on their faith)?

As of late he has retreated from his original comments with respect to negotiating with world leaders in order to end geopolitical stalemates and to effectuate peace!

I’ve said it over and over that in time this would likely have made a good President. However, as it stands today he has a lot more to learn. Why Senator Obama was so arrogant in the first place in his put forth effort to leap-frog over a more qualified and experienced candidate in the person of Hillary Clinton does not bode well in my mind?

He needs more preparation; he is not ready to lead yet. He will be making the same kind of boondoggles that we have witnessed already from our current crop of inchoate leaders and leadership. And just consider all of the damage that they are responsible for over the past 7 years.

My advice to Obama is simply to do this; Stand down. If you were to become President you will face an extended learning curve. How would it have hurt you, if you had from the onset simply set out to be a vice president during which time you would have spent an equal amount of time learning how to operate in the top post?

So far, Senator Obama has shown that he does not have the mettle to stand up to the real opposition that will not only be coming from the Republican Party, if he were to be nominated as the Democratic Party nominee, but from all of America and the world.

Who am I supporting? I am supporting Hillary Clinton. She is the best ‘wombed-MAN’ for the job. She is the unparalleled choice in this election cycle, from my point of view. And she would have been an unparallel choice in the previous two general elections. I am praying for a miracle. There is too much at stake, we cannot spend the next 4 to 8 years waiting on yet another novice leader to come up to speed.

Having said that, Obama is not solely responsible for what is taking place. This attempt to dump Hillary Clinton that is shared by Republicans, Representative Lewis and others who have prematurely on the Obama bandwagon prior to giving all of the Democratic and Independent Voters a chance to register their choices for President, proves that they are all unworthy of the responsibility of leadership themselves.

From my vantage point Democrats are behaving like Republicans, in an irresponsible manner By the end of the Democratic primaries Hillary Clinton will have garnered the popular vote. This reminds me of the 2000 election between Gore and Bush? Hopefully Super delegate Vice President Gore will do the right thing and ‘cool down the globally warming party (pun intended)’ and vote for the people‘s choice to be the Democratic Representative. And if we are lucky those amorphous changing with the wind Super delegates who have acted impulsively beforehand in jumping on the Obama wave, will cool down, reverse themselves and support Senator Clinton – the people’s choice.

America needs leadership that can stand up and make the tough decisions, not another coward or ideologue that cower according to the winds of political change! America’s historical policy of not talking with its enemies and misrepresenting itself when it does talk, consider America’s talks and treaties with Native Americans, need to be done away with once and for all Senator Obama.

If you think about it, America spent approximately 350 years or more also refusing to talk to blacks Americans, even during the time when we became de facto American citizens. American’s government sanctioned policies of racial hatred towards blacks was wrong all during that time, however, the government didn’t want to talk about it. The government and the people of America had to be forced into change. I suspect that it was the other nations of the world recognize now is that America has to be forced into change – American’s don’t listen!

So far I have not witnessed anything to make me believe that the Senator will speak up to white ideologues who insist on using America’s overwhelming military and economic might to conquer its foes, as opposed to addressing the issues that are responsible for America having so many foes in the first place. America’s allies have wished that America would learn to talk as opposed to invade and kill. America would prefer to sacrifice the sons and daughters of its citizens as opposed to engaging in principled negotiation first.

American’s current ‘policy of unprincipled negotiation’ works like this; we will tell the, the other nations, the conditions that you will agree to beforehand. And only after you agreed to consent to those conditions beforehand, will we agree to meet and officially accept America’s demands. For 50 years Cuba and Field Castro have refused to capitulate to the American demands, one can only admire Cuban fortitude particularly given its close proximity to America. Senator Obama needs to be more like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez and speak truth to power and to stop capitulating.

And to all of my self-righteous authoritarian male critics, who do not believe that a woman could or should lead this nation, typical authoritarian and religious types, just consider the woman who raised you and ran the house that you grew up in. Just imagine if she had not been there and your pop had gotten away with making every decision – most of us wouldn’t be where we are today?

America has endured male ‘ruler ship’, seldom leadership (with a few exceptions) in Washington for over 2 centuries. Now it is time for capable and qualified leadership to take over at the helm, the male candidates that have run for office in both parties during the last 2 general elections and the mid-term elections prove that there is a paucity of leadership among American males.

Besides, women are the majority in this nation and I suspect that they would do a far better job in a majoritarian society, certainly better than what we have witnessed over the past 7-lost years in America! We will never get those years back!

I also suspect that men have sold their ‘birthright’, if it was their right to lead in the first place oh so long time ago. For having confused ruler ship with leadership, not just in America but male leaders from all over the world, women and most nations have experienced the tyranny of male leadership. Men love to fight by nature; 21st century leadership will require able problem-solvers.

With either a President Hussein or McCain, I suspect that America and the world will simply be going back to the future, and continuing to repeat the same mistakes being made that have historically been made since the inception of this nation and before and since men were in charge.

And if you think about what George Bush referred to last week as a policy of appeasement, simply consider where his policies of misrepresentation and stand-off have gotten us over the past 7-years. Has he done one thing in 7-years to melt the ice between Cuba and the United States other than to say, here is the offer take it or leave it. And who suffers, the people of Cuba suffer.

Does Bush care? He cares about Cuban women and children as much as he seems to care about all of the homeless and uninsured in America.

Senator Obama need to be bigger than Bush and many of his predecessors, I don’t expect anything different from Senator McCain. America and the world simply do not need more of what it has been getting; the United States and the world needs Senator Clinton to take over the reigns.

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

: My compliments to all Americans who have looked past color in selecting Senator Obama as your choice to be the Democratic nominee for President. Your attitudes and behavior have proven that Americans are ready for a change.

And just as many of you have voted for a person of a different race to represent America, I have done the same. We can all be proud that our decisions were not based on the mistakes of the past wherein Americans typically voted for their selections based upon color and gender!

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